For the Week Ending March 2, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat..................................................................$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$21) On appeal to Comm issioner of Patents........................................f 20 On application for Reissue.....................................................&3f> On application for Extension of Patent......................................B50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................$10 . On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 ! On an application for design(fourteen years)................................S0 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. Patents and Patent Claims.--- The number oj patents issued weekly having become so great, with a probability of a continual increase, has decided us to publish, in future, other and more interesting matter in place of the Claims. The Claims have occupied from three to four pages a week, and are believed to be of interest to only a comparative few of our readers. The publication of the names of patentees, and title of their inventions, will be continued; and, also, as heretofore, a brief description of the most important inventions. We have made such arrangements that we are not only prepared to furnish copies of Claims,.but full Specifications at the annexed prices: For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$Jt upward, but usually at the price above named. ] ThefvAl Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1S66, at which time the I Patent Qfflce commenced printing them.............................. $1*35 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we tan supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing MUNN & CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Row, New York 87,317.—MACHINE FOR BETING AND FINISHING TUBULAR KNITTED FABEICS.—Nelson P. Akin.Philmont, N. Y. 87,318.—METHOD OF SECURING COVERS TO GLASS PITCHERS. Charles Ballinger (assignor to McKee and Brothers), Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,319.—USE OF NITROUS OXIDE AS AN ANESTHETIC AGENT. W. P. Barker, Grand Rapids, Mich. Antedated Feb. 20.1869. 87,320.—MEDICATED CIGAR.—Joseph Barrett, Chicago, 111. 87,821.—SPRINKLER FOR WATERING POTS.—James Barrows, Hyde Park, Mass. I 87,322.—APPLE PARER.—A. G. Batclielder, Lowell, Mass. 87,323. — BUTTER ' TUB. — George S. Batchcller, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 87,324.—APPARATUS FOR DESTROYING INSECTS ON TREES.— I Constant Baudoin and Alphonse Ftelcy, New York city. 87,325.—PROCESS OF TANNING.—J. F. Bechmann, Abbot's Corners, N. Y. 87,326.—CONCRETE-BRICK MACHINE.—Bolivar Bisbee, Ames, Iowa. 87,327.—FURNACE FOR ROASTING ORES.—S. W. Bullock, Elizabeth, N. J., assignor to Hamilton E. Towle, New York city. Antedated Feb. 12,1869. 87,328.—BALK-BAND SHEARS.