Issued by the United States Patent Office FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 2, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On filing each caveat...........................................................$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$20 On appeal to C omnflssioner of Patents........................................120 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................$10 On flliner application for Design (three and a half years)....................$10 On filling application for Design (seven years)..............................$15 On filling application for design (fourteen years)............................$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. Patents and Patent Claims.-— The number oj patents issued weeny having become so great, with a probability of a continual increase, has decided us to publish, in future, other and more interesting matter in place of the Claims. The Claims have occupied from three to four pages a week, and are believed to be of interest to only a comparative few oj our readers. The publication of the names of patentees, and title of tjieir inventions, will be continued; and, also, as heretofore, a brief description of the most important inventions. We have made such arrangements that we are not only prepared to furnish copies of Claims, but full Specifications at the annexed prices: For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at theprice above named. Thejull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which timethe Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1*25 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing MUNN & CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Bow, New York. 86,341.—STEAM-GENERATOR SAFETY VALVE.—John Abster- dam, New York city. 86,342.—FLY SCREEN FOR ANIMALS.—Benjamin F. Adams, Forest Hill, Bangor, Me. 88,343.—CHURN.—Joseph Alexander, Gallipolis, Ohio. 86,344.—SOFA BEDSTEAD.—John J. Anderson, Boston, Mass. 85,345.—HAY-RAKER AND LOADER.—James Armstrong and John Jeffcoat, Onawa, Iowa. 86,346.—STEAM SAFETY VALVE.—John Ashcroft, New York city. 86,347.—MANUFACTURE OF TIN-LINED LEAD PIPE.—Harvey J. Bailey, Pittsburgh, Pa. 86,348.—CARRIAGE SPRING.—John Balbach, San Jose, Cal. 86,349.—CHERRY PITTER.—Wesley C. Barr, Macon City, Mo. 86,350.—STEAM DRYER.—Geo. S. Barton assignor to Rice, Barton, and Fales Machine and Iron Company), Worcester, Mass. 86,351.—MOP AND SCRUBBER COMBINED.—E. S. Bennett, assignor to himself, M. B. Boardman, and Jotham W. Hawxhurst), New York city. 86,352.—DEVICE FOR GRINDING TOOLS.— Stewart Bennett, Wilkesbarre, Pa.' 86,353.—PINCHERS, NAIL MAKER, AND DRIVER FOR LASTING BOOTS.—Lyman ReedBlake, Boston, Mass. 83,354.—GRAIN DRILL ATTACHMENT.— Samuel Bowman, Camp Hill, Pa. - ' ? 86,355.—COMPOSITION FOR ROOPIWG.—J. Warren Brown, Washington, D. C. 86,356.—CONSTRUCTION OF FIRE-PROOF SAFES.