THE AMERICAN ANNUAL CYCLOPæDIA for 1868. New York D. Appleton & Co. This valuable work is continued this year in the very creditable manner which has secured for it heretofore a wide-spread and enviable popularity. Its frontispiece is an admirable likeness of Schuyler Colfax, whose prominent position before the country renders the engraving as fitting a selection perhaps as could have been chosen. The opening article is one on Abyssinia, geographical and historical, embodying the history of the recentwar, resulting from the savage obstinacy of King Theodore in REtaining English prisoners. It is a valuable and interesting article. SOME important information is also furnished upon our newly-acquired territory in Alaska. The article on " Literature and Literary Progress in 1868," is an excellent and carefully-prepared summary of information in regard to that interesting topic. Among the scientific notices WE observe a well-written article on "Astronomical Phenomena and Progress," containing a well-prepared account of the "Total Solar Eclipse," and the results of the various expeditions sent to observe it. The lunar crater, Linne, and other supposed changes in the moon, observations upon nebulas, and suspected changes therein, are also noticed. It would be vain for us to attempt an elaborate notice of the rich and varied contents of the volume. Suffice it to say, that no one who desires a work of reference, fully up to the times, can afford to do without it. WE are in receipt of the EEPEKTOKIUM DER TECHNISCHEN, MATHEMATISCHEN UND NATUKWISSEN SCHAPLICHEN JOUKNAL LITEKATUK.—" Repertory of Literature, Technical, Mathematical, and Natural Science," issued by F. Schotte, Engineer and Librarian of the Royal Industrial Academy at Berlin, with the assistance of official data, under sanction of the Royal Prussian Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Public Works. It is a valuable catalogue of German works relating to the subjects enumerated. It is issued monthly, and sold by M. Westermann Co., German booksellers and importers of European literature, 471 Broadway, New York city. BEAUTIFUL SNOW, AND OTHER POEMS. By J. W. Watson. Published by Turner Bros. Co., Philadelphia. It is very beautifully got up, and is sold at $1.25. " MAKKIED " is the title of a new domestic novel, by Mrs. Newby, author of several well known works of fiction, jubt issued by Messrs. Turner Bros. CO.. Philadelphia. Price, 50 cents.