Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 27, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: Oneach caveat no On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years).,. vs On issuing each original Patent. 30 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents son On application for Reissue., $gn On application for Extension of Patent. fgo On granting the Extension [ $50 On iiling a Disclaimer. j0 On an application for Design (three and a half years). $10 On an application for Design (seven years). $yj On an application for Deaign (fourteen years) 3o In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ol Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy of Claim oj any Patent issued within 30 years $1 A sketch from themodel or drawing,relating to such portion of a machine asthe Claim covers,from. ft-i upward, but usually at the price above named. The full Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them$135 Official Cop es of Drawings ofany patent issued since 1S36, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount oj labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each cane, may be had by addressing MUXN & CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Bow, New York 89,267.—DEVICE FOR CUTTING BOLTS.—Geo. Adair and J. F. Pool, Monroe, Wis. 89,268—ROTARY PUMP.—M. L. Andrew (assignor to himself and Geo. Burrows), Cincinnati, Ohio. 89,269.—KOTART PUMP—M. L. Andrew (assignor to himself and Geo. Burrows), Cincinnati, Ohio. 89,270.—HOLDER FOR CANDLES AND ORNAMENTS ON CHRISTMAS TREES.—Gustav Anton, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,271.—VAPOR BURNER.—S. D. Baldwin (assignor to himself and Daniel Leonard), Chicago, 111. 89,272.—SASH LOCK.—R. R. Ball, West Meriden, Conn. Antedated April 24,1869. 89,273.—SASH LOCK.—R. R. Ball, West Meriden, Conn. Antedated April 24,1869. 89,274.—SURFACING FABRICS WITH BRONZE OR METALLIC POWDERS.—J. B. Batchelder, Boston, Mass. 89,275.—SEWING MACHINE FOR SEWING LEATHER.—E. E. Bean, Boston, assignor to David Whittemore, North Bridgewater, Mass. 89,276.—FASTENING FOR CARRIAGE SEATS.—William Beers (assignor to himself and William McMillen), Milan, Ohio. 89,277.—BLIND-SLAT TENONING MACHINE.—Henry Bickford, Cincinnati, Ohio. 89,278.—STOVE-COVER HOLDER.—J. E. Blodgett, Oswego, N.Y. AntedatedAprillS, 1869. 89,279.—METHOD OF UTILIZING THE WASTE PRODUCTS OF SUGAR REFINERIES.—V. G. Bloede, Brooklyn, N. T. 89,280.—STOVE GOVERNOR.—Keinard Blum, Champaign, 111. 89,281.—FENCE-BOARD GAGE-HOLDER.—Daniel Bordner, Canton, Ohio. Antedated April 22,1869. 89,282.—CHAIN.—J. F. Brewer, Plantsville, Conn. 89,283.—NUT LOCK.—Kennedy Brown, Gardner, 111. 89,284.—ADJUSTABLE GATE FOR GRAIN ELEVATORS.—Simeon Brown, Utica, Ohio. 89,285.—COMPOSITION FOR PRESERVING EGGS.—W. C. Bru- Bon (assignor to himself ancGeo. RoaljaSBJ, Chicago, 111. 89,386.—BURGLAR ALARM.—I. N. Btfek, Elgin, 111. 89,287.—HAMES.—W. H. Bustin, Watertown, Mass. 89,288.—HAMES FOR HARNESS.—Wm. H. Bustin, Watertown Mass. 89,389.—STEAM-ENGINE CUT-OFF.—Chas. Carr, Boston, Mass Antedated April 17,1869. 89,290.—TWISTING AND DRAWING HEADS FOR SPINNING MACHINES.— Cyprien Chabot, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,291.—STEAM GENERATOR.