Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 16, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: n each caveat..................................................................$18 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)................... 15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$2C On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................%% On application for Reissue.....................................................$8i On application for Extension of Patent......................................$5C On granting the Extension.....................................................$5C On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................|li On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$1C On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$1E On an application for design(fourteen years)................................$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy oj Claim of any Patent issued zoithin 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. Thejull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which Urne tht Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1*25 Official Copies qf Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount oj labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing MUNN CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Row, New York 87,750. Chilled Plate for Ore Crushers. John L. Ag- new and Charles E. Wright, Negaunee, Mich. Antedated February 7,1869. 87,751. Chock for Vessels. C. Gk Bachelder, Camden, Me. Antedated March 9,1869. 87,752. Bed Bottom. J. J. Baxter, Grand Rapids, Mich. 87,753. Heel Cutter. J. H. Bean, Marietta, Ohio. 87,754. Implement. E. S. Bennett (assignor to himself and Justus Smith), New York city. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,755. Water-hook Bolt for Harness. J. W. Bishop, New Haven, Conn. 87,756. Hat Holder for Pews and Seats. J. M. Cain (assignor to George Cain), Lafayette, Wis. 87,757. Curtain Fixture. H. N. Chapman, Washington, d. c. 87,758. Defecating Saccharine Fluids. Wm. Clough, Cincinnati, Ohio. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,759. Refining and Decolorizing Saccharine and othee Liquids. William Clough, Cincinnati, Ohio. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,760. Barrel Head. J. A. Cook, Owego, N. Y. 87,761. Nut Lock. J. R. Cribbs, Gardner, 111. 87,762. Treadle for Sewing Machines. H. GL Davis, New York city. 87,763. Felting Machine. Rudolph Eickemeyer (assignor to J. T. Waring), Yonkers, N. Y. 87,764. Machine for Preparing and Felting Tufted Fabkics. Rudolph Eickemeyer (assignor to J. T. Waring), Yonkers N Y 87,765. Safety Barrel for Watches. S. F. Estell, Richmond, Ind. 87,766. Gear Cutter. Charles Evotte, Paris, France. 87,767. Handle for Table Cutlery. R. H. Fisher (assignor to Beaver Falls Cutlery Co.), Beaver Falls, Pa. 87,768. Construction of Chairs. Robert Fitts, Jr., (assignor to the W. Hey wood Chair Co.), Fitchburg, Mass. 87,769. Velocipede. F. B. Gardner and John Trageser, New York city. 87,770. Harvester, C. P. Gronberg, Aurora, 111. 87,771. Cotton Gin. S. Z. Hall, Sing Sing,N. Y. Antedated March 3,1869. 87,772. Steam Generator. J. G. Hamilton, Chicago, 111. 87,773. Shank Laster. Fred'k Henderson, Marietta, Ohio. 87,774 Wrench. H. W. Hewet, New York city. Antedated Feb. 27,1809. 87,775. Well Tube. L. L. Himes, New Haven, Conn. 87,776. Mucilage Brush. M. W. House (assignor to himself and J. F. Forsyth), Cleveland, Ohio. 87,777. Car Axle-box Lubricator. M. C. Hubbard (assignor to I. P. Wendell), Philadelphia, Pa., and said Wendell assigns one half his right to Thomas Sayles, Chicago, 111. 