For the Week Ending March 30, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat..................................................................$io On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................f 15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................$20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................$JO On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 On an application for design(fourteen years)................................f80 In addition to which there are some small reven??????? ?ep taxes. Kesidents ol Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 80 years.....,.................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. The full Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1*25 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1886, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Fullinformation, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing MUNN CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Bow, New York 883261. Reversible KitfOB Latch. Alonzo Aston (assignor to Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company), New Britain, Conn. 88,262. Screw Machine. E. A. Bagley, Worcester, Mass. 88,263. Mechanism for Connecting Horses to Vehicles. Daniel Belcher, Easton, assignor to himself andAlvin Colburn, Lynn, Mass. 88,264. Edge Plane. Charles P. Bigelow, Clinton, Mass. 88,265. Mucilage Brush. Douglas Bly, late of Macon, Ga. 88,266. Washing Machine. Jacob Brinkerhoff; Auburn N. Y. 88,267. Machine for Fitting Felloes to Wheels. Fred erick H. Brinkkotter, Callahan's Ranch, Cal. 88,268. Bobbin for Spinning Machine. Wm. M. Brisben Philadelphia, Pa. 88,269. Last. Thomas Bullivant, Newark, N. J. 88,270. Hay Spreader. Hiram M. Burdick, Ilion, N. Y. 88,271. "Tinkers' Pot." Gustav Burkhardt, Homer, 111. 88,272. Cistern Top. T. M. Bush, Hastings, Mich. 88,273. Fastening for Breast Pins. Calvin G. Cahoone. and Bela E. Brown, Providence, R. I. Antedated March 15,1869. 88,274. Car for Brick Dryers. Cyrus Chambers, Jr., Philadelphia Pa. 88,275. Garden Cultivator. James F. Chapman, Newton, Iowa. 88,276. Welted Seam-finishing or Reducing Machine. John H. Cole, North Bridgewater, Mass. 88,277. Dumping Wagon. John Craig, San Francisco, Cal. 88,278. Steam Engine. Archibald C. Crary, Utica, N. Y. 88,279. Clamp Bar for Holding the Cutters of Mowing Machines while being Ground. Munson C. Cronk, Auburn, N. Y. Antedated March 19,1869. 88,280. Gang Plow. Artemas Davison, San Leandro, Cal. Antedated March 20,1869. 88,281. Ironing Table. Henry T. De Montigny, West Troy,N. Y. 88,282. Sewing Machine. Charles F. Dunbar, Erie, Pa. 88,283. Channeling Tool. George D. Edmands, Sau- gua, Mass. 88,284. Railway Track. Marmont B. Edson, New York city. Antedated March, 18,1869. 88,285. Application of an Electrical Current to Steam Boilers. Moses G.Farmer, Salem, Mass. 88,286. Velocipede. Alonza Farrar, Boston, Mass. 88,287. Vapor Burner. Louis Fischer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,288. Steam Generator. Addison C. Fletcher, New York city, 88,289. Churn. John Geiger, Peoria county, 111. 