Issued by the United States Patent Office FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 9, 1869 . Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On filing each caveat...........................................................#10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................$20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................|10 On filing application for Design (three and a half years)....................$10 On filling application for Design (seven years).............................. 15 Onfllliugapplication for design (fourteen years)............................$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. Patents and Patent Claims.— The number of patents issued weekly having become so great, with a probability of a continual increase, has decided us to publish, in future, other and more interesting matter in place of the Claims. The Claims have occupied from three to four pages a week, and are believed to be of interest to only a comparative few of our readers. The publication of the names of patentees, and title of their inventions, will be continued ; and, also, as heretofore, a brief description of the most important inventions. We have made such arrangements that we are not only prepared to furnish copies of Claims, but fuU Specifications at the annexed prices: For copy df Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers, from.................................................$1 ?upward, but usually at the price above named. ThefuU Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1'25 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Fullinformationt as to price of drawings,in each case, may be had by addressing MUNN & CO., Patent Solicitors, No, 37 Park Roic, New York. 86,623.—CUTTING STONE.—John R Abbe, Providence, R. I. 86,624.—RAILWAY SIGNAL.—Jas. D. Akley, Mifflin, and F. P. Coggeshall, Patterson, Pa. 86,625.—DRYER.—Charles E. Ashcroft, Boston, Mass. 8e,6$6.—:CAN, OPENER.—Richard H. At well, Baltimore, M4, 141 86,627.—MACHINE FOB ATTACHING LABELS TO SPOOLS.—Q. S.Backus (assignor to himself, Sidney Fairbanks, and Orlando Mason), Winchendon, Mass. 86,628.—BLIND PASTBNBB.—Jas. M. Barnaby, West Harwich, Mass. 86,629.—DIE FOB BENDING EQUALIZING BABS.—A. E. Barnard. Akron, Ohio. 86,630.—DEVICE FOB OPENING AND CLOSING WINDOW BLINDS. —Elias Bascom, New York city. 88,631.—RAILWAY CURVE—Vertot D. Beach, Battle Creek, Mich. 83,632.—SEWING MACHINE FOB SEWINS LEATTIER.—Edwin E. Bean, Boston, assignor to David Whittemore, North Bridgewater, Mass. 86,633.—MACHINEBY FOB THE MANUFACTURE OF BRICKS.— Benj.D. Berry, Edwardsville, 111., assignor to Lauyen C. Woodruff, Buffalo, N.Y. 86,634.—COBD-TIGHTENEB FOB CUBTAINS.—Win. H. Betts, Brooklyn, N. Y. 86,635.—PIBE KINDLING.—Ira Bicknell, Cincinnati, Ohio. 86,636.—COMPOUND FOB REMOVING SILVEB STAINS.—Victor G. Bloede, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,637.—COMBINED BLADE-CASE AND ATTACHING PIN.—W. L. Bowser, Moncton, New Brunswick. 86,638.—INHALEB FOE MEDICAL PUBPOSES.—John P. Brower, Syracuse, N. Y. 86,639.—COMPOSITION FOB ENAMELING PAPEB, CLOTH, CARDBOARD, ETC.—Morgan W. Brown, New York city. Antedated Jan. 23,1869. 86,640.—APPABATUS FOB IMPABTING ABTIFICIAL AGE TO WINE AND SPIRITS.—Samuel C. Bruce, New York city. 86,641.