For the Week Ending February 16, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On filing each caveat...........................................................$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................$20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer...........................................................$10 On filing application for Design (three and a half years)....................$10 On filling iipnlication for Design (seven years). .............................$15 On filling application for design (fourteen years)............................$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents oi Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. Patents and Patent Claims.—The number of patents issued weekly having become so great, with a probability of a continual increase, has decided us to publish, in future, other and more interesting matter -in place of the Claims. The Claims have occupied from three to four pages a week, and are believed to be of interest to only a comparative f ew of our readers. The publication of the names of patentees, and title of their inventions, will be continued; and, also, as heretofore, a brief description of the most important inventions. We have made such arrangements that we are not only prepared to furnish copies of Claims, but full Specifications at the annexed prices : For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at theprice above named. The full Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$125 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as toprice qfdrawings,in each case, may behad by addressing MUNN & CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Sow, New York. 86,896.—PLOW.—J. Bader, Sr., Perrysburg, Ohio. 86,897.—CHAIR FOR COUPLING RAILWAY RAILS.—H. L.Beach, Montrose.Pa. 86,898.—WASHING FLUID.—James Bell, Sonora, Cal. 86,899.—INVALID CHAIR.—A. P. Blunt, and Jacob S. Smith, Washington, D. C. 86,900.—REIN HOLDER.—A. T. Boon and L. Mills, Galesburg, 111. Antedated Jan. 1, 1869. 86,901.—SECRETARY BEDSTEAD.—E. E. Briggs and M. G. Briggs, Boston, Mass. 86,902.—HOOK FOR TACKLE BLOCKS.—Wm. Carter, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,903.—STEAM DRIIJL.—G. P. Case (assignor to himself and The Windsor Manufacturing Company), Windsor, Vt. 86,904.—HARVESTER RAKE.—H. J. Case (assignor to himself, W. H. Stevenson, and S. D. Wackman), Auburn, N. Y. 86,905.—CULTIVATOR.—M. Caywood and J. Caywood, Peoria county, 111. 86,906.—VELOCIPEDE.—J. C. Clime (assignor to himself and Wm. Audorf), Philadelphia, Pa. 86.907.—COMBINED, OVEN AND STOVEPIPE DRUM.—John W. Clough, Montville, Me. 86,908.—PERMUTATION LOCK.—S. L. Cole and Wm. G. Ayres (assignors to themselves andH. W. Colver), Brooklyn, N. Y. 86,909.—FASTENING FOR BEDSTEADS.—A. S. Dalbey, Richmond, Ind. 86,910.—HOOP SKIRT.—T. D. Day, New York city. 86,911.—FASTENING FOR SHEET METAL.—T. J. Diedrich and F. Diedrichs, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,912.—MACHINE FOR CROZING STAVES.