87,778. Pump-rod Coupling. H. T. Hunt, Titusville, Pa. 87,779. Preparing and Bleaching Paper Pulp. W. C. Joy and John Campbell, Penn Yan, N. Y. 87,780. Bolt-heading Die. Joseph Kay lor, Pittsburgh, Pa 87,781. Ticket Holder. C. H. Kimball, Chelsea, Mass. 87,782. Horse Rake. Joseph La Croix (assignor to himself and Edmond Richards), Chicopee, Mass. 87,783. Device for Steam and other Enginery. Peter Lear, Boston, Mass. 87,784. Reversible Door Latch. Thomas Lyons, Hartford, assignor to Russell Erwin Manufacturing Company, New Britain, Conn. 87,785. Door Holder. Emmons Manley, Marion, N. Y. 87,786. Table Cutlery. Samuel Mason (assignor to Beaver Falls Cutlery Company), Beaver Falls, Pa. 78,787. Table Cultery. Samuel Mason and Edward Binns (assignors to Beaver Falls Cutlery Company), Beaver Falls, Pa. 77,788. Last. A. W. Merritt, Scituate, Mass. 87,789. Steam-engine Piston Packing. T. R. Morgan, Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,790. Grate. James Old, Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,791. Skate. J. W. Post, Castile, N. Y. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,792. Apparatus for Rectifying and Distilling Spirits and othek Volatile Liquids. E. F. Prentiss and T. D. Prentiss, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,793. Preparation for Polishing Metallic Surfaces. C. M. Rowley, Chicago, 111. 87,794 Door Bell. C. W. Saladee, Circleville, Ohio. 87,795. Glass Mold. J. C. Schaffer, Rochester, N. Y. 87,796. Auger Bit. Henry L. Shailer, Deep River (Say-brook), Conn. 87,797. Fruit Basket. Daniel Sherwood and G. D. Dudley, Lowell, Mass. 87,798. Poultry Coop. W. J. Sloan, Smith's Ferry, Pa. 87,799. Skate. Phineas Smith, New York city. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,800. Signal Light for Street Cars. John Stephenson, Hew York city. 87,801. Fly Trap. J. E. Stone, Erving, Mass. 87,808.-^Medical Compound. Paul Oscar Robert Stroinski, Boston, Mass. 87,803. Machine for Varnishing Floor Oilcloths. C. W. Strout, Hallowell, Me. 87,804. Photographic Album. J. F. Tapley, Springfield, 87,805. Casting Rolls. R. C. Totten, Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,806. Fulling Mill. J. H. Waite (assignor to himself, Eodney Hunt, and D. B. Flint), Orange, Mass. 87,807. Horse Hay Fork. C. E. Warner, Syracuse, N. Y. Antedated March 12,1869. 87,808. Stovepipe Shelf. J. J. Watson and W. S. Pugh, Coatesville, Pa. 87,809. Coffee and Teapot Handle. William Westlake, Chicago, 111. 87,810. Thread Guard for Spools in Sewing Machines. Geo. Wheelock, Washington, D. C. 87,811. Corn Sheller. W. H. Whiterow and Wm. Detrick, New Albany, Ind. Antedated March 2,1869. 87,812. Manure Drag. Daniel Wingenroth, Ephratah, Pa. 87,813. Steam-engine Valve Gear. Thomas Wosser, San Francisco, Cal. 87,814. Breech-loading Firearm. George T. Abbey, Chicago, 111. 87,815. Attaching Carriage Hubs to Axles. L, Adams, Amherst, Mass. J 87,816. Bit Stock. A. S. Alden, Chicopee, Mass. 87,817. Harvester Rake. Ezra Ames, Austin, Minn. 87,818. Railway Car Axle. John Armstrong, New Or- Orleans, La. 87,819. Harrow. A. H. Ballagh, Westport, Mo. 87,820. Compound for Destroying Worms on Plants. D. A. Bingaman, Jersey Shore, Pa., administrator of the estate of Joseph N Bingaman, deceased. 87,821. Food for Domestic Animals. M. S. Bringier, Ascension parish, La. 87,822. Skate Sharpener. J. F. Cameron, Brooklyn, N.Y. 87,823. Carriage Wheel. J. Coney, South Boston, Mass. 87,824. Wheel Cultivator. W. F. Coulter, G. Coulter, and J. A. Lanery, Hardinsburg, Ind. 87,825. Corn Planter. W. H. Cox, Virden, 111. 