—A. H. Daniels, Manchester,N.H18987,329.—SLIDING-DOOR SHEAVE. — Mark L. Deering, New York city. 87,330.—MACHINE FOR WHIPPING CLOTH.—Eben Eaton, Nor- walk, Conn. 87,331.—SEWING MACHINE FOR SEWING SHOES.—G. W. El- dridge, Cambridgeport, Mass. 87,332.—MACHINE FOR PACKING COILED SPRINGS.—J. W. Evans, New York city. 87,333.—BOOT CRIMP.—Benjamin C. Finfrock, Stephenson's Depot, Va. 87,334.—FUR BOX.—Maurice Fitzgibbons, New York city. 87,335.—SEAT FOR STREET CARS.—Charles H. Foster, San Francisco, Cal. 87,33li.—FENCE.—Eugene L. Fraker, Oshkosh, Wis. 87,337.—MECHANISM FOR OPERATING THE SHUTTLE BOXES IN LOOMS.—Robert Burns Goodyear, Elkton, Md., assignor to Barton H. Jenks, Bridesburg, Pa. 87,338.—SEWING MACHINE FOR WORKING BUTTONHOLES.—J. A. House and H. A. House, Bridgeport, Conn., assignors to the Wheeler & "Wilson Manufacturing Co., New York city. 87,339.—PRINTERS' FURNITURE. — Thomas J. House, Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,340.—PROCESS OF WORKING SILVER ORES.—Henry Janin, Virginia City, Nevada. 87,341.—LOOM.—Barton H. Jenks, Bridesburg, Pa. 87,342.—CARDING ENGINE.—Barton H. Jenks, Bridesburg, Pa. 87,343.—MEDICAL COMPOUND.—Alexander Johnson, Brock-port, N. Y. 87,844.—TOT BOW.—F. W. Judd, New Britain, Conn. 87,345.—HORSE RAKE.—Edmund E. Lauer and Henry W. Eisenhart, York, Pa. 87,346.—PREPARED COFFEE.—Benj. B. Lewis, Bristol, Conn. 87,347.—HORSE HOE.—Calvin Lobdell, Fort Hill, 111. 87,348.—REFRIGERATING CAK.—A. L. McCrea, Chicago, 111. 87,349.—HOISTING GRAPPLE.—Thomas McGrath, Albany,N.Y. 87,350.—COMPOSITION FOR PRINTING DESIGNS ON BOOTS AND SHOES.—David McKellar, Lowell, Mass. 87,351.—RAILWAY SWITCH.—John McLaughlin and Benj. F. Dean, Columbia, Pa. 87,352.—METALLIC CARTRIDGE. — Joe V. Meigs, Washington, D. c. 87,353.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—George R. Metten, Cleveland, Ohio. 87,354.—MANNER OF FORMING AND PRESSING BRICKS.—Joseph Miller, Olean, N. Y. 87,355.—VELOCIPEDE.—Frederick Myers, New York city. 87,356.—HILLING PLOW.—George Xotman, Deerfield, Ohio. 87,357.—DITCHING MACHINE.—Abram B. Overbaugh (assignor to Oliver Reeves), Newark, N. J. 87,358.—CARRIAGE JACK.—Calvin H. Paine (assignor to himself and W. E. Barratt & Co.), Providence, E.I. 87,359.—MANUFACTURE OF PASTEBOARD. — H. L. Palmer, Stillwater, N. Y. 87,360.—CENTRIFUGAL OHE SEPARATOR.—S. T. Pearce, New York city. 87,361.—MACHINE FOR SEPARATING ORES AND OTHER GRANULAR SUBSTANCES.—S. T. Pearce, New York city. Antedated February 18, 1809. 87,362.—PLOW STOCK.—Lawson G. Peel, Preston, Ga. 87,363.—HORSE RAKE.—John Perry (assignor to himself and and Benjamin C. Baker), Vernon, Ind. 87,364.—FENCE.—Tlios. E. Phillips, Coatesville, Ind. 87,365.—MANUFACTURE OF ACETIC ACID.—Anthony Pirz and Manuel Pirz, East New York, N. Y. 87,366.—CAR COUPLING.—Theodore R. Power, Arsenal Post Office, Pa. 87,307.—LAMP.—Daniel C. Ripley, Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,368.—GARDEN HOE.