—H. Elliott (assignor to himself and Amos A. Stevens), Boston, assignors to H. Elliott and J. Sherman, Jr., Farmington, Mass. 86,913.—BEEHIVE.—G. J. Flansburgh, Bethlehem, N. Y. 86,914.—MACHINE FOR MAKING NUTS.—G. H. Fuller, Union- ville, Conn. 86,915.—BEEHIVE.—J. C. Gaston, Cincinnati, Ohio. 86,916.—SPRING-BED BOTTOM.—J. C. Gaston, Cincinnati,Ohio. 86,917.—MATERIAL FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF PAPER.—J. J. Gillet-Damitte, H. D. Dubois, and A. Boissonneau, Paris France 86,918.—WASH BOILER.—J. Green, New York city. 86,919.—GAME COUNTER.—A. A. Grifflng, Lexington, Mass. 86,920.—BUSK FOR CORSETS.—E. Heaton, New Haven, Conn. Antedated Feb. 3,1869. 86,921.—COMPOSITION FOR WAX FLOWERS AND FRUIT.—A.A. Hinkley, Boston, Mass. 86,922.—DENTAL JAW BRACE.—George Hill Hurd, Memphis, Tenn. 86,923.—GRIDIRON.—G. B. Isham, Burlington, Vt. Antedated Jan. 20,1869. 86,924.—FARM FENCE.—W. Jasper, Columbia, Ohio. 86,925.—GRAIN SPOUT.—G. H. Johnson (assignor to himself and G. W. Tifft, Sons, and Company), Buffalo, N. Y 86,926.—ELEVATOR LEG.—G. H. Johnson (assignor to himself andG.W. Tifft, Sons, and Company), Buffalo N Y 86,927.—ELEVATOR LEG.—G. H. Johnson (assignor to himself and G. W. Tifft, Sons, and Company), Buffalo, NY 86,928.—OPERATING DISCHARGE VALVES FOR GRAIN BINS.__ B ffalJNnT (asBlgnor to nimselfand G. W. Tifft, Sons, and Company), 86,929.—BUILDING BRICK OR HOLLOW BLOCK.—G. H. Johnson and G. Milsom, Bufialo,N. Y. 86,930.—RAILROAD SWITCH.—C. W. Jones, Philadelphia Pa Antedated Feb. 1,1869. 86,931.—WINDING RACHET FOR TIME-PIECES.—W. H. Lamb San Francisco, Cal. 86,932.—BRICK ELEVATOR.—T. Mann, San Francisco Cal Antedated Feb. 1,1869. 86,933.—CURTAIN FIXTURE.—Moses S. Marshall Somerville Mass., assignor to Boston Champion Fixture Company 86,934.—HORSE HAY FORK.—N. F. Mathewson, Barrington, 86,935.—METALLIC FENCE POST.—W. A. Middleton, Harris-burgh, Pa. 86,936.—SASH LOCK.—J. W. Moffltt, Harrisburgh, Pa. 86,937.—CAR AXLE.—Henry Mooers, Toledo, Ohio. 86,938.—CLIP FOR HARNESS TRACES.—J. D. S. Newell, Ten- sas parish, assignor to himself and D. B. Penn., New Orleans, La. 86,939.—PROCESS OF EXTRACTING THE COLORING MATTFE OF MADDEK.—A, Paraf (assignor to Julius Gerson), New York city. 86,940.—BASE-BUBNING STOVE.—J. S. Perry, Albany, N. Y. 86,941.—CORN PLANTER.—G. W. Phillips and B. C. Richardson (assignors to themselves and S. H. Seaman), Oconomowoc, Wis. Ante datedFeb.ll, 1869. 86,942.—GRAIN SEPARATOR.—F. W. Robinson, Richmond, Ind. 86,943.—STOVEPIPE DAMPER.—David Sanders (assignor to H. Mallory), Milwaukee, Wis. 86,944.—PROCESS OF TREATING IRON AND STEEL.—E.Savage, West Meriden, Conn. Antedated Jan. 30,1869. 86,945.—SAW SET AND PUNCH.—H. Schauer, Allegheny City, Pa. 86,946.—SHUTTER WORKER.—C. W. Shattuck, Fitchburgh, 86,947.—DITCHING PLOW.—I. S. Sheets, Troy, Ohio. 86,948.—APPARATUS AND PROCESS OF EVAPORATING LIQUIDS. —J. J. Sherman, Albany, N. Y. 86,949.—FLUID METER.—G. Sickels, Boston, Mass. 86,950.—COMBINED SEEDING MACHINE AND CULTIVATOR.— M. D. Smith, Independence, Iowa. 86,951.—MANURE DRAG.