87,826. Machine for Polishing Needles. C. O. Crosby, New Haven, Conn. 87,827. Volute Spring. M. R. Dand, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,828. Pump. L. H. Davis, Newark, Del. 87,829. F ll-leaf Extension Table. J. Dourson, Columbus, Ohio. 87,830. Brick Mold. T. Ellis and W. A. Ellis, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,831. Hand Dumping Cart. Wm. Farmer, New York city. 87,832. Molding Sash Weights. W. Ferguson and James Anderson, New York city. 87,833. Spindle Wrench. J. B. Fink, Freeport, 111. 87,834. Lock for Pianos, etc. E. F. French, New York 87,83 ! Electro-Magnetic Engine. C. J. B. Gaume, New York city. 87,836. Whip Mounting. J. R. Gillet, Westfield, Mass. 87,837. Liquid Meter. O. Gilmore, Raynham, Mass. 87,838. Brick Kiln. J. K. Good, Pequa township, Pa. 87,839. Device for Operating Gates. David G. Goodall, Beloit, Wis. 87,840. Air Tight Can. W. J. Gordon, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,841. Machine for Molding Paper Collars. S. S. Gray, Boston, Mass., assignor to American Molded Collar Company. 87,842. Gate. W. H. Griscom, Salem, N. J. 97,842. Towel Dryer. S. E. Grout, West Concord, Vt. 87 844. Device for Pulling Hop Poles. O. B. Hale, Ma- lone.N.Y. 87,845. Harrow. G. Heffner, Homer, Iowa. 87,846. Car Heater and Ventilator. E. Himrod, Dun- 87,847. Wagon Brake. J. Hoke, Cordova, 111. 87,848. Harness Connection for Looms. John Taylor Holden, Elmwood, R. I. ^ 87,849. Mosquito Net. J.B. Holmes, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,850. Preparing Farinaceous Food. E. N. Horsford, Cambridge, Mass. 87,851.- Milk-Cooling Apparatus. I. Houghtling, Hough-ton, Mich. 87,852. Hub Boring Machine. F. Jonas, Freeport, 111. 87,853. Mosaic Floor. J. G. Kappes, New York city. 87,854. Button. M. R. Kenyon, Providence, R. I. 87,855. Planter and Seeding Machine. S. S. Kimball (assignor to himself and J. F. Prescott), Laconia, N. H. 87,856. Husking Thimble. H. J. Kinsz, Greeee, N. Y. 87,857. Lantern. T. Langston, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,858. Process of Extracting Saccharine Juices from Cakes. H. S. Lewie, Chicago, 111., assignor to himself and O. H. Tobey, New York city/] 87,859. Sail Cringle. C. Lucas, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,860. Feathering Paddle Wheel. W. R. Manley (assignor to himself and W. H. Webb), New York city. 87,861. Feathering Paddle Wheel. W. R. Manley (assignor to himself and W. E Webb), New York city. 87,862. Machine for Making Se mless Tubing. John McCloskey, New York city. 87,863. Rivet Tool. Joel Miller, Swedesborough, N. J. 87,864. Bridle Bit. J. H. Minnich, Tuscarawas, Ohio. 87,865. Grapple for Tubes. S. R. Mix and M. D. Wilder, La Porte, Ind. . 87,866. Truck for Plows. J. G. Moore, Kingston, Ohio. 87,867. Door' Spring. E. L. Morse, St. Louis, Mo. 87,868. Watchmakers' Tool. C. E. Murray, Lock Haven, Pa. Antedated March 12,1869. 87,869. Gaiter Boot. Emile Nougaret, Newark, N. J. b7,870. Attaching Tugs to Whiffle Trees. C. H. Nye, Elizabethport, N. J. 87,871. Stump Extractor. B. Oliver and M. L. Oliver, Brooklyn, N.Y. 87,872. Harrow. G. W. Pense and C. E. Lykke, Franklin Grove, 111. 87,873. Railway Rail Splice. Perry Prettyman, Paradise Spring Farm, Oregon. 37,874. Threshing Machine. G. M. Rhoades, Hamilton, N."Y., and G. B. Hamlin, Willimantic, Conn. 87,875 Fruit Box. A. T. Robinson and J. Shepard, Bristol, Conn. Antedated March 12,1869. 