—H. H. Bryant, Boston, Mass. Antedated Jan. 25,1869. 86,357.—STAIR ROD.—H. J. Burr, Bloomfield, Conn., assignor to himself and W. E. Simonds. 86,358.—CIRCULAR SAW MILL.—V. H. Buschmann, Baltimore, Md. Antedated Jan. 20,1869. 86,359.—SASH FASTENER.—C. H. Cain, Fremont, Ohio. 86,360.—FIRE EXTINGUISHING APPARATUS FOR VESSELS.—V. E. Campbell, Sterling Center, N. Y. 86,361.—DIE FOR FORGING WRENCH HEADS.—A B. Candee, Hamden, and L. S. Taylor, Unionville, Conn. 86,362.—STOVEPIPE DRUM.—Adam Cant (assignor to himself and Hugh Cant), Gait, Canada. 86,363.—BRICK KILN.—Peter Clark, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated Jan. 16, 1869. 88,364.—HOLLOW AUGER.—Wm. A. Clark, Woodbridge, Ct. 86,365.—OPERATING SHUTTLE-BOXES IN LOOMS.— Timothy Cleary, Millbury, Mass. 86,366.—HORSE RAKE.—Lyman Clinton, North Haven, Conn. 86,367.—SCYTHE SNATH—T. S.;Coffin, Harrington, Me. 86,368.—MANUFACTURE OP TOBACCO PAPER.—P. M. Consue- gra and Ramon Antiguedad, New York city. 86,369,—TOBACCO APER.—P. M. Consuegra and Ramon Antiguedad, New York city. 86.370.—PLOW ATTACHMENT.—A. E. Cruttenden, Canasaraga, N.Y. 88,371.—CHURN.—G. A. Dabney, San Jose, Cal. 86,372.—AUTOMATIC FEED-WATER DEVICE FOR BOILERS.—J. A. Davis, Watertown, N. Y. 86,373.—STEAM GENERATOR.—J. A. Davis, Watertown, N. Y. 88,374.—SKATING RINK.—Wm. Dennison, Cambridge, Mass. 86,375.—HARVESTER.—S. P. Doane (assignor to himself and Leonard Treadwell), San Francisco, Cal. 86,376.—HARNESS PAD.—Chas. Drew, Newark, N. J. 86,377.—PADLOCK.—Fred. Egge, Bridgeport, Conn. 86,378.—BBEECH LOADING FIREARM.—Julius Elson and W. R. Schaefer, Boston, Mass. 88,379.—APPARATUS FOR SAVING GOLD, AMALGAM, AND QUICKSILVER.—G. R. Evans (assignor to himself and John White), Virginia City, Nevada. 86,380.—MANUFACTURE OF TARRED PAPER, PASTEBOARD, ETC.—H. F. Evans, Beloit, Wis. 86,381.—STEAM ENGINE BALANCED VALVE.—Wm. Evered, Chicago, 111. 86,382.—TREE PROTECTOR.—F. L. Faries, Wilkesbarre, Pa. Antedated Jan. 7, 1869. 86,383.—GATE POST.—Anthony Fishburn, Carlisle, Pa. 86,384.—HYDRANT.—Luke Fitton, Wheeling, West Va. 86,385.—KETTLE FOR BOILING MILK.—Herman Friedlander, New York city. 86,388.—CORN PLANTER.—Wm. C. Gardner, Pokagon, Mich. 86,387.—ANTI-RATTLER FOR CARRIAGES.—D. C. Gately, New-town, Conn., assignor to New York Belting and Packing Company. 86,388.—APPARATUS FOR SAVING FLOATING GOLD.—David Gay, Jr., Vallejo, Cal. 86,389.—MORTISING MACHINE.—D. L. Gibbs (assignor to R Ball and Company), Worcester, Mass. 86,390.—Box FOR LOCOMOTIVE DRIVING-AXLES.—Joseph W. Gofi", Providence, R. I. 86,391.—FRUIT MILX.—Edmund Greenlee, Rundells, Pa. 86,392.—BEARING FOR SHAFTS.—Jerome Haas, Stockton, Cal. 86,393.—STEAM GENERATOR —Chas. H. Hall, Smith's Ferry, Pa. 86,394.—METALLIC REED FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.—A. H. Hammond, Worcester, Mass. 86,395.—TOWING CANAL-BOATS.—Chas. T. Harvey, Tarrytown, N,Y. Antedated Jan. 20,1869. 86,396.—BURIAL CASE.