For the Week Ending May 4, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: Oneach caveat.................................................................$W On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................f 15 On is suing each origina 1 Patent................................................$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................$20 On application for Eeissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer....................:.....................................$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ol Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy oj Claim oj any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. Thejull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time thp. Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1 25 Official Copies oj Drawings o fany patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price oj drawings, in each case, may be had by address-ina MUNN & CO. Patent Solicitors, No, 37 Park Row, New York 89,546.—CORN HARVESTER.—B. F. Barney, Pontiac, 111. 89,547.—POTATO DIGGER.—L. L. Bettys, Ontario, N. Y. 89,548.—SPINDLE STEP FOR SPINNING MACHINES.—E. Blake, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 89,549.—HOT-AIR FURNACE.—Nathaniel A. Boynton, New York city. 89,550.—CORN SHELLER.—John Bowles, Augusta, Ga. 89,551.—MOUSE TRAP.—J. N. Bunnell, Unionville, Conn. 89,552.—BOOT-BLACKING MACHINE.—Martin Burnell,Arundel, England. 89,553.—ROPE GUIDE FOR WINDOW WEIGHTS. — Edward Burnham, Framingham, Mass. 89,554.—SNOW PLOW.—Robert Bustin (assignor to himself, J. D. McDonald, and George Bedell), St. John, New Brunswick. 89,555.—HORSE RAKE.—Joseph Bohner, Alden, N. Y. 89,556.—MACHINERY FOR PLANING.—John Casson, Sheffield Parish, England. 89,557.—BLIND STOP.—:W. A. Caswell, Providence, R. I. 89,558.—TIRE MACHINE. — J. W. Cleveland, North Tun-bridge, vt. 89,559.—SAWTEETH.—Edward Colson (assignor to himself and C. B. Oakley), Fort Wayne, Ind. 89,560.—CHEESE-HOOP FOLLOWER.—Howell Cooper, Water-town, N.Y. 89,561.—WEFT-STOP MECHANISM IN LOOMS.—J. D. Cottrell, Hopedale, Mass. 89,562.—MEDICAL COMPOUND.—J. D. Curl and J. D. Bartlett, Mokena, 111. 89,563.—CARTRIDGE.—G. H. Daw, London, England. 89564.—FASTENING HANDLES TO TOOLS.—J. M. De Witt Chicago, 111. 89,565.—PLOW.—J. M. Dormon, Claiborne Parish, La. 89,566.—AUTOMATIC FAN.—J. R. Dunn, Queens county, and G. B. Burroughs, Brooklyn, N. Y. 89,567.—TOY VELOCIPEDE.—Elijah Eaton, Hartford, Conn. 89,568.—FREEING TOOL, SCREW, AND JEWEL SETTER COMBINED.—C. E. Evard, Leesburg, Va. 89,569.—COMBINED MEASURE AND FUNNEL.—Joseph Fanyon, Providence, R. I. 89570.—DEVICE FOR FASTENING WAGON SEATS.—J. H. Fellows, Alba, Pa. 89,571.—POTATO DIGGER.—W. A. Field, Schuylkill Haven,Pa. 89,572.—WASH BOILER.—Stephen Fisk, Winchester, Ind. 89,573.—HOLDBACK.—W. Garrison and C. H. Stevens, Syracuse, N. Y. Antedated Dec. 3,1868. 89,574.—ENAMELING STONE AND EARTHENWARE.—J.H. Giles, New York city. 89,575.—WRENCH.—John Goodin, Centralia, 111. 89,576.—WHIP SOCKET.