—LATCH.—Henry Budd and Samuel W. Budd, Philadelphia. Pa. 86,642.—BBAIDING MACHINE.—James D. Butler, Lancaster, Mass. 86,643.—BEEHIVE.—James Alexander Cameron, Memphis, 86,644.—SETTEE PBAME.—T. J. Close, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,645.—POBCING PUMP.—Nicholas Clute, Sohenectady, N. Y. 86,646.—HEAD LIGHT.—E. Hall Covel, New York city. 86,647.—NEEDLE THBEADEB.—Oliver Cos, Alexandria, Va 83,648.—WAGON-BRAKE BLOCK.—Heman Crowell, Washington Corners, Cal. 86,649.—APPLE SAUCE.—A R. Davis, Cambridge, Mass. 86,650.—STEAM-ENGINE SLIDE VALVE.—A J. Davis, and Jno. McGill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 88,651.—LOOM FOB WEAVING PILE PABBICS.—E. K. Davis, New York city. 86,652.—FLEXIBLE HOSE.—James Davis, Pawtucket, R. I. 86,653.—RAZOB STRAP.—A D. Ditmars, Lancaster, Pa. 86,654.—STEAM PBESS.—Wm. Dobbins (assignor to himself and John J. Crawford, Lowell, Mass. 85,655.—MOLD FOB CASTING SLEIGH SHOES.—Jno. W. Dryer, Macedon, N. Y. 86,656.—HOBSE POWEB.—Jchn A. Eberly, Jacob Lutz, and Henry Becker, East Cocalico township, Pa. 86,657.—KNIFE.—J. Olden Ely, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,658.—GATE-HINGE.—Jerome B. Farmer, Indianapolis, Ind. 86,659.—WAGON BRAKE — Gilbert Gibbs, Fairview, Ind. 86,660.—LAMP CHIMNEY.—Wm. T. Gillinder (assignor to him self and Edwin Bennett). Philadelphia, Pa. 86,661.—HOBSE HAY FOBX.—Benjamin F. Gladding, Providence, E. L 86,662.—BBIDLE FOB PREVENTING HOBSES FOBM KICKING.— D. V. Grace and J. S. Elliott, Coshocton, Ohio. 86,663.—VENTILATING HOUSES, HALLS, ETC.—Wm. C. Grimes, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,664.—BBICK.—John Grimm, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 86,665.—CLOTHES DRYER — Asher M. Gurley,Waterville,N.Y. 86,666.—APPABATUS FOB DRYING PAPEB.—A. E. Harding (assignor to Harding, Erwin, and Company), Middletown, Ohio. 86,667—Toitcn AND FIRE KINDLEB.—A. T. Harrison (assignor to himself, Wm. P. Hunt, and Geo. Estabrook), Clinton. 111. 86,688.—SHUTTLE GUIDE FOB LOOMS.—Wm. A. Hastings, Palmer.Mass. 88,669.—MEAT CUTTER—Jacofc Hetsel and S. H. Hager, Mi-amisburg, Ohio. 86,670.—INKSTAND.—Gibbons G. Hickman, Coatesville, Pa. 86,671.—COOKING STOVE.—Michael Hijldener, Belleville, 111. 86,672.—VABNISH.—Wm. Hopson, South Maiden, Mass. 86,673.—CAB COUPLING.—Henry R. Howe, Hartwick, N. Y. 86,674.—COUNTERSINK.—L. H.'Hunt, Rockingham, Vt., assignor to himself and N. G. Manson, Jr., Cambridgeport, Mass. 88,675.—FEED REGULATOR FOB BABK MILLS.—Benjamin Irv- ving, New York city, assignor by mesne assignment, to South Boston, Iron Company. 86,676.—APPABATUS FOB TOWING VESSELS.—Jas. M. Kilner, 3 Saltney Eoad, Chester, England. 86,677.—APPARATUS FOB CONFINING HOBSE POWEBS.—Richard Knott, Suisun, Cal. 86,678.—EXCAVATOB.—Joel Lee, Galesburg, 111. 86,67&—AXLE-BOX.—J. Stone Lister, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,680.—NEWSPAPEB ADDRESSING MACHINE.— C. K. Marshall, New Orleans, La. Antedated Jan. 29, 1869. 86,681.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING GBAPE-VINES.—L. W. Mayer, Sonoma, Cal. 86,682.—VELOCIPEDE.—Chas. H. Miller and George Ellis, Cincinnati, Ohio. 86,683.—ATTACHING KNOBS TO THEIB SPINDLES. —W. T. Munger. Branford, assignor toP.and F. Corbin, NewBritain, Conn., 86,684.—FEEDKB FOB THBESHING MACHINES.—Wm. Oster- meyer, Kane, 111. 