—Jasper R. Hathaway, Westfield, N.Y. 86,397.—FRONT PLATFORM FOR CARRIAGES.—John Heiden, New York city. 86,398.—ADHESIVE COMPOUND AND PLASTER.—Jos. Hirsh, Chicago, HI. 86,399.—STEP FOB SPINDLES.—Wm. P. Hopkins, Lawrence, 86,400.—POST-HOLE ATJGEB,—& C. Horton, Tarrytown, N. Y. 86,401.—KNIFE FOR CUTTING AND CORING APPLES.—Charles D.House, Lake Village, N. H. 86,402.—SPOKING MACHINE.—Alex. Humphries, Bethel, Ohio. Antedated Jan. 20,1869. 83,403.—BAG FASTENER.—Chas. J. Huntington, Rockford, 111. 86,404—MEDICAL COMPOUND.— S. W. Ingraham, M. D., Wooster, Ohio. 88,405.—VELOCIPEDE.—John H. Irwin, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,406.—VELOCIPEDE.—J. H. Irwin, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,407.—SAW.—Nicolas Jenkins, New York city. Antedated Jan. 18,1869. 86,408.—SEEDING MACHINE.—W. F. Jessup, Shortsville, N. Y. 88,409.—MACHINE FOR WORKING WASTE FIBROUS STOCK.— A. W. Johnson, Worcester, Mass. 86,410.—GRAIN DISTRIBUTER.—George H. Johnson (assignor to himself Geo. w. Tifft, Sons, and Company), Buffalo, N. Y. 86,411.—WATCH REGULATOR.—Florentine A. Jones, Boston, 86,412.—BELT PUNCH.—J. P. Jubb, Namaha, Mich. 86,413.—VENTILATOR.—Henry Kelley, Boston, Mass., assignor to himself, Walter J. Roberts, and Arthur C. Howard. 86,414.—COMPOUND FOR SOLDERING.—W. J. Kent (assignor to himself and L. W. Carr), Detroit, Mich. 86,415.—TOBACCO PRESS.—W. S. Kimball, Rochester, N. Y. 86,416.—RAILWAY-CAR TRUCK.—Jas. Kirkley and Hugh Gray, Chicago, HI. 86,417.—BELT SHIPPING MECHANISM FOR LOOMS.— L. J. Knowles, Warren, Mass. 86,418.—BED-PLATE, BOLSTER-PLATE, AND LOCK-BRACKET FOE WAGONS.—H. C. Kochensperger Thornville, Ohio. 86,419.—SHADE AND A WISING.—L. C. F. Laesch, Philadelphia Pa. Antedated Jan. 22, 1869. 86,420.—PADLOCK—Isaac W. Lamb, Salem, Mich. - 86,421.—LUBRICATOR.—Fred. A. Leah (assignor to himself and L. S. Lane), Swanzey, N. H. 88,422.—CASTER, AND FRUIT AND CAKE DISH.—J. W. Lari-more, Chicago, 111. Antedated Jan. 22,18OT. 86,423.—BRICK MACHINE.—J. G. Lehr and H D. Thorp, Har-lan, Ind. 85,424.—KEY RING.—G. A. Libbey, Milwaukee, Wis., assignor to himself and Thomas Cogswell. 86,425.—STEAM GENERATOR.—Reuben Lighthall, Brooklyn, N.Y. 86,428.—METAL-FACED DIE FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF IMITATION STEAW GOODS.—Henry Loewenberg, New York city. 86,427.—KINDLING BLOCK.—W. Loft, Bergen, N. J. 86,428.—CULINARY BOILER.—S. P. Loomis, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,429.—STEAM GENERATOR.—C. Mason, Chicago, HI. 86,430.—MILK AND BEER COOLER.—O. L. Mayhew (assignor to himself and J. Miller), Sanborn, N.Y. 86,431—ROAD SCRAPER.—J. W. McDonald, Chicago, 111. 86,432.—GLOBE VALVE FOR STEAM AND OTHER ENGINERY.— R. Mears, Dayton, Ohio. 86,433.—MODE OF PRESERVING FKUIT.—D. M. Mefford, Nor- walk, Ohio. 86,434.—BREECH-LOADING FIREABM.—W. Morgenstern, New York city. 86,435.—STEAM GENERATOR.—J. S. Mullin, Newark, N. J. 86,436.