88,290. Pneumatic Tooth Mallet. George F. Groen, Ka- lamazoo, Mich. 88,291. Manufacture of Colors and Pigments. Eberhard Harrsch, New York city. 88,292. Water Wheel. Orrin L. Hart, Millville, Wis. 88,293. Wagon Brake. D. Healey, Dansville, N. Y. 88,294. Metallic Studding for Firep-roof Walls. Isaac V. Holmes, New York city. 88,295. Potato Digger. John R. Hopper, Rochester, N. Y. 88,296. Fruit Jar. Daniel Hughes, Henry E. Shaffer and William 8. Thompson (assignors to Henry E. Shaffer and William S. Thompson), Rochester, N. Y. 88,297. Chair. George Hunzinger, New York City. 88,298. Device for Securing Bed Clothes. George In-wood, San Francisco, Cal. 88,299. Process and Apparatus for Making Iron and Steel. Jacob Jameson, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,300. Flea Powder. Charles E. Jay cox, San Francisco. Cal. 88,301. Portable Field Harrow. Jaeob D. Johnson, Ty- lersville, Pa. 88,302. Railway Safety Switch. Richai'd M. Johnson and Ezra Stiles, Bridgeport, Conn. 88,303. Stump Extractor. Wm. R. Johnson, Bingham- ton, N. Y. 88,304. Horseshoe. James Jorey, Westville, Conn. 88,305. Dancing Motion for Toys. James M. Keep, New York city. Antedated September 30,1868. 88,306. Clapboard Machine. Oscar R. Kendall and Lemuel C. Kendall, Groton, N. H. 88,307. Belt Fastening. Gebhard Koeb and Louis Houcke, Springfield, Ohio. 88,308. Washing and Wringing Machine. John Lamb, Jeffersonville, N. Y. 88,309. Pl,ow Coulter. John Lane (assignor to himself, C. H.Hapgood, William B. Young, and G. H. Laughton), Chicago, 111. 88,310. Heel for Boots and Shoes. Rufus Lapham, Boston, Mass. Antedated March 11,1869. 88,311. Cultivator. James R. Little, Galesburg, 111. 88,312. Horse Collar. J. C. Mahaffey, Little York, 111. 88,313. Cooking Stove. John F. Marvin and Samuel E. Vose, Milwaukee, Wis. 88,314. Hay Spreader. Nathan F. Mathewson, Barring-ton, R.I. 88,315. Beehive. T. F. McCafferty, Columbus, Ohio. 88,316. Brick Kiln. J. M. McCarthy, Canal Dover, Ohio. 88,317. Tool for Shearing Sheep. David McCarty and J. F. Beck, Tiffin Township, Ohio. 88,318. Sash Lock. George McGregor and George Voll, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,319. Gun Lock. John C. Miller, Danville, Ky. 88,320. Churn. Morgan B. Miller, Peoria county, 111. 88,321. Apparatus for Composing and Exhibiting Groups of Card Pictures. Sarah F. Mills, San Francisco, Cal. 88,322. Stop Motion for Looms. George E. Milroy, Low- 88,323. Farm Gate. A. T. Morris, Seal, Ohio. 88,324. Aerial Car. William Morrow, San Francisco, Cal. 88,325. Drag Rake. H. F. Morton, West Sumner, Me. 88,326. Gas Purifier. Peter Munzinger, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,327. Extension Basket. Addison Norman, Rochester, N. Y. 88,328. Tremolo Regulator for Reed Musical Instruments . Isaac T. Packard, Chicago, 111. 88,329. Grape Crusher and Stem Separator. Turner C. Purington, Lincoln, Cal. 88,330. Securing Ships' Hatches. JohnR.Rich, Tremont, Me., assignor to W. J. Stockbridge, Gloucester, Mass. 88,331. Machine for Making Joints in Table Leaves. John Richards,Cincinnati, assignor to himself and J. N. Brittingham, Columbus, Ohio. 88,332. Milk Cooler. Cyrus L. Sabin, Barnard, Vt. 88,333. Journal Box. E. W. Skinner, Madison, Wis. 88,334. Harvester. Wm. D. Slack, Lewisburg, Pa. 88,335. Croquet Wicket. Friend W. Smith, Jr., Bridgeport, Conn. 88,333. Stump Extractor. Henry Smith, 3d, North Chili, N.Y. 88,837. Railway Car Coupling. 