Benjamin H. Overhiser, of Binghamton, N. Y., has invented an improvement in railroad car wheels, ior which he has taken measures to secure a patent. The nature of the improvement relates to the form and manner of constructing the body of the wheel, more particularly the portion between the hub and rim. In the arrangement of Mr. 0., a series or chain of arches are interposed between the hub and rim ot the wheel, tor the purpose of giving elasticity to the wheel when cast, and also compensating for the shrinking or contracting ot the metal while cooling, said arch- es being connected to the rim by short radial spokes, or otherwise, as desired. It is necessary that improvements in railroad car wheels should be tested by experiment in order to determine, with any definite degree of certainty, their operative practicability. This wheel has good qualities to recommend it, but it should, like all others intended for use, be subjected to trial belore being adopted.