87,876. Fire Tongs. D. R. Russell, Carrollton, Miss. 87,877. Spinning Machine. A. L. Sayles, Pascoag, R. I., assignor to E. C. Cleveland and J. M. Bassett, Worcester, Mass. 87,878. Cellar for Preserving Beer. R. Schmid, Chica-87,f79 Mortising Machine. H, Selick (assignor to Geo. S. Meyers), Lewiston, Pa. . 37,880.-011, Box for Car Axles. Jacob F. Sharp, Wilmington, Dei. 37,881. Sheet Metal Roofing. J. H. Shimmons (assignor to himself and S. K. Mayberry), Lawrence, Kansas. 37,882. Car Coupling. Thomas B. Smith and Acanthus Hinchman, Pleasant Hill, Mo. 37,883. Threshing Machine. Wm. H. Smith, La Crosse, Wis. 37,884. Portable Fireplace. Alvah J. Sprague, Springfield, J!4o. _ ^ _. 37,885. Combined Planter and Cultivator. W. C. Swit- zer, Nelsonville, Texas. 37,880. Steam Heating Apparatus. William H. Towers, 37,887S. ToySGun. Edward Trask, Fitchburg, and Chas. T. Ford, Salem, Mass. Antedated March 5, 1869. 37,888. Steam Engine Oscillating Valve. A. Trew, Union City, Ind. 37,889. Furnace for Making Iron and Steel. J. G. Trotter, Newark, N.J. 37,890. Apparatus for Evaporating Salt. Andrew Van-Horn, Brooklyn, N. Y. 37,891. Circular Saw. Jacob Weible and Henry S. Robinson, Detroit, Mich. 37,892. Ditching Plow. Washington West, Pecksburg, Ind. $7,893. Railroad Chair. William Wickersham, Boston, Mass. $7,894. Method of Preparing Coon Skins. Chester Williams, Jr., Alba, Pa. $7,895. Backgammon Board. N. Bangs Williams, New York city. $7,898 Harness Rosette. Levi C. Wilson, Albany,N. Y. $7,897. Soldering Iron. J. Dana Wyman, Fitchburg, 57,898. Lamp Burner. Joseph Bell Alexander, Washington, D. C. $7,899 Thill Coupling. William S. Appleget, Cranberry 57,900. Branch Joint for Wrought-Iron Water Pipes. Phinehas Ball, Worcester, Mass. 7,901. Potato Digger. William Beaty, Pontiac, Mich. 57,902. Horse Hay Fork. Wilson H. Berdan, York, Mich. 17,903. Vessel for Making Coffee. Alfred Berney, Jersey City, N. J. 7,904. Milk Strainer. A. A. Bingham (assignor to himself and Geo. McNamee), Cooperstown, N. Y. 7,905. Alarm Lock. Frank Brewster, Cleveland, Ohio. 87,906. Ventilator for Railroad Water Closets. F. H. Brown, Chicago, 111. 87,907. Door and Gate Latch. Louis Brumbach, Reading, Pa. 87,908. Sawing Machine. John Casson, Parish of Sheffield, England. 87,909. Ice-Cream Freezer. J. R.Champlin, Laconia, N.H. 87,910. Saw. William Clemson, Middletown, N. Y. 87,911. Device for Protecting Young Plants against Woems. J.W.Colburn,Rose,N. Y. 87,912. Pump. Geo. Cowing, Seneca Falls, N. Y., assignor to himself, John P. Cowing, Philo Cowing, and Marshall Cowing-. 87,913. Carriage"Wheel. Charles Cummings, Providence, 87,914. Potato and Corn Cultivator. John M. Davidson Pulaski,Pa. 87,915. Screw Nozzle for Cans. Fred. W. Devoe, New York city. 87,916. Heel Stiffening. Alfred B. Ely, Newton, Mass. 87,917. Steam Boiler Furnace. Wm. Ennis, Philadelphia 87,918. Garbage Box. J W Evans and G. F. Godley, New York city. 87,919. Rod of Connected Hook-Blanks for Gas-Fitters' Use. John Fellows and James W. Lyon, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,920. Corn Sheller. Philo Femer, Ypsilanti, Mich. 87,921. Whip-Socket and Rein Holder Combined. J. R. Finney, Youngstown,Ohio. 87,922 Gas Burner. Conrad Franz, Cincinnati, Ohio. 87,923. Cultivator. James C. French, Monmouth, 111. 87,924. Machine for Cutting Nails. John C. Gould, Oxford, n.J. 87,925. Cooking Stove. James Greer and Rufus I. King, Dayton, Ohio. 87,926. Carriage Wheel. David Grim, Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,927. Carriage Jack. J. H. Hadley, Boston, Mass. Antedated March 12,1869. 