A NEW EXPOSITION OF THE LEADING FACTS OF GEOLOGY. Including a Disquisition upon the Origin and Formation of Petroleum and Coal. By Gideon Frost. New York : The Trow & Smith Book Manufacturing Company, 48 and 50 Greene street. Under this heading has recently been published a small work professing to controvert many of the geological theories which Ehave received the assent of the most noted geologists of this country and of Europe. It moreover theorizes upon subjects* respecting which celebrated geologists have either not essayed a theory, or respecting which there is no general agreement among them. We cannot coincide with the conclusions of the author, although we have been interested in his views. SUBMARINE BLASTING IN BOSTON HARBOR, MASS. Removal of Tower and Corwin Rocks. By John G. Foster, Lieutenant-Colonel of Engineers, and Brevet Major-General U. S. A. With Illustrations. New York : D. Van Nos-trand, 23 Murray street, and 27 Warren street. This is an interesting and instructive account of an important engineering work, successfully accomplished during the years 1867 and 1868, notwithstanding many difficulties were met with in its progress. Full details are Riven of all the apparatus and methods employed in the operation, and the work cannot fail to prove valuable to all interested in submarine engineering work. Inventions Patented In England by Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents." ] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. V735.-FABRICS FOE TRIMMINQS.—Geo. E. King New York city. June 4, 2,313—TOOL FOR HOLDING AND DRIVING BEADS.—M. D. Converse, Lon don, Ohio. July 21,1S69. 9,273.-CARRIAGE AXLE.—M. J. Frisbie, New York city. July 27,1865. 2,285.—APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING THE GRINDING OF THE KNIVES OF HARVESTING MACHIHBB,—Charles Coventry ana Wui, Boynton, Auburn, .N, J. . July 38] 18GU ? ' ' 2,292.—APPLICATION OF SPRINGS TO SEATS AND BEDS.—E. H. Robinson, Providence, R. I. .July 29,1869. 2,346.—LIQUID AND G-AS METER.—W. Hamilton, Toronto, Canada, and H. Kimball, Randolph, Vt. August 5,1869. 2,368.—MACHINERY FOR COMBING FIBROUS MATERIALS.—H. Conant, North Providence, R. 1. August 7,1869. 2,399.—METALLIC CARTRIDGE.—E. Martin, Springfield, 111. August, 10.