Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 20, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: Oneacn caveat,............................................................$10 On filing each appl ication for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each originalPatent................................................$20 On appe al t o Commissi oner of Patents........................................$20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On grantsng the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................$10 On an application for Design (three ancTa half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 Ou an application for design(fourte en years)................................$S0 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy of Claim of any Patent Urned within years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such por tion of a machine as the Claim covers, from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the4%ice above named. Thejull Specification of wnff pater twued iHnce Nov. 20,1866, at which wme the Patent Office commenced printtngthem..............................$1 25 Qfflcial Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing MUNN & CO., Patent Solicitors. Ho. 37 Park How, New York 89,002.—GOLD-LEAF CONDENSER.—John F. Adams, Worcester, Mass. 89,003.—RAILWAY-CARRIAGE WHEEL.—John P. Allen, Manchester, Mass. 89,004.—LAWN MOWER.—JOS. Arbeiter, East Hartford, Conn. 89,005.—MANUFACTURE OF GLASS WARE.—J. S. Atterbury and T. B. Atterbury, Pittsburgh, Pa. 89,008.—SAW SHARPENER.—Austin Bartlett, Chester, Mass. 89,007.—LASTING BOOT AND SHOE.—Isaac N. Beals, North Bridgewater, Mass. 89,008.—CORN MARKER.—Jacob H. Beam, Woodside, 111. 89,009.—SHOE LAST.—H. R. Bean (assignor to himself and S. N. Aldrich), Marlboroueh, Mass. 89,010.—ICE CHEST FOR SODA APPARATUS AND REFRIGERATORS.—E. Bigelow, Springfield, Mass. 89,011.—LOOM.—E. B. Bigelow, Boston, Mass. 89,012.—STOPPING MECHANISM FOR POWER LOOMS.—E. B. J Bigelow, Boston, Mass. 89,013.—Box OPENER—Robert Blake, Scranton, Pa. 89,014.—RAILWAY-CAR BRAKE.—J. T. Blois, Jonesville, Mich. 89,015.—STEERING APPARATUS.—A. T. Boon, Galesburg, 111. Antedated April 5,1869. 89,016.—SLED BRAKE.—A. J. Braley, Berlin, Vt. 89,017.—SPINNING FRAME.—H. Beaumont Briggs, Clarksburg, assignor to James Hunter and JameB E. Hunter, AdamB, MaBB., for one-tialf of aaid invention. 89,018.—FASTENING FOR STAYS OF COESETS.—J. W. Brooks, Boston, Mass. 89,019.—FILE HOLDER.—A. P. Brown, Worcester, Mass. Antedated April 10,1868. 89,020.—PUMP VALVE.—J. H. Brown (assignor to himself and 3. B. Harris), Pittogrove, N. J. 89,021.—DEVICE FOR STEERING SLEDS.—George Buchanan, Washington, Pa. 89,022.—PRESS FOR BALING HAY AND COTTON.—E. Buel, Silver Creek, N. Y. I 89,023.—PUMP VALVE.—H. C. Bulkley and Amos Shepard (assignors to the Union Manufacturing Company), New Britain, Conn. 89,024.—GONG BELL.—Legrand S. Carpenter, East Hampton, Conn. 89,025.