HENRY WARD BEECHEE'S SERMONS are published weekly, in pamphlet form, byJ.B. Ford&Co., No. 39 Nassau street, New York city. Price10 centa. They are worth having and worth reading. CITY SUBSCRIBERS.—The SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN will be delivered in every ar tof the city at $,,"50 a year. Sing-Ie copies for sale r “ ,)the News Stands i” this city, Brooklyn, Jersey Cit and Williamsburg, and by most of SUBSCRIBERS—who wish to have their volumes bound, can send them to this office. The charge for binding is $1.50 per volume. The amount should be remitted in advance, and the volumes will be sent as soon as they are bound. RECEiPTS-When money is paid at the office for subscriptions, a receipt for it will be given ; but when subscribers remit their money by mail, they may consider the arrival of the first paper a bona;/lde acknowledgment of their funds. © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. OCTOBER 30, 1869.] 287 REAT IMPROVEMENT IN CRUSHING V3jT ana Grinding. To Miners, Ironmasters, Manufacturing Chemists, Superphosphate Makers, Bone Grinders, Dyewooci Workers, etc., etc. E. P. BAUGII'S Patent Sectional Crushing and Grinding Mills, for reducing to powder rocks, ores, slag, bones, logwoods, all kinds of mineral gu.aio, and other tough atic\ hard substances. For illustrated circular address BAUGH&SONS. 20 S.Delaware avc., Philadelphia. CAMDEN Tool and Tube Works, Camden, N. J. Manufacturers ot Wrought Iron Tube, Brass Work and Fittings, and all the most improved TOOLS for Screwing, Cutting, and Fitting Pipe. Screwing Machines for Pipe, of Live different sizes. Pipe Tongs, Common and Adjustable ; Pipe Cutters, Pipe Vises,Taps, Reamers,Drills,Screwing Stocks,and Solid Dies. Peace's Patent Screwing Stocks, with dies. No. 1 Screws K, % Pipe. Price complete, $.0. No. •.? Screws, 1, 2 Pipe, No.both screws and cuts off, 3, 4,$65. To Electro-Platers. BATTERIES, CHEMICALS, AND MATE- IALS in sets or single, with books of instruction, manufactured and sold by THOMAS IIALL, Manufacturing Electrician, 19 Bromfleld st., Boston, Mass, illustrated catalogue sent free on application. STOCKS, DffiS, AND SCREW PLATES O Horton's and other Chucks. JOHN ASHCKOFT, 50 .John st., New York,16 tf L.W.Pond's New Tools. "VTEW AND IMPROVED PATTERNS— Lathes, Planers, Drills, Milling Machines, Boring 1ii11s, Gear and Bolt Cutters Punelies and Shears for iron. Dealer in Works at Worcester, Mass. Offti.cc, 98 Liberty st., lJ. Y. S. N. HAHTWELL, General Agent. p<AST STEEL Name Punches, Letters, and C) Figures—all sizes and styles, and for all purposes, made byHOBEHT I{()GEHS. Letter Cutter, Spruce st., S. 1\. col". William st., New York. CATALOGUES SENT FREE. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS, He pages. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS. 7 passes. MAO 10 LANTERNS and STEHEO t'TICONh, !00pp. PHILOSOPHICAL INSTRUMENTS, 84-pages. JAMES W. QUEEN&CO., Chestnut stM Philadelphia, Pa $2,000 A YEAR AND EXPENSES To agents to sell the celebrated WILSON SEWING MACHINES. The best machine in the world. STITCHALIKE ON BOTH SIDES. First machine on trial. For further particularsaddress THE WILSON SEWING MACHINE CO., Cleveland Ohio, Boston, Mass., or St. Louis, Mo. RBALL&CO., Worcester, Mass., Manu • facturers ot Woodworth's, Daniel's, and Dimension