—J. S. Spangler, D. Madlem, and H. D. Spangler, Ephrata, Pa. 86,952.—REVENUE AND POSTAGE STAMP.—C. F. Steel, New York city. 86,953.—FEEDING MECHANISM FOR CARDING MACHINE.—B. W. Tangee,. Woodville, R. I. Antedated Januarys, 1869. 86,954.—FEEDING MECHANISM FOR CAKDING MACHINES.—B. W. Tangee, Dorrville, R. I. 86,955.—ATTACHING HEELS TO BOOTS.—C. D. Ulmer, Boston, Mass. 86,956.—BORING FAUCET.—A. Weed, Boston, Mass. 86,957.—TREADLE FOR SEWING MACHINES.—Anna Weissen- born, New York city. 86,958.—BOOT AND SHOE SHAVE.—Walter Wilbur (assignor to himself and Sylvester F. Root), New Salem, Mass. 86,959.—CARRIAGE AXLE.—John F. Wilbur and True Tuttle, Pownal, Me. 86,960.—LAWN MOWER.—Maximilian S. G. Wilde, Somer- ville, assignor to himself and James H. Noble, Pittsfield, Mass. 86,961.—CASTING BUILDING BLOCKS.—John D. Wise (assignor to himself and Charles Diebold), German township, Ohio. 86,962.—COMPOUND FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF ARTIFICIAL MAKBLE.—Job Abbott, Canton, Ohio, administrator of the estate of Wilhelm Meyer, deceased. 86,963.—MANUFACTURE OF ARTIFICIAL MARBLE.—Job Abbott, Canton, Ohio, administrator of the estate of Wilhelm Meyer, deceased. 86,964.—STEAM HEATER.—Almon N.Allen, Pittsfield, Mass. 86,965.—STEAM ENGINE.—L. Andersen, Chebanse, 111. 86,966.—MOSQUITO NET FRAME.—U. W. Armstrong, Eyans- ville, Ind. 86,967.—WRENCH.—John N. Arvin, Valparaiso, Ind. 86,968.—TYPE BREAKER.—Charles Baer (assignor to himself and Philip Heinrichs), New York city. 86,969.—SPLITTING AND SKIVING MACHINE.—William Best, Abingdon, 111. 86,970.—SELF-CLOSING FAUCET FOR FILLING BARBELS.—S. C. Catlin, Cleveland, Ohio. Antedated February 8.1869. 86,971.—BREECH-LOADING FIREARM.—Isaiah B. Conklin, Baltimore, Md. 86,972.—MODE OF CONNECTING ARTIFICIAL TEETH WITH DENTAL PLATES.—Henry Crane, New York city. 86,973.—YARN GUIDE AND CLEARER.—A. C. Dakin, Clinton, and J. D. Butler, Lancaster, Mass. Antedated February 6,1869. 86,974.—STEAM ENGINE.—J. M. Davidson, Napoleon, Ark. 86,975.—WEATHER STRIP FOR WINDOWS.—Andrew Jackson Devoe.Hackensack. N. J. 86,976.—HOLLOW BOLT. — David F. Fetter, M. D., New York city. 86,977.—CONSTRUCTION OF SHEET-METAL BALUSTERS. — George Fischer, New York city. 86,978.—SPRING BUT.—Theodore Fredericks, Newark, N. J. 86,979.—DUMPING WAGON.—Thomas H. Gary, Bristol, Md. 86,980.—EXPLOSIVE COMPOUND.—Edwin Gomez, New York city. 86,981.—DEVICE FOR OPENINGS AND CLOSING DOUBLE DOORS. —George Carver Gooch and Thomas Buckland Jeirery, Chicago, 111. 86,982.—SASH HOLDER.—Wm. A. Goranflo, Allentown, Pa. 86,983.—BLANK FOR CUTLERY HANDLES.—Isaac G. Hotchkiss, Naugatuck, Conn. 86,984.—APPARATUS FOR REEFING SAILS.—Nathaniel Inger- soll, Salem, Mass. 86,985.—FLOOD GATE.—John J. Kimball, Napierville, 111. 86,986.—MEDICAL COMPOUND.—J. W. M. Kirkpatrick, Hamburg, Ark. 86,987.—LAMP SHADE.—A. D. Laws, Bridgeport, Conn. 86,988.—ROCK DRILL.—Richard C. M. Lovell, Covington, Ky. 86,989.—COMPOUND FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF VINEGAR.— Hiram C. Luce and William L. Rabe, Bloomington, 111. 86,990.—STUMP EXTRACTOR.