—GRAIN DRYER.—J. J. Munger, Syracuse, N. Y. 86,437.—SHUTTER FASTENING.—G. W. Ouram, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated January 16,1869. 86,438.—TICKET PUNCH.—C. H. Palmer, New York, and T. K Leslie, Brooklyn, N. Y. 86,439.—ANCHOR.—G. C. Pattison (assignor to himself and B G. Harris), Baltimore, Md." 86,440.—SCHOOL DESK.—J. Peard, New York city. 86,441.—BEEHIVE.—J. Pearson, West Milton, Ohio. 86,442.—POTATO PLANTER, CULTIVATOJI,AJ 'D DIGGER.—Chas. J. C. Petersen, Portchester, N. Y. 86,443.—APPARATUS FOR EVAPORATING BRINE AND OTHER LIQUIDS.—S. Platt, Goderich, Canada, 86,444.—HANDLE FOB TEAEOTS.—KjaUBoEier (asssigaor to the Porter Britannia and Plate Company). Tauriton, Mass. 86,445.—CARPET-RAG LOOPER.—G. L. Price, Clifton Springs, N.Y. 86,446.—BOTTLE STOPPER OR CAP.—J. Quinn and G. W Putnam, Boston, Mass. 86,447.—GLOBE VALVE FOR STEAM AND OTHER ENGINEHY- —B. F. Radford, Hyde Park, and D. Sawyer, Boston, MaS3. 86,448.—KNOB LATCH.—O. B. Rand, Kalamazoo, Mich. 86,449.—HARVESTER.—A Eank and J. H. Cox, Salem, Ohio, assignors to A. Rank. 86,450.—MAKING HORSE-SHOE NAILS.—A. Reese, McClure Township, Pa. 86,451.—WAGON HUB.—N. Rixford, Mansfield Center, Conn. 86,452.—MACHINE FOR GRINDING CARDS.—J. Robb, Lawrence, Mass. Antedated January 20,1869. 86,453.—MUCILAGE BOTTLE.—D. A. RoT nson, Jr., Union Springs, N.Y. 86,454.—BOLT FOR STOVE DOORS, ETC.—W. Aspley Robinson, Auburn, N. Y. 86,455.—SHOEING DEVICE.—T. Rogers and D. Thompson, Fredericktown, Ohio. 86,456.—APPARATUS FOR HEATING METALS.—J. Roy, Boston, Mass. Antedated January 30,1869. 86,457.—COMBINED SEED PLANTER AND PLOW.—E. Seibel, Wittenburg, Mo. 86,458.—COMBINED PLOW AND PLANTER.—M. Shackelford, Montgomery, Ala. 86,459.—CARRIAGE POLE.—G. N. Shaw, Muir, Mich. 86,460.—PLANING MACHINE.—J. B. Schenck,Matteawan,N.Y. 86,461.—PLANING MACHINE.—J.B. Schenck, Matteawan, N.Y. 86,462.—MACHINE FOK SERRATING SICKLE SECTIONS.—S. D. Sheldon, Fitchburg, Mass. 86,463.—TABLE CASTER.—D. Sherwood (assignor to Woods, Sheerwood& Co.), Lowell, Mass. 86,464—STEAM GENERATOR.—O. P. Shiras, New Castle, Pa. 86,465.—DEVICE FOR REGULATING THE TENSION ON THE WAEP IN LOOMS.—M. Sigler, Paterson,N. J. 86,466.—HYDRANT.—J. J. Smith and S. Wood, Cleveland, Ohio. 86,467.—HARDENING DIES.—E. W. Sperry, Wolcottville,Conn. 85,468.—STAVE-DRESSING MACHINE.—P. Strieker and James Xef eber, Cambridge City, Ind. 86,469.—BLOWER.—B. F. Sturtevant, Boston, Mass. 86,470.—ROTARY BL 5WER.—B. F. Sturtevant, Boston, Mass. 86,471.—MEDICATED BEVERAGE.—W. W. Timmons, Rahway, N. J. Antedated January 29,1869. 86,473.—GANG PLOW.—J. Totten, Adams, 111. 86,473.—MACHINE FOR MAKING BUTTON HOOKS.—Lauriston Towne (assignor to " Lacing Button Hook Company"),Providence, R. I. 86,474.—GUIDE FOR SEWING MACHINES.—Wm. H. Van Vlear (assignor to himself and W. E. Green), Stockton, Cal. Antedated Jan nary 22, 1869. 86,475.—BOOT AND SHOE STRETCHER.—P. Veitch, San Francisco, Cal. 86,476.