Planers ; Molding, Matching, Tenoning, Mortising Shaping, and Boring Machi nes ; scroll Saws, lie-Sawing Eand Boring, Wood Turning Lathes and a variety ot other Machines for Workingwood. Also, the best Patent Door, Hub, and Rail Car Mortising-Machines in the world. Send for our Illustrated Catalogue. KICHAKD BAT.T.E. P. HALSTFD. TRON STEAMERS, HULLS,&LIGHTERS. I Estimates&Specifications furnished on application. HENRY .J. DAVISON, 77 Liberty st., New York, Agent for Pusey, Jones&Co.21 tf E OCHWEITZER PATENT BOLT CO., O Greenpoi nt. L . I. Offi ce 120 Chamb ers stNew York, Machine Bolts, For ed Nuts, Washers, Lag Screws, etc., cheap. Bolts made by this Company are superior in strength and finish to any m market. ALCO VT'S CONC ENTBIC LATHES—For Broom, Hoe, and Rake Handles, Chair Ronnds,etc and all other kinds of Woodworking Machinery, for sale byS, C. HILLS , 12 Platt st., New York. 1(f <1 ANTED—AGENTS—To sell the AMER- . ICAN KNITTING MACHINE. Pricc $25. The simplest, cheapest, and best Knitting Machine ever invented. Will knit 20,000 stitches per minute. Liberal inducements to Agents. Address AMERICAN KNITTING MACHINE CO., .boston, Mass., or St. Louis, Mo. MAYS&BLISS, MANUFACTURERS OF PATENT SCREW and Lever Presses, Power Presses, Double-acting Cans, Presses, Cutting and Stamping Dies Machinery for Tinner's Tools made to Order. Plymouth st., near Catharine Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y. PO WEB LOOMS, Spooling,Winding,Beaming,Dyeing,and Sizing Machines Self-Acting,^Wool-Scouring Machines, Hydra Extractors Also, Shafting, Pulleys, and Sen-Oinng AdjusableHan ers, rnaiiufdby T1IOWOOD, .'.106 Wood st., Philad'a,Pa WOODBURY'S PATENT Planing and Matching and Molding Machines,Gray&Wood's Planers,Self-olling Saw Art^^^d other wood working machinery. S.A. WOODS,(91 Libtn tystreet, tr. Y.; Send for Circulars. { 07 Sudbury street, Boston. BOILER FELTING SAVES TWENTY- five per cent of Fuel.JOHN ASHGROFT, 16 tf50 John st, New York. K THE N os. 35 and 37 Park Place, NEW This consists of a Perp etual Fair if New Inventions and Maiiufac- 'ired Articles of every description. or terms, etc., see THE WHITLOCK EXPOSITION RECORDER (specimen .opy sent free) , a Semi-Monthly jour nal, $1 per annum. Agents wanted, OBEKT McCAL VEY, Manufacturer oj HOISTING MACHINES AND DUMB WAITERS. 602 Cherry st., P liladelpliia, Pa. 16 TEAM AND WATER GAGES, STEAM Whistles, Gage Cocks, and Engineers' Supplies, tf JOHN ASHCROFT. 50 John St.,New York, BUERK'S WATCHMAN'S TIME DETECTOR. — important for all large Corporations and Manufacturing concerns — capable of controlling with the utiiiost accuracy the motion of a watchman or patrolman, as the same reaches different stations of his beat Send for a Circular.J. E. BUERK, P. O.Box ,0Ji, Boston, Mass. N.'B.-This detector is covered by two U. S. patents. Parties using or selling these instruments without authority from me will be dealt with according to law. L ATHE CHUCKS—HORTON'S PATENT from 4 to 36 inches. Also for car wheels. Address E. HORTON SON. Windsor Locks, Conn. DALESMEN—Wanted, a few reliable, enel'- O getie salesmen, to sell by sample standard goods. AddressH. H. RICHARDS CO., 413 Chestnut st. , Philadelphia, Pa. CINCINNATI BRASS WORKS. ENGINEERS' AND STEAM FITTERS' BRAS!' WORK. BEST QUALITY AT VERY LOW PRICES. F. LUNKENHEIMEB, Prop'r. Cincinnati