Ansun Judson, Jr., of Unadilla, N. Y.s has taken measures to secure a patent for useful improvements in machinery for cutting spokes for carriage wheels, and for articles of a similar nature. The nature of the improvements consist in cutting the stuff into the proper form for spokes by planing it longitudinally with a double set of revolving cutters which receive motion and cut with the grain of the wood. This machine is a spoke planer, as the stuff does not revolve. The cutters are so formed that as the stuff is fed in side guides, to direct the cutter stocks, that at one part the cutters by their form will plane nearly flat, and then as the work proceeds the rounding edges of the cutters are brought into action. The side guides to direct the cutters to act upon the stuff to be planed are of such a form that while the cutters revolve they are made to cut the several portions of the stuff to the required form. When one side of a spoke is finished, it is turned and the other side is submitted to the same action.