—FENCE POST.—G. Webb, Lewiston, Me. 86,477.—MACHINE FOR DISTRIBUTING FERTILIZERS.—W. F. Weirick, John C. Weller, and D. E. Rohr, Charlestown, V. Va. 86,478.—ROTARY HAKROW.—B. A. Welds, M. H. Welds, and H. W. Strong, Reading, Mich. 86,479.—PARLOR GAME.—H. M. White, East Hartford, Conn. 86,480.—STEAM HEATER.—C. Whittier (assignor to himself and B. F. Campbell), Boston, Mass. Antedated November 10,1863. 86,481.—STEAM HEATER.—C. Whittier (assignor to himself and B. F. Campbell), Boston, Mass. Antedated November 10,1868. 86,482.—DOOR SPRING.—F. S. Wilcox, Bridgeport, Conn. 86,483.—SHUTTLE FOR LOOMS.—N. A. Williams, Utica, N. Y. 86,484.—COFFEE-MILL FASTENER.—J. Winkler,Hudson City, 86,485.—SHEEP RACK—M. S. Woodbury, Bethel, Vt. 86,486.—SLEEPING CAR.—T. T. Woodruff, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,487.—SLED BRAKE.—A. W. Wright, Calvin, Pa. Antedated January 30,1869. 86,488.—CULINARY BOILER.—E. K Ames, Chicago, 111. 126 86,489.—LTJBBICATING JOTJBNAL BOXES.—E. A. Atwood and H. H. Bodwell, San Francisco, Cal. Antedated January 25,1869. 86,490.—BOAT DETACHING APPARATUS.—J. Atwood, Jr., and ?** T. M. Hatch, Provincetown, Mass. . 86,491.—THREE-HORSE EQUALIZER.—E. P. A very and H. B. Leckenby, Dowajiac, Mich. 86,492.—SAFETY STRIP FOB PACKING CASES.—S. Baker, Newark, N. J. 86,493.—CONSTBTJCTION OF BTJBGLAB-PBOOF SAFES.—R. A. Ballou, Boston, Mass. 86,494.—LACING FOR BOOTS.—W. Banister, Boston, Mass. 86,495.—VELOCIPEDE.—J. Beck, New York city. 86,496.—TENONING MACHINE.—J. Behel and J. Nelson, Rock-ford, in. 86,497.—MACHINE FOB MAKING CORD.—Harris Boardman, Lancaster, Pa. 88,498.—PATJCET.—D. L. Bollermann and E. Bollerman, New York city. 86,499.—COOKING- STOVE.—N. A. Boynton, New York city. 86,500.—HANDLE FOB CANS, ETC.—M. Bray, Boston, Mass. 88,501.—BUCKLE.—Q. A. Brown, Kalanaazoo, Mich. 86,502.—CULTITATOB.—R. I. Burbank, Boston, Mass. 86,503.—BLANK OB BAB FOB TOE CALKS.—P. P. Burke, Worcester, Mass. -83,504.—METAL AND RUBBER TIRES COMBINED.—John H. Cheever.NewYork city. 86,505.—POKEB AND LID-LIFTER COMBINED.—William Clegg, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,506.—MODE OF TAWHTOSKINS OF ANIMALS.—Louis Clozel, Grenoble, France. 86,507.—WHIP SOCKET.—George P.*Cole, Hudson, Mich. 86,508.—HOSE PROTECTOR—Charles Crozat Converse, Brooklyn, N. Y. 86,509.—POTATO DIGGER.—John W. Corwin, Lebanon, Ohio. 86,510.—PELTED FABRIC.—Thomas Crossley, Bridgeport, Conn. 86,511.—HARVESTER RAKE.—J. D. Custer, Norristown, Pa. 86,512.—DOOB MAT—Jacob J. Diehl, Idaville, Pa. 86,513.—PROCESS FOR DESULPHURIZING ORES TO OBTAIN THE PRECIOUS MEXALS .—Henry H. Eames, St. Paul, Minn. 86,514—DESULPHURIZING AND TREATING ORES FOR THE EXTRACTION or PSECIOTTS METALS.—Henry H. Eames, St. Paul, Minn. 86,515.—FEED WATER HEATEK FOR STEAM GENERATORS.— Richard Eaton, Eaton Lodge, Kentish Town, England. 86,516.—HAY SPREADER.—W. H. Elliot, New York city. 86,517.—HEAD BLOCK.