Ohio. IMPROVED ALUMINUM BRONZE TTtutfi tfj Case Watches. From the Scientific American ol April 11,1868. “ The color of the metal closely resemble s that of 18c. gold, is more grateful to the eye and its luster brilliant,” etc. When desired these watches will be sent to any express office, and permission of examination granted upon payment of freight charges. Description of goods and meta application. An inspection of my goods is earn solicited. J. D. IIUGUENIN VOILLEMiN No. 44 Nassau st., New York For sale by all respectable dealer ILLUSTRATED CATalogue of P. S. STUBS' Tools and Files,Twist Drills and Chucks, Screw Plates and Taps, Machine Screws, Emery Wheels, Foot Lathes, etc. GOODNOW&WIGHTMAtf, 23 Cornhill, Boston. 20 eowtf YINEGAR.—How Made from Cider, Wine, Molasses, or Sorghum in 10 hours, with out using drugs. For Circulars, addressF. 1. SAGE, Vinegar Maker, Cromwell Conn PATENT IMPROVED B AND-SAW MAChines manufactured and sold by FIUST&I xiVI- ant sts., N.Y.city. Wealso offer band SawBladej, imported and domestic, of the best qualities at reduced prices. Send for Circular and Price List. PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, COMBIN- lng the maximum of efficiency, durability and economy, with the minimum of weight and price. They “6 widely and favorably known, more than 700 being in use. All warranted satisfactory orno sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application, Address J C HOADLEY&CO Lawrenee ,Mais FOR SALE, A BOUT EIGHT HUNDRED (800) feet of AX Wire rope, made by John A. Roeblin^ of Newton H. J., described in his circular as 49 wires, 'No. 16, 2 68-100 inches in circumference, It has been used bat very little Inquire of S. B , JAKES,Trcas.,16 ParkPlace,New Yoric Bolts. Nuts. BTINGES, PICKS, Etc. Prov. Tool Co., Providence, H. 1. as Beekman st,. N. Y THE CHUBCHMAN.. The Best and T T N RU^R Weekly Newspaper, WITH THE LilllljrjkM circulation in the Protestant Episcopal Church. Sent FREE for one month for examination, and till J an. 1, 1870, to new subscribers for that year. $3 a year, in advance. M. H. MALLORY&CO., Hartford, Corn. Lan'f'i CO., SOLE MANUFACTURERS Warehouse, 31 Beekman st., N Y J. M, WATKINS, Agent, TpOUNDERY WORK.—The Mineral Vale JL Iron Co. are prepared to make all kinds of FOUN- DEHY CASTINGS, heavy and light, at their “Works, Mineral Vale, Pa., by the piece or by weight. Work solicited. AddressS. B. .JANES, Treasurer, 16 Park I>l ace, New York "MODELS, PATTERNS, EXPERIMENTAL IT&and other machinery. Models for the Patent Office built 10 order hy HOLSKE MACHINE CO., Nos. 5k8, 530 ' A 'i 533? Water st., Dear Jefferson. Refer to SCIENTIFIC AiiEiucAN office.14 tf T7ALUABLE PATENTS FOR SALE.—The' V The Patentridit for the six New England States for Kenyon's Patent Corn Picker and Husker, Letters Pat.. therefor (No. 63,085) having been issued to Silas H. Ken-yon and Milton C. J offers. Au!.;. 27,18' '7. Also, the Patent kight, for the whole United States for Dorman's Patent Self-Lubricating Axle and Journal for Carriages, under Letters Patent No 57,100, issued to Lathrop Dorman,Aug 14, 1866, The above are worthy tlie attention of all wishing an interest in valuablc patents. Also. for sale, 300 Greene's Pat. Rifles. Apply to HRNKY G. DENNY", Administrator of the Estate of James C. Merrill, 87 Court Square, Boston, Mass. © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. 