Henry Johnson, ot Hartford, Conn., has invented an improved lifting and force pump, which improvement consists in a new method of combining together in one, the air chamber and upper portion of the pump. The main body of the pump above the base board is cast in three separate parts which are firmly joined together by means of screws, packing, c.; the middle portion, being made square, and of sufficient size, has passing through two of its opposite sides an intermediate shaft or bolt, which is rendered airtight by appropriate packing boxes ; the said shaft or bolt projecting tar enough on each side to allow the handle or handles to be keyed upon its extremities. Upon the central portion of this intermediate shaft or bolt is cast an arm or projection which connects with and works the piston rod. By this improvement the lifting and force pump is at once made cheap, simple, and remarkably strong and durable ; and being provided with two handles, as well as being very strong, admits the application of great force, thus rendering it a very powerful forcing pump.