For the week ending APRIL 6, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat.................................................................$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)................... 15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................SS20 On application for Reissue.....................................................f30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.................,...................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer.......................................................... 10 On an application for Design (three and'a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 On an application for design (fourteen years)................................?30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such por tion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. Thejull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1*25 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount oj labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by address-ina MUNN CO. Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Row, New York 88,535. Rock-shaft for Gang Saws. Ashbel P. Barlow, Kalamazoo, Mich. 88,536. Can Opener. F. G. Beach, Hartford, Conn. 88,537. Tonic Bitters. Robert Blacklidge, Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to himself and Charles Gerdenier. 88,538. Submerged Pump. Alonzo C. Blethen, Lynn, Mass. 88,539. Screw. Carl Booking (assignor to himself and Coates Walton), Philadelphia, Pa. 88,540. Breech-loading Firearm. Francis E. Boyd and P. Shelton Tyler, Boston, Mass. 88,541. Banjo. Levi Brown, Baltimore, Md. 88,542. Hydrant. Samuel G. Cabell, Quincy, 111., assignor to himself and Abbott Q. Ross. 88,543. Reefing Fore-and-aft-sails. Robert Chambers, Detroit, Mich. *88,544. Casting Handles of Table Cutlery. Nathan S. Clement, New Britain, Conn 88,545. Manufacture of Artificial Stone. Francois Coignet, Paris, France, assignor to L. Mangeon, New York city. 88,548. Artificial Monolithic Structure. Francois Coignet, Paris, France, assignor to L. Mangeon, New York city. 88,547. Making Artificial Stone and Monolithic Structures. Francois Coignet, Paris, France, assignor to L. Mangeon, New York city. 88,548. Mode of Treating and Manipulating Cements ijf the Manufacture of Artificial Stone. Frangois Coignet, Paris, France, assignor to L. Mangeon, New York city. 88,549. Process of Forming Artificial Stone. Francois Coignet, Paris, France, assignor to L. Mangeon, New York city. 88,550. Seal Lock. G. M. Cooper, Port Huron, Mich. 88,551. Edge Plane for Boot Soles. Charles Coti (assign-. or to himself and John Baptiste Bebo),Marlborough, Mass. 88,552. Pump. John C. Crawford, Clintonville, 111. 88,553. Cradle, or Crib. Eliza N. Cutter, Chicago, 111. Antedated April 2,1869. 88,554. Medicine for Cure of the Gravel. BenjaminW. Deal,New Market, Md. 88,555. Banjo. Frank P. Dobson,New York city. 88,556. Spindle Step for Spinning Machines. George Draper, Hopedale, Mass. 88,557. Equalizing Cultivator. Mctfkias Eichholtz, Troy, Ohio. 88,558. Caster. Wm. P. Elliott, Cine! inr.ti, Ohio. 88,559. Mold for Casting Augers. William Evans and Richard E. Hayden, Seymour, Conn. 88,560. Wrench. Orlando V. Flora, Madison, Ind., assignor to himself and Charles Allin ;. Antedated March o, IStit). 