288 Jdtntifit SmmcM. . ^tlvjcrttsemctttsi- Advertisements will be admitted on this page atthe rate of $1.00 per line. Engravings mail head advertisements at the same rate per line, by measurement, as the letter- Ball,Black&Co., 565 and 567 BROADWAY, MANUFACTURERS OF ENGLISH STERLING Silver Ware. THE FACILITIES OF BALL, BLACK&CO. FOR MANUFACTURING, ENABLE THEM TO OFFER A LARGER VARIETY OF PATTERNS, AND AT LOWER PRICES THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE IN THE TRADE. 16 ostl FOR SALE—THE 14th INTEREST IN A One-Set Woolen Factory. Address . J. BARNARD, Fairbury, Ill. ALL KINDS Of Experimental Machinery, Models, Dyes, and Fine Tools, for any sp ecialty. Patterns, etc.. made to order at HENRY&CO.'S,125 Eldridge st.,New York. WW. VANDERBILT, Consulting Eng-i • neer&Contractor. Cor.Av. D&E.12th st.,N.Y. A VALUABLE PAT. RIGHT for sale or exchange for other property. For particularsin- quire of J. 1. BARINGER, Germantown. Col. Co., N. 1'. THE MAGIC DIAMOND Cuts Glass perfectly , and is durable. We will send one by mail, prepaid , to any address, on receipt of one dollar. Dealers furnished at lowest rates. M1LLER'S:FALLS M'F'G Co., 87 Beekman st., New York. FOR SALE. 3 24-shuttle Looms ; 2 20-shuttle do.; 1 30- shuttle Buttonhole Loom for weaving Suspender Straps, all of Knowles' pat., have been run less than two years. Alro ,2 Wooclen Looms,a Spooler and Quiller,with alot ofcotton, different colors, and numbers. Will be sold cheap. Apply to A. P. CRITCHLOW,Leeds, Mass. GETTY'S PATENT PIPE CUTTER. No. 1 cuts from 1 inch to JiPrice « 8 No. 2 cuts from 2 inches to X . • Price*1" GETTY'S PATENT PROVING PUMP AND GAGE. Pump and GagePrice $25 Gage aloneH.......... .Price $13 AddressMcNAE HARLIN, MANUFACTURERS OF BRASS GOODS AND IRON FITTINGS, 86 John st., New York. Morrison&Harms' OSCILLATING, ROTARY-CUTTING MU- LEYS are pronounced, by Practical Saw-mill Men, everywhere, to be the Cheapest , Most Simple, and Durable , and the Best Upright saw Mill ever offered to the public. They are guaranteed to do from SO to 50 per cent more work with the same pow er than any other mill in use Send for eircularto MORRISON ^^MS, No.386 River ave., Allegheny City, Pa. A few reliable Ag'ts wanted. FOR Family use—simple,cheap,reliable. Knits everytMng, AGENTS WANTED. Circular and sample stocking FREE. Address HINKLEY KNITTING MACHINE CO., Bath, Me. 176 BROADWAY, N. Y.: 25 N. 9TH st . . PHILADELPHIA; 187 STATE st., CHICAGO, ILL.; 162 West South s..., CINCINNATI, O. William A. Harris, Manufacturer of CORLISS Steam Engines, Cor. Park and Promenade sts, , West of Passenger Station. Providence, R. I. An P. Engine on Exhibition at the Americanlnstitute Fair.till Oct. SO. ALL SIZES OF HAND AND POWER PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINERY. ,The Cheapest, Best, and Most Durable Tenoning Machines TO be found in the Market. Price,with Copes, $175,with- out Copes, $125. DOTY MANUFACTURING CO., Janesville, Wis. FRENCH BAND SAW MACHINES,SAWS, Taper Files, etc” Machines for Scroll, Re-sawing, and Log ; Mougin&Co.'s Band Saw Blades, all Sizes, on handand madeto order. AH Styles of Band Saw Machines in operation at Mahogany Mill, 10th st., E. R. GEORGE GUEUTAL, Sole Agent for the U. S., 39 West 4th