Measures to secure a patent for an improved Cut-off for locomotives have been taken by J. E. Wootten, of Pottsville, Pa. This plan of giving a variable movement to the valve is intended by the inventor to be applied to lo comotives and stationary _ engines. On the rock-sha,ft are placed two vertical arms, hav ing on them a sliding block formed in two parts and connected by a pin. This block is moved to any desired position along the arms by a scrfew, which is turned by the engineer with the aid of a ball and socket-joint and two bevel wheels operated by a long shaft. A frame is attached to the valve-rod in which fit two boxes, which also connect with the block-pin. It is evident that the valve .sra- vels more or less according to the adjustment ot the block, which is not only moved as requi red by the screw, but is by the same means retained in a firm position. It has been said that a ball and' socket-joint are used in the ope ration of adjusting, but it is apparent that it would not act in the manner proposed were it not for two small projections' formed on the ball, and which fit into corresponding recesses in the socket.