—A. J. McCrea, Bethlehem, N. J. 86,991.—COMBINATION PICTURE CASE AND CANE.—Horatio D. McGeorge, Rochester, N. Y. 86,992.—CORN AND COTTON SEED PLANTER.—R. R. McGregor, Covington, Tenn. 86,993.—TOY SPRING AND ARROW.—W. S. McNeil (assignor to himself and Archibald McNeil), Bridgeport, Conn. 86,994.—STUMP EXTRACTOR.—Charles Metzger, George R. Roraback and George Flint, De Soto, Mo. 86,995.—PAD FOR BREAST COLLARS. — R. E. Miles, Louis ville, Ky. 86,996.—STEAM HAMMER ENGINE.—Alexander Miller, Racine, Wis., assignor to Wm. H. Thompson, Rock Island, 111. 86,997.—CASTER.—Joseph Miller, Olean, N. Y. 86,998.—ATTACHING KNOBS TO THEIR SPINDLES.—W. T. Munger, Branf ord, assignor to P. and F. Corbin, New Britain, Conn. 86,999.—CHURN.—Robert Murphy, Jasper, N. Y. 87,000.—STAMP CANCELER.—Robert T. Osgood, Orland, Me. 87,001.—POTATO ASSORTER AND SIFTER.—Lewis Perrine and Peter C. Conover, Freehold, N. J. 87,002.—RAILWAY CAR.—Benjamin P. Power and John Coyne, Baltimore, Md. 87,003.—BEEHIVE.—James P.. Praul, Pleasant Hill, 111. 87,004.—APPLE CORER AND CUTTER.—C. D. Read, Lowell, Mass. 87,005.—MACHINE FOR POLISHING AND DRESSING THREAD.— Samuel Semple, Jr., and Robert A. Semple (assignors to Samuel Semple andSons), Mount Holly, N. J. 87,006.—TOY SAVINGS BANK.—James Serrill, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated January 26,1869. 87,007.—CONCRETE PAVEMENT. — Thornton Smith, Washington, D. c. 87,008.—RECESS CUTTER FOR SETTING HINGES.—Daniel Snow, Cleveland, Ohio. 87,009.—SHOE SUPPORTER.—C. W. Soule, Abington, Mass. 87,010—PILE DRIVER.—Alfred Smith and J. W. Galbraith, 87,011.—SWAGING ROLL.—John F. Thomas, Ilion, N. Y. 87,012.—SUBMARINE TELESCOPIC LANTERN.—Henry Thompson, Mobile, Ala. 87,013.—WASHING MACHINE.—William S. Todd, Mechanics- ville.Iowa. 87,014.—GAS HEATER.—Wm. C. Trowbridge, New York city. 87,015.—FROST PROTECTOR FOR POSTS.—Samuel T. Varian, Plainfield, N. J. 87,016.—METALLIC COLUMN.—George Walters and Thomas Shalfer, Phtenixville, Pa. 87,017.—METALLIC SEAL.—Joseph Wappenstein, Cincinnati, Ohio. Antedated February 8,1869. 87,018.—CORN PLANTER.—Daniel D. Wood, Paris, 111. 87,019.—CULTIVATOR.—B. F. Young, Toulon, 111. 87,020.—MOTIVE POWER FOR SEWING AND OTHER MACHINES. —Jacob Zuckermann, San Francisco, Cal. 87,021—BUNG TAP FOR CASKS.—George W. Banker, St. Louis, Mo. 87,022.—ANIMAL TRAP.—T. J. Belford, Worthington, Ohio. 87,023.—ROTARY STEAM ENGINE.—J. Marcus Boorman, Scarborough, N. Y. 87,024.—LAMP BUHNER FOR LOCOMOTIVE HEAD LIGHTS.—D. T. Briggs, Albany, N. Y. 87,025.—FOLDING DESK AND SEAT.—Aaron Chandler, Davenport, Iowa, and Samuel F. Bstell, Richmond, Ind. 87,026.—WAGON SEAT.—Isaac H. Chappell, Decatur, 111. 87,027.—CHURN.—Moses Clifton, Peoria, 111. 87,028.—CORN PLANTER.—Gilbert T. Cooley, Wooster, Ohio. 87,029.—APPARATUS FOR REDISTILLING WHISKY AND OTHER SPISITS.—H. G. Dayton, Maysville, Ky. 87,030.—CLAMP FOR SHEET PILING.—Spencer B. Driggs, New Brunswick, N. J. 87,031.—COMPOSITION FOR PAVEMENTS, ROOFING, ETC.—Edward Duempelman and J. E. Dotch, Washington, D. C. 87,032.—CONSTRUCTION OF TABLE CUTLERY.