G. M. Ramsey, of this city, has shown us a new model for a boat, designed for an ocear. steamer. The design ot the model approaches more nearly the conical shape than those in use,—the greatest breadth of beam, or line from which it is tapered being, about three-quarters the distance trom the bow to the stern. It is constructed with particular reference to its power to rise upon the surface of the water, as it is thrown ahead by the action of the paddle wheels, and for the accomplishment of this purpose the inclination of the keel from the point of the greatest breadth of beam to the bow, is more acute than the models of our best sailing vessels. This is a a vary good principle, and has been applied to great advantage in our best ocean steamers but not to the extent to which it is applied in the plan proposed by Mr. R. A test experiment will demonstrate what are the sailing qualities of the proposed improvement—nothing but a trial can demonstrate it fully. The inventor sets the shaft of the paddle wheels a short distance ahead of the greatest breadth of beam, at an inclination to the line of motion, and the buckets at right angles to the line of motion, and at a slight inclination to the shaft of the wheels.