• Researchers make progress on a new test that can pick up a single cancer cell in a sample of blood, potentially improving detection and treatment.
  • Evidence mounts that the U.S. and Israel are behind a computer worm that appears to have set back Iran’s nuclear program.
  • The placebo effect works even when patients know they are receiving a placebo. Note to health insurers: cover sugar pills.
  • Women’s emotional tears may contain a chemical that reduces male sexual arousal. “Not tonight, dear, I’m watching Terms of Endearment.”
  • Thousands of dead birds dropped from the skies in the U.S., Sweden and Italy in unrelated incidents. A sign of the apocalypse ... or a slow news period?
  • The last rolls of Kodachrome film, beloved for its rich colors, were developed in a lab in Kansas. Its complex process and digital cameras spelled its doom.