OUR HOME PHYSICIAN. By Georrre M. Beard, M. D. ? We are indebted to the publishers, Messrs. E. B. Treat&Co., 654 B'7'oad- way, for a copy of this work, which we noticed in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, August28th, in advance of its publication. The volume is a very large one, withnumerous illustrations, and treats of the structure and functions of the body. the influence of occupation on health and longevity ; the laws of inheritance with new and original chapters on diet, stimulants, and narcotics, air, sunlight, exercise, climate, electricity, and nervous diseases of modern times; and fall directions for the care of the sick, and the management of infants and children; with a general description of recent medical discoveries and improvements; plain suggestions for the treatment of diseases, adapted to the wants of the household, and for those who, lilce miners,sailors, planters, and dwellers in remote districts, are beyond the ready call of a physician. We have carefully examined this volume, and we do not hesitate to pronounce it one of great value to every family in the land.