—RING FOR SPINNING FRAME.—William T. Carroll, Medway, Mass. \ 89,026.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—H. J. Case, Auburn, N.Y. I 89,027.—RAILROAD-CAR STOVE.—Levi R. Comstock, Keokuk, j Iowa. 89,028.—FLUTING MACHINE.—C. F. Corbett, Boston, Mass. 89,029.—HORSE RAKE.—Edward Crandal, Northville, Mich. 89,030.—CATARRHAL SYRINGE. — J. W. Culbertson, Richmond, Ind. 89,031.—SHELF, COAT RACK, AND CLOTHES FRAME.—John Danner, Canton, Ohio. 89,032.—THILL COUPLING.—James Dempsey (assignor to himself and Nathan Levy), Geneva, N. Y. 89,033.—SAD-IRON HEATER.—Arnold Doll, Cleveland, Ohio. 89,t)34.—SAFETY POCKET.—Josiah Foster, Sandwich, Mass. 89,035.—COPYING PRESS.—G. C. Gage, Waterford, N.Y. Antedated April 9,1869. 89,036.—VOLTAIC BATTERY.—A. C. Garratt, Boston, Mass. 89,037.—SNAP FOR BRACELETS, ETC.—G. S. Grant (assignor to A. O. Baker), Providence, B. I. 89,038.—LUBRICATING SLEEVE FOR LOOSE PULLEYS.—O. E. Greene, Lawrence, Mass. 89,039.—MEDICINE FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD. — Richard Guinn, Baltimore, Md. 89,040.—SEWING MACHINE.—W. S. Guinness (assignor to himself and A. G. Seaman), London, England. 89,041.—MOP WRINGER.—William Hall, North Adams, Mass. 89,043.—SAW SHARPENING DEVICE.—Jamison H. Harrison, Boston, Mass. 89,043.—SHUTTLE BINDER FOR LOOMS.—Myron E. Haskell, Lowell, Mass. 89,044.—STOVE TONGS.—Nehemiah L. Hatch, Cape Elizabeth, Me. 89,043.—TABLB-LKAI1 SUPPORT.—John Hilts, Detroit, Mich. 89,046.—CHURN.—S. B. Holden, Woburn, assignor to himself and L. L. Holden, Boston, Mass. 89,047.—VELOCIPEDE.—J. A. House and W. B. Snyder, Bridgeport, Conn. 89,048.—MACHINE FOR FINISHING CLOTH.—Daniel Hussey, Nashua, N. H, 89,049.—MATERIAL FOR JOURNALS AND BEARINGS, AND FOR LUBRICATING.—A. B. Jones, Wilmington, N. C. 89,050.—TURBINE WATER WHEEL.—John Jordan, East Windsor, assignor to himself and C. N. Harlow, West Cummington, Mass. Antedated April 15,1869. 89,051.—STILL FOR TURPENTINE AND OTHER SUBSTANCES — Robert W. Lamb (assignor to himself and A. Paul Repiton, Jr.,) Wilmington, N. C. 89,052.—LADIES WORK TABLE.—William St. George Little, Boston, Mass. 89,053.—MODE OF RENDERING BRICK, STONE,CLAY, PLASTER, ETC., WATER REPELLENT.—Robert O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. Antedated March 23,1869. 89,054.—MODE OF RENDERING FIBROUS FABRICS WATER REPELLENT.—Robert O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. Antedated March 23,1869. 89,055.—MANUFACTURE OF WATER-PROOF AND WATER REPELLENT.—R. O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. Antedated March 23,1869. 89,056.—WATER-PROOF COMPOUND.—R. O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. Antedated March 23,1869. 89,057.—HARNESS BUCKLE.—A. C. Luther, Canton, Ohio. 89,058.—FOLDING PERAMBULATOR.—Charles Lyne, Padstow, England. Antedated April 6,1869. 89,059.—ATTACHING HANDLES TO CUTLERY.—Samuel Mason and Edward Binns, Beaver Falls, Pa. 89,060.—PUMP PISTON.—S. G. Mason, Rochester, N. Y. Ante- Jlated April 15,1869. 