88,561. Compound for Welding and Restoring Steel. G. W. Fox, H. H. Coc, and I. M. Kelley, Ravenna, Ohio. 88,562. Neck Yoke. Hiram E. Goble, Lake Mill, Mich. 88,563. School Desk and Seat. George Huntress Grant, Richmond, Ind. 83,5B4. Barrel Truck. Eugene Gros jean, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to himself, Jacob Weaver, Jr., and Allred H. Jones. 88,565. Shutter Operator and Fastener. George A. Harris and JohnB. Harris, Salem county, N. J. 88,566. Clothes Dryer. Elmer Hause, Tecumseh, Mich. 88,567. Spring Hinge. V. S. Herzog, Baltimore, Md. 88,568. Churn. Charles Hess, Lyons, Iowa. 88,569. Farm Gate. Edward Hill, Charles Ostrander, and Horatio A. Spink.Bainbridge, Mich. 88,570. Process of Preparing Blue Peroxide of Manganese. James W. Hobbs (assignor to Hobbs, Pope Co.), Boston, Mass. 88,571. Anchor Tripper. James B. Hopkins, Dennis Port, Mass. Antedat ad March 23,1869. 88,572. Weather Strip. Joseph Johnston, Chicago, 111. 88,573. Sash Holder. Morton Judd, New Haven, Conn. 88,574. Velocipede. Wm. Lindon, New Haven, Conn. 88,575. Gate. S. L. Marsden, New Haven, Conn. 88,576. Braiding Machine. George Mason, Providence, R I. 88,577. Doob Lock. R. McDowell, Lambertville, N. J. 88,578. Mode of Constructing Building Fronts. Isaac S. MiWer, Isl ew York eity. Antedated March 23,1869. 88,579, Ljjb-boring Machine. Daniel Murphy, Dubuque, 88,580 Teasel Trimmer. Charles G. Nye, Onondaga, N. Y. 88.581. Lock for Safe Doors, etc. David O. Paige, De- t* t, Mich. 88,582. Comb. Henry M. Paine, Newark, N. J. 83,583. Fire Extinguisher. William M. Parker, Bos- , Mass. 89584. Beer Cooler. Herman Pietsch and Moritz Walter, Milwaukee, Wis. 88,585. Process of Hardening Steel Plates, etc. George H.Porter (assignor to Porter Saw Company), Bristol, Conn. 88,586. Felloe Sawing Machine. John Rice, Blooming-t n, Ind. 88,587. Book-binders' Head Band. Julius Schlichting, New York city. 88,588. Peg-cutter for Boots and Shoes. William H. Sellers, Keokuk, Iowa. 88,589. Anti-freezing Hydrant. John W. Slocum, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,590. Method of Making Yeast. George Terry, Provi-. dence, R. I. 88,591. Combined Hoe and Fork. Benjamin L. Tibbets, South China, Me. 88,592. Door Pulley. Peter Joseph Tillmann (assignor to himself and John Reiser), Trenton, N. J. 88,593. Horse Hay Fork. J. F. Troxel, Bloomville, Ohio. 83,594. Quilting Frame. I. W. Valance, Troy, N. Y. 88.595. Propeller. Chas. Ward (assignor to himself and *C,B.Palmer), Detroit, Mich. 88,593. Stump Extractor. J. A. Wood worth, Hickory Corners, Mich. 8?,o97. Carriage Top. R. H. Wright, New Bloomfield, Pa. o8,598. Fluting Machine. H. B. Adams, New York city. 88,599. Throttle Valve for Steam Engines. Charles D. Allen, New York city. 88,600. Railroad Car Buffer. Peter Allen and Benjamin Valiquette, Rutland, Vt. 88,601. Attaching Sleigh Runners to Street Cars. B. AQrbach, New York city. 88,60 . Fastener for Securing Springs to Bed Bottoms aKi Mattresses. J. . Barnum, Topeka, Kpnsas. 