ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRICAL OPTICS By N. F. Dupuis, M.A., Astronomical Observer to Queens College, Kingston, Canada. This is an abstract work, suited to the wants of students, engineers, surveyors, and astronomers, who wish to understand fully the principles upon whichopticalinstruinents are constructed. It contains concise formulae and useful problems for solution. The NATIONAL NOEMAL is the name of a new educational monthly, published at 176 Elm street, Cincinnati, Ohio, by E. H. Holbrook, who is also its editor. Mr. Holbrook has a wide reputation as an able writer upon educational matters, and the first three numbers we have received seem well adapted to the wants of the professional teacher. We commend this publication also to parents and others interested in educational improvement, as containing information and instruction that may be usefully applied to home education and family discipline, and as being calculated to elevate the standard of popular instruction. The ATLANTIC MONTHLY for March has excellent articles by T. W. Hig-ginson, Mrs. Stowe, Dr. Bowditch, James Freeman Clarke, James Parton, C. P. Cranch, and other well-known writers. BROOKLYN MONTHLY. A new candidate for popular support, and in all respects an excellent number. H. W. Love & Co., publishers.