89,061.—CAB COUPLING.—Alpine McLean, Boston, Mass. 89,062.—MACHINE FOR PUNCHING, SHEARING,AND STRAIGHTENING FISH BAKS.—William Morehouse, Buffalo, N. Y. 89,063.—WATER WHEEL.—Isaac Morse, Henniker, assignor to himself and C. H. Thorndike, Weare, N. H. 89,064.—SEWING MACHINE.—Wm. Muir, Montreal, Canada. 89,065.—POWER LOOM FOR WEAVING INGRAIN CARPETS.— Andrew Murray (assignor to Lowell Manufacturing Company), Low- 89,066.—JAM NUT.—B. W. Nichols (assignor to himself and W. R. Raynolds, Jr.,) Canton, Ohia. 89,067.—BEEHIVE.—Ole Osmundson, Mission, 111. 89,068.—EAVES-TROUGH SUSPENDER.—T. F. Palm (assignor to himself and L. J. Bliven), Toledo, Ohio. 89,069.—VELOCIPEDE.—G. T. Parry, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,070.—RAILWAY RAIL.—Denison C. Pierce, Clayton, N. Y. 89,071.—STOP-VALVE FOR STEAM AND OTHER ENGINERY.— Robert PillinB, Waterford, IT. Y. 89,072.—SEEDING MACHINE.—Archibald Putnam,Owego, N.Y. 89,073.—SUBMARINE PUMP DREDGE.—David Quinn, Chicago, Illinois. 89,074.—MANUFACTURE OF WHITE LEAD.—Tryon Reakirt, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,075.—CHIMNEY.—W. G. Reed, Chelsea, Mass. 89,076.—COMPOSITION FOR MAKING CHILLED CASTINGS.—J. Reichenbach (assignor to himself, John Heath, and W. R. Fitzsimons), Allegheny City, Pa.. 89,077.—BAG HOLDER AND TRUCK COMBINED.—H. A. Reid, Beaver Dam, Wis. 89,078.—AUTOMATIC FEED CRIB FOR STABLE STALLS, ETC.— E. B. Rich, South Boston, Mass. 89,079.—RAILROAD CHAIR.—T. C. Robinson, Boston, Mass., assignor to himself and G. H. Sanborn. 89,080.—ROTARY PUMP.—Geo. W. Rogers, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Aprils, 1869. 89,081.—AUTOMATIC SEED SEPARATOR.—Mark M. Rowell, Brandon, WnV. TT , 89,082.—HARVESTER.—Aonzo Saltsman and C. H. Charles-worth, Avoca, And R. 1?. OHffooA. Kochester. N. Y.; said Qseood assigns MsrtgEMosaM 89,083.—COTTON GIN.—C. G. Sargent, Westford, Maes. 89,084.—Music RACK.—Arthur Shaffer, Dubuque, Iowa. 89,085.—GATHERING ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MACHINE.— Carle Scharffe (assignor to W. Wilson), Cleveland, Ohio. 89,086.—STREET CAR.—Philander Shaw, Boston, Mass. 89,087.—BOILER FEEDER.—Joseph Shirk and Isaac W.Martin, East Earl township, Pa. 89,088.—CARTRIDGE.—Dexter Smith and J. W. Storrs (assignors to the Wesson Fire Arms Company), Springfield, Mass. 89,089.—CAR COUPLING.—J. F. Spaulding, Rutland, Vt. 89,090.—GAS HOLDER—C. A. Stebbins, Springfield, Mass. 89,091.—DEVICE FOR MEASURING, LAYING OUT, AND CUTTING GARMENTS.—G. P. Sweezy, Riverhead, N. Y. 89,092.—SAFETY SWITCH.—C. A. S. Temple, Greenwood village, assignor to himself and S. E. Temple, Boston, Mass. 89,093.—SEWING MACHINE.—Alex. Tittman, Indianapolis, Ind. assignor to himself, W. H. Turner, and D. Henderson. 89,094.—MODE OF TREATING PAPER AND OTHER FABRICS, TO RENDER THEM WATEKPKOOF.—C. Toppan, Wakefield, Mass. 89,095.—WATER REPELLENT MATERIAL.—Charles Toppan, Wakefield, Mass. 89,096.—HORSESHOE.