A new printing press has been invented and patented by T. S. Reynolds, of Athens, Ga., the improvements in which are, first, employing a rotating segment which receives the blank sheets of paper in combination with ar intermittingly rocking bed on which the forn is placed, and between which and the segmeni th impression is given. These parts are sc arranged and operated that the blank sheets are properly presented to the form, the necessary impression given, the form remaining stationary a sufficient time to be inked, anc the printed sheets allowed to be discharged from the segment by the most simple means Second, There is a novel inking device s( arranged as to work automatically and con-; jointly with the segment and bed, the inl : rollers passing over the form during th( " dwells " of the bed, and properly inking it and, during the movement of the bed, receiving the necessary supply of ink from the fountain | through the medium of the distributing rollers. ' Third, There is a novel method of counter- ' balancing the bed, whereby the counterpoise may be graduated as occasion may require, to compensate for the varying weight of different forms, and the bed is therefore equally balanced at all times. Fourth, There is a guard frame to keep the sheets in proper position on the segment as they are carried around to the form.