87,928. Rotary Steam Engine. S. H. Hamilton, Bushnell, 87,929. Lathe for Turning Spools. J. T. Hawkins (as- assignor to Holt,Hawkins Co.), Annapolis, Md. 87,930. Machine for Damping, etc., Cloth. Wm. Heb- 'don, New York city. 87,931. Trunk Lock. Louis Hillebrand, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,932. Supporting Bandage. Ernst F. Hoffman, New 87,933. Chair for Babies. Carl Holtz (assignor to himself and Chas. Magnus), New York city. 87,934. Flour Sacker. C. B. Horton, Sand Bank, N. Y. 87^935. Truck for Moving Pianos. John Hoyt (assignor to Chas. French), Davenport, Iowa. 87,936. Velocipede. N. W. Hubbard, New York city. 87*937. Manufacture of Vegetable Parchment. E. P. 'Hudson, New York city. 87,938. Head Pad for Horses. Daniel K. Humphrey 87,939. Hand Truck. Henry C. Ingraham, Tecumseh, Mich. 87^940.__Brace for Bits. W. A. Ives, New Haven, Conn. 87^94li__Mechanical Typographer. Chas. F. Johnson, Jr., 87 942. 'Inner Sole for Boots. Charles P. Johnson, Jamaica Plain, and Freeman K. Sibley, Auburndale, Mass. 87,943. Sleigh. C. P. Kimball, Portland, Me. 87*944. Flood Gate. Abraham L. King, Farmersville, Ohio, 87*945] Animal Trap. George W. Kintz, Rochester, N. Y. 87 946. Surgical Instrument for Conveying Medicated 'powdeks and Depositikg them ok Iktekioe Cavities. Adolphe Ma rieAlbinLaforgue, Caen, France. 87,947.__Seed Sower. James L. Lmderman, Rockford, 111. 87,^948. Bed Bottom. R. O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. 87949.__Threshing MACHiNE.-^Jacob Lutz, John A. Eberly, 'and Henry Becker, East Cocalico township, Pa. 87 950. Lithographic Printing Press. Auguste Hippo- 'lyte Marinoni, Paris, France, assignor to Richard M. Hoe. 87 951. Cultivator. T. J. Marinus, Independence, Iowa. 87,952.__Carpet-cleaning Machine. William McArthur, 'Philadelphia, Pa. 87853. Device for Locking Nuts. HarveyMcCown,Enon 87,954. Twine Cutter. S. F. McGowan, New York city. 87 955.__Machine for Making Cigars. John McKee and 'Thomas W. Fletcher, New York city. 87 956. Saw Set. John Merrill, Freeport, Me. 87 957, Lamp Bracket. Charles H. Miller, Buffalo, N. Y. 'Antedated November 25,1868. 87 958. Door Plate and Alarm. Charles H. Miller, Buffa- 'lo, N. Y. Antedated March 2,1869. 87 959. Liquid Meter. John Minor, Peoria, Milton W. Nes- 'mith and George W. Nesmith, Metamora, 111. 87,960. Sap Spile. Paige Morrison, Starksborough, Vt. 87 961. Meat Cutter. Gardner Mosman, Boston, Mass. 'Antedated March 4,1869. 87,962.__Soda Fountain. David Neff, Henry county, Ind. 87,963. Harvester Rake. Aaron Palmer and Charles W. 'palmer, Brockport, N. Y. 87,964. Machine for Making Cordage. Isaac E. Palmer, 'Hackensack, N. J. 87,965.__Preparation of Cocoa. Peter Pearson, Leeds, 87 966.__Dumping Car. Alois Peteler, New Brighton, N. Y. 87^967.' Pencil Sharpener. Charles C. Plaisted, Hart- ford Conn. 87 968.__Composition for Welding Iron and Steel. J. 'b. Rand, Concord, N. H. 87,969.__Stove Door Handle. William F. Redding, Sara- 'tosra Springs,N. Y. 87 970. Device for Feeding Cattle during Transporta- 'tiok. William Reid, Granton, Scotland. 87 971. Still. George W. Robson, Cincinnati, Ohio, and 'Melvin T. Hughes, Paris, Ky. 87,972.__Gas Flier. Herrmann Richter, New York city. 87'973. Saddle Loop for Harness. James M. Roe (assign- 'or to himself and J. R. Torrey), Worcester, Mass. 87,974. Recessing Tool. Joshua Rose, New York city. 7^975. Cleaning Cotton and other Seeds. Thomas Rowe, New York city. 87 976. Portable Fence. A. H. Scott, Concord, N. C. 87^977. Horse Rake. J. H. Shireman, York, Pa. 87,978. Atomizing Apparatus. A. M. Shurtleff, Boston, 87^979.