—J. H. Tyler, Martin, N. C. 89,097.—AUGER.—Calvin Wardwell, Painesville, Ohio. 89,098.—CHURN.—G. W. Warren, Alma, N. Y. 89,099.—POTATO DIGGER.—Hiram Webster and Cyrus Powers, East Pembroke, N. Y. 89,100.—ELASTIC COMPOSITION TO IMITATE IVORY AND SIMILAR MATEBIALS.—Wm. M. Welling, Sew York city. Antedated April 89,101.—DOOR HOLDER.—J. S. White, Prescott, Wis. Antedated Feb. 1,1869. 89,102.—VELOCIPEDE.—T. E. M. White, New Bedford, Mass. 89,103.—STEAM ENGINE VALVE GEARING.—Amos Whitte- more, Cambridgeport, Mass. 89,104.—MECHANISM FOR OPERATING SEWING MACHINES.— Amos Whittemore, Cambridgeport, Mass. j 89,105.—INSOLE FOR BOOTS AND SHOES.—Wm. Williams, 1 89,106.—FILTERING FEED-WATER HEATER FOR STEAM GEN- j IKATOKS.—B. F. Wilson, Geddes, N. Y. 89,107.—CARPET STRETCHER.—Thomas Wilson and J. W. Ap- pleyard, Chicago, 111. 89,108.—SIZE MARK FOR HATS.—L. C. Woehning, New York, assignor to P. L. Ruthenburg, Brooklyn, N. Y. 89,109.—PENCIL SHARPENER.—S. S. Woodcock, Somerville, Mass. 89,110.—BUCKLE.—C. E. Woodman, Boston, Mass. 89,111.—DEVICE FOR MOVING HEAVY BODIES.—J. A. Wood worth, Hickory Corners, Mich. 89,112.—LATHING MACHINE.—Wilson S. Wriglit, Ithaca, N.Y. 89,113.—COMBINED CULTIVATOR AND PLANTER.—Benj. Any-1 an, Fitchville, Ohio. I 89,114.—JACKET, OR CASE FOR TEAPOTS.—Alfred Arnold, j Tenafly.N.J. 89,115.—PLOW.—G. M. Atherton, Friendsville, 111. 89,116.—BEDSTEAD FASTENING.—Jackson Barnes, Burling-1 ton, Vt. i 89,117.—HYDRANT.—Frederick Bauschtliker (assignor to himself and Fred. Gentner), Washington, D. C. 89,118.—HOOK FOR SUPPORTING CARRIAGE POLES.—Samuel S.Bent, Portchester, N.Y. 89,119.—SPRING BEDSTEAD.—Jacob Bohmer, St. Louis, Mo. 89,120.—SHAFT SUPPORT.— R. O. Brackett and D. W. Brack- ett, Vineland, N. J. , 89,121.—COMPOSITION FOR PREVENTING THE INCRUSTATION : OF STEAM BOILEBS.—Samuel Brock, New Orleans, La. 89,122.—MACHINE FOR COMPOUNDING AND APPLYING ROOFING COMPOSITIONS TO FELT, PAPER, AND OTHER FABRICS.—B. S. Brown (assignor to himself and L. B. Joy),Buffalo, N. Y. j 89,123.—HYDRANT.—J. G. Bryan, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,124.—MITER Box.—Robert Burchell and R. T. Burchell, Trenton,N. J. J 89,125.—CHURN DASHER.—Jonathan Carl (assignor to himself I and J. A. Carl), Grenada, Miss. 89.126.—CURTAIN FIXTURE.—A. M. Cheney, Charlotte, Mich. Antedated Oct. 29,1868.1 89,127.—GLASS-BLOWING APPABATUS.—B. F. Cloud, Philadel phis, Pa. 89,128.—VELOCIPEDE.—H. S. Colu, New York city. 89,129.—BEEHIVE.—J. H. Crandell, Upper Marlborough, Md 89,130.—VISE.—D. C. Cumings, Fulton, N. Y. 89,131.—CLOTHES FRAME.—W. A. Daggett, South Vineland N.J. 89,132.—MANUFACTURE OF CORDED-EDGE PAPER GOODS.—A. T. Denison, Poland, Me. 89,133.—EGG CARRIER.—George Dorn and John Shibley, Albany, N. Y. 89,134.—TUBULAR PUMP FOR DEEP WELLS.—C. H. Duncan, Pi thole City, Pa. 89,135.—MAST HOOP.—F. B. Dunton, Center Lincolnville, Me. 89,188.—BAXB DRAWER.—B. W. Field, Ferrisburg, Vt. 89;137.—CULTIVATOR TOOTH.—E. L. Freeman, Williamstown, N. Y. 89,138.—VISE.