Architecture. Designs for Street i'ronts, Suburban Houses, and Cottages. Including Details for both Exterior and Interior of the above classes ol Buildings. Also, a great Variety of Details not included in the Designs. Illustrated by Elevations, and containing in all over 1,000 Designs and Illustrations. Edited by Cummings and | Miller, authors of " Modern American Architecture." A. J. Bicknell & Co., Publishers, Troy, N. Y., and Springfield, 111. The peculiar features of this large and handsome quarto volume, which renderitof great value to practical men, are the prominence g iven to details, the omission of plans, and the representatives of designs hy elevations solely. The justification for the omission of plans is that these are generally modified when a general design is adopted, to suit the ideas of persons for whom the building is to be erected; and it is justly inferred that it is useless to cumber a book with what can be so readily supplied. Much valuable space is thus economized, which is filled with details drawn to a large scale, and a much more perfect idea obtained of the beauty of a design than when such details are omitted. The work thus becomes of great service when it is not convenient to secure the services of a competent architect, and gives owners and builders in such localities ready means of supplying themselves with ood designs. The elevations given are such as may be appropriately selected for all classes of structures except public buildings. Rural architecture receives a full share of attention. The illustrations are of a high order, and the work is well calculated to elevate taste in architecture. We are in receipt of the first number of the " American Horological Journal," a new monthly published in this city, devoted to the interests of marine chronometer, watch, clock, and mathematical, astronomical, nautical instrument makers, repairers, and dealers, and the cognate branches, directly or remotely connectedwith these industries. It is a welcome addition to the industrial literature of the United States, and we wish it the success which it merits. Whitlock Exposition Recorder. The Whitlock Exposition Association have commenced a semi-monthly publication of a handsome quarto newspaper to be mostly devoted to illustration and description of such wares and new inventions in the machinery line as are on exhibition and for sale at their rooms. The first number presents a creditable appearance. Published at 35 Park Place.