—James C. Cochrane, Rochester, N. T. 89,292.—SPRING-BALANCE HAMMER.—John Collins, Parma Ohio. 89,293.—VELOCIPEDE.—Edwin Cowles and George R. Metten, Cleveland, Ohio. 80,294.—TABLE CAR OR CASTER.—Eli L. Crandall, Williams-town, N.T. 89,295.—DOOR FASTENER.—W. F. Davis, Boston, and C. E. Broad, Milton, Mass. 89,296.—TRACK CLEANER.—Augustus Day, Detroit, Mich. 89,297.—SWING.—C. M. Dillon, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,298.—MACHINE FOR CLEANING COFFEE.—W. H. Elton Baltimore, Md. 89,299.—OIL CAN.—W. A. Fenn (assignor to himself and H. B. Beach), Rochester, N. T. 89,300.—ANIMAL TRAP.—W. A. Fenn, Rochester, N. Y., assignor to H. B. Beach, Meriden, Conn. 89,301.—GATE.—Benjamin Franklin Fisk, Fredonia Township, Mich. 89,302.—FELT SUSPENDER END.—T. J. Flagg (assignor to Fisk, Clark & Flagg, ) New York city. 89,403.—CULINARY STEAMER. — Israel Forman, Fairmount w. va. 89,304.—STOVE GRATE.—Calvin Fulton (assignor to N. H. Ga-lusha), Rochester, N. Y. 89,305.—FLY TRAP.—Benjamin Glasscock, Hillsborough, Ohio. 89,306.—TRESTLE.—Jonathan Goodlier, Burlington, N. J. 89,307.—BOOK HOLDER.—W. D. Gridley, New Britain, Conn. 89,308.—ELECTRIC SIGNAL FOR RAILROADS.—Thomas Hall, Boston, Mass., assignor to himself and William pillon, Stamford, Conn. 89,309.—FISHING TORCH.—George Haneline, Akron, Ohio. 89,310.—OSCILLATING FURNACE FOR PUDDLING AND REFINING IRON.—John Heatley, Etna, Pa. 89,311.—COMPOUND FOR FORMING BUILDING BLOCKS.—Geo. Heim (assignor to himself and John Ruchty), Napierville, 111. 89,312.—MANUFACTURE OF SHEET IRON.—C. C. Hinsdale Cleveland, Ohio. 89,313.—APPARATUS FOR SCOURING AND DRYING SHEET METAL.—C. E. L. Holmes, New York city. Antedated April 20,1863. 89,314.—MEDICINE FOR CATTLE AND OTHER ANIMALS.—0. E. Hornidy, Chauncy, 111. 89,315.—DRESS PROTECTOR FOR CARRIAGE WHEELS.—P. G. Hubert and J. W. Pitney, New York city. 89,316.—DENTAL IMPRESSION CUP AND SUCTION MOLD.—G. H. Hurd, Memphis, Tenn. 89,317.—ROCKING CHAIR.—Henry Hursh, Sen., Mansfield, 0. 89,318.—PROCESS OF DISTILLING SPIRITS.—C. B. Jarvis, New York city. 89,319.—MACHINE FOR WRAPPING SUGAR KISSES.—T. Lara- mie and J. A. Scott, Wheeling, W. Va. Antedated April 17,1869. 89,320.—PREPARATION FOR RAISING BREAD.—R. P. Leonard, Keene.N. H. 89,3 21.—SPRING-BED BOTTOM OR CUSHION.—H. E. Maker (assignor to himself and H. C. Hoyt), Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 89,322.—HUB AND SPOKE FOR CARRIAGE WHEKLS.—J. Maris Marietta, Ohio. 89,323.—OYSTER DREDGE.—T. F. Mayhew, Port Norris, N. J. 89,324.—HARVESTER.—L. J. McCormick, W. R. Baker, and L. Erpelding. Chicago. 111. 89,325.—WASH BOILER.—T. McMullin, I. N. Mendenhall, and M. Mendenhall, Jr., Osgood, Ind. 89,326.—MACHINE FOR MAKING TIN-LINED LEAD PIPE.—H. Merrie, Cincinnati, Ohio. 80,327.—FRUIT CAN.—Henry Mitchell (assignor to himself G. W. Getzandaner, and J. H.Protzman), Osborne, Ohio. 89,328.—WATCH.—C. S. Moseley, Elgin, 111. 317 8 9,329.—MODE OF CON VERTING ARTICLES OF IRON INTO STEEL. — iSyron W. Nichols (assignor to himself, Cornelius Aultman, George H. Bnckins. Percy S. Sowers, and A. Clark Tonner), Canton, Ohio. 89,330. — PRESERVING FRDTTS AND VEGETABLES, AND IN COMPIHNDS TKEHEFOR.— E. K.Norny,McDonough, Del. 89,331.—DOOR BELL.—0. A. North, New Britain, Conn. 89,332.—LOG BOAT.