st., N. Y. JF. WERNER, Model Maker&Machinist, • 62 Center st., New York. Working Models, Exper- imentalMachinery,Gear Cutting,&Stud&Rivet Turning' IDDER'S PASTILES—A Sure Relief for Asthma. STOWELL&CO., Charlestown, Mass. K COTTON AND WOOL SHODDY .PICKERS Of the most approved English pattern, built by RICHARD KITSONLowell, Mas BOGARDUS' Eccentric Mills for Grinding Bones, Sugar, Clays, Salts, Guanos, Pot Shells, Ores, Peed, Drugs, Spices, Tobacco, Coffee, Paints, Printers' Inks, etc. JAS. BOGARDUS, cor. White&Elm sts.,N.Y. YARIETY IRON WORKS,York, Pa.,Grist Saw Mill Machinery a Specialty. Burnham's Improved Turbine Wheel. Iron Railing, Architectural, Bridge, and Car Castings Sen for circular. E. G. SMYSER. Gerner Boiler. SAVES 40 PER CENT IN FUEL. SIMPLE, SAFE,&DURABLE. SEE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN OCT. 2. .Please Send Cor Circulars. Postoffice Box) 5195. J K.ASSON ifc CO., 119 Broadway, N. Y. Oak Tanned BeIting Manufactured by C. W. Arny,301 Cherry st., Philadelphia. SCHLENKER'S ... PATENT m BOLT CUTTER NEW INVENTION. ADDRESS, HOWARD IRON WORKS. BUFFALO.N.Y. Reynolds* Turbine Water Wheels. No Complex, Duplex, or Triplex complications. Ah such are costly, leys.Send for IlTustratedPamplilet. GEORGE TALLCOT, 96 Liberty st . , New York. Excelsior Lubricator Tor Cylinders of Engines. The most durable and best oil cup, manufactured by B. E. LEHMAN,Lehigh Valley Brass Works, Bethlehem, Pa. Send for desc'ive circular. THE GENUINE Ooes Screw Wrenches, WITH A. G. COES' PATENT LOCK FERRULE, Manufactured by A. G. COES ifc CO .. Successors to L.&A. G. Coes, Worcester. Mass. ESTABLISHED IN 1889. kSEND FOR CIRCULARS P NEVJ-YORK; S9TBBO^WAK ?H1UD£LPh\N si3 market S^- BOSTON, 19 DOANE ST. ROOTS WROUGHT IRON SECTIONAL Safety Boiler. THE Position of this Boiler as absolutely safe from disastrous explosion, economical in fuel. and as a thoroughly reliable, durable, practical, and efficient Steam Generator,is fully established, as evinced by the sale of about One Hundred and Fifty Boilers, the sale, to many purchasers, of a second one after tiial of the first, and by the experience of those who have used it. Its safety is self-evident, it not being built of any ae taining unseen defects, norcaat lron,which cracks and ti Wroughtlron Boiler Tubes, tested to5W)lbs.pressure, water and steam inside of them, and having no large 3heet iron shell to explode. Its economy of fuel,and many other advantages,resulting t.omitssectionalfcrm, as lightness,low freight, facility of enlargement, etc . , are equally evident upon examination. Its use secures the economy of high pressure without danger. In view of the thousands 01 victims maimed or murdered by-al] the common forms of boilers, no humane man can afford to incur the risk of usin!r a boiler in which such fearful results are POSSIBLE. They ARE POSSIBLE, and somewhat PROBABLE in all SHELL BOILERS. the danger being inherent in the large diameter, and ready to develop itself, at any moment, in an explosion. Root's Safety Boiler offers absolute immunity 1'rom such results. Send or Illustrated ROOT STEAM ENGINE CO., Second ave., cor. 28th st., New York. A Boiler of 120-H. P. at American Institute Fair until Oct. 30,1869. UNIVERSAL CLOTHES WRINGER r¥^HE only Wringer which has the Pat. Stop, I to prevent the cogs from entirely separating. The only Wringer with Rowell's improved double gear with alternate teeth in the same cog, which cannot be thrown out ofgear. ” It really merits all the good that can be said of it."