Hints to Correspondents Names and Address must accompany all letters, or no attention will be paid thereto. This is for our information and not for publication. Relere nee s to former articles or answers should give date of paper and page or number of question. Iiiq 11 i ries not answered in reasonable time should be repeated ; correspondents will bear in mind that some answers require not a little research, and, though we endeavor to reply to all either by letter or in this department. each must take his turn. Buyers wishing to purchase any article not advertised in our columns will be furnished with addresses of houses manufacturing or carrying the same. Special \V ritten Infornia tio 11 on matters of personal rather than general interest cannot be expected without remuneration. Scientific American Supplements referred to may be had at the office. Price 10 cents each. Hook , referred to promptly supplied on receipt of r Minerals sent for examination should be distinctly marked or labeled.