—F. H. Furniss, Waterloo, N. Y. 89,139.—ADJUSTABLE CORNICE FOR WINDOW CURTAINS.— O. L. Gardner, New York city. 89,140.—WASHING MACHINE.—W. B. Gardner, Almond, N.Y 89,141.—BASE-BURNING STOVE.—John H. Goodfellow, Troy, N. Y. 89,142.—BLOTTING PAD.—Peter Gorsline, Elizabeth, N. J. 89,143.—WATER COCK.—Joseph Gregg, Manchester, N. H. 89,144.—GANG PLOW.—T. J. Hall, Byran, Texas. 89,145.—RAILWAY CAR COUPLING.—George Harris, Ipswich, j Mass. j 89,146.—TABLE ATTACHMENT FOR BEDSTEADS.—E. D. W Hatch, Chicago, 111. 189,147.—SASH HOLDER.—E. W. Haven, Brandon, Vt. 89,148.—BURIAL CASKET.—Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Springfield Mass. 89,149.—VELOCIPEDE.—Joseph Irving (assignor to A. T. Dem- erest and Company), New York city. 89,150.—SHUTTER WOHKEB.—S. E. Jewett (assignor to him self, and Osgood G. Boyntors), Haverhiil, 3slass. 89,151.—SLOWLY CLOSING VALVE.—John Keane, New York city., assignor to himself and G. H. Brown. Antedated April 15,1869. 80,152.—GARMENT SUPPORTER.—J. L. Kendall, Foxborough, I Mass. 89,153.—AUTOMATIC WEIGHING MACHINE.—J. G. Lettelier and F. White, Bloomington, 111. 89,154.—AUTOMATIC WEIGHING MACHINE.—J. G. Lettelier and F. White, Bloomington, 111. 89,155.—CHURN.—P. F. Lewis, Columbus, Pa. 89,156.—STEAM ENGINERY FOR SURFACE CONDENSERS.—W. I A. Lighthall, New York city. I 89,157.—CHEESE VAT.—R. M. Livingston, Menteno, 111. 89,158.—STEAM PUMP.—John McCloskey, New York city. 89,159.—DEVICE FOR DETACHING HORSES FROM CARRIAGES. —C. McElroy, New Baltimore, Mich. 89,160.—HORSE RAKE.—Q. W. Middlecoff (assignor to himself and A. McB. Blain), Atlanta, 111. 89,161.—DOOR LOCK.—D. V. Miller (assignor to himself and James Keirnan), Weedsport, N. Y. 89,lt)2.—IRONING BOARD.—J. C. Miller, Lancaster, Ohio. 89,163.—WOOD BORING MACHINE.—B. F. Mohr, MifflinJburg; Pa. 89,164.—MACHINE FOR PULLING BEANS.—S. R. Niles, Raw-son vine, Mich. 89,165.—HORSESHOE.—R. H. Parks, Columbus, uhio. 89,166.—WASHING AND WRINGING MACHINE.—John Pinter, St. Louis, Mo. 89,167.—NOZZLE FOR CANS.—Chas. Pratt, New York city. 89,168—WHIP.—A. C. Rand, Westfield, Mass. 89,169.—HORSE RAKE.—G. M. Richardson and C.C.Richard- son, Dana, Mass. 89,170.—TWISTING TUBE FOR SPINNING MACHINES.—Charles Roberts, Lake Village,?. H. 89,171.—SAFETY HAT AND COAT RACK.—F. W. Roth, Washington D. C. Antedated April 17,1869. 89,172.—MANFFAURE OF LTJMBER.—E. B. Rowe (assignor to the South Brancn Planing min Company), Chicago, 111. 89,173.—MEDICINE CHEST.—Enno Sauder, St. Louis, Mo. 1 89,174.—EGG CARRIER.—Alex. Selkirk, Albany, N. Y. 89,175.—LUBRICATOR.—Alex. Shafer (assignor to L.Sweet, and Company), Wellsville, N.Y. 89.176.—MANUFACTURE OF FEATHER DUSTERS.—C.F.Shourds, New York city. 89,177.—SHIPPING APPARATUS FOR METAL PLANERS.—D. Slate (assignor to Pratt, Whitney & Company), Hartford,Conn. 89,178.—SAW MILL.—Charles Sommer, Chicago, 111. 89,179.—STOVE-COLLAR AND DAMPER.—James Spear, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,180.—BASE BURNING STOVE.