—A. E. Elmer, (assignors to the Windsor Manufacturing Co.), Windsor Vt. 87,033.—VELOCIPEDE.—Samuel F. Estell, Richmond, Ind. 87,034.—STEAM-ENGINE GOVERNOR.—Joseph Farcot, St. Ouen, (Seine), France. 87,035.—HAY KNIFE AND PRUNER COMBINED.—Daniel Fasig, -Rowsburg, Ohio. 87,036.—COMPOUND FOR REMOVING MILDEW FROM LINEN ETC.—Mary Faurot, Scranton. Pa. 87,037.—PLANT SETTING DEVICE.—John C. Fuller, Phcenix, 87,038.— MAGAZINE FIREARM. — William Gardner. Toledo Ohio. Patented in France, Aug. 5,1868. 87,039.—SELF-LIGHTING ATTACHMENT FOH GAS-BURNERS— Samuel Gardiner, Jr., New York city 87,040.—GATE.—S. A. Gould, Aberdeen, Ind. 87,041.—PROCESS OF COOLING THE ATMOSPHERE IN ROOMS AND OTHEK ENCLOSURES.—Edwin H. Grant, Washington, D. C. 87,042.—PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING SODA AND ALUMINA. —G. A. Hagemann, Natrona, Pa. 87,043.—MACHINE FOR MOLDING CLAY.—Samuel Hambleton, and G. P. Herthel, Jr., St. Louis, Mo. 87,044.—FRICTION CALENDER FOR PAPER AND OTHER FAB- Kics.—Wm. W. Harding and Wm. H. Soley, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,045.—HAY RAKER AND LOADER.—George F. Holmes, Cort- land, N. Y. 87,046.—MACHINE FOR MAKING NUTS.—William Horsfall Sing Sing, N. Y. 87,047.—THLLL COUPLING.—Manley Howe, Boston, Mass. 87,048.—HARVESTER.—Louis H. Johnson, Rochester, Minn. 87,049.—CHEESE CUTTER.—Geo. C. Jones and Perez B. Jones, Alna, Me. 87,050.—ROOFING COMPOSITION.—Lewis B. Joy (assignor to himself andB. S. Brown). Buffalo, N. Y. 87,051.—HORSE HAY FORK.—J. G. Kimberlin, West Dryden, N.r. J 87,052.—GRAIN DRILL.—Benj. Kuhns, Dayton, Ohio. 87,053.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING AND CHANNELING STONE. —E. G. Lanison, Windsor, Vt. 87,054.—CASTER AND CAKE BASKET.—J. W. Larimore, Chicago, in. 87,055.—VEHICLE.—J. M. Lunsford, Fortville, Ind. 87,056.—GRAIN BINDER.—Wm. De C. May, Baltimore, Md. 87,057.—THREAD CUTTER AND SPOOL COMBINED.—Wm. C. Mclntire, Washington, D. C. 87,058.—BREECH-LOADING FIREARM—L. A. Merriam, New York city. 87,059.—BAG HOLDER.—Peter Meyers, Stoutsville, Ohio. 87,060.—HORSE HOE.—Wm. Muir, Wauconda, 111. 87,061.—ROCK DRILLING MACHINE.—Robert Nutty, New York city. 87,062.—PEGGING AWL.—G. B. Paine, Montpelier, Vt. 87,063.—SEAMLESS SHOE.—Chas. VV. Palmer, Lynn, Mass. 87,064.—THERMOMETER CHURN.—J. R. Pilkay, Carlisle, Pa. 87,065.—GATE LATCH.—Wesley Redhead, Des Moines, Iowa. 87,066.—HAY SPREADER.—E. D. Reynolds and 0. B. Reynolds, North Bridgewater, Mass. 87,067.—NAIL CUTTING MACHINE.—M. J. Rice, Birmingham, England, assignor to Dennis M. Fitch, New York city. 87,068.—CAR BRAKE AND STARTER.—Isaiah Rider, Indianapolis, Ind. 87,069.—AXLE-BOX LUBRICATOR.—Cornelius M. Ried, Greens-boroush, Ala. 87,070.—TOOTH BRUSH.—Christopher Roberts, Newark, N. J. 87,071.—CORN HARVESTER.—Jas. A. C. Rose, Carrollton, 111. 87,072.—CLASP FOR THE HAIR.—Chas Rowland, Washington, D.C. e 87,073.—STEAM ENGINE.—W. G. Savage, Knoxville, Iowa. 87,074.—DRILL TEETH SETTING.—P. I. Schmitt and Peter Schmitt, Waterloo, assignors to Siegel, Schmitt, and Company, Carlin-ville, 111. 87,075.