86,685.—RUNNING GEAR FOB RAILROAD CABS.—J. R. Perry, D. W. Perry, and James Perry, of Wilkesbarre, Pa. Antedated Aug 10, 1868. 86,686.—SHUTTEB FASTENER.—John H. Peterson, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to himself J. E. Tobin, and HoUBton Smith, Jr. 86,687.—GRAIN SEPABATOB.—A. W. Powers, Barrington, 111., assignor to H. W. Crabtree, and John C. Wiltsie. 86,688.—SHUTTLE-BINDEB FOB LOOMS.—Ephraim Prentice, Wauregan, Conn. 86,689.—WINDOW-SASH SUPPOBTEB.—Asa H. Read, Factory- ville, Pa. 86,690.—BBEECH-LOADING FIBEABM.—Samuel Remington, Ilion, N. Y. 86,691.—TOBPEDO FOB OIL WELLS.—E. A. L. Roberts, Titus-ville, Pa. 86,692.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—Edwin O. Rood, Lodi,Ill. 88,693.—CABRIAGE AXLE.—J. A. C. Ruffner (assignor to himself and Wm. N. Prothero), Hillsdale, Pa. 86,694.—LAMP BUBNEB.—Datus E. Rugg, Sing Sing, assignor to himself and A. C. Kuck, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated Jan. 28,1869. 86,695.—SEWING MACHINE FOB SEWING LEATHER.—Wm. W. Eussell, Tepic, Mexico. 86,696.—TOP-IRON AND PBOP FOB CARBIAGES.—C. W. Sala- dee and Wm. Bauder, Circleville, Ohio. 86,697.—TOP-IBON AND PBOP FOB CABBIAGES.—C. W. Sala- dee and Wm. Bauder, Circleville, Ohio. 86,698.—SLOP-PAIL LID.—Wm. B. Sawyer, New York city. 86,699.—APPABATUS FOB SUPPOBTING SKATERS AND INVALIDS.—P. I. Schopp, Louisville, Ky. 86,700.—LIQUID MEASURING AND REGISTEBING FAUCET.—E. W. Scott, Wauregan, Conn. 86,701.—PBESEBVING NITRO-GLYCERIN, ETC.—T. P. Shaff-ner, Louisville, Ky. 83,702.—COMPOSITION FOR CLEANING PAINTED SURFACES.— Benj. F. Shaw, Peabody, Mass. 86,703.—ELEVATOB.—Adam Shoemaker and John R. Gear-hart, Mar-ion, Pa. 86,704.—COTTON SCBAPEB.—J. C. Smith, Helena, Ark. 83,705.—STEAM WATEB ELEVATOB.—George T. Snowden, and I. V. Lynn, Pittsburgh, assignors to themselves and Thomas Snowden, Brownsville, Pa. 86,706.—FASTENING FOB CARBIAGE CURTAINS.—James H. Spencer, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,707.— THRESHING MACHINE.— Isaac Starr, Prairieville, Mich. 86,708.—DBAFT EQUALIZER.—Isaac Starr, Prairieville, Mich. 86,709.—CABBIAGE WHEEL,—C. S. Stearns (assignor to himself and C. F. Davis, Marlborough, Mass. 86,710.—COMPOSITION FOB MOLDINGS.—Joseph Thiem and Wilhelm Thiem, Lawrenceburg, Ind. 86,711.—FLUTING AND PUFFING IBON.—Amanda M. Thome Syracuse, N. T. 86,712.—PAPEB FILE.—Jacob P. Tirrell, Charlestown, and S. G. Brett, Somerville, Mass., assignors to themselves, M. S. Marshall, and Hiram Whitney ; and said J. P. Tirrell assignor to Hiram Whitney ; and said Brett assignor to M. S. Marshall. 86,713.—VOLUTE SPBING— Joseph Trent, Millerton, N. Y. 86,714.—CABPET ROD.—Hyppolite Uhry, New York city. 86,715.—STAIR ROD.—H. Uhry, New York city. 86,716.—STAIR ROD.—H. Uhry, New York city. 86,717.—HORSE RAKE.—Moses M. Ward (assignor to himself, Benj. S. Grant, and Thomas Hersey), Bangor, Me. 86,718.—TOY ROW-BOAT.—Nathan S. Warner, Bridgeport, Conn. 86,719.—REGULATOR FOB DBAWING FRAMES.—S. J. Whitton, Coleraine, assignor to G. and W. F. Draper, Milford. Mass. 86,720.—GUN CARRIAGE.—G. R. Wilson (assignor to himself, Wm. Fitch, H. M. Vaile, and Chas. E. Elttenhouse), Washington, D.C. 86,721.—BOTTLE-FILLING MACHINE.—James Alcorn, Charles-town, Mass. 86,722.—FINGEB-EXEBCISING APPABATUS.—Arthur C. Armen- gol. New Yorkcity. 