88,6 3. Sewing Machine. Chas. E. Billings, Hartford, Ct. 88 ,* 04. Corn Planter. Nathan Breed, Jeffersonville, Ind. 88'605. Breech-Loading Firearm. Wm. Briggs, Norris- town, Pa. 88,606. Line Holder. John Bryant (assignor to himself and A. L. Bailey), Akron,Ind. 88,607. Hand Corn Planter. Geo. Burson, East Palestine, Ohio. 88,608. Toy Pistol. Asa L. Carrier, Washington, D. C. 88,609. Folding Desk. Aaron Chandler, Davenport, Iowa. 88,610. Syphon Bottle. C. J. Converse (assignor to himself and James W. Tufts), Medford, Mass. 88,611. Ferrule for Boiler Tubes. Robert A. Copeland, Brooklyn, N.Y. 88,612. Coffee Roaster. Lyman B. Crittenden, Pittsburg, Pa. 88,613. Potato Digger. Ira Curtis, Des Moines, Iowa. 88,614. Tea-Kettle Breast. Z. Dixon, Bristol, 111. 86,615. Apparatus for Unspiking Guns. T. J. Dobbs, Weehawken, N. J. 88,616. Ladder. R. L. Dodge, Portland, Me. 88,617. Bedstead Fasteneb. Justus Doering, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated March 25,1869. 88,18. Rain-Water Conductor J. D. Field, Wataga, 111, 88,619 Elastic Link for Clevis. Louis Fliedner, Cleveland, Ohio. 88,620. Steam Pump. Alex. Friedmann, Vienna, Austria. 88,621. Wrench and Pinchers. Edwin Froggatt, Central City, Colorado Territory. 88,622. Marine Furniture. Edward Gallier, St. Louis, Mo. 88,623. Wrench. G. P. Ganster, New York city. 88,624. Templet for Bending Springs. Joseph Gatchell, Rahway,N. J. 88,625. Door Spring. Wm. Gilfillan, Syracuse, assignor to himself and M. T. Van Horn, New York city. 88,626. Eaves Trough Bracket. J. W. Gillespie, Alliance, Ohio. 88,627. Cotton Cultivator. A. J. Going, Clinton, La. 88,628. Ship's Rudder. T. F. Goodwin, E. C. Goodwin, and Chas. E. Goin, New York city. 88,629. Churn Power. I. S. Goolman, Monrovia, Ind. 88,630. Attachment for Sewing Machine. H. M. Hall, Danby, Vt. 88,631. Clothes Dryer. Asa P. Hawse and G. R. Shippy, Wolcott,Vt. 88,632. Collar Attachment for Screws. James Hooper, Pittsburgh, Pa. 88,633. Molding Composition to Imitate Ivory and other Substances. J. W. Hyatt,Jr. (assignor to the Hyatt Manufacturing Company), Albany, N. Y. Antedated March25,1869 88,634. Method of Coating Billiard Balls, etc. J. W. Hyatt, Jr. (assignor to the Hyatt Manufacturing Company), Albany, N.Y. 88,635. Grinding and Cleaning Card Cylinders. W. B. Ingram (assignor tohimself and KeeneyBrothers),Manchester, Conn. 88,636. Combined Sink and Dish Washer. Thomas Ireland, Negaunee, Mich. 88,687. Carriage. Samuel Jackson, Newark, N. J. 88,638. Cultivator. J. B. Jay, Arlington, 111. 88,639. Rubber Compound. John Johnson, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,640. Weather Strip for Windows. Joseph Johnston, Chicago, 111. 88,641. Egg Carrier. P. P. Josef, Buffalo, N. Y. Antedated January 11,1869. 88,642. Apparatus for the Manufacture of Vinegar. F. E. Josel, Freeport, 111. 88,643. Chain. J. George Jung, Newark, N. J. 88,644. Medical Compound. A. W. Kidder, South Nor- ridgewock, Me. 88,645. Breech-Loading Firearm. R. S. Lawrence (assignor to the Sharp'sRifle Manufacturing Company), Hartford, Conn. 88,648. Machine eor Gilding. James Lick, San Francisco, Cal. 88/547. Fruit Crate. L. A. Lindsey and J. F. O'Sullivan, Jackson, Miss. 88,648. Fare Box for Railroad Cars. R. H. Long, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated March 22,1869. 