- Moore's Rural New Yorker. ” The Universal' the best '."-Am. Agriculturist. ” Having used the Universal Wringer in ouro wn house- hold,we can FULLY INDOESEIT.''—Ed. Sci. American. Sold by dealers generally. No exclusive rights given C. B 32 Cortlandt st., New York. SENT FREE! M. O'KEEFE, SON&CO.'S SEED CATALOGUE AND GUIDE TO THE FLOWER AND VEGETABLE GARDEN, FOR 1870. Published in January. Every lover of flowers wishing this new and valuable work. free of charge, should address immediately M. O'KEEFE, SON&CO., Ellwanger&Barry's Block, Rochester, N. Y. THE Architectural Review, AND American Builder's Journal. By SAMUEL SLOAN, Architect. 'Volume 1, bound in extra Cloth, now ready. Price $7 50 This ReviewisRoyal Octavo,and published Month- tr together with eight full-size j»ge mustrations—thelat- c sh chromo-lithography . The termsare FIFTY CENTS PER ^MONTHLY PART. or SIX DOLLARS PER ANNUM, payable invariably in advance. Specimen numbers furnished on receipt of the subscription price. All orders should be nvariabl in advance. Specimen numbers furnishe on receipt 0f he subscription p addressed to the Publishers, Claxton, Remsen Haffelfinger, 819 and 821 Markets^, Philadelphia, Pa. WE PUT GENUINE HOWARD WATCHES AND SELL NO OTHER—Into the hands of all respectable dealers throughout the country of our own manufacture. All Genuine Howard Watches are marked “ E. Howard&Co., Boston,” both on the plate and dial, and none without such marks are genuine,whoever may sell them . If you cannot find the real Howard Watches at the dealers, send to E. Howard&Co., 114 Tremont st., Boston, Mass., and you will be at once attended to. We have no connection with Howard&Co.,619 Broad.way.New York, as is frequently supposed. E. HOWARD&CO., 114 Tre emont st., Boston, Mass. [OCTOBER 30, 1869. ifiitiwWptia; g\dm1i5icm?ttK 'iW T V. Carpenter, Advertising Agent. hereafter, Box 773, New York city. IRON PLANERS, ENGINE LATHES, Drills, and other Machinists' Tools, of Superior Quality, on hand and finishing • For sale Low. For Description and Price, address SEW HAVEN°lANUFACTUR ING CO., New Haven, Conn.5 tf os -Our New Catalogue of Im- XtlJjrJ. proved STENCIL DIES. More than OfM1 A MONTH is being made with them S. M. SPENCER&CO., Brattleboro Vt. THE Tanite Emery Wheel. Does not Glaze, Gum, Heat, or Smell. Address THE TANITE CO., Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. "MOUNT SAVAGE ' FYRE BRICK, nS. GOVERNMENT STANDARD, Man- • ufactured exclusively by the CONSOLIDATION COAL CO., of Maryland, for Blasting, l"nddling, Smelt- ing,and Glass Furnaces,and all other purposes requiring the BEST QUALITY. Diagrams of Shapes.and Prices will be furnished by the undersigned. Also, George's Creek Cumberland Coal By the Cargo, from the Company's famous OCEAN MINES.C. H. DALTON, President, 4 Pemberton Square, Boston. JAS. S. MACKIE, Vice Pres't,71 Broadway, New York. JAS. A. MiLLHOLLAND, 2d Vice Pres't, Mount Savage, Md. THE NOVELTY IRON WORKS— Foot E. 12th st., and 77 and 88 Liberty st., New York Manufacture the most approved. Stationary Steam En gine,with VariableCut-off, now in use. WOODWARD'S NATIONAL ARCHITECT. I A practicalworkjust published, containing 1000 Designs,Plans,and Details to Working f n ^-gfc -»iO.