86,723.—MAGAZINE FIBEABM.—S. G. Bayes, Wauseon, Ohio. 86,724.—SCBEW DBIVEB HANDLE.—Eli S. Bitner, Lock Haven, Pa. 86,725.—UTERINE SUPPORTER.—R. D. Bogert, Nanuet, N. Y. 86,726.—RIVET.—Edward Bourne, Pittsburgh, Pa. 86,727.—HEAT-RETAINING PAIL.—John C. Brain, Brooklyn, N.Y. 86,728.—CABPET STEETCHEB.—Wm Brown, New York city. 86,729.—BEEHIVE.—R. P. Buttles, Mansfield, Pa. 86,730.—HABVESTEB DBOPPEB.—Jarvis Case, Lafayette, Ind. 86,731.—SULKY HABROW.—Jas. E. Cheasebro, Marilla, N. Y. 86,732.—BBICK MACHINE.—Peter Clark, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated Jan. 30,1869, 86,733.—METHOD FOB GBOWING FRUIT ANNUALLY.—Francis Clymer, Gallon, Ohio. 86,734.—MACHINE FOB HACKLING SHUCKS FOR MATTRESSES. —David A. Cole, Nashville, Tenn. 86,735.—STOPPING MECHANISM FOR LOOMS.—Geo. Crompton, Worcester, Mass. 86,736.—SHEEP-SHEARING TABLE.—Jas. E. Daniels, Pleasant Prairie, Wis., assignor to himself, H. H. Doolittle, and N. D. Edwards. 86,737.—PROPELLING VESSELS ON CANALS.—Baron Oscar de Mesnil, Brussels, Belgium, and Max Eyth, Stuttgart, Wurtemberg. 86,738.—VELOCIPEDE.—W. Denovan, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,739.—BBEECH-LQADING FIBEABM.—J. M. Deprez, Liege, Belgium. 86,74tt—SASH CLAMP.—E. F. Dunaway, Cincinnati, Ohio. 86,741.—Box SCBAPER.—Wm. Dutton, Boston, Mass. 86,742.—METALLIC PBOTECTOB OB SHIELD FOB TRAVELING BAGS.—F. Fischbeck, Chicago, 111. 86,743.—THRESHINGMACHINE.—M. Fuos, Castroville, Texas. 86,744.—OTTOMAN.—A. O. Ganiard and E. G. Ganiard, New York city. 86,745.-*-BAG TIE.—L. H. Gano, New York city. 86,746.—THEESHING MACHINE.—J. W. GarverandC. A.Bikle, Hagerstown, Md. 86,747.—SOFT PEDAL ATTACHMENT FOB PIANOFOBTES.—J. Greener, Elmira, N. Y. 86,748.—MACHINE FOB CUTTING TOBACCO PLUGS.—Peter M. Guerrant and Peter M. Eowlett, New Concord, Ky. 86,749.—GLOBE VALVE.—H. H. Hendrick, Dayton, Ohio. 86,750.—CULTIVATOR.—T. Hicks, Pacatonica, 111. 86,751.—STEM-WINDING WATCH.—Vitalis Himmer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 86,752.—DOUGH BOX FOB CAKE MACHINES.—D. M. Holmes, Williamsborg, N. Y. 86,753.—MODE OF ATTACHING EBASEBS TO PENCILS.—G. L. Holt, Springfield, Mass. 86,754.—PROCESS OF EXTBACTING COPPER.FROM ITS ORES.— T. S. Hunt, Montreal, and J. Douglas, Jr., Quebec, Canada. 86,755.—MANUFACTURE OF MACHINE BELTING.—G. Hurn and D. Hurn.London, England. 86,756.—HAMES FASTJSKBR.—J. V. Hutschler, Keyport, N. J. 83,757.—NEEDLE Wss*iwt,—C. Bartleet James, Redditchr England. 86,758.—PROCESS FOB DBYING. AND RENOVATING GBAIN.— G. H. Johnson and G. Milsom, Buffalo, N. Y. 86,769.—HANDLE FOB CASKS.—J. L. Jones, Utica, N. Y. 86,760.—SAIL BENDEB.—H. W. Ketcham, New Yorkcity. 86,761.—OIL CUP FOB ADJUSTABLE BOXES.—C. C] Klein, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,762.—NURSING BOTTLE.—A M. Knapp, Racine, Wis. 86,763.—PAGING AND NUMBEBING MACHINE.—P. Koch and Gottlob Schule, New York city. 86,764.—MACHINE FOR TRIMMING THE ENDS OF CIGABS.— P. A. La France, Elmira, N. Y., assignor to himself and H. R. Kendall. 86,765.—BEEHIVE.—A S. Layton, Yellville, Ark. 86,766.—VENTILATOR.—John Lesperance, St. Louis, Mo. 86,767.—FIRE KINDLER.—J. W. Lowe, Ottumwa, Iowa. 86,768.—ROTARY HARROW.—S. Lubolt and J. Trout, Lykens, Pa. 86,769.—NEEDLE.—W. H. Marriott, Baltimore, Md. 86,770.—CARRIAGE BRAKE.