-!-HoRSE Hay Fork. Emanuel Huoncker, Bethel, Pa. 87,980.__Mode of Preparing Grain for Distillation. 'Thomas Sim and Elias S. Hutchinson,Baltimore, Md. 87,981. Wood-bending Machine. A. G. Snyder, Ashtabu- la Ohio. 87,982. Combined Horse Rake and Hay Spreader. James M. Spangler, Canton, Ohio. 87 83. Stencil Cutting Gage. Nelson Stafford, Brook- 'lyn,N. Y. 87,984. Apparatus for Leaching Bark and Other Materials. George A. Starkweather, Waymart, Pa. 89,985. Rotary Metal Cutter. Anson P. Stephens (assignor to himself, Nathan Stephens, and Melvin Stephens), Brooklyn N. Y. 87,986. Putting up Codfish for Use. Benjamin F. Stephens, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,987. Head Rest. Thomas B. Stout, Keyport, N. J. 37,988. Lamp Burner. Alvin Taplin, Somerville, Mass. 87,989. Snow Plow. Charles W. Tierney, Altoona, Pa. 87,990. Cartridge Shell. George H. Todd, Montgom- 87,991'. Carpet Fastener. Troilus H. Tyndale, Springfield, 111. 87,992. Steam Generator Gage Cock. James Waters, Minneapolis, Minn. 87,993. Hose and Pipe Coupling. C. H. Weston, Lowell, Mass. Antedated November 18,1868. 87,994. Steam Device for Cloth Pressing. C. H. Weston, Lowell, Mass. Antedated February 2,1869. $7,995. Grain Thresher. A. S. Whittemore, Willimantic, Conn. 87,996. Process of Preparing Articles of Gold, Silver, Glass, etc., to Enable the Same to be Photogeaphed. James W. Wilder and AsaB. Stow, Middletown, Conn. 87,997. Breech-loading AuM.^David Williamson (assignor to James Williamson). New York city; and said James Williamson assigns his right to himselt and David Williamson. 87,998. Spike. Swain Winkley, New York city. 87,999. Velocipede. Calvin Witty, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,000. Boot Heel. A. T. Perrine, Louisville, Ky. 88,001. Water Wheel. J. B. Park, Omaha, Nebraska. BEISSUES. 68,715. Lining or Fix for Puddling and Boiling Furnaces. Dated September 10,1867; reissue 3,325. S. Danks, Cincinnati, Ohio, for himself and J. C. Butler and Lewis Worthington, assignees of Samuel Danks. 66,082. Cracker Machine. Dated June 25,1867; reissue S.836.-J.BE. Hawkins, Laimngburg, N. Y., for himself and J. C. Horton, New York city, assignee of J. E. Hawkins. 77,205. Drying Apparatus. Dated April 28, 1868; reissue 3,327. F. I. Norton and W. H. Cloud, Fremont, Ohio, assignees of F. I. Norton. 86,790. Railroad Car Stove. Dated February 9,1869; reissue 3,328. A. A. Wheelock, Washington, D. C. 83,772. Elevated Railway. Dated Nov. 3, 1868; reissue 3,3 9. Otto Gsantner, Newark, N. J. 73,8b7. Land Mower. Dated Jan. 28, 1868; reissue 3,030, dated July 14,1868; reissue 3,330. A. M. Hills, Hockanum, Conn. 36,017. Harvester. Dated July 29, 1862; reissue 3,331. C. Newhall, Hinsdale, N. H. 01,816. Grain Separator and Threshing Machine. Dated Feb. 5, 1867; reissue 3,332. A. T. Dunbar and Archibald Me-Naught, Alba, Pa. Facts for the Ladies, On the 7th day of August, 1857,1 purchased one of Wheeler Wilson's Sewing Machines, which has been used from that day to this, almost incessantly. I do not recollect any day, except Sundays, in which some work has not been done upon it. By far the greater part of the time it has been run from seven seven o'clock in the morning until ten, eleven, and often, j until twelve o'clock at night. It has never cost one cent for repairs, and is to-day in as complete working order as on the day I bought it. I would not exchange it for a new machine of any other kind. Harriett A. Bellows. Seneca Falls, Nov. 22,1868.