—Charles R. Ely, Norftfield, Vt. 86,518.—MILL STAFF.—A. Eshelman, EariviAe, Pa. 86,519.—ICE-CREAM MOLD.—Peter Fild, Boston, Mass. 86,520.—BREECH-LOADING FIRE-ARM. — Valentine Fogerty, Boston, Mass. 86,521.—SHIELD FOB COBN IN PLOWING.—John Pox, Ho-mef, Ind. 86,522.—TEA AND COFFEE POT.—Theodore F. Frank, Buffalo, N. Y. 86,323.—MOWING MACHINE.—Am. Franklin, W. J. Hastings, and Abner Gates, Florence, Ind. 86,524.—BUT.—James D. Frary, New Britain, Conn. 88,525.—SLEIGH AND WHEELED VEHICLE.—David C. Pra- =;eur, Siddonsburg, Pa. 86,a26.—WASH BOILER.—Peter Frentz, New Albany, Ind. 86,527.—ICE SHAVER.—Robert Gilliland, Hudson, Mich. 86,528.—BEE HOUSE.—David S. Gray (assignor to himself and Moses H. Masser), Onarga, 111. Antedated January 20, 1869. 86,529.—GAS-PRODUCING APPABATUS FOR U SE IN METALLURGY, GLASS-MAKINH, AND FOE OTHEK PUF.POSES.—Jacob Green, Norristown, Pa. 86,530.—ARTIFICIALLIMB.—S. G. Gregory, Albany, N. Y. 86,531.—LOW-WATER INDICATOR FOR BOILERS.—James S. - Griffith, St. Louis, Mo. 86/532.—PRESS FOB BALING COTTON.—Benjamin D. Gullett, Amite City. La. 86,533.—HORSE POWER CONNECTION.—John A. Hafner, Commerce, Mo. 86,534.—SCREW WRENCH.—Charles Hall, New York city. 86,535.—DISTILLING HYDBOCABBON OILS.—Charles H. Hall, Smith's l'erry, Pa. 86,536.—METHOD OF CONVEBTING CAST IRON INTO SFEEL.— Alexander Hamar, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,537.—CONVERTING CAST IRON INTO MALLEABLE IRON.— Alexander Hamar, Philadelphia, Pa., and George H. Sellers, Wilmington, Del. 86,538.—GIRDER TOR BRIDGES.—David Hammond and W. R. Reeves, Canton, Ohio. 86,539.—ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER.—Mrs. E. J. Harding, St. Louis, Mo. 86,540.—OIL CUP OF CONNECTING RODS OB MOVABLE BEARINGS OF MACHINERY.—Dennis Harrlgan, Somerville, assignor to himself and JohnH. Wiggins,Boston, Mass. 86,541.—CIGAB MACHINE.—I. A. Heald, Washington, D. C. 86,542.—CABPET BAG FRAME.—Franz Herman (assignor to himself and E. A. G. Roulstone, assignors to Albert Sonnekalb and John ! W.Lieb) Newark, N. J. 83,543.—RAILWAY AXLE BOX—Aaron Higley, South Bend, Ind. 86,544.—Box FOB HAIB PINS.—Joseph C. Howells, New York city. 86,445.—VELOCIPEDE.—E. N. Huntsman, Allegheny, Pa. 86,546.—COMPOSITION FOB MORTAR, CEMENT, PAINT, ETC.— Carleton B. Hutchins, Ann Arbor, Mich. 86,547.—RENDEBING SAFES AND OTHEB STRUCTURES PIBE- PBOOP, AND PROTECTING THE SAME AGAINST COKEOSION.—Thaddeus Hyatt, Atchison, Kansas. 88,548.—LANTERN.—John H. Irwin, Chicago, 111. 83,549.—LANTERN.—John H. Irwin, Chicago, 111. 83,550.—TOBACCO Box.—John P. Jamison, New York city. 86,551.—TONIC BITTERS.—R. P. Jenkins, Nashville, Tenn. 86,552.—BLIND FASTENEB.—Job Johnson and Simon Inger- soll, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignors to Job Johnson. * 86,553.—MODE OF COLLECTING THE EXUDABLE PRODUCTS OF PINETKEES.—John Johnson, Saco. Me. Antedated January 30,1869. 86,554.—HARVESTER EAKE.—Samuel Johnston, Syracuse, N.Y. 86,555.