—A. M. Ross, Ilion, N. Y. 87,369.—CONSTRUCTION OF SHEARS.—Joseph Ryals, Terrys- ville, Conn. 87,370.—TRUSS.—William Schnebly, Hackensack, N. J. 87,371.—WAR AND SIGNAL ROCKET— Taliaferro P. Shaffner, 87,372.—BLASTING IN OIL WELLS, ETC.—Taliaferro P. Shaffner, LouiBville, Ky. 87,373—CULTIVATOR.—D. Slaughter, West Hempfield town- ship,Pa. 87,374.—FLYER FOR SPINNING MACHINE.—Aaron W. Smith, Manchester, N. H. 87,375.—PROPELLING APPARATUS.—C. T. Smith, Xyack, N.Y. 87,376.—CORN PLANTER, GRAIN DRILL, AND HARROW COMBINED.—H. Smith, Kirksville, Mo. 87,377.—SPINNING MACHINE.—John Speight, Bradford, England. 87,378.—CRADLE CHAIR.—Marietta Studley, South Yarmouth, Mass. 87,379.—SWEAT SHIELD FOR SADDLE PADS.—R. C. Sturges, Boston, Mass., assignor to " American Saddle Company." 87,380.—BEDSTEAD FASTENING.—George Sugg and William Metz, Chicago, 111. 87,381.—FILE FOR GAGING THE TEETH OF CROSS-CUT SAWS. —W. G. Tuttle, Geneva, N. Y. 87,382.—APPLICATION OF GRAHAMITE IN THE MANUFACTURE OF GUNPOWDER AND LAMPBLACK.—P. H. Yander Weyde, New York city. Antedated Feb. 13,1869. 87,383.—HAY SPREADER.—M. N. Ward (assignor to himself, B. S. Grant, and T. Hersey), Bangor, Me. 87,384.—HORSESHOE.—Wm. R. Watson, Stockton, Cal. 87,385.—METALLIC SCREEN FOR PAPER PULP.—A. S. Winchester (assignor to himself and Jas. S. Parsons), Boston, Mass. 87,386.—SCHOOL DESK AND SEAT.—W. S. Wooton (assignor to himself and J. F. Piehl), Richmond, Ind. 87,387.—VALVES OF STEAM GUNS FOR SEPARATING AND DISINTEGRATING FIBERS.—H. Allen, New York city, assignor to the American Fiber Company. 87,388.—HULLING MACHINE.—A. Angell, Newburgh, N. Y. 87,389.—SCAFFOLD.—F. App (assignor to himself J. S. Burk- hart), Solin's Grove, Pa. 87,390.—ADMISSION OF STEAM TO BAKING'OVENS.—John Y. Bfitts, Coventry, England, assignor to F. "VV. Betts, New York city. Patented in England, April 20,1865. 87,391.—PREPARATION OF SOLDER.—C. D, Blinn, Port Huron, assignor to George Cary, Detroit, Mich. 87,392.—HAY SPREADER.—Nathan Brand, Ilion, N. Y. 87,393.—MEDICAL CoMPOUND.John Carnrick (assignor to Reed, Carnrick, and Andrus), New York city. 87,394.—ATTACHMENT TO REED ORGANS.—R. W. Carpenter, Chicago,111. 87,395.—MODE OF OPERATING TREMOLOS IN ORGANS.—R. W. Carpenter, Chicago, 111. 87,396.—HINGE.—L. R. Chapman, Grand Rapids, Mich., assignor to himself, George H. Traxsbury, and Elbert Ward. Antedated February, 26,1869. 87,397.—CATTLE FOOD.—J. Christie, Atlanta, 111., and Henry G. Dayton, Maysville, Ky. 87,398.—PLOW TRUCK.—J. Clees, Darbyville, Ohio. 87,399.—CAR JUMPER.—C. C. Dow (assignor to himself and L. Hylton), Philadelphia, Pa. 87,400.—CULTIVATOR.—D. S. Early, Hummelston, Pa. 87,401.—CULTIVATOR.—Benj. M. Ely. Perry, Mo., assignor to himself, L. T. Tulley, and W. A. and L. P. Munger. 87,402.—HAMES FASTENING.—W. Fawcett (assignor to Eaw- cett Brothers and R. Campbell), New York city. 87,403.—SPRING BED BOTTOM.—J. A. Fegan, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,404.