—James Spear, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,181.—STOVEPIPE ATTACHMENT.—E. C. Stoddard, and John R. Hoyt, Woodbury, Conn. 89,182.—CURRY COMB.—Miles Sweet, Troy, N. Y. 89,183.—MACHINE FOR MAKING PRINTERS RULES.—Stephen D. Tucker, New York city. 89,184.—TOOL FOR MAKING PLUGS FOR GAS AND WATER- GOOKS.—Wm. Tweedle, Providence, R I. 89,185.—COAL STOVE.—J. S. Van Buren, Norwich, Conn. 89,186— CEMENT ROOFING.—Chas. G. Von Tagen, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,187.—COMPOUND FOR FORMING CORES FOR MOLDING IRON, ETC.—J. I. Vinton, Altoona, Pa. 89,188.—METHOD OF TRANSFERRING OIL-PAINTINGS FROM ONE SURFACE TO ANOTHEB.—J. S. Wachsmuth, Highland, 111. 89,189.—CULINARY BOILER.—Fenn Wilcox, Newark, N. J. 89,190.—POTATO PEELER.—Wm. Zeiger, Elmore, Ohio. 89,191.—BOLT FOR DOORS, ETC.—W. F. Arnold and Ogden L. Steele, New Britain, Conn. 89,192.—HARROW WITH CULTIVATOR ATTACHMENT.—A. M. Bakewell, Normal,111. 89,193.—TILL LOCK ALARM.—J. F. Baldwin, Nashua, N. H. 89,194.—BINDING ATTACHMENT FOR HARVESTERS.—J. W. Bates, St. Paul, Minn. 89,195.—PROCESS OF REFINING MAPLE SUGAR.—O. P. Beards- 1 ey, McDonough, N. Y. 89,196.—HARNESS SADDLE.—Valentine Borst, New York city. 89,197.—DOOR LATCH.—E. W. Brettell, Elizabeth, N. J. Antedated April 9,1869. 89,198.—COMPOSITION FOR COATING PAPER, FOR MANUFAC- TUEE OF NECK-TIES, CRAVATS, AND OTHER ARTICLES OF WEARING APPAREL. -M. W. Brown, New York city. 89,199.—DRAIN TILE MACHINE.—Robert G. Carlisle, San-Francisco, Cal., assignor to A.C.Robinson, W. J. X. Robinson, and J.H Addison; and said J.H. Addison assignor to J. H. Wise. 89,200.—CIGAR MACHINE.—G. B. Clarke, New York city. 89,201.—FERRY RAILWAY.—Oliver Cogsil, Harlem Springs, Ohio. 89,202.—CAR COUPLING.—E. S. Cram, New Hampton, N. H. 89,203.—FIRE PLACE.—A. D. Dailey, Terre Haute, Ind. 89,204.—CONCUSSION FUSE.—E. A. Dana, Brookline, Mass. 89,205.—SASH OPERATOR.—D. A. Danforth (assignor to himself and W. P. Chamberlain,), Elkhart, Ind. 89,206.—NUT FASTENER.—John Davis, New Bedford, Mass. 89,207.—WOOD WORKING MACHINE.—Geo. Dryden (assignor to R. Ball and Company), Worcester, Mass. 89,208.—FEED WATER DEVICE FOR BOILERS.—W. F. Duerr (assignor to himself and R. D. Baldwin), Newark, N. 3, 89,209.—BEDSTEAD FAST-ENER.—E. S. Early, Philadelphia.Pa. 89,210.—CONSTRUCTION OP STBEET RAILWAYS.—Zebina Eastman, Chicago, 111. 89,211.—MACHINE FOR MAKING BOLT HEADS,—C. H. Emerson and J. F. Emerson, New York city. 89,212 —ROUND COMB.—O. B. Gallup, Summit, R. I. 89,213.—STAMP CANCELING DEVICE.—J. C. Gaston, Cincinnati, Ohio. 89 214—APPARATUS FOR TURNING THE LEAVES OF BOOKS OR MUSIC.—John Grant, Hampstead, England. 89.215—COUNTING REGISTER FOR PAPER RULING MACHINE. —J. J. Groshans, Buffalo, N. Y. 89,218.—DISH WASHING MACHINE.—Dan. Guptail, Elgin, 111, 302 19,217.—WOOD SAWING MACHINE.—E. R. Hall, Mexico, N. Y. o9,218.—KNIFE CLBANBK.—C. H. Hardy, Bath, Me. 89,219.—CABINET VENTILATOR.—Sylvester Harnden, Reading, Mass. 89,220.