—WASHING MACHINE.—John J. Koch, Republic, Ohio. 86,556.—WATER WHEEL.—Dennis Lane, Montpelier, Vt. 86,557.—BRICK MACHINE.—W. O. Leslie, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,558.—AXLE BOX AND HUB.—Gabriel Leverich, Elizabeth-port, N. J. 86,559.—SEED SOWER.—James L. Linderman, Rockford, HI. 86,560.—LOCK FOB EXPBESS BAGS, ETC.—Edward A. Locke and William B. Mason, Boston, Mass. 86,561.—SEED SOWER.—M. F. Lowth and T. J. Howe, Owa-tonna.Minn. 86,562.—CORN SHELLER.—W. J. Ludlow, Cleveland, Ohio. 86,563.—HAND SEED SOWEB.—Jasper N. Matlock, Augusta, assignor to himself, William Blair, and Edward D. Ingersoll, Des i Moines,Iowa. ! 86,564.—ELEVATOR AND TABLE FOB FEEDING GBAIN SEPA- EATOES.—Don Carlos Matteson and Truman Pane Williamson, Stockton, Cal. 86,565.—HOBSE HAY FORK.—Don Carlos Matteson and Truman Pane Williamson, Stockton, Cal. 86,566.—BBEECH-LOADING FIREARM. — Edward Maynard, Washington, D. C. 86,567.—BBICK MACHINE.—G. W. McCann, Springfield, Ohio. 86,568.—WASH BOILEB.—S. A. McGeorge, Almont, Mich. 86,569.—BEEHIVE.—J. D. Meador, Independence, Mo. 86,570.—COBSET.—E. J. Meriman, New York city.. 86,571.—SHEET METAL CAN.—H. Miller, New York city. 86,572.—PORTABLE SECTIONAL HOUSE.—J. Montgomery, New York city. 86,573.—VELOCIPEDE.—J. A. Morrell, New- York city. 86,574.—PBEPABED PHOSPHATE.—O. A. Moses, Charleston, s. c. 86,575.—PAPEB-FEEDING MACHINE.—W. Mowry, Minneapolis, Minn. 86,576.—DEVICE FOB SPLITTING MATCH SPLINTS.—M. D I Murphy and O. C. Barber (assignor to the " Barber Match Company ") 1 Middlebury, Ohio. j 86,577.—COMBINED SINGLE AND DOUBLE-SHOVEL PLOW.—J. W. Nicholson, Indianapolis, Ind. 86,578.—COOKING STOVE.—C. Olhaber, Cincinnati, Ohio. 86,579.—CHILL FOB CASTING MOLDBOABDS.—J. Oliver, South Bend, Ind. 86,580.—FEED-WATEB DEVICE FOR BOILERS.—J. D. Otis, Peoria, 111. 86,581.—SHAFT COUPLING.—E. E. Packer and C. T. Packer, (assignors to themselves and J. E. Packer), Philadelphia, Pa. 86,582.—LOCK NUT.—G. Palmer, Littlestown, Pa. 86,583.—RAILWAY TRACK.—G. Palmer, Littlestown, Pa. 86,584.—HABVESTER.—J. G. Perry, Kingston, R. I. 86,585.—RESERVOIR COOKING STOVE.—G. H. Phillips, Troy, 86,586.—GIBDLE FOB PAINT BRUSHES.—A. M. Piper and O. Allen, Springfield, Mans. 86,587.—HALTER HITCH.—G. Race, Norwich, N. Y. 86,588.—SHEAR BOOM.—C. Randall, J. F. Moore, and J. Randall, West Eau Claire, Wis., administrators of the estate of A. Kandall, deceased. 86,589.—CORN PLANTEB.—J. R. Randall, Camargo, HI. 86.590.—MACHINE FOR UNITING THE SOLES AND UPPERS OF BOOTS AND SHOES.—T. K. Reed, East Bridgewater, Mass. 86,591.—STITCH FASTENING WIRE.—T. K Reed, East Bridge-water, Mass. 86,592.—PROCESS OF, AND MECHANISM FOB FORMING STITCHED SEAMS.—T. K. Heed, East Bridgewater, Mass. 86,593.—TEN-PIN ALLEY.—C. Robinson, Boston, Mass. 86,594.—GAGE FOB SEWING MACHINES.—Peter Rodier, Detroit, Mich. 86,595.—COBN PLANTEB.—W. H. Sabins, Rockford, 111. 86,596.—PBOCESS OF MAKING SHOT.