PLANCHETTE: oe the Despaie of Science. Being a ful Account of Modern Spiritualism, its Phenomena, and th various Theories regarding it. With a Survey of Frencl Spiritualism. Boston: Roberts Brothers. This, as its title tells, is a book devoted to the peculiar manifestations o present and past times, which have been called witchcraft, second sighi inspiration, possession, spirit manifestations, etc., etc. It contains an arra; of facts, the most inexplicable of any that have ever presented themselve to scientific investigation, with the opinions of various writers and think ers upon the subject. How to Read Chaeactee. A new Illustrated Hand-Bool of Phrenology and Physiognomy, for Students and Exam iners, with a Descriptive Chart. New York : S. R. Welk publisher, 389 Broadway. Teeatise on the Powee of Watee as Applied to Driyi Floue Mills, and to give Motion to Tuebines ani othee Hydeostalic Engines. By Joseph Glynn, F.R.S. Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers of London Third edition. Revised and Enlarged with numerous II lustrations. New York : D. Van Nostrand. This is an eminently practical and useful little book to everv one tha needs any information upon the subject of which it treats. Hans Breitmann's Party, With other Ballads. By Chas G. Leland. A volume of these droll and sprightly laughter-provoking poems ha been issued on heavy tinted paper, by T. B. Peterson Brothers, Philaclel phia. Price, cents.