An improved regulator for regulating the flow of fluids, and particularly gases, through pipes, passages, or orifices, has been invented by W. Wigston, gas engineer, 79 Merchant's Exchange, this city. The object of the invention is more particularly ior the purpose of regulating the supply of gases to a number of burners, supplied by the same pipe, so that the consumption of each one that is lighted shall be at all times uniform, without respect to the number lighted or shut off; by this arrangement no variation is observable in the amount of light given by the several lighted burners, when a number of them are shut off' or partly shut off, or when an additional number am lighted. A valve in the supply pipe is so constructed that the flow through a number of smaller pipes passages or orifices shall not be influenced by opening or closing either one of them. Measures have been taken to secure a patent.