—Albert Olmstead, Windsor, Mich. 89,333.—GRAIN DRILL.—Henry Paddack and Caswell Hollar, Abington.Ind. 89,334.—GRAIN SEPARATOR.—J. C. Parmater and E. H. Bowen, Vinton, Iowa. 89,i35.—TOOL-ADJUSTER FOR LATIIKS.—L. J. Parsons (assignor to himself and C. S. Bushncll), New Haven, Conn. 89,330.—COUPLING BOR BUGGIES.—L. G. Peel, Preston, Ga. 89,337.—EAILROAD-EARE BOX.—J. J. Phares, ZionsviTie, Ind. 89,338.—PUMP.—John K. Pomroy and L. J. Walter, Lock- port. X. V. 89,339.—CHAIN-PLATE ATTACHMENT.—T. W. Porter, Boston, Mass., and J. D. Leach and Sabin Hutchings, Penobscol, Me. 89,340.—SAFETY STOVE FOR RAILROAD CABS.—A. J. Pyle, New Galilee, Pa. 89,341.—VELOCIPEDE.—James Rankin, Detroit, Mich. 89,342. — APPARATUS FOR MULTIPLYING PHOTOGRAPHIC IM(;ES.—I). W. S. Rawson, Peru, 111. 89,343.—HORSE RAKE.—Henry Rees, Petersburg-, Ind. 89,344. — PUMP VALVE. — Alexander K. Rider, Elizabeth. City, NI. 89,345.—MODE OF PRESERVING TELEGRAPH POLES.—L. S. Tiobbins. New York city. 89,34(3.—HORSE-COLLAR FASTENER.—W. A. Robinson, Grand Rapids, Mich. Antedated April 17.18(39. 89.347.—BASKET GRATE FOR STOVES.—Francis H. Root, Buf-falo, N. Y. 89,348.—HARVESTER PITMAN.—C. E. Roper (assignor to himself and 1. Dni-lim, actuary of E. Ball & Co.), Canton, Ohio. 89,349.—JOURNAL BOX FOR RAILWAY CARS.—H. B. Rowley, Buffalo, assignor to Carrie K. Laman, Painted Post, N. Y. 89,350.—SEEDING MACHINE.—J. R. Rude, Liberty, Ind. 89,351.—ROLLER TOR PAVEMENT.—E. M. Sealand, Cleveland, Ohio. 89,3)2.—ANIMAL TRAP.—Thos. Silliman, Three Rivers, Mich. 89,353.—APPARATUS FOR PURIFYING AND RECTIFYING LIQUIDS.—T. 11. Sinelaire, New York city. 89,354.—PEN HOLDER.—II. A. Spencer, Cleveland, Ohio, and R. S. Cutting, Providence, K. I. 89,355.—CAR COUPLING.—F. D. Sturges, and Wm. M. Young, Mount Vernon, Ohio. 89,3511—SASH HOLDER.—Geo. A. Sturges, Delhi, N. T. 89,357.—SEWING MACHINE.—H. L. Swartwout, Chicago, 111. 80.358.—P.-.-ER FILE.—J. P. Tirrell, Charlestown, and Him Whitney, Watertown, Mass., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Hiram Wliitney and M. L. Marshall and Company. 89,359.—QUILTING FRAME.—R. C. Tomb, Cedar Run, Pa. 89,300.—PROCESS OF ORNAMENTING SHEET-METAL WARE.— John Toothill and Wm. Toothill, Meriden, Conn. 89,361.—STEAM PLOW.—E. A. Tounley and E. S. Friedrich, Washington, D. C. 89,862.—TRUE AND PLANT SPRINKLER.—Hiram Tyler.Gaines, N. Y. Antedated April 15, 1869. 89;W3.—TURBINE WATER WHEEL.—Alonzo Warren, Suffolk county, Mass. 89,361.—SHEARS AND SCISSORS.—Hermann Wondt. Elizabeth, N. J., assignors to Henry Seymour and Company, New York city. 89,3(i5.—OPERATING PICKING STAFF IN LOOMS.—J. F. Wicks, MhTtille, Mass. 89,300.—FEED-WATER FILTERING HEATER FOR BOILKBS.— Daniel Wineland, McComb, Ohio. 89,367.—LAMP CHIMNEY.—0. H. Wolcott, Randolph, JST. T. Antedated April 16.1869. 89,368.—HORSE POWER.—Daniel Woodbury,. Rochester, N.Y. 89,3(50.—PLANE FOR CARPENTERS USE.—S. W. Woodward, Buffalo, N.Y. Antedated April 16,13(. 89,370.—PARLOR BATH.—J. R. Worster, New York city. 89,371.—SPARK CONDUCTOR FOR RAILROAD TRAINS.—Reuben Wright, Houston. Texas. 89,372.—BAND CUTTER.—Anton Zwiebel, Burlington, Wis. 89,373.—PIPE COUPLING.—Levi Abbott (assignor to himself and Edwin H. Cummings), Lewiston, Me. 89,374.—HEATING AND COOLING COIL FOR MASH TUBS.