—GK H. Gregory, North Milton, Conn. 89,577.—FLOOR CLAMP.—J. A. Haase, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,578.—AUTOMATIC SWITCH. — Samuel Hodkinson, Louis- ville. Ky. 89,579.—FLUX FOR EXTRACTING PRECIOUS METALS FROM THEIR ORES.—W. W. Hubbell, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,580.—AUTOMATIC FEED REGULATOR FOR LAMPS.—H. S. Hudson, Selma, Ala. 89,581.—GOVERNOR FOR STEAM ENGINES.—R. K. Huntoon (assignor to himself and J. A. Lynch), Boston, Mass. 89,582.—COMPOUND OF IVORY DUST AND OTHER MATERIALS. —J. W. Hyatt, Jr., Albany, and David Blake, Spencertown, N. Y. 89,583.—WATCH-WINDING DEVICE.—Isaac Ickelheimer, New York city. 89,584.—MODE OF GUIDING VELOCIPEDES ON A SINGLE TRACK. —J. H. Irwin, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,585.—SUN DIAL.—John Johnson, Saco, Me. 89,586.—LOCKING NUT.—C. F. Keller (assignor to himself, Wm. Balliet, and H. A. King), Nevada, Ohio. 89,587.—SASH LOCK.—Geo. King, Frederick, Md. 89,588.—APPARATUS FOR MAKING ILLUMINATING GAS FROM GASOLINE.—H. S. Maxim and Jas. Radley, New York city. 89,589.—CORN SEPARATOR.—E. McLane, Young America, 111. 89,590.—MACHINE FOR WASHING HIDES AND LEATHER.—H. N. Meeker, Smith's Mills, N. Y. 89,591.—WASH BOILER.—C. E. Miller, Indianapolis, Ind. 89,592.—STADDLE PIPE FOR HYDRAULIC GAS MAINS.—Peter Munzinger, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,593.—FORMING MACHINE FOR SQUARE TIN CASES.—J.H. Murrill (assignor to Murrill & Keizer), Baltimore, Md. 89,594.—INHALING APPARATUS.—E. W. Owen, Brooklyn, N.Y. 89,595.—STEAM GENERATOR.—W. S. Page and Richard East, Nine Elms Wharf, Nine Elms, England. 89,596.—DOOR KEY.—Emery Parker, New Britain, Conn. 89,597.—SPINNING FRAME.—Samuel B. Parmenter, Lewis-ton, Me. 89,598.—APPARATUS FOR CONVEYING SCREW BLANKS.—E. S. Pierce (assignor to National Screw Company) Hartlord, Conn. 89,599.—METAL BINDING FOR OILCLOTH, CARPET, ETC.—John Piper, Utica, N. Y. 89,600.—LAMP.—J. F. Sanford, Keokuk, Iowa. 89,601. — HAT-BLOCKING MACHINE. — Julius Sheldon, New York city. 89,602.—AXLE SKEIN.—Gottlieb Schreyer, Columbus, Ohio. 89,603.—HORSE HAY FORK.—R. A. Smith, Washington Mills, N.Y. 89,604.—CARRIAGE-SASH FASTENER AND SUPPORTER.—Wm. Stewart, Hartford, Conn. 89,605.—HORSE RAKE.—Sumner Stoughton, Windsor, Ohio, assignor to himself and Leverett Grover. 89,606.—SEEDING MACHINE. — John H. Stringfellow, Richmond, Va. 89,607.—TOY GUN.—C. B. Thayer, Syracuse, N. Y. 89,608.—PLOW.—S. R. Thompson (assignor to himself and Joseph Pinkham), New Market, N. H. 89,609.—GRINDING MILL.—Almon Thwing, Hopedale, and C. H. Fowler, West Roxbury, Mass. 89,610.—HOT-AIR FURNACE.—W. D. Titus, Brooklyn, N. Y. 89,611.—MACHINE FOR RAKING AND COCKING HAY.—Joseph Wadleigh, Chebanse, 111. 89,612.—COTTON-BALE TIE.—J. S. Wallis, New Orleans, La. 89,613.—CULINARY APPARATUS.—Benjamin Wardwell, Providence, R. I. 89,614.—DRAFT EQUALIZER.—S. H. Wheeler, Dowagiac,Mich. 89,615.—ROOT DIGGER.—Baxter Wright, Cardiff, N. Y. 89,616.—CHURN.—S. S. Allen, Belvidere, N. Y. 89,617.—METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE FLOW OF LIQUIDS UNDER PRESSURE.