Notwithstanding the great variety ofvalvei patented and in use in our country, there art few goodjws yet brought before the public Two impoatant desiderata in the constructioi of valves, are, simplicity and want ol friction Several accomplish the latter object at the ex-pense of the former, and some the former a' the expense of the latter. A valve has beet [lately invented by Jarrett Megaw, of Wilmington, Del., which is intended to avoid tht friction occasioned by the pressure ot steair. upon it, and is, at the Same time, a very simple structure. The arrangement of Mr. Mega W is substantially the following:—a conical cup is surrounded by a band, both being perforatedf or the admission of steam, the bane is fitted to the cup and turns steam-tight upon it. As the steam is let into the steam chesi it presses equally upon the opposite sides of tht band and also of the cup, thus one side it made to counterbalance the other. Measure; are taken to secure a patent.