—M. S. Marshall, Somerville, and J.G. Bicknell, Cambridge, Mass., assignors to themselves, J. T. Folsom and J. S.Folsom ; said Marshall assignor to said J. T. and J. S. Folsom. 86,771.—ENVELOPE.—J. S. Martin, Atlanta, Ga. 86,772.—CARRIAGE WHEEL.—W. S. Mayo, New York city. 86,773.—SASH LOCK.—W. L. McKibbin, Buck Valley, Pa. 86,774.—HARVESTER.—Wm. Michael, Murrysville, Pa. 86,77 — HORSE HAY FORK.—S. Miller, Mohawk, N. Y. 86,776.—CULTIVATOR AND SEED PLANTER.—D. B. Morgan ' (assignor to himself and M. Gilmore), Washington, Ohio. 86,777.—HAY SPBEADEB — M. D. Myers, Frankfort, N. Y. Antedated August 29,1868. 86,778.—TRUNK LOCK.—J. Nock, Washington, D. C. 86,779.—MANUFACTURING COUNTERS FOR BOOTS AND SHOES. __S, c. Phinney (assignor to himself and John G. Phinney), Stoughton, 86,780.—RAILROAD CAR VENTILATOR.—Wm M. Russell and D. E. Holmes, Cincinnati, Ohio. 86,781.—GAME COUNTER.—E. Schellhorn, Urbanna, Ohio. Antedated February 1,1869. 86,782.—SODA FOUNTAIN.—A D. Schnackenberg and Otto Eosenkrflnz, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignors to A. D. Schnackenberg. 86,783.—MEAT CHOPPER.—F. G. Siemers, Winona, Minn. 86,784.—COATING AND WATEB-PBOOFING WOVEN FABBICS. —H. F. Smith, London, assignor to J. Buckingham, Walworth, England. 86 785.—COOKING RANGE.—W. Steffe (assignor to himself and J. Eeynolds),Philadelphia, Pa. 86,786-—FISHING TACKLE.—F. Tellgmann, Stamford, Conn. 86,787.—VELOCIPEDE.—A. D. Thompson and J. Marden, Jr., Baltimore, Md. 86,788.—GLUE POT.—J. Tinney, Westfield, N. Y. 86,789.—MOLDEBS' RIDDLE.—J. C. Ward and Joseph Hudson, Peekskill, N. Y. 86,790.—RAILBOAD CAB STOVE.—A A. Wheelock, Washington, D. C. 86,791.—BAKING DISH.—H. C. Wilcox (assignor to the Meri- den Britannia Company), WestMeriden, Conn. 86,792.—SASH FASTENEB.—T. O. Wilson, Fisherville, N. H. 86,793.—MANUFACTUBE OF GAS FBOM PETBOLEUM.—G. W. Wren (assignor to U. E. Wren), Brooklyn, N. Y. 86,794.—CULTIVATOB.—G. W. Zeigler, Maumee City, Ohio. 86,795.—CUPOLA AND OTHEB MELTING AND SMELTING FUB- NACES.—J. Absterdam, New York city. 86,796.—CONSTBUCTION OF CONVEBTEBS AND FUBNACES FOB TREATING IRON AND OTHER METALS.—J. Absterdam, New York city. 86,797.—GUABD FOR DOOB KEYS.—H. A. Adams (assignor to 'himself and G. E. Hill), New York city. 86,798.—MANUFACTUBE OF SADDLE CLOTHS.—R. Allison, New York city. 86,799.—.COMPOSITION FOB PAVEMENTS, SIDEWALKS, ETC.— A. G.Anderson, Hoboken, N. J., assignor of one-half of said invention to E. W. Ranney. 86,800.—POCKET KNIFE AND DOOB FASTENEB.—J .Armstrong, Bucyrus, andO. Dame, Wyandot county, Ohio. 86,801.—COMPOSITION FOB REFINING AND CABBONIZING IKON.—J. E. Atwood, Trenton, N. J. 86,802.—HANDLE FOB TAPS, AUGERS, DBILLS, ETC.—William Baxter, Newark, N. J, assignor to himself and W. D. Eussell, 86,803.—APPABATUS FOB EXTBACTING ESSENCES, ETC.—G. Bantz, Frederick, Md. 86,804.—PUMP.—John Bean, Hudson, Mich. 86,805.—POWEB LOOM.—Erastus B. Bigelow, Boston, Mass. 86,806.—LOOM FOR WEAVING INGRAIN CARPETS.—Erastus B. Bigelow, Boston, Mass. 86,807.—WAGON-TONGUE SUPPORT.—F. Bremerman, Indianapolis, ind. ? 86,808.—COMPOUND FOR PRESERVING WOOD, LEATHER, ETC. —J. P. Bridge, Boston, Mass. 86,809.—VENTILATOR.—B. J. Burnett, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 86,810.—CURTAIN FIXTURE.—R. Cassady, Newport, N. J. 86,811.—WHIFFLE-TREE PLATE.—J. B. Clark, Meriden, Conn. Antedated Feb. 1,1869. 