0. L. Smith, Providence, 88,338. Safety Toggle for Watch Chains. P. C. Smith (assignor to himself E. S. Dodge, and L. A. Kotzow), Providence, R. I. 88,339. Farm Gate. R. M. Smith, Lafargeville, N. Y. 88,340. Animal Shearing Machine. R. T. Smith and J.K. Priest) assignor to themselves, Wm.Earle, Jr., and J. G. Blunt),Nashau, 88,341. Turbine Water Wheel. W. H. Snyder, Phelps, N. Y. 88,342. Car Coupling. Henry Soggs, Columbus, Pa. 88,343. Automatic Fan. G. C. Steinhauer, Indianapolis,Ind. 88,344. Shovel Plow. U. T. Stewart, Fayette county,Tenn. 88,345. Steam Generator. Joel Tiffany, Albany, N. Y. 88,346. Grappling for Anchors. A. S. Trafton and T. J. Traf ton, Portsmouth, N. H. 88,34.7. Velocipede. J. A. Vander Waag (assignor to T. Van Skelline, f or one-half of sald-inYentt$n) Brooklyn, N". Y. 88,348. Preparation of Aerated Drinks for Medicinal Purposes. P. H. Vander Weyde and J. Matthews, Jr., New York city. Antedated March 18, 1869. 88,349. Cabbage Cutter. F. S. Vogel, and J. R. Albright, Lancaster, Pa. 88,350. Weather Strip. D. GK Walker, Oshkosh, assignor to himself, and G. H. Buckstraff, Winnebago county, Wis. 88,351. Hinge. Francis H. Walker, Boston, Mass. 88,352. Portable Cooking Furnace. R. H. Waldron (assignor to himself, and J. J. Flanders), Portsmouth, N. H. 88,353. Method of Pressing Bricks. W. G. White, Bedford, Ohio. 88,354. Method of Making Inkstands, etc. Henry Whitney, East Cambridge, Mass. 88,355. Grate Bar. Jas. Yocom, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. 88,356. Axle Box Bearing. A. B. Allen (assignor to himself and J. D. Allen), Rutland Vt. 88,357. Cheese Cotter. S. R. Bailey, Bath, Me. 83,358. Harvester Rake. Chas. Barns, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 88,359. Fire Extinguisher. W. H. Bate, Medford, and G. F.Pinkham, Cambridge, Mass. 88,360. Paint Mill. J. A. Berrill, Waterville, N. Y. 88,361. Brick and Mortar Hod E. B. Black, Jos. Hinkle, Jr., and T. S. White, Columbia, Pa. 88,362. Water Meter. J. A. Bradshaw, and W. H. Brown, Lowell, Mass. 88,363. Combined Harrowand Cultivator. G. W. Bress- ler, La Fayette, Iowa. 88,364. Railway Hose Bridge. Jas. Burson, Yates City, 111., assignor to James and Geo. B. Waterhouse, New York city. 88,305. Take-up Mechanism for Looms for Weaving Irregular Fabrics. Hugo Carstaedt, New York city. 88,366. Velocipede. J. M. Case, Worthington, Ohio. 88,367. Corn Sheller. S. S. Cole, Henryville, Ind. 88,368. Spading Machine. F. C. Cone, San Francisco, Cal. 88,369 Music Binder. Lewis B. Covert, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,370. Combined Knife and Fork. A. W. Cox, Maiden, Mass. 88,371. Piston Valve for Steam and other Enginery. Robert Creuzbaur, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,372. Truss. L. P. Dayton, North Buffalo, N. Y. 88,373. Attachment for Adjusting Cords for Pictures, etc. R. d'Heureuse, New York city. 83,374. Cotton Gin. Benj. Dobson and Wm. Slater, Bolton, England. 88,375. Whip. Edgar Easton, Ashland, 111. 88,376. Carriage Axles. T. H. Elder, Chicago, 111. 88,377.