THE LADIES' REPOSITORY for February is at hand, with an unusually rich table of contents. This magazine is the representative of the highest type of intellectual taste and culture to be found among American women. Were it to crowd out the trashypublications filled only with fashion plates and silly love the only literature, especially designed for women, to be found in many homes, and occupy the place of the latter, it would be " a consummation devoutly to be wished." It opens with a graphic description of Surrey Chapel, in which the Eev. Newman Hall officiates, and of his work and method as the head of a peculiar ecclesiastical organization. This article is followed by a large number of most excellent essays, poems, and miscellanies, forming one of the most attractive collections to be found in any of the monthlies published in this country. This magazine is doing good work, and we wish it most heartilylGodspeed. Published by Hitchcock & Walden, Cincinnati, and Carlton & Lanahan, New York city. HEAETH AND HOME is the title of a new weekly of sixteen quarto pages, which has made its appearance with the advent of the new year. Edited by Donald G. Mitchell and Harriet Beecher Stowe. It is specially designed for families situated in rural districts, and is largely devoted to agriculture and horticulture. It contains aiso well-selected miscellanies and stories from the best and most popular story writers in the country, among whom are J. T.Trowbridge,Mrs. Stowe, Grace Greenwood, and Mrs. Mary E. Dodge. The firstnumbercontains the beginning of a story entitled "Life in the Ice," by Trowbridge, which is to be followed by a novel from the pen of the gifted authoress of "Life in the Iron Mills." It also has a department devoted to the L* Boys and Girls," filled with amusing and instructive matter. It is illustrated profusely, and in the best style. A good paper. We wish it success. Published by our neighbors, Pettengill, Bates & Co., extensive advertising agents, 87 Park Row, New York. Single copies $4per annum, in advance.