—E. Shiver, Columbia, S f ? 86,597.—WBENCH.—W. H. Sible, Harrisburgh, Pa. 86,598.—SWING.—G. Sill, Wilkins, assignor to himself and H. H.Negley, Eltsburg, Pa. 86,599.—ADJUSTABLE MIBBOR AND STAND.—H. W. South-worth, Mittineague, Mass. 86,600.—FIRE ESCAPE.—O. Spear, Baltimore, Md. 86,601—GATE LATCH.—J. W. Still, San Francisco, Cal. 86,602.—HARVESTER DROPPER.—J. O. Taber, Salem, Ohio. 86,603.—FARM GATE.—J. Tanner, Hebron, Ky. 86,604.—MEDICAL VIBBATING AND KNEADING MACHINE.— G. H. Taylor, New York city.' 86,605.—MOLDING MACHINE.—I. P. Tice, New York city, assignor to A. S. and J. Gear Bad Company, New Haven. Conn. 86,606— TOBACCO BOX.—C. Tolnor, Jr., New York city. 86,607.—MACHINE FOR SAWING STAVES.—J. W. Trout, Arco-la, 111. 86,608.—GANG PLOW.—J. Tustin, Portland, Oregon. 86,609.—FLOAT FOB ANGLERS.—J. A. Terrell, Bloomfield, Ky., assignor to himself and C. A. Terrell. 86,610.—CONSTRUCTING SLATE FRAMES.—W. P. Uhlinger and Justus Do ring, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,611.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING UP LEATHER STOCK, ETC.— F.L.Walker, Boston, Mass. 86,612.—PUMP.—S, B. Ward, Drummondtown, Va. 86,613.—BRAKE BLOCK FOR RAILWAY CARS.—W. Wilmore, 86,614.—DUMPINGSCOW.—H. W. Wilson, Boston, Mass. 86,615.—PLOW.—G. A. Wing, Albany, N. Y. 86,616.—STOVE GRATE.—G. A, Wing, Albany, N. Y. 86,617.—STOP VALVE FOB STEAM GENERATORS.—G. W. Wis- well, Pilot Knob, Mo. 86,618.—COMBINED WHEELBARROW FANNING MACHINE.— J. Womeldorff. Warsaw, Ind. 86,619.—Ox CART—M. S. Woodbury, Bethel, Vt. 86,620.—SMOKE-BUBNING FUBNACE.—F. A. Woodson, Anna, in. 86,621.—PEDAL FOR PIANOS, ETC.—E. Zachariae, Loehnberg, near Weilbnrg, Prussia. * 86.622.—VENTILATOR.—G. J. Zimmerman, Baltimore, Md. REISSUES 36,776.—MACHINE FOB TRAMMING, STAFFING, AND FINE DEESSIKO OF MILLSTONES.—Dated October 28,1862; reissue 3,279.—L. Anderson (assignee of J. T. Gilmore), Painesville, Ohio. 80,905.—PUMP.—Dated August 11, 1868; reissue 3,280.—John Brokenshire, Oswego, N. Y. 41,916.—SEWING MACHINE.—Dated March 15,1864; antedated March 9,1864; reissue 3 881.—W. S. Guinness,'London, England, for himself and A. G. Seaman, New York city, assignee of W. S. Guinness. 59,342.—METHOD OF TREATING CORK FOB THE MANUFACTURE OF MATTEESSES, ETC.—Dated November 6, 1866; reissue 3,282.—A.—H. Hauer, Philadelphia, Pa., administrator of the estate of L. Bauhoef er. 59,342.—PREPARED CORK FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF MAT- TKESSES, ETC.—Dated November 6,3865; reissue 3,283.—B.—Henry Hauer, -Philadeli hia,Pa., administrator of the estate of L. Bauhoefer. 29,640.—HARVESTER RAKE.—Dated August 14,1860; reissue 3,284.—A. J. Holman, Philadelphia, Pa., assignee, by mesne assignments, of 1. C. Twining. 81,281.—BUSTLE.—Dated August 18, 1868; reissue 3,285.— J. B. Loomis, Chelsea,,Mass. 57,826.—PORTABLE RAILWAY.—Dated September 4,1866; reissue 3,286.—A. Peteler,New Brighton, N. Y, assignee of J. N.Peteler.