88,649. Index for Piling Circular Saws. J. B. Macham- er, New Baltimore, Ohio. 88,650. Mowing Machine. C. D. Mansfield, Lynn, Mass. 88,651. Constructing Picture Frames. D. V . Marshall. Pawtucket, R. I. 88,652. Machine for Forging Wrought Nails. H. W. Mather, Deep River, Conn. 88,653. Mowing Machine. N. F. Mathewson, Barrington, assignor to himself and Henry Armington, Providence, R. I. 88,654. Bird Cage. J. Maxlieimer, New York City. 88,655. Sled Brake. John Maxson, and Warren Kinyon, Scott, N.Y. 88,656. Fountain Pen. Franzis A. Odermatt and Frank Et- tlin, San Francisco, Cal. 88,657. Portable House. W. R. Mears, Grafton, 111. 88,658. Mode of Deodorizing the Spent Lime of Gas Wokks. Adolph Millochau, New York city. 88,659. Weeding Hoe. J. S. Munger, Olean, N. Y. 88,660. Mode of Preparing Sheet Copper for Boilers and other Vessels. Andrew O'Neill, Portsmouth, Ohio. 88,661. Composition for Covering Steam Boilers and Lining Safes. Adolph Ott, New York city. 88,662. Churn. J. E. Overacker, Redwood, N. Y. 88,663. Washing Machine. G. N. Palmer (assignor to H. Carter), Green, N. Y. 88,664. Device for Mowing away Hay. L. E. Palmer, Le Roy, Pa. 88,665. Needle Holder for Sewing Machines. Charles Parham and G. A. Smith, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,666. Meat Cutter. J. G. Perry, Kingston, R. I. 88,667. Meat Cutter. J. G. Perry, Kingston, R. I. 88,668. Nut-Locking Device. P. Philippi, Beardstown, 111. 88,669. Combined Harrow and Cultivator. J. R. Ross and W. D. Mitchell, Centralia, 111. 88,670. Cotton Seed Planter. D. H. A. Sanders, Senato- bia,Miss. 88,671. Window Shade Fixture. Hermann Schulte, Milwaukee, Wis. 88,672. Egg Beater. C. F. A. Seitz(assignor tohimself and Louis Wagner),Philadelphia, Pa. 88,673. Flood Gate. S. B. Shoup, Dayton, Ohio. 88,674. Machine for Making Blasting and other Pow- DEB.-Wm. Silver, Bloomsburg, Pa. 88,675. Car Starter. J. F. Stokes, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,676. Clip for Neck Yoke and Whiffletree. Z. T. Sweet, Eugene City, Oregon. 88,677. Apparatus for Cooling Milk. J. L. Tallman and J. V. De Puy, Tecumseh, Mich. 88,678. Preparing Tan Bark. N. S. Thomas, Painted Post, N.Y. 88,679. Device for Grinding Edged Tools. H. K. Trask, Beaver Dam, Wis. 88,680. Medical Compound. T. S. Tuggle, Columbus, Ga. 88,681. Medical Compound. T. S. Tuggle, Columbus, Ga. 88,682. Dental Plate. Henry Twitchell, Pulaski, N. Y. 88,683. Velocipede. T. W. Ward, New York city. 88,684. Book Cover. W. C. Wendell, Albany, N. Y. 88,685. Railway Car Coach. G. W. Williamson, Golds- 88,686. Rotary Road Scraper. J. W. Wilson, Somerford, Ohio. 88,687. Tweer J. C. Wilson, Coalburg, W. Va. 88,688. Churn Dasher. T. H. Withers and J. Dolfinger, Louisville, Ky. Antedated April 1, 1869. 88,689. Projectile. John Amsterdam, New York city. 88,690. Grain Separator. Peleg Barker, Battle Creek, Mich., assignor to himself and the Joliet Manufacturing Company, Joliet, 111. 88,691. Device for Adjusting Gearing. G. S. Barton (assignor to Rice, Barton, and Fales Machine and Iron Company), Worcester, Mass. 88,692. Life-Preserving Apparatus. James Bond, Norfolk, Va. 88,693. Apparatus for Melting Snow. N. H. Borgfeldt, New York city. 88,694. Steam Generator. H. J. Bruner, Nazareth, Pa. 88,695. Syringe. W. J. Davidson, Staun ton, Va. 88,696. Rock Drill. C. H. Davis, Troy, N. Y. 88,697. Pole for Stretching Leather. Hugh Dawson Baltimore, Md. 88,698. Fire Alarm. Charles