^^1—..yzgpbi- burban, and Village e itc tions and estimate of cost. Quarto. PRICE Twelve DOLLAI'S, postpaid. TxmrkTk-wr a t> tvc l 150 Designs, .$1 50, postpaid. WOODWARD S GEO. E.WOODWARD,Architect 191 Broadway, New York. e tall xiUiViJbib. I newbookson Architecture. COUNTRY GunpowderPileDriver THOMAS SHAW'S PATENT. The Company ore prepared to sell rights, furnish machines, or contract for Dri ving Piles quicker and better eM tl'TK, AND NO CRUSHING OK SHATTERING. See Scientific American of Aug. 14. GUNPOWDER PILE DRIVER CO., 505 Minor st., Philadelphia. The Harrison Boiler. THIS IS THE ONLY REALLY SAFE BOILER in the market, and can now be furnished at a GREATLY REDUCED COST. Boilers of any size ready for delivery. For circulars, plans, etc., apply to HARRISON BOILER WORKS, Philadelphia, Pa.; or, to JOHN A. COLEMAN, Agent, 86 Kilby st., Boston, Mass.19tf os Drawing Instruments OF Every Description, for Schools, Colleges, Civil Engineers, etc., of Brass, German Silver, and Swiss, Drawing Materials, Chesterman's Steel and Metal lic Tapes, Transits, Levels, etc., etc. A priced and Illus trateir Catalogue sent free on application. WM. Y. MCALLISTER, 728 Chestnut st., Philadelphia. O A T17C EVERY DESCRIPTION Sj^^ WS* Guaranteed under a forfeiture ot $1000, to cut the most lumber with the least expense Henry Disston&Son, PHILADELPHIA. Special attention paid to our new style Circular, Belt, Cross-cut, Mill, and Hack Saws. Orders received from England, Ireland, and the Continent. Drawing Materials. WHATMAN'S PAPERS.—Wliite and Yel low Roll Drawing Paper, 40 and 54 inches wide Tracing Muslin, Tracing Paper. Muslin-backed Drawing Paper, 40 and 54 inches wide. Winso r&Newton's Colors India Ink. Faber's Drawing Pencils, etc.,etc. Priced Catalogues sent free. JAS. W. QUEEN&CO., Chestnut st. Philadelphia. INCREASE TWIST DRILLS, FLUTED HAND REAMERS, exact to Whitworth's Gage, and Beach's Patent Self-centering Cliuclc, manufactured by Morse Twist Drill and Machine Co.. NewBedford, Mass. PAT. SOLID EMERY WHEELS AND OIL STONES, for Brass and Iron Work. Saw Mills, and Edge Tools. Northampton Emery Wheel Co.,Leeds,Mass. H London4!s Cannon street. _ KOHNSTAMM, Manufacturer Q! ULTRAMAR INE, And Importer of English, French, and German7 Colors , Paints, and Artists' Material, Bronzes. and Metals. No] Tryon Row, New York, opposite City Ha*.. Riot's Wrought Iron Sectional Safety Boiler. OVER 100 SOLD—TESTED TO 300 lbs., no large sheet-iron shell to explode. Economical and Durable. All sizes on hand. Also, Steam Engines, Steam Pumps, etc. Send for Pamphlets and Price Lists. JOHN ROOT, 95 and 97 Liberty St., New York. SILICATE OF SODA, IN ITS VARIOUS n uhilad P ia Quartz Co.,783 South adst., Philadelphia, Pa. 25 13 WIRE ROPE. Manufactured by JOHN A. ROEBLING'S SONS, Trenton N. J. 170R Inclined Planes,'Standing Ship Rigging _ BridgeSjFerries, Stays or Guys on Derricks&Cranes Tiller Ropes, Sash Cords of Copper and Iron, Lightning Conductors of Cower. Special attention given to hoist- rig rope of all kinds for ^nes and Elevators. Apply for circular, givingprice and otherinformation. Send for pamphlet on Transmission of Power by Wire Ropes. THE WOODWARD STEAM-PUMP MAN UFACTURING COMPANY, Manufacturers of the Woodward Pat. Improved Safety Steam Pump and Fire Engine, Steam,Water,and Gas Fittings of all kinds. Also, ec Churdies,Factories,&Public Buildings,Heated by Steam, L>w Pressure. Woodward Building. 