86,812.—HORSE COLLAR.—J. Cogan, Cambridge, Mass. 86,813.—PROPELLER.—C. Cole, San Francisco, Cal. (Suspended.) 86,814.—TOY CARRIAGE.—J. Condell and A. Condell, Plain- ville, Conn. Antedated Feb. 3, 1869. 86,815.—DOOR SPRING.—J. M. Connel, Newark, Ohio. 86,816.—BOTTLE FILLER AND CORKER.—T. W. Cowey, Can- nonsburg, Pa. 86,817.—POLISHING NEEDLES.—C. O. Crosby, New Haven, Conn. 86,818.—POLISHING NEEDLES.—C. O. Crosby, New Haven, Conn. 86,819.—MACHINE FOR SCOURING NEEDLES.—C. O. Crosby, New Haven, Conn. Antedated Feb. 8,1869. 86,820.—MODE OF CONSTRUCTING BED LOUNGES.—Edward P. Curtiss and H. H. Hendee, Buffalo, N. Y. 86,821.—WELL TUBE.—D. A. Danforth, Elkhart, Ind. 86,822.—TRACE BUCKLE.—E. S. Dawson,1 Syracuse, N. Y. 86,823.—LIQUID METER.—G. W. Devoe, New York city. 86,824.—SHADE HOLDER.—G. H. Dimond, G. Doolittle, and T. B. Doolittle, Bridgeport, Conn., assignors to G. H. Dimond, G. Doolittle, and T. Wallace, Jr. 86,825.—LAMP SHADE.—G. H. Dimond and George Doolittle, Bridgeport, Conn. 86,826.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—A Duvall, Baltimore,Md. 86,827.—RUBBER BOOT.—L. Elliott, Jr. (assignor to L. Candee and Company), New Haven, Conn. 86,828.—CANT HOOK.—J. E. Emerson, Trenton, N. J. 86,829.—COMPOUND SCALE FOR TAILORS' USE.—A. H. Flores, New York city. 86,830.—MACHINE FOR MAKING CARPET LINING.—J. Foster, Jr., Camden, N. J., and F. J. Dill, Foxborough, Mass. 86,831.—HORSE HAY FORK.—D. G. S. Gochnauer, Mulberry, Pa. ' * 86,832.—BOOT AND SHOE NAIL.—B. D. Godfrey, Milford, Mass. 86,833.—TREADLE FOR OPERATING MACHINERY.—W. S. Hall, Quincy, Mass. 86,834.—VELOCIPEDE.—Wm. Hanlon (assignor to George, Alfred, Edward, and Frederick Hanlon), New York city. 86,835.—MANUFACTURE OF WHITE LEAD, AND PUIFICATION OF THE PKODTJCTS OP COMBUSTION FOR THE SAMS.—H. Hannen (assign or to himself, Thomas Woods, and B. F. Pine), Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Feb. 1,1869. 86,836.—COMPOUND FOR ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, GRAINING, ETC.—B. S. Harrington, Pontiac, Mich., assignor to himself, C. S. Green, J. D, Shults, and M. S. Angell. 86,837.—SAW GAGE.—A E. Hoffmann, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,838.—FIRE KINDLER.—Henry K. Horton, Winfield, Mich. 86,839.—PLOW.—Albert P. Ingalls (assignor to himself and James W. Cheney), Shelbyville, 111. 86,840.—DRYER.—C. Kaibel, Sacramento City, Cal. 86,841.—COMPOUND FOR COATING TEXTILE FABRICS FOR MANUFACTURING HATS AND BONNETS, AND FOE OTHEB PURPOSES.—John L. Kendall, Foxborough, Mass., and Richard H. Trested, Jamaica. N. Y. 86,842.—STUMP EXTRACTOR.—T. B. Kirby, Flowerneld, Mich. 86,843.—GLUE CEMENT.—Samuel Krewson, Springfield, Ohio. 86,844.—SAFETY WATCH KEY.—Perley Lanin, Warren, Mass., assignor to himself and John J. Sprague, Providence, E. I. 86,845.—SAFETY CLOCK KEY.—Perley Laflin, Warren, Mass., assignorto himself and John J.Sprague, Providence, E. I. 86,846.—HORSE HCfcif. IMbTndiey,' Bridgeport, Conn. 86,847.—CABBIAGE SHACKLE.—John Low, New Britain, Conn. 86,848.—SEWING MACHINE.—T. A. Macaulay, Florence, Mass. 86,849.—CONSTBUCTION OF TEAPOTS.—E. B. Manning, Middletown, Conn. 86,850.—SAW. — Gottlieb Maulick (assignor to himself and Thomas P. Marshall), Trenton, N. J. 86,851.—MOLDING PLANE.—A. W. Maxwell, Milton, Pa 86,852.—BACK BAND HOOK.