A carriage spring of a novel construction by which the vehicle is allowed to have a free and easy vertical motion, and at the same time prevented from any side-swinging, has been invented by Nelson N. Titus, of Cherry Val ley, N. Y., who has taken measures to secure a patent. It consists of a spiral spring wound lound a spindle that passes vertically through a barrel, in which the spring is encased, and likewise through a drum on which the straps, by which the apparatus is connected with the carriage, are secured, the spring and its at tachments thus serving to sustain the carriage, and regulate its action according to the bur den. To effect this latter purpose the spin dle is made square at the lower end to which a key can be fitted for winding up the spring, so that its tension may be proportional with the weight that it has to support. The spring is likewise kept to its required position by means of a pawl which catches into ratchet teeth on one of the flanges of the drum, and there is a similar contrivance on the other flange to prevent the drum from turning with the spindle, which can only be done by dis connecting the pawl from its place.