—PROCESS OF REPAIRING CRUCIBLES.—Wm. F. Sherman, Bucksport, Me. 87,076.—ROTARY STEAM ENGINE.—Levi Sumner and James Youmans, Davenport, Iowa. 87,077.—ELEVATED RAILWAY.—W. A. Sutton, New York-city, and Eugene Crowell, San Francisco, Cal. 87,078.—HARNESS PAD.—H. C. Swift, Fond du Lac, assignor to himself and Geo. W. Graves, Oshkosh, and said Swift assignor to Geo Cameron, Oshkosh, Wis. 87,079.—LUBRICATOR.—Hugh Thomas, New York city 87,080.—CULTIVATOR.—J. B. Tipton, Peoria, 111. 87,08]. —BELT CLASP.—C. Towns, Cleveland, Ohio. 87,082.—FOLDING CARD GLOBE.—Dennis Townsend, Fiddle-town, Cal. 87,083.—ELEVATOR.—Otis Tufts, Jr., Boston, Mass. 87,084.—MACHINE FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF ICE.—P. H. Vander Weyde, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa. 87,085.—VENTILATING STOVE.—J. S. White, Prescott, Wis. 87,086.—RAILWAY CAR TRUCK.—T. L. Wilson, Darlington, England, assignor to G. Merrill and J. W. Hobart, St. Albans, Vt. 87,087.—MACHINE FOR COATING CLOTH WITH INDIA-RUBBER AND OTHER SUBSTANCES.—G. S. Dwight, New York city. REISSUES. 73,309.—FIRE-PROOF SAFE.—Dated January 14, 1868; reissue 3,298.—E. D. Draper, Hopedale, and E. W. Glover, Medf ord, Mass. 83,070.—PACKING CAN.—Dated October 13,1868; reissue, 3,299. —N. P. Lindergreen, Boston, Mass. 54,382.—SOLUTION FOR PREVENTING COMBUSTION.—Dated May 1,1866; reissue 3,300.—J. McGill, Boston, Mass. 82,744.—RAILWAY RAIL JOINT.—Dated October 6,1868; reissue 3,301.—E. G. Paterson, Pithole City, Pa. 75,206.—RAIL FOR RAILWAYS.—Dated March 3, 1868; reissue 3,302.—P. Pettebone, Wyoming and J. E. Patterson and A. W. Brown, Wilkesbarre, assignees of E. R. Shepard, Scranton, Pa. 16,318.—HORSE RAKE.—Dated December 23, 1856; reissue 3,303.—A. R. Reese, Phillipsburg, N. J.. assignee of J. J. Squire. 39,235.—ROCK DRILL.—Dated July 14, 1863; reissue 3,304.— A. J. Severance, Middlebury, Vt., assignee by mesne assignments, of R. Leschot. 80,516.—FEED-WATER HEATER FOR BOILERS.—Dated July 28,1868; reissue 3,305.—S. Stucky, Now Albany, Ind. DESIGNS. 3,367.—CENTER PIECE.—H. Berger, New York city. 3,368.—CARPET PATTERN.—Robert R. Campbell (assignor to Lowell Manufacturing Company), Lowell, Mass. 3,369.—TRADE MARK.—G. F. Gantz (assignor to G. F. Gantz and Company), New York city. 3,370.—TRADE MAPK.—H. H. Glidden and Elon P. House, Springfield, 111. 3,371.—PRINTERS TYPES.—J. Herriet (assignor to David W Bruce), New York city. 3,372.—LAMP CHIMNEY.—T. Houghton, Philadelphia, Pa. 3,373.—LATCH.—W. L. Humason,.New Britain, Conn. 3,374.—TRADE MARK.—W. C. Hutchings, Hartford, Conn. 3,375.—ICE PITCHER.—N. Lawrence (assignor to Reed and Barton), Taunton, Mass. 3,376.—SHEET-METAL CAN.—C. Pratt, New York city. 3,377.—PUMP.—H. H. Babcock, Watertown, N. Y. 3,378 and 3,379.—FLOOR OIL CLOTH PATTERN.—H. Christie, Morrisania, N. Y., assignor to W. M. Brasher and Company Two 3,380.—LAMP CHIMNEY.—G. W. Fry, Pittsburgh, Pa. 3,381.—SATCHEL LOCK.—D. Neumann, New York city. 3,382.—FLOOR OIL CLOTH PATTERN.—James Paterson, Elizabeth, N. J,—assignor to W. M. Brasher and Cmpany, Brooklyn N. Y.