-—M. J. Allen, New York city. 89,375.—SASH BUND.—C. H. Anders, Mycrsville, Md. 89,370.—COMBINED SEEDER HARROW AND ROLLER.—John Anderson, Springfield. 111. 89,377.—WASHING MACHINE.—J. M. Austin (assignor to himself and J. P. Deardoff), Georgetown. Mo. 89,378.—PUMP.—Salmon Belden, Visalia, Cal., assignor to himself and E. F.Roberts. South Amboy,N. J. 89,379.—REST FOR SHOEING HORSES.—S. S. Blackburn, Fred- ericktowu, Ohio. 89,380.—TOY GON.—W. I. Blackman, Columbus, Miss. 89,381.—PIANO BRIDGE.—C. W. Brewer, Racine, Wis. 89,382.—NECKTIE SUPPORTER.—Simon Brulil, New York city. 89,383.—DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING DRY GOODS.—J. D. Chambers (assignor to himself and G. I. Bowlus), West Lebanon, Ind. 89,384.—APPARATUS FOR SWAGING AND WELDING TOE-CALKS TO HOKSK SHOES.—Almon Cook, Hillsdale, Mich. 89,385.—WASH BOILER.—Augustus Day, Detroit, Mich. 89,386.—GRAIN DRILL.—H. B. Dean and S. A. Baker, Ludlow- ville.N. Y. 89,387.—WOOD BENDING MACHINE.—Victor de Lyon, and Valentine Werner, Canton, Miss. 89,388.—HAY LOADER.—Winfield Denton, Iowa City, Iowa. 89,389.—STRAW CUTTER.—Ellis Douty, Collomsville, Pa. 89,390.—APPARATUS FOR COMPRESSING AIR.—F. S. Dumont, New York citv. 89,391.—COOKING STOVE.—W. C. Durant, West Troy, N. Y. 89,392.—MILK CAN.—S. J. Dwyer, Albany, N. Y. 89,393.—SYRINGE.—J. J. Essex, Newport, R. I. 89,394.—GAGE FOR SETTING PLANING MACHINE CUTTERS.— Anderson Evans, Cincinnati. Ohio. Antedated April 20,1869. 89,39).—ROOFING FABRIC—B. F. Field, Beloit, Wis. 89,390.—CORN HARVESTER.—A. W. Fleming, Springfield, 111. 89,397.—RAILROAD CHAIR AND TIE.—T. F. Fouts, Albia, Iowa. 39,398.—STEAM PUMP.—W. W. Gilbert, New York city. 8),-599.—GOVERNOR VALVE.—W. W. Gilbert, New York city. 89,400.—METALLIC BEAM AND GIRDER FOR BRIDGES.—Jos. Gill, Cincinnati. Ohio. 89,401.—WASHING MACHINE.—David Graves, Spring Valley, N. y. 89,402.—LIFE PRESERVER.—Alfred Gregory, New York city. 89,403.—STOVEPIPE FOR DECKS OF VESSELS.—John Hall, Boston, Mass. 89,404.—SEED PLANTER.—W, W. Haupt, Mountain City, Texas. 89,405.—MACHINE FOR PICKING HAIR ROPE.—H. R. Hildreth, Lynn, Mass. 89,406.—ELEVATOR ATTACHMENT FOR FANNING MILLS.— Newell Hinman,Sparta Center, Mich. 89,407.—CLEVIS.—G. W. Holton, Berlin, Ky. 89,408.—GAME REGISTER FOR BILLIARDS.—W. A. Hough, St. Johnsville, N. Y. 89,409.—CULTIVATOR.—B. S. Hyers, Pekin, 111. 89,410.—CAR BRAKE AND STARTER.—C. L. Irving, Indianapolis, Ind. 89,411.—SCREW FOR COTTON AND HAY PRESSES.—J. P. Kint- ner, Harrison county, Ind. 89,412.—MOWING MACHINE.—W. II. Kniglvt, EastMachias, Me. 89,413.—WATER ELEVATOR.—L. M. Knowles, Owatonna, Minn. 89,414.—HARVESTER RAKE.—I. Lancaster, Baltimore, Md. 89,415.—RUFFLTNG ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MACHINES.— W. W. Lo-werree, Albany, N. Y. 89.416.—DERRICK.—Newton Matlick, Williamstown, Mo. 89,417.—SEWING MACHINE.—T. J. McArthur, New York city. 89,418.—CASTER.—W. C. McGill, Cincinnati, Ohio. 89,419.—CULINARY BOILER.—Lewis McLellan, Gorham, Me. 89,420.—MACHINE FOR WASHING WOOL.—John McNaught, and Wm. McNaught, Jr., KocMale, England. 89,421,.—MACHINE FOR MITRING PRINTERS RULES.—T. H. Mead,Boston, Mass. 89,432,—CULTIVATOR.—J. B. Moody, Pembroke, Ky. 89,423.—CRANK.—C. T. Moore, Gilmanton, N. H. 89424.—FARM GATE.