Dion, New York city. S$,699. Needle Threader for Sewing Machines. H.W , Dopp, Buffalo, N.Y. 88,700. Bone-Black Kiln. E. P. Eastwick, Baltimore, Md. 88,701. Kiln for Burning Bone-Black. E. P. Eastwick, Baltimore, Md. 88,702. Kiln for Bone-Black. E. P. Eastwick, Baltimore Md. 88,703. Velocipede. H. J. Ferguson, Whiting, N. J. 88,704. Sled-Way Attachment for Covered Roadways. J. B. Foote, Hamden, assignor to A. Buckham, Delhi, N. Y. 88,705. Carriage Wheel. C. M. Foulke, Philadelphia, Pa 88,706. Manufacture of Vulcanized Rubber Boots and Shoes. J. A. Greene, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to himself and John H Young, Beverly, Mass. 88,707. Steam Generator. Alfred Guthrie and Carlile Mason, Chicago, 111. 88,708. Corn Husker. H. L. Hall, Woodbridge, Iowa. 88,709. Fluid Meter. A. Heaton (assignor to himself and Bradbury Goodsell), Bridgeport, Conn. 88,7J0. Grain Drill P. F. Hodges, St. Paul, Minn. 88,711. Roller Skate. Isaac Hodgson, Indianapolis, Ind. 88,712. Plastering Trowel. P. J. Hogan, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,713. Lantern. Thomas Houghton, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,714. Steam Enginery for Steam Vessels. JohnHowe , Jr., Boston, Mass. 88,715. Material for PArNT.~W. H. Hubbard (assignor to himself and John Hill), West Meriden, Conn 88,716. Threshing Machine. S. D. Huffman, New German-town, N. J. 88,717. Needle Threader. Alex. Hunter, Buffalo, N. Y. 88,718. Combined Clock and Fly Trap. Chas. Kallmann, Newburg, N. Y. 83,719. Horse Rake. C. P. Kelley, Phelps,N. Y. 88,720. Carriage Hub. George Kenney, Nashua, N. H. 88,721. Wagon Brake. August Kessberger, Springfield,Ill 88,722. Envelope. A. A. C. Klaucke, Washington, D. C, and Jefferson Fr ser, New York city. 88,723. Shovel Plow. Eli Knepper, Columbus, Ohio. 88,724. Grain Cradle. W. H. Locke, Canton, Pa. 88,725. Mode of Finishing and Truing Emery Wheels. etc. Clark Marsh, Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to the New York Belting and Packing Co. 88,726. Pie Cutter and Crimper. Henry Matthes, Cambridge, Mass. 88,727. Cotton-bale Tie. Wm. M. Morris, Washington county, Miss. 88,728. Metallic Coffin. George Nearstheimer, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,729. Pianoforte Frame. G. W. Neill (assignor to Chick- ering and Sons), Boston, Mass. 88,730. Breech-loading Firearm. J. D. S. Newell, Tensas parish, assignor to himself, N. G. Brice, E. Tomatis, and Thomas Pickle, New Orleans, La. 88,731. Suspender. G. H. Palmer, Lewisham parish, Eng., assignor to himself and Samuel Nichols, New Haven, Conn. 88,732. Power Press. W. F. Parker, Meriden, Conn. 88,733. Mechanical Adjustment. R. B. Perkins (assignor to Charles Parker), Meriden, Conn. 88,734. Mechanical Adjustment. R. B. Perkins (assignor to Charles Parker), Meriden, Conn. 88,735. Shoe Jack for Finishing Shoes. J. E. Plummer, Binghamton, N. Y. 88,736. Car Coupling. A. Ray, Granville, Mo. 88,737. Combined Knob Latch and Lock. F. Raymond, Woodhaven, N. Y. 88,738. Velocipede. J. B. Read, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 88,739. Combined Clothes Dryer and Ironing Table. Wm. Reichenbach (assignor to himself and Henry Nass), Chicago, 111. 