-Chuck. G. B. Fairman (assignor to John Telford) Rochester, N. Y. 88,378. Horseshoe Nail Clincher. E. E. Fisher and W. H. Mack, Indianola, 111. 88,379. Apparatus for Discharging Coal. E. F. Flood Chicago, 111. 88,380. Metallic Boot Strap. David Forrest (assignor tc himself, and James Eldridge),Eastport, Me. 88,381. Harvester. W. F. Goodwin, East New York,N. Y 88,382. Combined Marker and Planter. Rt A. Green Martinsville, Ohio. 88,383. Mode of Lettering Signs, etc. Alonzo Griffin Meshoppen, Pa. Antedated March 25,1869. 88,384. Acoustic Stage. Troutman Grob, San Francisco Cal. 88,385. Lock Nut. J. W. Hilton, Bradford, Pa. 88,386. Vault Cover. Morison Hoyt, Brooklyn, and G.Van Cleef (assignor to themselves, and J. T. Lockhait), New York city 88,387. Wash Boiler. P. H. Inman, and C. B. Withington Janesville, Wis. Antedated March 27,1869. 88,388. Combined Foot-stool and Foot-warmer. Jacques Jacquet, Newark, N. J. 88,389. Adjustable Reamer. Henry James (assignor tc himself and W. H. Gifford), Hudson, N. Y. 88,390. Clothes Pin. Peter Johnson, Wauconda, 111. 88,391. Land Roller. E. O. Jones, Brandon, Mich. 88,392. Preserving Wood. Chas. Karmrodt and Nicholas TMImany Bonn, Prussia. 88,393. Skate. Moses Kinsey, Newark,N. J. $8,394. Harvester Rake. C. Lidren, La Fayette, Ind., as- 8 signor to himself and R. Jackson. 38,395. Hop Dryer. Wm. Loofbourow, Fayette, Wis. c 38,396. Grain Separator. Leonard Low, Peoria, 111. c 38,397. Horse Hay Fork. A. W. Lozier, New York city. 8 38,398. Flood Gate. Andrew Main, Delaware, Ohio. , 38,399. Churn. Morgan A. McAfee, Talbotton, Ga. 38,400. Horse Collar. B. W. McClure, Wyoming, Iowa. 38.401 Fence. J. W. McCormick, Youngstown, N. Y. 38,402. Ventilating Faucet for Discharging Liquids. J. W. McKee (assignor to himself and John Gibbs), Brooklyn, E. D. N.Y. Antedated March 19,1869. 38,403. Cattle Tie. Achille F. Migeon, Wolcottville,Conn. 38,404. Bottle Corking Apparatus. Giacomo iN igliavac- ca,Napa, Cal. Antedated March 19,1889. b 38,405. Boiler Flue Cleaner. Monroe Morse, a-id Chas. H. Morse, Franklin, Mass. c 38,406. Governor for Steam and other Enginery. I). F. AJosman, Chelsea, Mass. T 38,407. Wind Wheel. C. W. Palmer, Riga, N. Y. 38,408. Cigar Ash-Holder, etc. Adolph Philipp, Man- c ehester, Great Britain. $ 38,409. Cultivator. John Powell, Sullivan, 111. c 38,410. Soldering Apparatus. Chas. Pratt, New York , city., and Conrad Seimel, GreenpoinjL N. Y. # 38,411. Tinman's Machine. C. H. Raymond, Southmgton, Conn. 88,412. Fence. Joseph Richard, Columbiaville, Mich. 38,413. Gang and Trench Plow. J.G. Robinson, Springfield, in. Antedated March 23, 1869. 88,414. Trench Plow. J. G. Robinson, Springfield, 111. Antedated March 22,1869. 88,415. Corn Planter. Peter Rogers, Sharon, Ohio. 88,416. Broadcast Seeder. Matthew Sackett (assignor to self and John Filson), Monticello, Iowa. m 88,417. Scroll-Sawing Machine. A. M. Schilling, Chica-88,2lk Washing Machine. Adolph Schlingman, West Alexandria, Ohio. 88,419. Soldering Furnace. Conrad Seimel, Greenpoint, N. Y. 88,420. Stovepipe Shelf. J. P. Sherwood (assignor to himself and B. S. Burnham), Fort Edward, N.Y. 88,421. Game. A. G. Slagle, Memphis, Tenn. 88,422. Water Wheel. J. E. Stevenson, New York city. 88,423. Device for Violin Practice. Stephen Upson, New York city. 