—MACHINE FOR BENDING WOOD.—R. Fitts, Jr. (assignor to W. Haywood Chair Company), Fitchburg, Mass. 87,405.—MATCH SAFE.—J. E. Folk, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,406.—SPARK ARRESTER.—E. H. Garrigues, St. Louis, Mo. 87,407.—MANUFACTURE OP PASTEBOARD.—William E. Hale, Chicago, 111. Antedated Oct. 6,1868. 87,408.—WATER ELEVATOR.—W. G. Hamilton, Milton, Wis. 87,409.—CLOTH GUIDE FOR SEWING MACHINE FOR WORKING BUTTONHOLES.—A. Harroun, Jr., Onondaga, N. Y. 87,410.—ROULETTE APPARATUS.—G. Hauschild, St. Louis,Mo. 87,411.—LOUNGE.—F. Hayek, New York city. 87,412.—SMITHS' BELLOWS.—J. P. Hemmingsen, Marshall-town, Iowa. 87,413.—WATER SUPPLY REGULATOR FOR WATER WORKS. —B. Holly, Lockport, N. Y. 87,414.—HAND-SEED PLANTER.—John Jeff coat, Onawa, Iowa. 87,415.—UNCUT CAPS FOR CANS.—J. I. Livingston, Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,41 C.—BKICK MACHINE.—R. Lock wood and C. C. Schmitt, New York city. 87,417.—FAN ATTACHMENT FOH TABLES.—J. E. Mansker, Clinton, La. 87,418.—SASH FASTENER.—M. R. Margerum, Trenton, N. J. 87,419.—OSCILLATING ENGINE.—H. B. Martin, San Francisco, 1 Cal. 87,420.—PLOW.—E. G. Matthews, Newton, Mass. 87,421.—PLOW CLEVIS.—E. G. Matthews, Newton, Mass. 87,422.—STENCH TRAP AND OVERFLOW FOR BASINS.—John j McCloskey, New York city. j 87,423.—LUBRICATOR.—W. McCully, Paterson, N. J. 87,424.—MODE OF FASTENING TRUSSES.—R. McGee, Martins- ! ville, Ind. 87,425.—THATCHING FOR STACKS OF HAY AND GRAIN.—R. ! McLarn, Shirland, Pa. 87,426.—SEEDING MACHINE.—George Paddington, Spring- ville, Iowa. 87,427.—TREMOLO FOR WIND INSTRUMENTS.—Robt. W. Pain (assignor to Brainard and Wing), New York city. 87,428.—LAMP SHADE.—J. F Phelps, Ha-rana, N. Y. 87,429.—FIFTH-WHEEL FOR CARRIAGES.—Henry Poth, Pittsburgh, assignor to himself and G. A.Klages, Birmingham, Pa. 87,430.—CARRIAGE FOR SAWING SADDLE TREE STUFF.— JamesH.Preston, Jefferson City,Mo. 87,431.—CENTRING DEVICE.—N. L. Revere, Worcester, Mass. i 87,432.—PROCESS OF PREPARING BAMBOO FIBER.—Louis S. Bobbins, New York city, and John A. Southmayd. Elizabeth, N. J. 87,433.—MANUFACTURE OF FLOCK FROM BAMBOO OR CANE FIBER.—Louis S. Robbing, New York Gity, and John A. Southmayd, Elfiabeth, N. J. 87,434.—MANUFACTURE OF OAKUM.—Louis S. Robbins, New York city, and John A. Southmayd, Elizabeth, N. J. 87,435.—HYDRAULIC LIFTING JACK. — Joseph Ryan, St. Louis Mo. 87,436.—PRUNING SHEARS.—D. B. Seeley, Portland, 111. 87,437.—TANNERS' TABLE. — Franklin C. Sexton, Shelby- ville.Ind. I 87,438.—DOOR OR FRAME OF PUDDLING FURNACES.—Peter E. I Shear (assiznor to himself and William Mulligan), Saugerties, N. Y. 87,439.—FIRE ALARM TELEGRAPH.—W. R. Smiley, New j Lisbon. Ohio. 87,440.—SHOE KNIFE.—George W. Spencer, South Grove- land, Mass. 87,441.—SMUT MACHINE.—Wm. P. Springer, Oswego, N. Y. 87,442.—PROCESS OF CLEANING METALLIC ARTICLES FOR PLATIXG AND GILDING.—George J. Sturdy and Solomon W. Young, Providence, R. 1. 