—PROCESS FOB PREPARING PAPER STOCK PROM WOOD. —J. H. Hawes (assignor, to the Hawes Patent Wood Pulp Company), StocKbridge, MasB. g9;221.—REDUCING WOOD FOR PAPER STOCK.—J. H. Hawes (assignor to the HawesPatent Wood Pulp Company), Stockbridge,Mass. 89,222.—MUCILAGE BRUSH. LIANDLE.— lhomas N. Hickcox, Brooklyn N. Y. 89,223.—STOVE SHELF.—F. W. Hudson, Leominster, Mass. 89,224.—MACHINE NOR FORGING HORSESHOE NAILS.—John Huggett and John Albert Huggett, Eastbourne, England. Patented in England, September 21.1S67. 89,225.—STILL.—George Johnson, San Francisco, Cal, 89,226.—PUNCHING APPARATUS. —Robert Kent, Brooklyn, N. T. 89,227.DITCHING MACHINE. — Peter Lugenbell, Greens-burg, Ind. g9 228.—MODE OF UTILIZING IRON TURNINGS, ETC.—Charles S Lynch and J. Augustus Lynch, Boston, Mass., and Charles, E. Coffin, Muirkirk, Md. 89,229.—LAST.—Samuel Mawhinney, Worcester, Mass. 89,330.—LAWN MOWEU.—Benjamin Merritt, Jr. (assignor to himselfandCharleBW. Beals), Newton, Mass. 89,231.—PROPELLING APPARATUS.—Daniel S. Merritt, Mount Morris, Mich. 89,232.—ANCHOR.—John Walter Morgan, Saltney, Great Britain. 89,233.—ELEVATED RAILWAY. — Richard P. Morgan, Jr., Dwight, 111. 89,234. —WASHING MACHINE.—Sebastian Oedamer, Musca- 89,235.—VELOCIPEDE— Arthur ONeill, Hyde Park, Mass. 89,23li.—HARVESTER CUTTER.—John H. Owen, ouston township, in. 80,237.—PLOW CLEANER.—James A. B. Patterson, Springfield, in. 89,238.—HARROW.—James A. B. Patterson, Springfield, HI. 89,239.—FURNACE FOR LIBERATING AND USINGTHEGASEOUS PRODUCTS or COAL.—Treat T. Prosser, Chicago, 111. 89,240—STEAM GENERATOR.—Treat T. Prosser (assignor to himBelfand Henry Waller), Chicago,111. 89,241 —STEAM GENERATOR.—Treat T. Prosser (assignor to himself and Henry Waller), Chicago, 111. 89,242.—PLOW.—Wm. S. Rabb, Winnsborough, S. C. 89,243.—REiKiGKHATOH.—Joseph H. Racey, New York city. 89,244.—INKING APPARATUS FOR PRINTING PRESSES.—Israel L. G. Rice, Cambridge, MasB. 89,245.—TENONING MACHINE.—Seneca M. Richardson, Worcester,. .UISS. 89,246.—PRESS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF PENS, BUTTONS. JEWELRY. ETC.—John Mathew Riley, Newark, N. J. 89,247.— GRAIN DRILL.—Peter J. Schmidt (assignor to Sei-gel, Schmidt, and Company), Carlinville, III. 89,248.—BASE-BURNING STOVE.—J. Q. C. Searle (assignor to Julia E. Searle),Topska, Ka. 89,249.—STEAM GENERATOR.—John Sheffield,Buffalo, N. Y. 89,250.-CRACKER MACHINE.—Theodore Sloat, Brooklyn, (E.D.),N. Y. 89,251.—WASHING MACHINE. — Abram C. Stannard, Milton, WiB. 89,252.—TABLE.—Nathan Stockwel , Windsor, N. Y. 89,353.—DENTAL PLATE.—Leander R. Streeter, Chelsea, assignor to himBelf and A. B. Ely (Trustees), Newton, Mass. 89,254.—PROCESS OF TREATING PYROXYLE, PYKOXYLINE, AND THELIKE SUBSTANCE, FOB FOBMINGUSEFUL AND ORNAMENTAL ARTICLES.— Leander R.Streeter, Chelsea, assignor to himself and A.B.Ely (Trustees), Newton, Mass. 89,255.—MACHINE FOR DISINTEGRATING WOOD FOR PAPER STOCK.—JamesStutt, Fermanagh county, Ireland. 89,256.—NEEDLE-THREADEB FOR SOWING MACHINES.