—J. T. Moxley, Owasso, Mich. 89,425.—STEEL SURFACED RAILROAD BAR.—Jas. Myers, Jr., Willlamsburgh, N. Y., assignor to the Barrons Patent Steel Manufacturing Company. 89 42(5.—BLANK FOR STOVEPIPES.—Edwin Norton, Toledo, Ohio. 89,427.—Qui TING FRAME.—Josiah Odell, Petroleum Center, Pa. 89,428.—STEAM-ENGINE PISTON.—Wm. Ord, Brooklyn, Ohio. 89,429.—ANIMAL TRAP.—D. J. Owen, Springville, Pa. 89,430.—BEVERAGE FROM SOUR OR BITTER ORANGES.—P. G. Pearson,. Jacksonville, Fla. Antedated April 20,1869. 89,431.—SOLDERING APPARATUS.—Charles Pratt, New York, city, and Conrad Seimel, Greenpoint, N. Y. 89,432.—SUBSOIL-PLOW.—J. B. Pullman, Los Angeles, Cal. 89,433.—MACHINE FOR MAKING PAPER BOXES.—B. F. Quinby (assignor to himself and G. W. Quinby), Boston, Mass. 89,434.—QUARTZ CRUSHER.—Jos. Repetti, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,435.—PROPELLING APPARATUS.—Peter Robert, New York 89,436?—WIRE BRACKET.—W. W. Russell, Ludlow, Vt. 89,437.—DEVICE FOR TRANSFERRING FREIGHT ON RAILWAYS. —L. Savage, Ashtabula, Ohio. Antedated April 16, 1869. 89,438.—PROCESS OF HARDENING TALC, STEATITE, ETC.—J. F. Sell, Cambridge, assignor to Chas. Houghton, trustee, Roxbury, Mass. 89,439.—BLIND SLAT FASTENER.—Wm. Sellers, New York city. 89,440.—DISH STAND.—Daniel Sherwood, Lowell, Mass., assignor to Woods, Sherwood & Co. 89,441.—METALLURGICAL PROCESS AND FURNACE.—Charles William Siemens, Westminster, England, 89,442.—BKIDGE.—Frederick II. Smith, Baltimore, Md. 89,443.—VELOCIPEDE.—William H, S.nith, Newport, R.I. 8),444.—COAL HOD.—John G. Somes, Charlestown, Mass. 89,445.—TAKE-UP MECHANISM FOR LOOMS.—John Sparks, Concord, Ky. 89,440.—EMBROIDERING ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MACHINES.— Joseph Thomas, New York city, 89,447.—MAIL BAG FASTENING.—J. A. Truitt, Oakland, Pa. 89,448.—MACHINE FOR GRINDING CIRCULAR SAWS.—Stephen D. Tucker, New York city. 89,449.—STILL.—Joseph R. Van Marter, Lyons, N. Y. 89,450.—MACHINE FOR MAKING COVERED BUTTONS.—Wm. W. Wade, Medford, Mass. 89,451.—SHOE NAIL.—Aaron Waldron, Milford, Mass. 89,452.—EAR-DROP SUSPENDER. — Linus Weed, Norwalk, Conn, 89,453.—DIVING BELL.—John A. Weisse, New York city. 89,454.—ANCHOR.—Frederick Wittram, San Francisco, Cal. 89,455.—HOSE COUPLING.—Albert F. Allen, Providence, R. I. 89,450.—NOZZLE FOR HOSE PIPES.—Albert F. Allen, Provi- dence, R. I. 89,457.—REVERSING GEAR FOR STEAM ENGINE.—Arthur M. Allen, New York city. 89,458.—HOT-AIR FURNACE.—Charles Allen,Hartford, Conn. 89 459.—BLACKING BRUSH.— C. L. W. Baker, Hartford, Conn. 89,460.—NUT LOCK.—Wm. E. Ball,Belmont, Ohio. 89,461.—WRENCH.—George W. Bishop, Stamford, Conn., assignor to the New England Manufacturing Works Company. 89,462.—AWNING.—Henry A. Bowman, Worcester, Mass. 89,463.—HEATING STOVE.—Theodore Brockman, Davenport, Iowa. 89,464.BUTT HINGE.—Michael Bush, Bloomington, 111. g9405.—WHIP SOCKET.—J. A. Caldwell and C. S. Bugbee, Springfield, Mass. 89,466.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING AND THREADING PIPE.— William D. Chase, New York City. 89,4fi7.—LASTING Pisfcss ASI NAILER.—Frank O. Claflin (assignor to himself and A. R.Carman), Brooklyn N. Y. 89,468.—ENGINE LATIIF,.—Alfred B. Couch, Worcester, Mass. 89,409.—VISE.—Edwin Crawley and Thomas L. Baylies, Richmond, Ind. 89,470.