—J. S. Baldwin, Newark, N. J. 89,618.—NEEDLE SETTER AND THREAD PINCER.—C. T. Barber and B. T. Loomig, New York city. 89,619.—HAY RACK.—Angeline Bayley, Battle Creek, Mich., administratrix of the estate of A. C. Bayley, deceased. 89,620.—METALLURGIC FURNACE.—A. GK Bevin, East Hampton, Conn. 89,621.—SPRING.—H. N. Black, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,622.—BOOK BINDING.—W. I. Blackman, Columbus, Miss. 89,623.—MACHINE FOR SWAGING AX POLLS.—R. Blake and Ansel Carpenter, Scranton, Pa., assignors to Robert Blake. 89,624.—MACHINE FOR TRIMMING CUE LEATHER.—J. E. Boyle, New York, N. Y. 89,625.—ADJUSTABLE CENTER SQUARE.—W.H. Brock (assignor to himself and C. H. Huntoon), Bridgeport, Conn. 89,926.—ANIMAL TRAP.—Elisha Brown, Wayne, Mich. 89,627.—MITER MACHINE.—J. H. Brown, Brockport, N. Y. 89,628.—CASTER.—Myron S. Brownell, Adrian, Mich. 89,629.—CHURN DASHER.—J. M. Buchanan, Lawrenceville, 111. 89,630.—DRAIN PIPE.—Stephen Carlton, Lynn, Mass. 89,331.—UPSETTING MACHINE.—E. R. Carter, Medina, and C. D. W. Gibson, Bay City, Mich. 89,632.—BALANCE LINE FOR MAST HOOPS.—Joseph Conway, Harrison, Md. 89,633.—BOOT JACK.—Patrick Cullen, Bridgeport, Conn. 89,634.—GARDEN CULTIVATOR.—J. M. Culver, Gilbertsville, Iowa. 89,635.—STEERING APPARATUS.—Gt. H. Davis, Stony Brook, N.Y. 89,636.—CAR STARTER.—G. W. Davis, and A. E. Smith, Providence, R. I. 89,637.—BEARING FOR VERTICAL SHAFTS.—E. A. Dayton, Richmond, Va. 89,638.—SADIRON.—Julie Dittrich, Hoboken, N. J. 89,639.—BRAKE FOR WAGONS.—Gt. B.Douglas (assignor to himself, and J. H. Scheer), Sedalia, Mo. 89,640.—BOOT CRIMPING MACHINE.—W. R. Dunn, Alton, Ind. 89,641.—KEY FASTENER.—R. S. Dunning, Fall River, Mass. 89,642.—MANUFACTURE OF METAL ORNAMENTS.—F. J. Emery, Chicago, in. 89,643.—FANNING MILL.—LeRoy Farnham and John Mosher, Delta, Mich. 89,644.—BEEHIVE.—J. E. Finley, Memphis, Tenn. 88,645.—CHURN.—J. E. Finley, Memphis, Tenn. 89,646.—NECK PAD FOR HORSES.—C. J. Fisher,Waukon,Iowa. 89,647.—UTERINE SUPPORTER.—E. J. Fraser, Erie, Pa. 89,648.—APPARATUS FOR TREATING DISEASES BY VACUUM.— T. Fravel, Westvillejnd. 89,649.—PAINT BRUSH.—F. P. Furnald, Jr., New York city, R. W. Champion, Brooklyn, N. Y., and I. N. Davies, Bergen City N. J. 89,650.—ROTARY STEAM ENGINE.—A. C. Gallahue, Morri- sania, N. Y., assignor to himself and David Gillispie, New York city. 89,651.—SPRING BED BOTTOM.—Gt. L. Gerard, New Haven, Conn., assignor to himself, T. B. Carpenter, and J. E. Carpenter. 89,652.—SELF-OILING PULLEY.—J. Goodrich and H. J. Col-burn (assignors to Rollstone Machine Works),Fitchburg, Mass. 89,653.—DOUGH ROLLING MACHINE.—Harmon Goodwin and Chas. H. Bennett, 2d, South Berwick Junction, Me. 89,654.—MEDICATED CRACKER.—J. L. Halliman, Grand Rapids, Mich. 89,655.—COOKING STOVE.—Robert Ham, Troy, N. Y. 89,656.—HYDRAULIC PRESS.—Thos. Harbottle, Brooklyn,N.Y. 89,657.—WATER WHEEL.—Wm. Haslup, Sydney, Ohio. *9,658.—SLEIGH RUNNER.—G. W. Hatch, Parkman, Ohio. *9,659.—NUT-LOCK FOR FISH PLATES.—J. W. Hazelton and A. A. Southard, Drayton Plains, and Oliver Merwin, Elba, Mich. S9,660.