• Astrophysicists estimate the universe contains 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars—three times as many as previously thought. Planets, of course, are extra.
  • A study of the benefits of low-dose aspirin against heart disease reveals that the drug also cut the risk of death from many cancers.
  • 1. NASA hints at discovery of extraterrestrial life-form. 2. Actually it’s an Earth-based microbe...but it eats arsenic! 3. Other scientists call the research shoddy.
  • Western countries shocked that teenagers in Shanghai trounce them in math, science and reading scores. Not shocking: they studied harder.
  • Calcium and vitamin D supplements are probably unnecessary for most people, adding to the list of contradictory advice.
  • Self-styled WikiLeaks “avengers” cause shutdowns of “enemy” Web sites, including Visa, MasterCard...and Sarah Palin.