—CLOD FENDER.—Joseph C. Curryer and William F. Curryer, Thorntown, Ind. 89,471.—STEAM ENGINE VALVE.— Charles Dawson, Lanes-borough, Pa. 89,472.—MACHINERY FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF MATCH STICKS.—Francois de Bowens, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,473.—SHOE TREE.—Thomas R. Evans, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,474.—SAFE.—Daniel Fitzgerald, New York city. 89,475.FINGER RING.—Chester S. Ford (assignor to himself and Lewis J. Mulford), New York city. 39 476.—MACHINE FOR CONCENTRATING AND SEPARATING OEES AXD MIUKBAIS.—Robert George, Denver City, Colorado Ter- 9,477.—CORK EXTRACTOR.—George L. Gibson, Jr., Con- 89,478.—HORSE HAY FORK.—Elam Harter, Dowagiac, Mich, j 89(479.—WATER CLOSET. — Joel Hayden, Jr., Haydenville, 89,480.—MACHINE FOR MOLDING AND WORKING BUTTER.— James C. Hervey, Cincinnati, Ohio. 89,481.MEDICAL COMPOUND.—William Hibbert, Manchester, 89,482.—DEVICE FOR WINDING WATCHES AND CLOCKS.—E. I H.Hull, Warren, Ohio. j 89,483.—BENCH HOOK.—John Humphreys, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 89,484.SCHOOL DESK.—AlfredHutchinson, Philadelphia, Pa. 89485.—FLOUR COOLER.—Peter Johnson, Wauconda, 111. 89486.—PLOW POINT.—Charles B. Kerr, Columbus, Ind. 89,487.—WHIP.—Gamaliel King, Westtield, Mass. 89488. APPARATUS FOR FLOWING AND SENSITIZING PHOTO- KKAITUC PAPER, ETC.—William C. Lukenbach, Newport, Pa. , I 89 489.SEWING MACHINE.—Lucius Lyon, New York city. 89490.—COFFEE ROASTER.—Benjamin K. Maltby, Cincin- j nati, Ohio. j 89,491.MACHINE FOR SPINNING METAL.—J. J. Marcy (as- j signer to himself and E. Miller and Company), West Merlden, Conn. 89,492.—RETORT FOR PREPARING CHARCOAL FOR RECTIFYING SPIRITS, ETC.—James McCann, St. Louis, Mo. j 89,493.—MANUFACTURE OF ROSIN OIL.—Joshua Merrill, Bos-1 89,494.SPRING BED BOTTOM.—M. Ohmer, Dayton, Ohio. 89495.—ELECTRO-MAGNETIC CAR BRAKE.—Joseph Olmsted, Galesburg, 111. 89.496.—FABRIC FOR CHATR SEATS, ETC.—James W. Owen (assignor to himself and Edward M. Coe), New Haven, Conn. 1 89,497.-—CHURN DASHER. — William S. Owen, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 88,498.—SHEARS.—Seneca H. Parish, Chicago, 111. 89,499.—BELT HOOK.—Horatio L. Pierce. Taunton, Mass. 89500.—BAG HOLDER.—Joseph I. Peyton and Chas. N. S. Wai- j ladi, Washington, D.C. j 39,501.—FEED-WHEEL FOR SEWING MACHINES.—G. M. Pratt j (assignor to Finkle and Lyon Manufacturing Company), Middletown, , Conn. j 89,502.—PIN DRILL.—Thomas Prosser, New York city. j 89,503.—TRUNK.—C. R. Rand, Dubuquc, Iowa. 89,504.—MANUFACTURE OF BOOTS AND SHOES.—Everett P. Richardson, Lawrence, assignor to himself and Francis W. Carruth, Boston, Mass. 89,505.—BASE-BURNING COOKING STOVE.—Thos. P. Rossiter, Cold Spring,N.Y. 89,500.—GUIDE FOR SEWING MACHINES. — Augustus L, Rumpff, Dansville, N. Y. 89,507.—ENVELOPE.—C. W. Saladee, Circleviile, Ohio. 89,508.—SAFETY ATTACHMENT FOR LAMPS.—John F. San-ford, Keokuk, Iowa. 89,509.—HARVESTER.—J. W. Shaw, Concord, N. H. 89,510.—MANUFACTURE OF STARCH, DEXTRINE, AND GLUCOSE.— Thomas Sim andElias S. Hutchinson, Baltimore. Md. 89,511.—BOLT FOR SHUTTERS, ETC.—James F. Sipplo, Freder-lca, Del. i 89,512.—CORN PLANTER.—Eugene Slosson and Edwin C. Slos- son, Vienna, 111. 89,513.—ABDOMINAL CORSET.