— STOVEPIPE THIMBLE.—G. W. Helt, Alma, Mich. $9,661.—POTATO DIGGER.—T. N. Henderson, Jackson, Mich. 39,662.—PUMP.—D. P. Henry, Windsor, 111. 39,663.—PROPELLING BOATS.—Joseph Heroux, St. Paul,Minn. 39,664.—BOTTLE FILLER.—E. Jeanjaquet, New York city. 39,665.—APPARATUS FOR CARBURETING AIR OR GAS.—Josi- ah Jonson, Toledo, Ohio. 39,686.—EAR FOR WATER PAILS.—J. G. Krichbaum, Youngs-town, Ohio. 39,667.—DEVICE FOR SETTING THE HANDS OF WATCHES.—A. Lange, Glashette, Saxony. 39,668.—TRUSS SUPPORTER.—D. S. Leavitt, Grand Rapids, Mich. 39,669.—FEED CUTTING ATTACHMENT FOR THRASHING MACHINES.—G. W. Lee, Sandy, Ohio. 39,670.—COAL STOVE.—Michael Lehmer, Oregon, Mo. 39,671.—VISE.—J. H. Lewis, Duxbury, Mass. 39,672.—PUMP.—J. H. Luddington, Bridgeport, Conn. 39,673.—APPARATUS FOR ELEVATING HAY.—O. E. Mabie, Camden. N. Y. 39,674.—GATE FOR WATER WHEELS.—T. W. Mahler, Rome, 39,675.—ENVELOPE OPENER.—W. H. Mantz, Centralia, 111. 89,676.—DITCHING MACHINE.—W. D. McKinney, Marion, Ind. 39,677.—NON-FREEZING RAIN LEAD.—J. F. McNee (assignor to himself, and Martin McNee), Philadelphia, Pa. B9,678.—HORSE POWER.—C. L. Merrill, Watertown, N. Y. 89,679.—VELOCIPEDE.—H. T. Metzgar, Salem Cross-Roads, Pa. 89,680.—BRICK MACHINE.—Asa Morgan, Cedar Bayou, Texas. 89,681.—MULEY SAW MILL.—L. Morrison, and A. G. Harms, Allegheny City, Pa. 89,82.—SPITTOON FOOTSTOOL.—J. N. Morrison, Philadelphia, Pa 89,683.—HORSE HAY FORK.—S. T. Nigh, Leitersburg, Md., assignor to himself, J. W. Nigh, and Upton Bell. 89,684.—MILKING STOOL.—C. F. Pollock and Nicholas Trick- ey, Theresa, N. Y. 89,685.—APPARATUS FOR TEMPERING CLAY.—L. E. Ransom, Trenton, Mich. 89,686.—FIBE ESCAPE.—E. P. Richardson, Manchester, N. H. 89,687.—TOOL FOR TURNING CENTERS.—H. D. Richardson (assignor to himself and J. W. Wilson), East Hampton, Mass. 89,688.—TOOL HOLDER.—H. D. Richardson (assignor to himself and J. W. Wilson), East Hampton, Mass. 89,689.—BUCKLE.—F. C. Richer, Gilmer, Texas. 89,690.—WRENCH.—F. C. Richer, Gilmer, Texas. 89,691.—RAILWAY SWITCH.—Andrew Rosewater, Omaha, Nebraska* 89,692.—LOOM.—Wm. Rosseter, Accrington, England. 69,693.—JACKET FOR FIREPLACE HEATER.—Watson Sanford, Brooklyn, N. Y. 89,694.—POWER ' LOOM FOR WEAVING CARPETS, ETC.—Halcyon Skinner (assignor to Alex. Smith), Yonkers.N. Y. 89,695.—VELOCIPEDE.—John C. Smith, Brooklyn, N. Y. 89,696.—LAMP.—S. P. Smith, Waterford, N. Y. 89,697.—HORSE RAKE.—S. P. Smith, Waterford, N. Y. 89,698.—STOVE DRUM.—F. Stadter, Plattsmouth, Nebraska. 89,699.—BREECH-LOADING FIREARM.—A. C. Stevens, Hudson, N. Y. 89,700.—CIRCULAR VELOCIPEDE.—G. J. Sturdy and S. W. Young, Providence, R. I. 89,701.—HEAT RADIATOR.—D. F. Sweet, Otsego, assignor to himself and Reuben Sweet, Kalamazoo, Mich. 89,702—WRENCH.—G. C. Taft (assignor to Loring Coes), Worcester, Mass. 89,703.—TRUCK FOR CARRYING LOGS.—Calvin Taylor, Handsborough, Miss. 89,704.—MODE OF PUTTING UP CAUSTIC SODA FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF SOAP.—T. C. Taylor, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,705.—MAGAZINE FIREARM.