An improved apparatus of the above kind has been lately invented by Andrew Lee, of Millville, N. J., who has taken measures to secure a patent. It differs from the ordinary arrangement, as employed on board of ships, in the use of geared wheels, which are so constructed as to make the rudder more efficient in steering a vessel. The great desideratum, in this part of a ship, is to communicate the motion of the steering wheel to the rudder in such a manner that the latter shall move at the turning of the wheel as rapidly as possible. To effect this purpose, the inventor uses a spur wheel fixed to the shaft of the steering wheel, which gears into a pinion at the end of a drum on which the tiller rope is wound. From the fact of the spur wheel being much larger than the pinion, a more rapid motion is conveyed to the latter, and consequently to the drum on which it is fixed, so that the tiller is made to operate more quickly than it could possibly do by the usual steering apparatus. The K-ssian law grants patents on the sole eonditio, that the inventions, whether indigenous or reign, have never been made known n that, country.