87,443.—PAPER FILE.—Michael Sullivan and John Reedy,! 87,444.—SMOKING PIPE AND CIGAR HOLDER.—August Tappe, Johnstown, N. Y. 87,445.—RAILWAY CAR WHEEL.—Theodore R. Timby, Saratoga, N.Y. 87,448.—CASE FOK PRESERVING BUTTER, CHEESE, AND OTHER j AUTICLKS.—Theodore K. Timby, Saratoga, N. Y. 87,447.—BARREL FOR COOLING FLUIDS.—G-ustave Verplaetse, New York city. i 87,448.—STEAM ENGINE VALVE GEARING.—Henry B. Verry, Now York city, assignor to himself, G. Koonz, New York city, andD. G. : Whitman, North Kingston, R. I. 87,449.—BOAT-DETACHING APPARATUS.— Edgar Wakeman, Brooklyn, Cal. 87,450.—HORSE POWER.—Seth Wheeler, Albany, N. Y. : 87,451.—SHOE FASTENING.—L. F. Whitman and O. P. Whitman, Macomb, 111. 87,452.—APPARATUS FOR LOADING ICE.—Peter F. Whitney, > Saugerties, N. Y. 87,453.—MINING MACHINE. — David Williamson, Elizabeth, Pa. 87,454.—SAFETY CATTLE TIE.—Charles P. Winslow, West- borougn.Mass. 87,455.—BURNING KILN FOR BRICKS, TILES, ETC.—Henry Aiken, Pittsburgh, and Henry McAllister, Jr., and Henry G. Morris, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,456.—ROTARY BLOWING FAN FOR FURNACES, GAS WORKS, j ETC.—Henry Aland, London, England, assignor to Samuel ano George 87,457.—CLOTHES MANGLE.—Daniel Arndt, Toledo, Ohio. 87,458.—SPRING LINK FOR PLOW CLEVIS.—John Ball, Can- toH. Ohio.; 87,459.—STOVE PIPE.—J. W. Bates, St. Paul, Minn. 87,460.—LOCK NT:T ATTACHMENT TOR RAILROAD CHAIRS.— G.W. R. Bayley, Algiers, La.; 87,461.—VIOLIN BRIDGE.—Samuel Boden, Louisville, Ky. 87,462.—LOCOMOTIVE ALARM BELL..—Benjamin Briscoe, De-.' troit.Mich. 87,463.—INVALID BED AND BEDSTEAD.—Smith S. Brown, i "Woonsocket, R. L 87,464.—PUNCH, SHEAIIS, AND IRON SHRINKER COMBINED.— DenniB C. Burdick, Milton, Wis. 87,465.—LIFTING APPARATUS.—D. P. Butler, Boston, Mass. 87,466.—MANUFACTURE OF ILLUMINATING GAS.—Car Carpenter, Buffalo, N. Y. 87,467.—MANUFACTURE OF INDIA-RUBBER TRUNKS, VALISES, ! BOXES, ETC.—John H. Cheever, New York city. i 87,468.—STEAM ENGINE MECHANISM.—Mirtillow R. Clapp, New York city, assignor to himself and Edward D. Jones, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,469.—SHUTTER FASTENER.—Edwin S. Collamer, Georgetown, D. c. 87,470.—POST HOLE AUGER.—S.W. Corbin, Bainbridge, N.Y. 87,471.—THREE-HOBSE EQUALIZER.—Joseph E. Coveney, Bu-' chanan. Mich. 87,472.—RAILROAD CAR HEATER. — Archibald C. Crary, Utica, N. Y. 87,473.—NAILING OR PEGGING MACHINE.—J. B. Crosby, Bos- ton, Mass. 87,474.—MACHINE FOR MAKING SPIKES.—Ferdinand Davison, Liberty, Va. 87,475.—ENAMELING IRON AND STEEL.—Jules George Drey-; fus. New York city. 87,476.—APPARATUS FOR BURNING GASES FOR METALLURGIC AND OTHER PURPOSES.—Cyprien Marie Tessie du Motay, Paris, France, assignor to Edward Stern, New York city. 87,477.—PREPARING ZIRCONIA FOR USE IN PRODUCINGLIGHT, AND POR OTHER PURPOSES.—Cyprien Marie Tessie du Motay, Paris, I ranee, assignor to Edward Stern, New York city. 87,478.—PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING COM- EUSTIBLE GASES.—Cyrien Marie Tessie' du Motay, Paris, France, assignor to Edward Stern, New York city. 87,479.—MANUFACTURE OF IRON AND STEEL.—Cyprien Marie Tessie'du Motay, Paris, France, assignor to Edward Stern, New York city. 87,480.—LAMP BURNER,—R. N. Eagle, Washington, D. C. 87,481.—LEATHER-CUTTING MACHINE.—Hemon Eichler, New Lisbon, Wis. 87,482.—APPARATUS FOR RENDERING LARD, TALLOW, ETC.— Charles J. Everett, New York city. 87,483.—STONE DRESSING MACHING.—A. M. George (assignor to himself and B. F. George), Nashua, N. H. j 87,484.—PLOW POINT.—Edward C. Gero and James N. Cooley, Kalamazoo, Mich. 87,485.— MANUFACTURE OP LUBRICATING OILS FROM PETROLEUM.— Samuel Gibbons, Freedom, Pa., assignor to Excelsior Oil Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania. 87,486.—STREET-CAR DRAW BAR.—John C. Gove, Cleveland, I Ohio. 87,487.—PROCESS OF PURGING AND DRAINING SUGAR.—W. H. Guild, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 87,488.—HARVESTER.—J. C. Hall, Monroe, Wis. Antedated February 20,1869. 87,489.—BED BOTTOM.—J. J. Harris, Pewamo, Mich. 87,490.—SEED SOWER.—Alexander Hathaway, Independence, j Iowa. " 87,491.—ICE TONGS.—Randolph Hayden (assignor to Ferree j, and Hayden), Middletown, Conn. j' 87..49S.—CULTIVATOR.—G. J. Hayes, Ionia, Mich. ! 87,493.—MACHINE FOR BUNDLING CIGARS.—F. A. Henckell, New York city. 87,494.—DEVICE FOR SOLDERING TIN CANS.—W. H. Henderson, Franklin, Incl. Antedated Feb. 20,1869. 87,495.—MACHINE FOR BRUSHING AND NAPPING HATS.—Jos. W. Hopkins (assignorto himself and Chas. B Hardick), Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,496.—CAR WHEEL.—R. B. Hugunin, Cleveland, Ohio. 87,497.—DEVICE FOR CHECKING HORSES.—Theodore Itzstein, New York city. 87,498.—PROJECTILE.—R. H. Jones, San Francisco, Cal. Antedated Feb. 21, 1S69. 87,499.—FLY-NET FOR HORSES.—S. B. Kline, Mechanicsburg, Pa. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,500.—BUCKLE FOR GRAIN-BANDS, BAG-TIES, ETC.—Le Grand Kniffen, Rochester, Pa. j 87,50>.—THILL COUPLING.—E. Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,502.—WASH BOILER.—Alex. Lee, Scranton, Pa,. 87,503.—FLAT-IRON SCRAPER, POLISHER, AND STAND.—Wm. B. Mason, Boston, Mass. 87,504.—HORSE RAKE.—G. M. L. McMillen, Dayton, Ohio. 87,505.—COTTON PRESS.—J. J. Morrison, Atlanta, assignor to : himself and V. A. Gaskell, Fulton, Ga. ; 87,506.—GLASS MOLD.—Thos. G. Otterson (assignor to S. B. j Rowley), Philadelphia, Pa. 87,507.—APPARATUS FOR HARDENING STEEL.—D O Paio-e Detroit, Mich. " ] 87,508.—KNITTING MACHINE.—Robert Peberdy (assio-nor to Jas. Creis;hton),Philadelphia, Pa. 87,509.—PIANOFORTE,—D. T. Peck, New York city. 87,510.—REVERSIBLE KNOB LATCH.—Frank P. Pfleghar, New Haven. Conn. 87,511.—LAMP EXTINGUISHER.—John Pons (assio-nor to himself, J. S. Russel, and Henry Yogler), Baltimore, lid. 87,512.—MACHINE FOR ROLLING METALS.—George Revnolds. Collinsvillc, Conn. 87,513.