—W. C. A. Thielepape,San Antonio,Texas. 89,257.—HORSS RAKE.—Moses N, Ward, Linneus, assign :r to Frederick Ii Coombs. Bangor, Me. Antedat (1 October 20 1868. 89,258.—STEAM GENERATOR.—Elijah Woston, Buffalo, N. Y. 89,259.—ICE CREAM FREEZER.—David Wiggins, Greenport, N. Y. 89,260.—BASE-BUBNING STOVE. — R. B. Willij, Rochester, N. Y. 89,281.—LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE FURNACE.—D. W. Wyman, New York city. 89,262.—SAD-IRON CLEANER.—A. R. Fuller, Burlington, Vt. 89,263.—MACHINE FOR CLEANING BRICKS.—Janes Lyon, Norfolk, Va. 89,264.—ROCK-CHANNELING MACHINE. — E. G. Lamson, Windsor, Vt. 89,265.—STONE-CHANNELING MACHINE. — E. G. Lamson, WindBor, Vt. 89,266.—EXTENSION TABLE.—John M. Blaisdell, Sanborn- ton, N. H. REISSUES. 83,445.—STEAM GENERATOR.—Dated October 27,1868; reissue 3,384.—Wm.Baxter, Newark, N.J. 77,161.—SPRING CHAIR—Dated April 28,1868; reissue 3,385. —A.Milton Blake, Canton, Ohio. 36,393.—MACHINE FOR SEWING BOOTS AND SHOES.—Dated September 9 1862; reisBuel363, dated December 16,1862; reissue 3 386.— Fraiicis W. Carruth, Boston, and Everett P. Richardso , Lawrence, Mass., assignees, by mesne assignments, of Henry Dunham, Jr. 50,462.—SEWED BOOT AND SHOE.—Dated October 17, 1865; reissue 3,3S7.—Francis W. Carruth. Boston, and Everett P. Richardson, Lawrence, Mass.. assignees of Henry Dunham. Jr. 18,730.—CORN PLANTER.—Dated December 1, 1857; reissue 3,388.—Jarvis Case, La Fayette, Ind. 54,374.—HARVESTER.—Da ed May 1, 1866; reissue 3,389.—C. K. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y., assignee of Hiram E. Lavey. 26,803.—MANUFACTURE OF SEWED BOOTS AND SHOES.—Dated January 10, 1860; resisue 3390.—W. N. Ely. Stratford, Conn., assignee, by mesne assignments, of Francis D.Balfou. 15,354.—MOWING MACHINE.—Dated July 15, 1856; reissue 3,391.—Division A.—Eldridge M. Fowler, Bay City, Mich., assignee of John IV. Thompson. 17,243.—BLIND FASTENING.—Dated M:\y 5, 1857; reissue 3,392. —Randolph Hayden and James C. Ferree (assignees of Horace Van-sands), Middletown, Conn. 17,205.—HARVESTER.—Dated May 5, 1857. reissue 548, dated May 4, 1858; reiSvSue 3,393.—Division A.—James I. Hendryx, CoopeYs-town, N. Y., assignee, by mesne assignments, of Charles Crook. 17,205.—HARVESTER.—Dated May 5, 1857; reissue 548, dated May 4. 1858; reiBBue 3,394.-Division B.—JameB I. Hendryx, CooperB-town, N. Y.. assignee, by mesne assignments, of Charles Crook. 84,ti69.—SUSPENDER.—Dated December 1, 1868; antedated Junel,1868; reissue 3,395.—Samuel Warren Henlon.Selma, Ala. 53,682.—HARVESTER.—Dated April 10,1866; reissue 8,396.—E. G.Paasmore, Philadelphia, Pa. 86,316.7—WOODEN PACKING FOR PISTON RODS AND OTHFR ENGINERY.—Dated January X6, 1869; reissue 3,307.—Charles N. Peter-sen, Chicago, 111, 26,616.—HARVESTER.—Dated December 27,1859; reissue 3,398. —OscarF. Smith, WilliamBport, Pa.,aBBign6eof SamuelN. Purse. 82,371.—PUMP.—Dated September 22, 1868; reissue 3,399.— Samuel Woodruff and H. B. Beach, Hartford, Conn.