Geology of New Jersey, 899 pages large octavo, illustrated by 108 Photolithographic Engravings and Woodcuts, and six Mine Maps; and accompanied by a portfolio containing Maps in sheets of lk Azoic and Paleozoic Formations, including the Iron ore and Limestone districts; colored Scale, 2 miles to an inch. 2. Triassic Formation, including the Red Sandstone and Trap-rocksof Central New Jersey; colored. 3. Cretaceous Formation, including the Greensand Marl Beds; colored, Scale, 2 miles to an inch, 4 Tertiary and Recent Formations of Southern New Jersey; colored. Scale, 2 miles to an inch. 5. Map of a Group of Iron Mines in Morris County ; printed in two colors. Scale, 3 inches to 1 mile. 6. Map of the Ringwood Iron Mines; printed in two colors. Scale, 8 inches to 1 mile. 7. Map of the Oxford Furnace Iron-ore veins ; colored. Scale, 8 inches to 1 mile. 8. Map of the Zinc Mines, Sussex County; colored. Scale, 8 inches to 1 mile. Price of the book and portfolio of maps, 5*00. Same, without portfolio of maps, but containing a folded and colored map of the State, on a scale of 5 miles to 1 inch, $4*00. Single copies of either of the above maps, colored and in sheets, 50 cents. The prices are fixed to merely cover the cost of paper, printing, and'binding; the expenses of the survey and preparing book and engravings being paid by the State. These publications can be had from Prof. George H. Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswick,N. J.,on remitting the price, or through the.booksellers. A valuable book, from which we can promise our readers some interesting extracts, a goon as space will permit their appearance. Force and Nature, Attraction and Repulsion; thu Radical Principles of Energy, Discussed in their Relations to Physical and Morphological Devei OPMENTS. By Charles Frederick Winslow, M. D. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott Co. We have endeavored, before expressing our views in regard to this book to read it in a perfectly candid spirit of inquiry. We confess that we found it hard to maintain that spirit to the end. Its style is at times forcible, and its author has evidently caught more than a mere glimpse of certain fundamental truths; but while saying this much, we are compelled to add that it is one of the most illogical books we ever attempted to peruse. It is full of fantastic speculations, and contains not a few errors in its statements of facts. It is wearisome, from its interminable repetitions, and its diffuse method of discussion will hardly fail to draw upon it the severe criticism of thinking readers. I n short, i t i s t o philosophy what punch i s t o the palate t full of incongruities; and, although too much diluted by redundant forms of expression, still quite palatable, but not very nutritious. Claiming at the outset to assume nothing, it ends by assuming everything. Written to enunciate what is evidently a pet theory of the author, namely, that repul sion is equal in quantity to attraction, and that the two are coexistent, and the foundation of all material existence, it willconviace.fcw, while its speculations will, if we mistake not, draw upon its author a storm f adverse criticism. The American Year Book and National Register for 1869. Edited by David N. Camp. H rtford : Published by O. D. Case Co. This work is, as its preface informs us, the initial volume of a proposed annual publication, prepared to meet an increasing demand for information respecting the affairs of the General and State Governments, public institu tions, finances, resources, and trade of this country; the political, finan cial, and social conditions of other countries ; and various other subjects relating to social and political economy. The work is a thick 8vo, printed and bound in excellent style; and, so far as we can judge from a hasty review of the large mass of statistical information it contains, seems a valuable work of reference. We have received from the publishers in Berlin, Messrs. A. Effert and Lindtner, a copy of the " Verhandhungen des Vereins zur Bef rderung des GewerbfleissesinPreussen (Transactions of the Society for the Advance ment of Useful Arts in Prussia), forl867; being the sixty-fourth year of the existence of the society. The members of this society include not only the King of Prussia, and other royal personages, but also the most scientific men of the kingdom. It also comprises a large number of scientific and industrial associations. These facts a are sufficient warrant for the value and interest of its contents. The present number for January, February March, and April, 1868, contains the business transactions of the society, list of members, minutes of meetings, list of premiums offered for valuable inventions, followed by articles illustrated with profuse and finely-executed engravings, upon the following subjects; " On the Production of a Green Coating on Bronze;" " On Stamping Presses;" " On Kapselr der," in which category are included rotary pumps, wheels, etc., " On the Resisting Power and Elasticity of Wrought Iron Double T-Beams;" " On Boiler Explosions in Prussiaduring the Year 1867." It also gives a list of new patents granted in Prussia during 1867; and a table of prices of wool in all the m ar-ket towns of the kingdom during the year. " The Little Peat Cutters; or the Song of Love," is the attractive title of a new volume of the Sunday school series of choice religious works published by Henry Hoyt, Boston.;" Kate and Her Brother,'* also published by the same firm, will prove an interesting story for the little ones. For sale in New York by N. Tiballs Co., 37 Park Row. We have received parts 13 and 14 of " Locomotive Engineering," edited by Zerah Colburn, and for sale by John Wiley, 535 Broadway, New York. They fully maintain the character of the previous numbers received, and are unsurpassed in beauty of illustration] and typographical execution. Part VI. of "Packard's Guide to the Study of Insects" is also at hand, profusely illustrated, and full of entertaining and instructive matter. " Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Magazine " makes its appearance for April, with a well-selected array of engineering and mechanical essays, and items.