—Wm. McKerahan (assignor to Samuel Eeynolds), Allegheny City, Pa. 86,853.—BRICK MACHINE.—John McManus, Pittsburgh, Pa. 86,854.—COOKING STOVE.—Mary Mellinger, Upper Leacock township, Pa. 86,855.—HORSE RAKE.—Abraham Miller, Hagerstown, Md., assignor to himself, William H. Protzman, William Updegraff, and A. E. Appleman. 86,856.—VELOCIPEDE.—Joshua Monroe, New York city. 86,857.—CALK FOR BOOTS.—Herman Myer, Derby, Conn. 86,858.—ENGINE FOR MAKING PAPER PULP.—Wm. Parki- son,Monongahela City, Pa. 86,859.—MANUFACTURE OF IRON AND STEEL. — Orville M. Phillips, New Yorkcity. 86,860.—APPARATUS FOR OBTAINING CREAM FROM MILK.— Andrew Pope, Randolph, N. Y. 86,861.—BEER FAUCET.—A D. Puffer, Somerville, Mass. 86,862.—GRATE BAR.—Wm. Randall, Salem, Mass. 86,863.—SPRING DRAFT LINK.—Benjamin Richards, North Industry, Ohio. 86,864.—ORNAMFNT FOR JEWELRY, ETC.—Celius E. Richards, North Attleborough, Mass. 86,865.—SASH ELEVATOR AND FASTENER.—Bartholomew Roy, St. Clair, Mich . 86,866.—GEARING FOB CABBIAGES.—Cyrus W. Saladee, Circleville. Ohio. 86,867.—LAMP.—John F. Sanford, Keokuk,Iowa. 86,868.—LAMP WICK TBIMMEB— John P. Sanford, Keokuk, Iowa. 86,869.—LAMP BUBNEB.—John F. Sanford, Keokuk, Iowa. 86,870.—VAPOB BUBNER.—Herrman S. Saroni, ChicBgo, HI. 86,871.—HYDROCARBON BURNER.—Clement Sauvage, Paris, France. 86,872.—MACHINE FOR WEAVING HAIR FOR WIGS, ETC.— Lydia A. Seago, Jerseyville, 111. 86,873.—COMPOUND FOR DESTROYING INSECTS.—Philo B. Sheldon, Bath, N. Y. 86,874.—RAILWAY RAIL CHAIR.—O. L. Shepherd, United States Army. 86,875.—BRONZING MACHINE.—Henry Skidmore, Mount Vernon, N.Y. 86,876.—ALARM BELL.—C. A. Slack, Frenchtown, N. J. 86,877.—THILL COUPLING.—C. A. Slack, Frenchtown, N. J. 86,878.—CAR WHEEL.—John Y. Smith, Pittsburgh, Pa. 86,879.—GARDEN CULTIVATOR.—Wm. S. Spratt (assignor to himself and W. T. Jaquith), Allegheny City, Pa. 86,880.—DRILL STOCK.—Edward A. Stockton, San Francisco, Cal. 86,881.—MANUFACTURE OF SULPHURIC ACID,—A H. Tait, New York city. 86,882.—HORN TIP FOR CATTLE.—J. C, Thompson, Charles-town, Mass. 86,883.—SAWING MACHINE.—Alfred W. Townsend Washing- 86,884.—STAIR ROD.—H. Uhry, New York city. 86,885.—CAR BRAKE AND STARTER. — A. B. Vandemark, Phelps.N. Y, 86,886.—FRUIT BOX.—Jonathan Vincent (assignor to himself, Walter Shaw, and Selden Di Eedman), Newfane. N. Y. 88,887.—SASH HOLDER.—Felix Walker, New Orleans, La. 86,888.—CLOTHES PIN.—Felix Walker, New Orleans, La. 86,889.—ATTACHING HANDLES TO SAWS.—John Walwork, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,890.—VENT PLUG.—George Weaver and Horatio N. Allen, Boston, Mass., assignors to themselves and E.R. Cheney. 86,891.—CHIMNEY COWL.—John W. Whiting and Charles E. Whittemore, Bay City, Mich. 86,892.—BEDSTEAD.—Daniel Witt, Hubbardstown, Mass. 142 86,893.—COMBINED BBEAKEB AND LEVELBB.—Daniel Witt, Hubbardstown, Mass. 86,894.—ICE CBEEPEB.—David dimming, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,895.—QUILTING FBAME AND CLOTHES DRYEB.—John G. Ishler, Martinsville, 111. ____________ REISSUES 55,087.—CEMENT ROOFING FABBIC.—Dated May 29,1866 ; reissue 3,?87.—Wm. Green, Cleveland, Ohio. 53,140.—ROOFING CEMENT, PAINT, ETC.—Datad March 13, 1866 ;reissue 3,288.—Wm. Green,Cleveland, Ohio. 5)8,744.—COOKING STOVE.—Dated June 2,1863 ; reissue 3,289. —George P. Hopkins, Albion, N. T. 19,963.—ROLLING TAPEB BABS OF IBON.