—Cyrene Smith, Louisville, Ky 89,514.—IRON CLEAT AND CHOCK-—Francis B. Stevens, Wee-hawken, and William Brown, Hoboken, N, J.; said. Stevens assignor to j said Brown, 89,515.—METHOD OF PRESERVING FLOWERS.—Elizabeth Mary Stieale, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,516.—TOY TARGET.—B. L. Stone, San Francisco, Cal. 89,517.—WRENCH.—Geo. C. Taft, Worcester, Mass. 89,518.—SAW MILL.—Ephraim B. Talbot, Knoxville, Tenn. 89,519.—SPOOL RESERVOIR OR CASE—J. Patton Thompson, Philadelphia, Pa. 189,520.—LANTERN. — Nathan Thompson, Brooklyn (E. D.), 89,521.—FENCE.—W. H. Trimble, Hillsborough, Ohio. 89,522.—PLATING METALS.—Hiram Tucker, Niwton, Mass. 89,523.—MODE OF1 ORNAMENTING METAL SURFACES.—Hiram Tucker, Newton, Mass. 89,524.—RAILROAD REVOLVING TIME TABLE. — Aaron II, Vancleve, South Amboy, N. J, 89,525.—CARCOUPLING.—Wm. V. Wallace, Now York city. 89,526.—MACHINE FOR SCREENING GRAIN AND SEED.—Ben], F. Watson and CharlesH. Tinkol, Bridgeport, 111. 89,527.—COMPOSITION FOR ROOFING, PAVEMENT, FLOORS, ETC.—H. A. Weber, Columbus, Ohio. 89,528.—MACHINE FOR MAKING SCREWS.—Allen Webster, Farmington, assignor to himself and N. C. Huhbell, New Haveu, Conn. 89,529.—HEATER AND VENTILATOR FOII RAILROAD CARS.— Asa Weeks. Minneapolis, Minn. 89,530.—DEVICE FOR POLISHING PENCILS.—E. Weissenborn, Hudson City, N. J. 89,531.—COMPOSITION FOR ARTIFICIAL IVORY.—W. M. Welling, New York city. 89,532.—COMPOSITION RESEMBLING IVORY.—W. M, Welling, New York city. j 89,533.—CORN HUSKER.—Alonzo Whitcomb, Worcester.Mass. 89,534.—STEAM PUMP.—J. C. Wightman, Newton, assignor to Charles Houghton, trustee,Roxbury, Mass. 89,535.—GAME ENTITLED TALISMAN. —John W. Wilson, New York city. 89,536.—LAMP.—J. S. Wood, Plamfield, N. J. 89,537.—DINING CAR FOB RAILWAYS.—George M. Pullman, Chicago, 111. 89,538.—HOTEL CAR FOR RAILWAYS.—George M. Pullman, Chicago, 111. 89,539.—LIGHTING RAILWAY CARS.—Aaron Longstreet (assignor to G. M. Pullman), Chicago, 111. 89,540.—CORRUGATED METAL BUILDING.—R. Montgomery, New York city. 89,541.—ELEVATED RAILWAY.—Richard Montgomery, New York city. 89,543.—RAILROAD CAR SEAT AND COUCH.—T. C. Theaker Bridgeport, Ohio. 89,543.—VELOCIPEDE.—H. C. Laurence, Canandiiigua, assign or to W.H. Moak andBenj.. Jansen, ISrooklyn, N. Y 89,544.—RAILWAY CAR COUPLING.—D. D. Wright, Oakville, Ontario. Canada. 89,545.—WASH BOILER.—Chas. E. Miller, Indianapolis [nd. Antedated Oct. 2?, 1868. REISSUES. 20,835.—STEAM ALARM.—Dated July 6, 1858; reissue 3,400. —Henry Martin, Wallingford, Conn., assignee, by raesne assignments, of S. W. Warren. 28,207.—AXLE FOR CARRIAGES.—Dated May 8, 1860 : reissue 3,401,-A. E. Smith, Bronxville, N. Y. 10,386.—HEMMING AND CORDING UMBRELLA COVERS.—Dated January 3,1854; antedated July 3,1853; extended seven years; reissue 3,402.—Nathaniel heeler, Bridgeport, Conn., assignee of Sherburne C. Blodgett. 74,650.—THRASHING MACHINE,—Dated February 18, 1868; reissue 3.403.—A. S. WHiiteiiore, WiUimantJe, Conn. 34,150.—GATE AND GUIDE OF WATER WHEELS.—Dated January 1-1,186; reissue 1,793, dated October 11,1804; reissue 3,171, dated October 27,1868; reissue 3,404.—J. s. Goode and John W. Bookwalter, Springfield, Ohio, executors of the estate of James Leffel, deceased. 23,291.—METALLIC BAND FOR BALING.