A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON METALLURGY. Adapted from the last German Edition of Prof. Kerls Metallurgy. By William Crookes, F. R. S., and Ernst Rohrig, Ph. D., M. E. In three volumes. Vol. II. Copper and Iron. Illustrated with 273 Wood Engravings. New York: John Wiley & Son, No. 2 Clinton Hall, Astor Place. It is impossible, in the brief space allotted for new publications in our paper, to give even the most cursory review of the volume before us. The well-known excellent reputation of the first volume of the series is fully sustained in this volume, which is devoted to the metallm y of copper and iron. One of the many praiseworthy features of this work, is the attention paid to minute details. It is what it claims to be, practical, and thus is suited to the exigencies of the unlearned. At the same time the scientific metallurgist will find all that is aeedful. The original treatise of Prof. Kerl has long occupied the front rank among works upon this subject. The mechanical part of the subject is sufficiently treated, although it is not made a prominent feature. We regard this as one of the most valuable additions to metallurgic literature that has issued from the scientific press. From the miner andsmelter, to whom it is of the first importance, through all departments of iron and copper working, it cannot fail to be of great Bervice. WE are indebted to the publishers, Messrs. Lee & Shepard, Boston, for two interesting and instructive pamphlets. The Controversy Between True and Pretended Christianity is a tersely-written essay, originally read before a Massachusetts Methodist.convention, by Kev. L. T. Townsend, Professor of Historical Theology in the Boston Theological Seminary. Price, bound, 50 cents; in paper, 25 cents. Woman as God Made Her; the True Woman. by Kev. J. D. Fulton, the popular, wide-awake pastor of Tremont Temple Church, Boston. Its aim is to set forth the divine ideal or women in her various relations, and under such heads as Woman as God made Her, Woman a Helpmeet, The Glory of Motherhood, Womans Work and Womans Mission, he presents his views in the pungent, epigrammatic manner characteristic of him either as pastor or author. Price, $1 bound; paper, 50 cents.