88,424. Car Coupling. I. L. Vansant, Glasgow, Del. 88,425. Flask for Molding Kettles. George Walworth, Peekskill, N. Y. 88,426. Velocipede. Edward Whitehead, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,427. Portable Fence. H. C. Wilson, West Elkton, Ohio. 88,428. Water Elevator. Chas. F. Woodruff, Newbern, Tenn. 88,429. Road Scraper. Sidney Alderman, Stafford township, Ind. 88,430. Lamp Shade. J. B. Alexander, Washington, D. C. 88,431. Device for Controlling Fluids under Pressure. Jearum Atkins, Washington, D. C. 88,432. Manikin, with Fcetus, etc., for Illustrating the Practice of Obsterics; B. H. Aylworth, Oxford, N. Y. 88,433. Extension Table. Henry Bachman, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,434. Apparatus for Distilling Spirits. Eli D. Bannister, St. Louis, Mo. 88,435. Iron Bedstead. Jabez Bayston, Chicago, and Geo. W. Nicholson, Naperville, 111. 88,436. Breech-Loading Firearm. Hiram Berdan (assignor to the Berdan Fire Arms Manufacturing Company), New York city. 88,437. Ironing Machine. Laurent Berenger, Paris,France. 88,438. Car Brake. A. A. Bliven, Jersey City, N. J. 88,439. Mode of PBEvfifMli Corrosion in Metallic Caps. L. R. Boyd, "Sew York city. 88,440. Car Coupling. W. L. Braddock (assignor to himself and C. H. Minor), Boston, Mass. 88,441. Spike for Overshoes. G. W. Bradley, Weston, Conn. 88,442. Refrigerator and Weighing Apparatus. Ira Buckman, Jr., Williamsburgh, 2T. T. 88,443. Fertilizer. S. A. Burkholder and G. W. Wilson, Bendersville, Pa. 88,444. Drying Furnace and Oven. J. K. Caldwell, Allegheny City, Pa. 88,445. -Hedge Fence. S. N. Caldwell, Pilot Grove, Ind. 88,446. Iron Bridge. F. E. Canda, Chicago, 111. 88,447. Railway Car Brake and Starter. R. R. Carpenter, Tippecanoe, Ohio. 88,448. Printing Press. Wm. H. Chandler, Winchester, Mass. 88,449. Umbrella Cover. J. C. Clime, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,450. Spinning Mule. B. C. Coldwell, Wyoming, Pa. 88,451. Button. Isaac Cole, New York city. 88,452. Lathe. Terrence Collins and Asher Castiel, St. Louis, Mo. 88,453. Harvester. G. T. Coolman and C. M. Young,Corry, Pa. 88,454. Making Nails. J. M. Cooper, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,455. Wooden Pavement. John R. Cushier, New York city. 88,456. Mouse Trap. A. GK Davis, Watertown, Conn. 88,457. Sled. Constantine de Bodisco, St. Petersburgh, Russia. 88,458. Sign. W. P. Delaplain, Peoria, 111. 88,459. Skate Fastening. Patrick Dooley, Newark, N. J. 88,460. Machine for Cutting Screws. John Dougherty, San Francisco, Cal. 88,461. Heel. W. T. Downs, St. Louis, Mo. 88,462. Sad-Iron Heater. H. C. Drexel, Baltimore, Md. 88,463. Toy Gun. E. C. Edmonds, Albany, N. Y. Antedated March 25,1869. 88,464. Cotton Gin. H. L. Emery, Albany, N. Y. 88,465. Seeding Machine. J. J. Esler, Belleville, 111. 88,466. Fertilizer. L. S. Fales, New York city. 88,467. Slate Frame. J. H. French, Albany, N. Y. 88,468. Refrigerator. R. S. Godfrey (assignor to himself, Thomas Baner, and J. C. Hires), Philadelphia, Pa. 88,469. Portable Fence. W. P. tfoff, Yorkville, Wis. 88,470. Breech-Loading Firearm. Wm. Golcher, St. Paul, Minn. 88,471. Sash Balance. Lewis Goodwin, Bangor, Me. 88,472. Oven. G. Y. Gray, Niles, Mich. 88,473. Weather Strip. A. J. Harmon, Charlestown,Mass., assignor to himself, W. H. Howland, and J. E. Hasseltine. 