76 and 78 Center st., cor. of Worth st. (formerly of 77 Beekman st.), N.Y. All the Pat. Pres't. e c e n Right oftheabove Pump- G.M. WOOD^^^,] PHILADELPHIA, PA., Manufactureall kinds of Cotton and Woolen Machinery n 9ELF-A OTING MULES AND LOOMS, Of the most approved style. Plans diawn and estimates furnished for factories of any size. Shafting and mill gearing made to order. H B. Smith's PAT. WOOD-WORKING MACHINERY Molding, Mortising, Tenoning, Resawing,- and Plan ing Machines, warranted to be th'c best in use, and; give satisfaction, or be returned within thirty days. AddressH. B. SMITH, Smith villc, Bur. Co. N.J HAVE - YOU A TUBULAR BOILER ?— I am now prepared to repair leaky Boiler Tubes, in whatever condition they may be in, and to warrant all repairs satisfactory or demand no pay. Men and tools ready at all times. Do not plug or remove the tubes Send for circular.JOHN F. RIDER, 47 Dey St., New York. Pevey's Cup o la, ARRANTED to Melt, with one to of CGal, 2000 lbs. of Iron MORE than any other Cupola, now in use.ABIEL PEV^Y, Patentee and Proprietor,Lowell,Mass. Van Tuyl&Co., No. 273 Cherry st., New York, Agents. W Factory, Trenton, N.-J.. ..Office, ^o.'i Jacob St., N. Y Branch Office lor Pacific Coast, Iso. GOG Front bt San Francisco, Cal. ^T ECOUNT'SPATENT 5.' L HOLLOW LATHE DOGS AND CLAMPS.-Asetof8 Dogs from % to '2-in., inclusive, $8. A set of 12 from % to 4-in., $17'30. Five sizes Machinists' Clamps, from 2 to 6-in., inclusive, $11. Send for Circular. C. W. LECOUNT. South Norwalk,t 16 tf eowConn. 1 EOttANIC WILL FIND T®TE Scientific American The Best Paper for Them Now Published. It is the most Popular Journal in the world, devoted to Invention, Mechanics, Manufactures, Art, Science, and General Industry. THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Has been Published for nearly a quarter of a Century and has a larger circulation than all other paper of its class in this country and in Europe. Every number ol illuminated with Superb Illustrations by our own artists, of all the best Inventions of the day and descriptions and illustrations of LEADING MANUFACTURING ESTA:Bo LISHMENTS, MACHINES, TOOLS AND PROCESSES. Inventors and Patentees will find in each number an official List of Patents, to getherwith descriptions of the more important Inventions, with decisions in Patent Cases and points of law affecting the rights and interests of Patentees. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION :—$3.00 a year, $1.50 for six months. $1 for four months. To clubs of ten and upward, the subscription is only $2.50 per annum each. Specimen copies will be sent gratis. l'IUNN CO., Publishers. 37 Park Row, New York. PATENTS -INVENTORS Who desire to secure their rights by LETTERS PATENT Are referred to an advertisement on another page. An Illustrated Pamphlet containing the Patent Laws, and full particulars concerning. the obtaining of Patents, will be mailed free on application. Also, a Pamphlet relative to Foreign Patents and their cost furnished free. Address l'IUNN CO. Patent Solicitors. 37 Park How, New York. Address © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC.