The following is from the " Ohio Cultivator":— " Saw off the vine an inch or so below the surface of the ground. Then with a gimlet or small auger, just the size of the graft, bore one or more holes perpendicularly or parallel with the grain, about two inches deep, in the top of the root sawn off, and into these insert the scions the full depth of the holes. Let the scions be of the last years growth, well ripened and about six inches in length, with a bud or eye aft the top; they should be cut from the vine during the winter or early in the spring, before the sap gets in motion, and the operation should be performed before it is expected the sap will start, although it will usually succeed afterward if the top of the stock is well waxed. After inserting the scions, cover the wounds firmly with moist clay, up to the eye of the scions, and place a board so as to protect it from washing by rain till the leaves appear. This method is surer than cleft grafting.