88,474. Churn. John Harper, Hillsborough, Iowa. 88,475. Meter. James Harris, Boston, Mass. 88,476. Milk Cooler. L. T. Hawley, Salina, N. Y. 88,477. Horse Hay Fork. G. W. Heath, Burlington, Pa. 88,478. Washing Machine. C. W. Hermance, Schuyler- ville.N. Y. 88,479. Puddling Process for the Manufacture of Wkought Ikon. Chas Hewitt,Hamilton Township, N. J. 88,480. Manufacture of Iron and Steel, and Furnace and Apparatus therefor. Geo. J. Hinde, Wolverhampton, England, and T. C. Hinde, Ynispenllwch, near Swansea, Wales. 88,481. Wagon Seat. Edgar Hitt, Poundridge, N. Y. 88,482. Picture Frame. C. A. Hodgman, Tuckahoe, N. Y. 88,483. Harvester. GK M. Jackson, North Hector, N. Y. 88,484. Apparatus for Heating and Separating Lime from Water. S. F. Jackson and J. A. Davis, Eureka, 111. 88,485. Water Closet. Henry James and Edward Drewett, Weybridge, England. Patented in England, Nov. 21,1867. 88,486. Plow Carriage. W. L. Jeffries, Lancaster, Ohio. 88,487. Device for Holding Plates of Glass. Thomas Jones, New York city. 88,488. Piano Lock. R. J. Jordan, New York city. 88,489. Trace Buckle. E. M. Kinne, Cuba, N. Y. 18,490. Combination Lock. H. S. Leland, Mount Union, Ohio. 18,491. Tide Power. J. R Leon, Havana, Cuba. *8,492. Velocipede. H. W. Libbey, Cleveland, Ohio. 8,493. Machine for Making Bolts. Edwin B. Locke Exeter, N. H. *8,494. Insole. R. O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. $8,495. Steam Engine Governor. J. A. Harden (assignor to J. H. and C. E. Abbott), Boston, Mass. $8,496. Steam Engine Governor. J. A. Marden (assignor to C. E. and J. H. Abbott), Boston, Mass. $8,497. Steam Engine Governor. J. A. Marden (assignor to C. E. and J. H. Abbott), Boston, Mass. $8,498. Steam Engine Governor. J. A. Marden and C. E Abbott (assignors to J. H. and C. E. Abbott), Boston, Mass. $8,499. Sewing Machine. J. N. McLean (assignor to himself and B. W. Lacy), Philadelphia, Pa. $8,500. Cheese Cutter. W. A. McDonald, Alna, Me., assignor to F. G. Cooker, for one half his right. $8,501. Fastening for Curtains and Carpets. Purches Miles, New York city. $8,502. Adjustable Door Sill. John H. Morris, Philadelphia, Pa. $8,503. Loom. Benjamin Oldfield and Edwin Oldfield, Norwich, Conn. $8,504. Vault Cover. G. H. Palmer (assignor to William Dale),New York city. $8,505. Machine for Stretching Fabrics. I. E. Palmer, Hackensack, X. J. $8,506. Water Elevator. William M. Palmer, Middle-bush, n.J. $8,507. Velocipede. T. R. Pickering, New York city. $8,508. Corn Planter. N. M. Powers, Kirksville, Mo. $8,509. Fireplace. C. S. Rankin, Cincinnati, Ohio. $8,510. Corpse Preserver. A. G. Reed, Philadelphia, Pa. 38,511. Harvester. M. H. Ripley and W. N. Temple, Min- apolis, Minn. Antedated March 25,1869. 