—L. Z. Terril, Chicopee, Mass. 89,705.—STEAM HEATING DEVICE.—J. B. Terry, Brooklyn, N.Y. 89,707.—LAMP SHADE.—G. W. Tucker, Waterbury, Conn. 89,703.—ATTACHING KNOBS TO THEIR SPINDLES.—H. B. Tut- hllj, New York city, assignor to himself, M. C. Ogden, and W. Slawson. 89,709,—PREPARATION OF GLUE STOCK AND OTHER PRODUCTS FKOJH ANIMAL SUBSTANCES.—D. K. Tuttle, and Orazio Lugo, Baltimore, Md: 80,710.—COMBINED SEED SOWER AND HARROW.—Myron Van- deusen, Oxford, Mich. 89,711.—WASHING MACHINE.—J. D. VanDusen, Auburn,N.Y. 89,712.—METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION FOR SCREW PROPELLERS. —Henrietta Vansittart Richmond, England. 89,713.—OVEN.—John Vatter, Phillipsburg, Ohio. 89,714.—LOW-WATER INDICATOR.—W. W. Virdin, Baltimore, Md. 89,715.—METHOD OF PRODUCING FROM PRINTED PAPER NEW PLATES FOB REPRINTING.—Charles Vogt and Christian Vogt, Xew York city. 89,716.—CISTERN.—John J. Walker, Ann Arbor, Mich. 89,717.—STEAM ENGINERY FOR SEINE HAULING.—Peter M. Warren, Edenton, N. C. 89,718.—DRIVE WELL POINT.—Devolson Weaver, Anamosa, Iowa. 89,719.—MATCH Box.—Horace J. Wickham, Manchester, Conn. 89,720.—FIRE GRATE.—George Williamson, Sullivan, 111. 89,721.—MILL BRUSH AND SPINDLE.—John Williams, Sullivan, iu. 89,722.—PEA DROPPER.—A. J. Williams, Barnesville, Gt&. 89,723.—COMBINED LIFTING JACK AND WRENCH.—Richard A. York, Reading, Mich. 89,724.—MACHINE FOR GRINDING SAWS.—E. L. Abbott, Jamison H. Harrison, and W. P. Welch, Boston, Mass., assignors to E. L. Abbott; said Abbott assigns to himself and S. A. Woods. 89,725.—DEVICE FOR PREVENTING INCRUSTATION IN BOILERS.—Thomas Barfleld, Athens, 111. 89,726.—WASH BOILER.—Charles R. Arnold, Hamilton, 111. 89,727.—WATERPROOF COATING FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES.— Emilie Victor Audibert, New Orleans, La. 89,728.—SEEDING MACHINE.—Henry Bean, Schuylkill, Pa. 89,729.—CORN CULTIVATOR.—Solyman Bell and George W. Brcnson,La Salle county, 111. 89,730.—HARVESTER.—Henry Brackett, Valley Falls, N. Y. 89,731.—HARVESTER RAKE.—Henry Brackett, Valley Falls, 89,732.—HARVESTER DOPPER. — Henry Brackett, Valley Falls, N.Y. J 89,733.—DBOPPER FOR HARVESTERS__Henry Brackett, Valley, Falls, N. Y. 89,734.—SELF-DISCHARGING BLANKET ORE CONCENTRATOR.— John M. Bryan, Lincoln, Cal. 89,735.—PATTERN, MEASURING, AND LAYING OUT LADIES' DRESSES.—H. M. Burrows, Norwich, N. Y. 89,736.—SPRING SEAT FOR CHAIRS, WAGONS, CARS, ETC.— William Carr (assignor to himself and Charles P. Ford) ,'St. Louis, Mo. 89,737.—MACHINE FOR MAKING HORSESHOES.—James Christie, Pittsburg, Pa. 89,738.—PREPARATION OF COPYING PAPER.—Charles Cowan, New York city. 89,739-—SEED SOWER.—George H. Crocker, Marysville, assignor to himself and David L. Smith, San Francisco, Cal. 89,740.—FEATHER RENOVATOR.—John Cyester, Osborn, Ohio. 89,741.—SASH HOLDER.—Addison Davis, Boston, Mass. 89,742.—CORN DROPPER.—Loyal M. Doddridge, Henry Reiten-our, and Jacob B. Swhier, New Mount Pleasant, Ind. 89,? 43.—CAP FOB LAMP CHIMNEY.—Jules George Dreyfus New York city. J 89,744.—VELOCIPEDE.—L. E. Dugas, Warren, 111. 89,745.—BRIDGE.