—Dated April 13, 1858 ; reissue 3,300.—Charles Parker, Meriden, Conn., assignee, by mesne assignments, of John A. Bailey. 9,6ll.—BOOK FOB PHOTOGBAPHS ANDOTHEB PICTTJBES.—Dated March 8,1853 ; extended seven years ; reissue 3 291.—Eliza Mascher, Philadelphia, Pa., administratrix of the estate of John F. Mascher, deceased. 43,202.—IBON BBIDGE.—Dated June 21, 1864 ; reissue 2,701, dated July SO, 1867 ; reissue 3,292.—David Hammond and W. E. Beeves, Canton, Ohio. 73,806.—SKATING RINK.—Dated January 28, 1868; reissue 3 293—I. H. A. Hervey, Cleveland, Ohio. 44,382.—NAIL FOR LEATHEB WOBK.—Dated September 27, 1864 ; reissue 3,294.—Gordon McKay, Boston, Mass., trustee of the McKay Sawing Machine Company, assigneeof Stephen W.Baldwin. 64,175.—SPBING BED BOTTOM.—Dated April 23,1867; reissue 3,395.—Dexter P. Webster and Herman W. Ladd, Boston, Mass. 69 738.—CONCBETE PAVEMENT.—Dated October 8,1867 ; antedated July 20,1867 ; reissue 3,296.—Eussell Fiste, New York city. 79,654.—VELOCIPEDE.—Dated July 7, 1868 ; reissue 3,297.— William Hanlon and Edward Hanlon, New York Gity, assignees of George, William, Alfred, Edward, and Frederick Hanlon, DESIGNS 3,357 and 3,358.—TOP OB BOTTOM OF A SHEET-METAL CAN.— Charles Pratt, New York city. Two Paten.ts. 3,359.—TOP OF A SHEET-METAL CAN.—Charles Pratt, New York city. 3,360.—CABPET PATTERN.—James Allinson (assignor to John Bromley James Bromley, Thomas Bromley, George D.Bromley, and John H. Bromley), Philadelphi a. Pa. 3,391.—TRADE MARK.— Taylor Blow, St Louis, Mo. 3,362.—BUSTLE.—Spencer H. Brown and Charles H. Willets, New York Gity. 3,363.—CANCELING AND EMBOSSING STAMP.—Eobt. B. Cars-ley, Boston, Mass. 3,3*)4.—GBOUP OF STATUABY.—John Rogers, New York city. 3,35.—COBNEB OF SHEET METAL CAN. — Conrad Seimel, Greenpoint, assignor to Charles Pratt, New York city. 3.366.—TRADE MABK.—Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Louisville, Ky. EXTENSIONS MACHINES FOR MAKING WEAVEBS' HABNESS.—Joseph S. Wiusor, Providence, B. I.—Letters Patent No. 12,175, dated Jan.2,1855. MACHINE FOR CUTTING BOOT AND SHOE SOLES.—Jesse W. Hatch and Henry Churchill. Rochester, JT. r .-Letters Patent No. 12,188, dated January 2.1855 ; reissue No. 2,321, dated July 24, 1866. MACHINE FOR BLOWING BLASTS, ETC.—P. W. Mackenzie, Orangeville, N. Y.—Letters Patent No. 12,165, dated January 2,18 5. GBAIN HABVESTERB.—Fanny Holmes, Whitehall, N. T. executrix of John E. Newcomb, deceased.—Letters Patent No. 12,215, dated Januarv 9,18.55. OPBBATING SLIDE VALVES IN DIBBCT-ACTION ENGINES.— George W. Hubbard and William E. Conart, New York city.—Letters Patent No. M.203, dated January 9,1855; reissue No. 2.859, dated September 18,1366. BUILDING BLOCK.—Ambrose Foster, Lauraville, Md.—Letters Patent No. 12,264, dated January 16,1855. CORN PLANTER.—Jarvis Case, Lafayette, Ind.—Letters Patent No, 12.231, dated January 16,1855 ; reissue No. 623, dated November 16, I 185S ; again reissued, No. 2.227, dated April 17,1866. SEWING MACHINE.—Jotham S. Conant, Hackensack, N. J.— Letters Patent No. 12,233, dated January 16,1855 ; reissue No. 3,214, dated November 24, li',03. HAY-MAKING MACHINE.—Geqrge A. Brown, Middletown, R. I. -Letters Patent No. 12.S69, dated January 23,1855. ROLLING IBON SHUTTERS.—Charles Mettam, New York city. Letters Patent No. 12,281, dated January 23, 1855.