The annexed engraving is a vertical section of an apparatus for manufacturing shot by means of centrifugal action, which is the invention of M. Louis .Bonnet, of this city, who lias taken measures to secure a patent It is intended as a substitute for shot towers and other apparatus now employed for this purpose. It consists in substance of the following parts;— A is a circular trough made of iron, it is secured on a vertical shafts B, which is driven by wheel and pinion, or belt andpulley. The upper part of the trough is of a funnel-shape, C, and there is a pipe, D, inserted in this funnel for conveying the molten lead into the trough. The sides of the trough are perforated with a number of small holes of different sizes. The metal being poured into the trough, C, and the shaft, B, made to revolve at the rate of 350 revolutions per minute, the molten lead will fly from the centre to the circumference and through the holes against a circular partition of cloth surrounding the ap-paratus, at a suitable distance, which, depends altogether on the fluidity of the metal and lapithty of the motion. The experiments vhich. have been made with this apparatus liave been very satisfactory to the in\ enter More information may be obtained by letter addressed to the inventor at the office of the Courrier des Etats Unis, 73 Franklin street this city.