—James B. Eads, St. Louis, Mo. 89,746.—LOCK.—John Ebling,New York city. 89,747.—STOP WATCH.—Henri Robert Ekegren, Geneva, Switzerland. 89,748.—PROCESS OF AGEING LIQUORS AND SPIRITS, AND FOR PKODUCIKG AEOMATIO ETHEES.—Charles Louis Fleischmann, Washing. 99,749.—DISTILLING APPARATUS.—Charles Louis Fleischmann, Washington, D. C. 39,750;---PROCESS OF EXTRACTING OIL FROM COTTON SEEDS.— Charles Louis Fleischmann, Washington, D. C. 89,751. COTTON GIN.—Charles Louis Fleischmann, Washing ton*D. C 89,752.—RAILWAY CAR WHEEL.—Addison C. Fletcher, New York City. 89,753.—DOOR LOCK.—Monroe B. Foote, Northampton, Mass., assignor to himself, William M. Gaylord, and E. N. Foote. 89/754.—EDGE PLANE FOR BOOTS AND SHOES.—Philander S. Foster, Richmond, Me. 89,755.—BIT STOCK.—Dan P. Foster, Waltham, Mass. 88,756.—REFRIGERATOR.—George A. Fountain, Newark, N. J. 89,757.—ELECTRO-MAGNETIC TEMPERATURE ALARM.—J. B. N Fqjirnier and C. A. Lemaire, Paris, France. 89,758.—APPARATUS FOR CHANGING CAR TRUCKS.—S. L. Fremont,Wilmington,N.C. 89,759.—CARRIAGE STEP AND WHEEL FENDER.—John W Gosling, Cincinnati, Ohio. 89,760.—ROCKING CHAIR.—Carl Julius Graf, Chicago, 111. 89,761.—WASHING MACHINE.—Abraham Havens, Trenton, N. J. 89,762.—ALARM LOCK.—Edward Herbster, Chicago, 111. 89,763.—METHOD OF CONSTRUCTING PILES FOR BEAMS.— Charles Hewitt, Trenton, N. J. 89,764.—DEVICE FOR BENDING PLOW HANDLES.—William Heylman, Peoria, 111. 89,765.—ROCK BREAKER.—Alonzo Hitchcock, New York city. 89,766.—FOURDRINIER PAPER MACHINE.—Carl Hofinann, Elkton,Md. 89,767.—DIVIDED AXLE FOR RAILWAY CARS.—David Brown Hunt, San Francisco, Cal. 89,768.—COMPOUND FABRICS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SHIRT COLLAES.—Walter Hunt, New York city, assignor, by mesne assignments to William E. Lockwood, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,769.—HEDGE TRIMMER.—S. T. Hyde, Piasa, 111. 89,770.—LANTERN.—John H. Irwin, Chicago, 111. 89,771.—COAL SCUTTLE.—John William Jarboe, Brooklyn, (E.D.).N.Y. 89,772.—SUSPENDER.—Ebenezer Jennings, Jr., New York city. 89,773.—TRUNK CLAMP.—Wm. S. Jessup, Newark, N. J. 89,774.—HORSESHOE.—Jonathan Johnson, Lowell, Mass. 89,775.—HORSESHOE.—Jonathan Johnson, Lowell, Mass. 89,776.—SOFA, LOUNGE, AND TABLE.—William B. Jones, Cincinnati, Ohio. 89,777.—PROPELLOR.—A. C. Loud, San Francisco, Cal 89,778.—SCYTHE.—William Lowden, Thornapple, Mich. 89,779.—SEAT FOR PARKS AND GARDENS.—Samuel Macferran Philadelphia, Pa. ' 89,780.—GOVERNOR FOR STEAM AND OTHER ENGINERY.__J. Avery Marden (assignor to George M. Gibson and Thomas A. Johnston), 89,781.—STOP VALVE.—Benj. G. Martin, New York city. 89,782.—FIREPROOF BUILDING.—Edwin May, Indianapolis, 89,783.—VELOCIPEDE.—S. T. McDougall, Brooklyn, N. Y. 89,784.—WASH BOILER.—Fredrich William Miller, (assignor to Fares and Miller), Cincinnati, Ohio. 8a,785.—WEATHER STRIP.—William Miller, Chicopee, Mass: 89,786.—STEAM GENERATOR.—John H. Mills, Boston, Mass. 89,787.—MEAT CUTTER.—D. H. Mundy and H. W. Hoffman- Caraden,N. J. 89,788.—GANG PLOW.—Maurice Murphy, Vacaville, Cal. 89,789.