38,512. Steam Pump. W. H. Roberts, Mauch Chunk, Pa. 38,513. Folding Chair. A. M. Rodgers, Brooklyn, N. Y. 38,514. Mosquito Canopy. Samuel Roebuck and John Roebuck, New y ork city. 38,515. Paper Stock, Box Board, Roofing Paper, etc. K. W. Russell, New York city. 38,516. Fibrous-composition Slabs and Panels for Roofs, Floors, Walls, Tanks, and for other Purposes. R. W. Russell, New York City. 38,517. Valve of Steam-fiber Guns. R. W. Russell, New York city. 38,518. Fibrous-composition Tube. R. W. Russell, New York city. 38,519. Manufacture of Paper for Protecting Goods from being Injured by Moths, etc. Robert W. Russell, New York city. 38,520. Gas Cooler and Washer. Richard Salter (assignor to himself and J. B. Davis), Cincinnati, Ohio. 38,521. Construction of Safes. Benj.Sherwood and Daniel Fitzgerald, New York city. 38,522. Pianoforte Action. D. H. Shirley, Boston, Mass. 38,523. Portable Fence. S. C. H. Smith, Belpre, Ohio. 38,524. Manufacture of Steel Direct from the Ore. R. S. Stenton, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated March 25,1869. 38,525. Machine for Sowing Grass Seed. Henry Springer, Brady, Mich. 88,526. Animal Trap. J. J. St. Ledger, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedate.d March 25,1869. 88,527. Hat Ventilator. C. C. Stremme, Austin, Texas. 88,528. Street Letter Box. Samuel Strong, Washington, city, D. C. 88,529. Churn. J. A. Tice,Windsor, assignor to T. C. South, Mattoon, 111. 88,530. Breech-loading Firearm. A. L. Varney, Water-town, assignor to4.. B. Ely, Newton, Mass. 88,531. Breech-loading Firearm. A. L. Varney, Water-town, assignor to A. B. Ely, Newton, Mass. 88,532. Renewing R llC for Printing, Calendering and Like Purposes. C. E. Wilson, New York city. 88,533. Harvester. G. W. N. Yost, Corry, Pa. 88,534. Tire Shrinker. Joseph Adkins, Warrenton, Ga. REISSUES. 79,730. Dated July 7,1868 ; reissue 3,342. Steam Fire Engine. e. R. Cole and H. S. Cole.Pawtucket, R. I. 51,387. Dated Dec. 5,1865 ; reissue 3,343. Hand Pegging Machine. R.W.Drew,Lowell,Mass., assignee of Louis Goddu. 59,957. Dated Nov. 27,1866 ; reissue 3,344. Machine for Applying Reinforcing Patches to Button Holes of Collars. G. W. Bay and V. ]ST. Taylor, Springfield, Mass., assignees, by mesne assignments, of J. T. Bruen and G. M. Jacobs. 38,190. Dated April 14, 1863 ; reissue 3,345. Machine for Making Covebed Cord. John Turner, Norwich, Conn., for himself.and assignee of I. E. Palmer., 85,149. Dated Dec. 22,1868 ; reissue 3,346. Tube for Steam Generators. G. E. Van Amringe, New York city. 83,345. Dated Oct. 20,1868; reissue 3,347. Binding Books. F. B. Wells, for himself, and J. H. Cook (assignee of one half of said invention), Fishkill on the Hudson, N. Y. 51,680. Dated Dec. 26,1865 ; reissue 3,348. Cultivator James Armstrong, Jr., Elmira, 111. 41,411. Dated Jan. 26, 1864; reissue 3,349. Harvester. C.Aultman, Canton, Ohio, assignee, by mesne assignments, of Henry Fisher. 52,968. Dated March 6,1866 ; reissue 3,350. Wrench. A. G. Coes, Worcester, Mass. 22,549. Dated Jan. 11,1859 ; reissue 3,351. Soda-water Apparatus. Thos. Daniels, Toledo, Ohio. 48,614. Dated July 4, 1865 ; reissue 3,352. Boot and Shoe A. B. Ely, Newton, Mass., assignee of Francis D. Ballou. 44,637. Dated Oct. 11, 1864; reissue 3,353. Nail-cutting Machine. J. B. Kingham, Dorchester, Mass. 22,812. Dated Feb. 1, 1859 ; reissue 3,354. Machine for Rolling Horseshoe Iron. W. W. Lewis, Cincinnati, Ohio. 12,780. Dated May 1, 1855; reissue 3,355. Shuttle for Looms.-L. Litchfleld, F. C. Litchfleld, and L. M. Litchfleld, Southbridge, Mass., assignees of Lydia W. Litchfleld, administratrix of the estate of LaroyLitchlield. 