88,740. Harrow and Cultivator. E. S. Rice, Paw Paw, Mich. 88,741. Apparatus for Desulphurizing and Oxidizing Orbs. J. M. Rohrer, Pine Grove, Penn. 88,742. Burring Cylinder fok Wool, etc. C. G. Sargent, Westford, Mass. 88,743. Railway Car Wheel. J. K. Sax and G. W. Kear, Kingston, Pa. 88,744. Stovepipe Damper. H. J. Sayers, Salina, Pa. 88,745. Fire and Water-proof Cement. S. R. Scharf, Baltimore, assignor to himself, James Spicer, and J.N.Burnham, Baltimore county, Md. 88,740. Asphaltic Pavement. Samuel R. Scharf, Baltimore, assignor to himself, James Spicer, and James N. Burnnam, Baltimore connty, Md. 88,747 Manufacture of Artificial Stone. J. J. SchiU linger, New York city. 88,748. Carriage Wheel. Caleb S. Stearns, Marlborgh, Mass. 88,749. Sound-board for Pianofortes. C. F. T. Stetovay , New York city. 88,750. Velocipede. C. W. Stickney, Albany, N. Y. 88,751. Wood-pulley Bush. T. B. Stout, Keyport, N. J. 88,752. Corset Clasp. Ferdinand Strauss, New York city. 88,753. Machine for Making Wrought Nails. John Tag- gart, Boston, assignor to David Whiton, Boston, and B. F. Wing, West Roxbury,Mass. 88,754. Horse Hay Fork. A. G. Thomas, Sandy Spring,Md. 88,755. Apple Slicer and Corer. Nathaniel Thomas,Dix- fleld, Me. 88,756. Parlor Game. Eugene Trump, Cincinnati,Ohio, assignor to himself and Leander Detwiler. 88,757. Machine for Sheeting and Pressing Tobacco. William H. Watson, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to A. Sidney Doane, New York city. 88,758. Cultivator. H. J. Wattles, Rockford, 111. 88,759. Velocipede. J. W. Weston, New York city. 88,760. Bit and Auger. Cornelius Whitehouse, Bridge- town-near-Cannock, England. 88,761. Capstan. C. L. Willis (assignor to himselt and G.P Goff), Washington, D. C. 88,762. Type Case. B. O. Woods, Boston, Mass. 88,763. Sash Pulley. A. F. Hines, Washington, D. C. 88,764. Process and Apparatus for Tanning. Edward Lynch, Georgetown, D. C. 88,765. Laying Wooden-block Pavement. D. L. DeGol- yer, Chicago, 111. 88,766. Weather Strip. J. H. Morris, Philadelphia, Pa. REISSUES. 75,110. Manufacture of Glassware. Dated March 3,1868; reissue 3,357. J. S. Atterbury and T. B. Atterbury, Pittsburgh, Pa. 78,925. Lard Cooler. Dated June 16,1868; reissue 3,358. George Carleton Cassard, Baltimore, Md.,(L. and J. L. Cassard, assignees ofG. C. Cassard). 56,908. Governor. Dated August 7,1866 ; reissue 3,359. John Degnon, Cleveland, Ohio. 28,941. Skeleton Skirt. Dated June 26,1860; reissue 3,360. J.B.Loomis, Chelsea, Mass., assignee, by mesne assignments, of S. S Sherwood, New York city. 21,161. Reducing Wood Fiber to Paper Pulp. Dated August 10,1858; Antedated August 29,1856; reissue 3,361. Alberto Pagen.*' Stecher, Curtisville, Mass., Assignee of Henry Voelter. 35,058. Cooking Stove. Dated June 17,1862 ; reissue 3,362. D. S.Quimby and D. S. Quimby, Jr., Brooklyn,N. Y., assignees of S.R Going. 38,794. Machine for Opening and Cleaning Cotton. Dated June 2,1863; reissue 3,363. J. E. Van Winkle, Paterson, N. J. DESIGNS. 3,441. Guide and Friction Brake for Shuttle Looms. Wm. Atkinson, Philadelphia, Pa. 3,442. Basket Rack for Railroad Cars. W. G. Creamer, Brooklyn, N.Y. 3,443. Tobacco Box. Charles Parker, Meriden, Conn. 3,444. Trade Mark. Alfred Ray (assignor to Marshall Field and Levi Z. Leiter), Chicago, 111. 3,445. Coffee Mill. Joseph Sedgebeer, Painesville, Ohio.