—MACHINE FOR BUFFING, WHITENING, GLASSING, POLISHING, AND STONING LEATHER.—Albert W.Pratt (assignor to himself, William A. Perkins, and David H. Burbank). Salem, Mass. 89,790.—WOOD-BENDING MACHINE.—Nathaniel Purdy, Milwaukee, Wis. 89,791.—CULTIVATOR.—John A. Quick, South Danville, N. Y. 89,792.—HARVESTER DROPPER.—Amos Rank, Salem, Ohio. 89,793.—COAL CHUTE.—L. D. Roberts andC. C. Roberts Cleveland, Ohio. 89,794.—SUBMARINE DRILLING APPARATUS.—T. F. Rowland Greenpoint, N. Y. 89,795.—SAFETY LAMP.—Frank Saunders, Aberdeen, Miss. 89,796.—SIDE-HILL PLOW.—Ives Scoville and H. H. Scoville, Oakland, Cal. 89,797.-—GANG PLOW.—George Seibert and John Seibert, Ashley, 111. 89,798.—MACHINE FOR SKIVING AND CHANNELING SOLES.— J. B. Sias, Beverly, assignor to H. S. Vrooman, Boston, Mass. 89,799.—QUILTING FRAME.—W. J. Simmons, Chariton, Iowa. 89,800.—MACHINE FOR DESICCATING FERTILIZERS.—Amor Smith, Baltimore, Md. 89,801.—CULTIVATOR.—Philander Sprague, Pecatonica, 111. 89,802.—PRODUCING GAS FOR HEATING AND LIGHTING.—T. G. Springer, Clinton, Iowa4 89,803.—MOP HOLDER.—Greenleaf Stackpole, New York city 89,804.—SKATE.—E. T. Starr, New York city. 89,805.—PROCESS OF REMOVING SOLUBLE MATTERS FROM ARTIFICIAL STONE.—E.T. Steen and W. B. May, San Francisco, Cal 89,806.—PIANOFORTE.—Daniel Stirn, Milwaukee, Wis. 89,807.—MULE FOR SPINNING.—Albert Stock well, Providence, R. I., assignor to C. W. Greene, trustee, and said Greene, as trustee assigns to Albert Stockwell and Winsor Stone. 89,808.—HORSE RAKE.—H. A. Streeter, Worcester, Mass., assignor to J. P. Streeter and Brother. 89,809.—LOCOMOTIVE STEAM ENGINE.—J. S. Stuart, Philadelphia, Pa. 89,810.—HOESE HAY FORK.—J. B. Sweetland, Pontiac, Mich. 89,811.—CANDLESTICK.—F. A. Taber, Baltimore. Md. 89,812.—REVOLVING SULKY HARROW AND SEEDER COMBINED. —A.L. Taveau, Chaptico, Md. 89,813.—MEANS FOR HANGING WINDOW SHADES.—J. I. Tay San Francisco, Cal. ' 89,814.—CHEESE TABLE, SHELVING, ETC.—A. M. Utlev Watertown, N. Y. *" 89,815.—PORTABLE LAUNDRY.—John Van, Cincinnati Ohio Antedated April 16, 1869. ' 89,816.—LIFE BOAT.—F. Vie, Havre, France. 89,817.—COMBINATION LOCK.—Ephraim Vorbe, San Francisco, 89,818.—SOLE CHANNELING AND FEATHER - EDGING MACHINE.— H. S. Vrooman, Boston, Mass. 89,819.—DOOR CATCH AND CUSHION.—Sam'l Wagner, Galion, Ohio. 89,820.—BELT JOINT.—Bernard P. Walker, Wolverhampton, England. r ' 89,821.—SASH BALANCE.—P. A. Wilson (assignor to himself, Matthew Whilldin, and Albert Atwood), Camden, N. J. 89,822—VELOCIPEDE.—Seth Wilmarth, Maiden, Mass. 89,823.—TIRE UPSETTING MACHINE.—Albert Winship Turner, Me. li 89,824.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING STALKS IN THE FIELD PREPARATORY TO PLOWING.—Reuben Wright, Houston, Texas. 89,825.—HORSE POWER.—Jas. M. Albertson, New London, 89,826.—LETTER LOCK.—H. L. Arnold, Chicago, 111. 89,827.—FOOT REST FOR CHAIRS.—Gt. L. Badlam and C. W. Lang, Brandon, Vt. 89,828.—TICKET PUNCH.—John Chapin, Chicopee, assignor to R.H. Smith, Springfield, Mass. r * 89,829.—BRANDING APPARATUS.—J. Wesley Dodgo, Maiden Mass. 89,830.—LOCK FOR PRISON DOORS.—L. M. Ham, Boston, Mass. 89,831.