65,003. Dated May 21,1867 ; reissue 3,356. Reciprocating Steam Engine. H. O. Perry and J. L. Lay, Buffalo, N. Y. DESIGNS. 3,431. Trade Mark. J. H. Ackerman, New York city. 3,432. Center Piece. Henry Berger, New York city. 3,433. Trade Mark. S. W. Dexter and D. S. Dexter, Paw-tucket. R. I. 3,434. Oil Cup for Journal Boxes. Isidore Dreyfus, New York city. 3,435. Trade Mark. J. A. Hamlin and L. B. Hamlin, Elgin, in. 3,436. Lamp Chimney. Robert Hemingray, Cincinnati,Ohio. 3,437. Front of a Clock Case. Elias Ingraham, Bristol, Conn. 3,438. Bird House. John Murdock, Jersey City, N. J., assignor to John Savery's Sons, New York City. 3,439. Table Caster Stand. Wm. Parkin (assignor to Reed Barton), Taunton, Mass. 3,440. Fruit Tazza. Wm. Parkin (assignor to Reed Barton), Taunton, Mass. Inventions Patented in England by Americans. [Compiled from the "Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 570. Mechanism foe Making Cikculak Tenons and Moetises. "W. A Ives, New Haven, Conn. Feb. 24,1869. 577. Harvesting Machine. Cyrus Newhall, Hinsdale, N. H. Feb 24, 1869. 586. Furnaces and Apparatus for Oxidizing and De sulphurizing Iron and othe Ores. W. A. Reinoehl, Pine Grove, Penn. Feb. 25,1869. 625. Lawn Mowing Machine. Samuel Coit, Hartford, Conn. March 1, 639. Impkoveme NT in Navigable Vessels. John Howe, Jr., Boston, Mass. March 2,1869. TT5 i-~s1HIPS A]?? other Vessels for Carrying Liquid Cargoes. W. C Hlbbard, West Roxbury Mass. Feb. 26,1869. 612. Means fob Effecting the Mixture of Molten Cast Ikon with Solid Oxides and othee Bodies. T. S. Blair, Pittsburgh, Pa. Feb. a7, 1869. 651. Watek Closets. John Keane, Xew York city, and G. H. Brown, Washington Hollow, N. Y. March 4,1869. 656. Process fob Casting Chain. C. C. E. Van Alstine and J. C. Hof er, New Haven, Conn. March 3,1859. 707. Apparatus foe Conveeting a Recipeocatikg Motion into a Rotaey Motion. C. L. Spencer, Providence, R. I. March 9,1869. 709. Opeeating Tilt Hammees. T. T. Prosser, Chicago, 111. March 9, 1869. 718. Tuebine Wheels. William Foos and J. W.Bookwalter,Springfield, Ohio. March 9,1869. 730. Devices foe Rendering- Gas BupwNees Self-Lighting. Samuel Gardner, Jr., New York city. March 10,1869. 750. Cases foe Holding Cigabs, etc. H. B. Wheatcroft, S.B. Guernsey, and F. J. Terrell, New York city. March 11,1869. 759. Spinning Machineey Mateeials. Thomas Mayor, Providence, R. I. March 11,1869. Facts for the Ladies. I purchased a Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machine about ten years ago,and while learning to use it,without instruction, broke one needle ; after that for more than nine years, I had the machine in almost daily use/doing all my family sewing, and very much for friends and others, and instructed, seven persons in the use of the machine, without breaking a needle. My machine has never cost one penny for repairs. I have sewed hours with a worrisome babe in my lap, working upon fabrics of the most delicate texture, as well as upon men's and boys'clothes of the heaviest material. I have made garments for the cradle, the bridal, the hospital, and the funeral. Entering into every vicissitude of life, my machine has become, as it were, a part of my being. Mes. M. L.Peck. Mexico, N. Y.