J. B. Armstrong, t Whitepond, Barnwell Dist., S. C, has taken measures to secure a patent for an improved cotton press. This machine, which is a screw press, is designed to be worked by steam or other power. A stout rod, having a screw cut in it, is attached by one end to the follower, whilst the other, being the screwed part, works in a nut firmly attached to a bevel wheel, which latter gears into a pinion. Belts and pulleys are employed t(j transmit the power, though geared wheels, &c., may be used. The inventor has obviated the necessity of reversing the motion of the driving belt, when the motion of the follower is to be changed from upward to downward, by using two belts, one crossed and the. other straight, for transmitting the motion irom the driving shait to the pinion. By using, alternately, one or the other of these belts, an upward or downward motion of the screw and follower is obtained. The diameter of the pulleys are regulated so as to give a slow powerful motion when the follower is forced down upon the cotton, but a rapid speed is imparted when the follower is to be raised