—Dated March 22, 1859; reissue, 3,405.—George Brodie, Plum Bayou, Ark. 49,902.—HARVESTER.—Dated September 19, 1865; reissue 3,400.—Division A.—M. G. Hubbard, Syracuse, N. Y., assignee of L. M. Batty. 49,962.—HARVESTER.—Dated September 19, 1865: reissue , 3,407.—Division B.—M. G. Hubbard, Syracuse, N. Y., assignee of L. M. Batty. 77,090.—HOT WATER ELEVATOR,—Dated April 21,1868; reissue 3,408.—W. E. Prall, Washington, D. C. (for himself), and A.C. Rand, New Yrork city, assignee of W. L. Prall. 85,340.—CLAY MOLD AND PATTERN FOR CASTING METALS.— Dated December 29,180S; reissue 3,409.—The Metallic Compression Casting Company, Boston, Mass., assignees of J. J. C. Smith. 72,555.—AXLE FOR CARRIAGES.—Dated December 24, 1867; reissue 3,410.—A. E. Smith, Bronxville.N. Y. 113,330.—GRAIN AND GRASS HARVESTER.—Dated July 24, 1855; reissue 883, dated Januarys, 1800; reissuc3,411.—Division A.—Danl Uriuyand John Manz. Wilmington, Del., assignees of Jesse Qrmy. j 13,330.—GRAIN AND GRASS HARVESTER.—Dated July 24, I 1855; reissue 883, dated Januarys, 1800; reissue 3,412.—Division B—Daniel Urmy and John Mauz, Wilmington, Del., assignees of Jesse Urmy. 23,703.—MACHINE FOR MAKING DRAIN PIPES.—Dated April I 19,1859; reissue 1,897, dated February 28,1865; reissue 2,811, dated Janu ary 14 1808; reissue 3,413,—B. S. Pierce, New Bedford, Mass., and M. R Pierce, Woodstock. N. Y. DESIGNS. 3,450.—TRADE MARK.—H. I. Barbey, New York city. I 3.451.—HAT, IN IMITATION OF1 STHAW BRAID.—S. A. Blake,. j Milford, Conn. j 3,452.—STOVE.—A. E. Chamberlain and J. B. Crowley (assignors to themselves, O. N. Bush, and F. V. Chamberlain), Cincinnati, Ohio I 3,453.—COOKS STOVR.—J. G. Clarke, Cincinnati, Ohio. i 3,454.—CLOCK CASE FRONT.—B. F. Corban, Bristol, Conn. j 3,455.—TRADE MARK.—R. F. Danforth, Cleveland, Ohio. 3,450.—PRINTERS TYPE.—Herman Ilenburg, Philadelphia,Pa. i assignor to MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan. I 3,457 and 3,458.—GRINDING, MILL.—W. D. Leavitt, New Or leans, La., and Henry Stiaw, Cincinnati,Ohio. Two Patents. I 3,459.—HEARSE.—Henry Loehr, Boston, Mass. 3,400.—STOVE.—John Rowe, Cincinnati, Ohio. 3,461.—GRINDING MILL.—Henry Shaw, Cincinnati, Ohio. 3,462.—HINGF,.—E. E. Stow, Plautsville, Conn. 3,463.—GRATE FORK.—John Taggart, Boston, Mass. ] 3,464,—CLOCK CASE.—S. B. Terry, Waterbury, Conn. 3,405.—CASING oi A SODA WATER APPARATUS.—James W. Tufts, Medford, Mass. 3,466.—VENTILATOR DOOR.—M. B. Washburn, Brooklyn, N. Y. 3,407.—FLOOR CLOTH.—J. T. Webster, New York city, as-I signor to Deborah Powers, A. E. Powers, and N. B. Powers, Lansing-j burgh, N. Y. 3,468.—STOVE.—Alex. Wemyss, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Stuart, Peterson, and Company. Facts for tSae Ladies. 1 purchasedmy Wheeler & Wilson machine July 10,1857, and for the first six years used it constantly from morning until late in the evening on heavy cloth and Marseilles work, and the remainder of the time I have used it for family sewing, without repairs, and the machine is in so good condition that I would not exchange it for your latest number. It will wear a dozen years more without repairing. I have used one needle nearly three years, and have some of the dozen needles that I received with the machine. MES. T. EDMONSON. Jersey City.