Fourteenth YEAR! MECHANICS, INVENTORS, MILLWRIGHTS, CIIEMISTS, FARMERS AND MANUFACTURERS. This valuable and widely circulated journal enters UpOB Its FOURTEENTH YEAR on the 11th of 8cptember. It is an Illustrate* Periodical, devoted'to the promul gation of infQrmation relating to the various MECHANICAL aad CHEMICAL ABTS, MAMOTAOTURKB, AGBIOTLTORF, PATENTS, IprxNTioHS, ENGINEERING, MILL WOKE, and all interests which the lig&t of PBAOTIOAL SCIENCE I. calculated to advance. The SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ia printed one. a week, in convenient quarto form for binding, each volnme being accompanied by a handsome frontispiece, with a complete index of contents, and presents an legant typographical appearance. Every number contains eight large page. Df matter, abundantly illustrated with from fivg to eight EHSBAVIHGS—all of which are expressly engraved for this publication. All the most valuable patented discoveries are delineated and described in its issues, so that, a. reopect. inventions, it may be justly iegarded &8 an Illustrated Repertory, where the inventor may leam what has been done before him in the same field which he i. exploring, and where he may publish to the world " knowledge of his own achievements. Reports of American Patents granted are aloo published every week, including official copies of all the PATENT OLAIMB. These Patent Claims are furnished from the Patent Office Keoords exiressly for tI,l. paper, and published in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in advanct ofattother publications. The contributors to the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN are among the most eminent scientific and practical men of the times. The editorial department is universally acknowledged to be conducted with great ability, and bo be distinguished, uot oiily for the exce'lenceand truthfulness of itsdiacusiona, b.ut for the feaivssruss with which error is coiui a .ed and false theories are exploded. Mechanics, Inventors, Engineers, Chemists, Manufacturers, Agriculturists, and people in every profession of life, will find the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN to h of great valnein their respective callings. Its counsoU ind suggestions will Bare them hundreds of dollars annually, besides affording them a continual source of knowledge, the value of which is beyond pecuniaJy estimate. Much might be added to this Prospectus, t o prove that the SCIENTIFIC AMEKIOAN is a publication whichever? Inventor, Mechanic, Artisan, and Engineer in the United States should patronize; but the publication is so thoroughly known throughout the. country tkat werefrainfrom occupying Further space to enumerate the reasons why we should have one hundred thousand subscribers instead of twenty-five thousand__ which is now our circulation—md leave the matter ia the hands of each of our. present subscribers to recommend its worth to a neighror cr friend, who may liave been so unfortunate as noUo have been a subscriber heretofore. TEEMS OF SUBSCKTPTlvN-Two Dollars a Year, or One Dollar for Six Months. ' CLUBRA'XES. Five Copies, for SixMo"tua............. ... 4 Ten Copies, for SU MOUIHB.................*a Ten Copies, forTwelve Months...........S15 Fifteen CopieB. for T welws Mouths........a3 Twenty Copies, for Tweir e Months.......Si48 For (11 dubs or Twenty a and over, the yearly lub. scription is only $1 4ft Names can be send in at difflaent times and from different Post Offices. Specimen conies will be sent giatis to any part of the country. Southern, Western and Canadianmoney or Post Office rtamps, taken at par for subscriptions. Canadian snb-BCribers will please to remit twenty-alx cents extra on \ aek year's subscription, to pre-pajr postage. f IBJNN & CO., Pubifehei* a d Patent AgeBtI, A No. 128 Fulton street, New York.