—APPARATUS FOR ROLLING AND NOTCHING RAILS FOR RAILROADS.—Wm. Hoffman, Pittsburgh, Pa. 89,832.—SASH HOLDER.—Bennett Kindblade, Geneva, 111. 89,833.—FIELD SKATE.—T. L. Luders, Olney, 111. 89,834.—HAT PRESS.—Gt. C. Howard, Philadelphia, Pa Antedated Nov. 4,1868. r 89,835.—CARRIAGE WHEEL.—Virgil Prico, New York city. 89,836.—BUCKLE.—W. M. K. Thornton, Clinton, Wis. 89,837.—TRUNK LOCK.—Zachariah Walsh (assignor to himself and Cornelius Walsh), Newark, N. J. 89,838.—WASHING MACHINE.—Jacob Weaver, Jr.,Pittsburgh, 89,839.—JOURNAL BOX.—Rufus Sibley, Greenville, Conn. REISSUES. 85,983.—MACHINE FOP. HEADING BOLTS.—Dated January 19, 1889 reissue 3,414.—J. E. Abbe, Providence, R. I. 22,793.—CRACKER MACHINE.—Dated February 1, 1859; reis- issue 3,415.—Joseph Fox, Lansingburgh, N. Y. 10,592.—STRAW CUTTER.—Dated March 7,1854; reissue 2,293, 'dated June 28,1866; extended seven years from March 7,18C8; reissue 3,410.—Warren Gale, Peck-skill, N. Y. 65,579.—METHOD OF MAKING SIDE BANDS OF WATCH CASES. —Dated June 11,1867; reissue 3,4H.-G. W. Ladd and J. A Brown, Providence, R. L, assignees, by mesne assignments, of G. w. Ladd. 74.116.__LUBRICATOR FOR LOOSE PULLEYS.—Dated February 4,1868; reissue 3,418.—G. M. Morris and John McCreary, Cohoes, N. Y. 20,254.—RAILWAY DAY AND NIGHT CAR.—Dated May 18, 1858-reissue 602, dated September 21, 1858; reissue 3,419.—J. H. Meyers, Rochester, X. Y., assignee, by mesne assignments, of J. B. Creighton. 60 213.—COMBINED LATCH AND LOCK.—Dated July 30, 1867; reissue 3,420.-Division l.—N. Petre, New York city, for himself, and assignee of J. H. Sugg3tt. 79,929.—BUTTON.—Dated December 31, 18 7; reissue 3,421.— W. H. Reed, New York city, Chairman of Committee on Organization, assignee of D.M. Sovners and W. S. Atwood. 13,501.—MACHINERY FOR TRIMMING BOOKS.—Dated August 28,1855; reissue 3422.—Michael Riehl, Philadelphia, Pa. 7593.—MACHINE FOR, AND METHOD OF COMPRESSING CARTRIDGE SHELLS TO V TAPERED FORM.—Dated March 9, 1869 reissue 3,423.—B. S. Roberts, United States Army. 86,620.__HOT-AIR FURNACE.—Dated February 2,1869; reis- 'sue 3,424.—F. A. Woodson, Anna, 111. 55,631.—FRUIT Box.—Dated June 19, 1866; reissue 3,4-25.— T. B. Smith, Ansonia, and B. W. Corning, New Britain, Conn., assignees, by mesne assignments, of T. B. Doolittle. DESIGNS. 3,469.—LID OF A WRITING DESK.—B. I. Beck, Brooklyn, N. Y. 3,470.—PLATES OF A COOK'S STOVE. —John Martino, Jacob Beeslev, and John Currie, Philadelphia, Pa., assignors to Chas. Sharpe and E. L. Thomson. 3,471.—TABLE CASTER.—Wm. Parkin (assignor to Reed and Barton), Taunton, Mass. 3,472.—FLOOR OIL CLOTH.—A. E. Powers, Lansingburgh, 3,473.—TRADE MARK.—C; C. Savery, Philadelphia, Pa. 3,474.—COOK'S STOVE.—Robert Scorer and Robert Ham (assignors to Cox, Church & Company), Troy, N. Y. 3J475._SHOW CASE.—M. Terhune, Chicago, 111., assignor to himself and W. H. Core, New York city. 3,476.—CLOCK CASE.—-S. B. Terry, Waterbury, Conn. 3,477.—FLOOK OIL CLOTH.—J. T. Webster, New York, assignor to Deborah Powers, A. E. Powers, and N. B. Powers, Lansing- hrnxrh XT V