—WATEP. METER.—Ira Robbins, Hughesville, Pa 87,514.—LOCK FOR DRAWERS, ETC.—Ira Robbins Hu'ghes- ville, Pa. 87,515.—SCREW FASTENING FOR THE COVFJIS OF FRUIT JARS —S.B.Rowley,Philadelphia, Pa. 87,018.—LIQUID METER.—Thomas A. Searle, Providence R I. 87,517.—WOODEN RAILWAY.—J. Y. Smith, Pittsburgh, Pa.' 87,518.—KEY FOK LOCKS.—F. W. Smith, Jr., Bridgeport, Ct. 87,519.—FURNACE STOVK AND REGISTER.—Earl Spauldino-. Ionia, Mich. r ' 87,090.—ROCKING CHAIR.—Geo. H. Spaulding, Rockford 111 87,521.—MILK COOLER.—E. P. Spencer, Scott, N. Y. : 87,522.—GAS-COCK.—Matthias Stratton, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,523.—BLOWER CASE.—Benjamin F. Sturtevant' Boston, Mass. ' 87,524.—CAR STARTER.—R. R. Taylor, Reading, Pa,, assignor to himself, J. H. Boone, J. it. Heller, and C. B. Bertolette ] 87,525.—RAILWAY RAIL CHAIR.—Geo. Tefft, Salem, N. Y. ' 87,526.—LAMP SHADE.—J. F. Travis (assignor to Archer and Pancoast Manufacturing Company), New York city. 87,527.—SHIFTING RAIL FOR CARRIAGE TOPS.—J. J. Wald- ron, East Durham, N. Y., assignor to himself, T. G. Palmer, and Henry j 87,528.—STOP-MOTION MECHANISM FOR WARPING MACHINE. —Henry Weber, New York city. 87,529.—RAILWAY SWITCH.—William Wharton, Jr., Philadel- j pliia, Pa I 87,530.—PICK FOR DRESSING MILLSTONES.—Cornelius White-' house, Bridgetown, near Cannock, England. 87,531. —WRENCH FOR BIT-BRACES.—Darius Wilcox, (assignor to himself and E. A. Johnson), Ansonia, Conn. REISSUESi 24,397.—LAMP.—Dated June 14, 1839; reissue 3,315.—R S Merrill, Irasbarg, Vt. 85,121.—WATER SUPPLY REGULATOR.—Dated Dec. 22 1868 1 reissne 3,816—G. P. Nutting, Chicago, 111. ' 79,395.—VENTILATOR.—Dated June 30, 1868; reissue 3,317.— E. L. Roberts, New York city. 73,524.—MACHINE FOR DRESSING MILLSTONES__Dated January 21,1868; reissue 8,818.—H. B. Seal's, Liverpool, England, assignee of 36,161.—VELOCIPEDE.—Dated August 12, 1862; reissue 3,319. —S. W. Smith, New York city, assignee of P. w. MaCKenzie. 44,130.—APPARATUS FOR CONCENTRATING METALLIC ORES. —Dated September 6,1864; reissue 3,320.—Zenas Wheeler, San Francisco Cal. ' 47,834.—FRUIT JAR.—Dated May 23, 1885; antedated Dec. 6 1864: reissue 3,:S21.—S. B. Rowley, Philadelphia, Pa., assignee, by mesne assignments, of Chas. G. Imlay.DESIGNS3,392. and 3,393.—STOCKING FABRIC—Conyers Button, Philadelphia, Pa. Two patents. 3,394.—BUCKLE LOOP.—Edward N. Crane, Newark, N. J. 3,395.—TRADE MARK.—D. F. Packer, Mystic River, Conn. 3,396.—PICTURE FRAME.—W. H. Sadler, Baltimore, Md. 3,397. and 3,398.—LEG OF A STOCKING.—Charles Spencer, Philadelphia, Pa. Two patents. 3,399.—BLOWER CASE.—B. F. Sturtevant, Boston, Mass. 3,400.—BOOT.—Amelia Strang, Oakland, Cal. 3,401.—FLOWER POT.—William Sutherland and Thos. I. Lew- ellen, Philadelphia, Pa. 3,402.—SPOON OR FORK HANDLE.—William K. Vanderslece and Lucius Thompson, San Francisco, Cal. 3,403.—FLOOR OIL-CLOTH PATTERN.—John T. Webster, New York city.