The appointment of Judge Mason, of Iowa, as Commissioner of Patents, is highly creditable to the new Administration. We have known the Judge for years, and J know him to be a gentlemen eminently qualified for the post. In his own State no man is more deservedly popular among the people. He combines, what is not always the case, a clear and well disciplined intellect, with a good and benevolent heart. In everything relating to the reforms and benevolent institutions of his State, Judge Mason has been prominently identified, so much so, indeed, that although one of the most prominent Jurists of the West, he has not accumulated a large share of this world's goods. Such men deserve well, and we are rejoiced to see them filling distinguished places in the offices of the Government. [The above notice of Judge Mason we copy with much pleasure from the " Ohio Farmer," an excellent paper published by Thomas Brown, Cleveland, Ohio.