Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 18, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: rteach caveat................................................................. 10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents......................................., $20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$39 On application for Extension of Patent.....................................$50 On grantingthe Ext ension.................,...................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer.......................................................... io On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$13 On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ol Canada and Nova Scotia pay $501) on application. For copy of Claim oj any Patent issued within W years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. The full Specification of any patent issued since Jfov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Ql/lce commenced printing them..............................$1"35 Official Copiesof Drawingso/any patent issued since 1836,we cansuppiyat a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing MUNS& CO., Patent Solicitors, Ho. 37 Park Sow, New York 90,062.—GOLD-LEAF CONDENSES.—John F. Adams, Worcester, Mass. 90,063.—COMBINED COMB AND SHEARS FOR HAIR-CUTTING.— Joseph H. Atkinson, San Francisco Cal. 90,064.—CLEANSING LIQUID.—E. J. Balcear, Martinez., assignor to Samuel Pillsbury, San Francisco, Cal. 90,065.—POTATO DIGGER.—Osmer W. Baldwin (assignor to himself,and Thomas F. Wright), Greenfield, Ohio. 90,066.—PROCESS OF USING UNMASHED INDIAN CORN IN BBEWIUG BEEK, ETC.—Nicholas Baumann (assignor to himself and W. B. Clark) .Kalamazoo, Mich. 90,067.—PURIFYING THE WASTE GASES FROM COPPER ROASTING FURNACES.—Artemas Bigelow and James S. Baldwin, Newark, N. J., assignors to HenryMartin, Baltimore, Md. 90,068.—PLOW CLEVIS.—John Adolph Bilz, Pleasanton, Cal. 90,069r—LAMP REFLECTOR.—Edward C. Blakeslee, Water-bury, Conn., assignor to " The Benedict and Burnham Manufacturing Company. 90,070.—ALARM FOR POCKET BOOKS.—Theodore Blodgett, Belchertown, and Warren S. Weatherby, Granby, assignors to themselves and Charles D. Clapp, Amherst, Mass. 90,071.—LOG-SAWING MACHINE.—Hervey C. Boardman, Mor- risville, Vt. 90,072.—WASHING MACHINE.—Fredrick W. Born, Cleveland, Ohio. 90,073.—PAINT COMPOUND.—H. W. Bradley (assignor to Chas. M. Dickinson), Binghamton, N. Y. 90,074.—GATE.C. D. Brewer, Williamsport, Pa. Antedated May 10,1869. 90,075.—PROCESS OF HARDENING STEEL.—Henry Brooke, Pittsburgh, Pa. 90,076.—BOOT JACK.—Edwin Lee Brown, Chicago, 111. 90,077.—HAY SPREADER.—William H. Butterworth, Trenton, N. J. 90,078.—SETTEE.—Wesley Chase, Buffalo, N. Y. 90,079.—FEED REGULATOR FOR MILLSTONES.—George W. Clapper, Martinsville, Ind, assignor to himself, Thomas E. Dawson, Joel M. Johnson, and A. S. Greggs. 90,080.—PUMP.—W. H. T. Clark, San Francisco, Cal. 90,081.—MACHINE FOR HANGING WALL PAPER.—Leon Cline, Chicago, 111. 90,082.—WAGON SEAT.—Theodor De Kimp, Kirksville, 111. 90,083.—STEAM GENERATOR.—Anthony Demarce, Fairfield, Iowa. 90,084.—COMPOSITION FOR PAVEMENTS, ROOFING, AND FOR QTHEK PuflpOESBSmJuliusISdmund Botch and Edward Duempelman, Washington, D. O. 90,685.—POWER L06M.—Jofia O. Duckworth (assignor to Duckworth and Sous), Pittsfield, Mass, 90,086.—HARVESTBR CUTTER.—G. L. Dulaney, Mechanics-burg, Pa. 90,087.—MANURE AND HAY FORK.—Geo. B. Flint, Sing Sing, N. Y., assignor to Montgomery Fork Company, New Yorkcity. 90,088.—TRUNK.—C. D. Flynt, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,089.—SUBMARINE TELEGRAPH CABLE.—Alfred Faucaut, Orleans, France. 90,090.—STRAW CUTTER.—Warren Gale, Peekskill, N. Y. 90,091.—PRINTING PRESS.—Geo. P. Gordon, Rahway, N. J. 90,092.—WINDOW FASTENER.—L. D. Gould, Newark, N. J. 90,093.—PROCESS OF TEMPERING METALS.—Edwin H. Grant, Washington, D. C. 90,094.—APPARATUS FOR COOLING LIQUIDS.—Charles Green- lee and Wm. H. Redfleld, Belvidere, 111. 90,095.—HOT-AIR FURNACE.—John Gwynn, Tiffin, Ohio. 90,096.—PERMUTATION LOCK.—Wm. Hall, Boston, Mass. 90,097.—APPARATUS FOR PURIFYING, SCREENING, AND CoOL-lira REBUKNT BOHE BLACK.—Melancthon Hanford. Boston, Mass. 90,098.—HORSE HAY FORK.—Samuel Z. Hawbecker, Upton, and Abraham Thomas, St. Thomas, Pa. 90,099.—ARTIFICIAL LEG AND FOOT.—Moses H. Hawkins, New Haven, Conn. 90,100.—COMPOUND FOR THE MANUFACTURE OV LUBRICA- ?iM8 OILS.—E. E. Hendrick, Carbondale, Pa. 90,101.—Ox YOKE.—E. N. Hillsgrove, Concord, N. H. 90,102.—STOVEPIPE SHELF.—N. H. Howard, Beloit, Wis. 90,103.—COAL AND GRAIN BOAT ELEVATOR.—S. K. Hoxsie, Philadelphia, Pa. 90-,104.—MEAT BLOCK.—L. H. Ives, Syracuse, N. Y. 90,105.—CARRIAGE PAINTERS' EASEL.—Bruce Irons, Columbus, Wis. 90,106.—COMPOSITION FOR PAVEMENTS, ROOFING, DRAIN PIPES, ETC.—John L. Kidwell, Washington, D. C. 90,107.—CHEESE Box.—V. P.Kimball, Watertown, N. Y. 90,108.—MACHINE FOR MAKING CUT NAILS.—Jacob B. King-ham,Dorchester, Mass. 90,109.—COMPOSITION DRAWING OR EOVING CAN FOR USE IN THE MANUFACTURE OF YABNB.—Peter Lawson, Lowell, M ass. 90,110.—STEAM ENGINE.—Daniel Lee, Boston, Mass. 90,111.—MODE OP UTILIZING THE SLAG OF A ROLLING MILL FTJKNACE.—Charles S. Lynch, Boston, Mass. 90,112.—CULTIVATOR.—J. Mcllvain, Hancock, 111. 90,113.—SAIL HANK.—Wm. McKay and Charles E. Bayley, Newburyport, Mass. 90,114.—PLY FRAME FOR PRINTING PRESSES.—Theodore H. Mead, Boston, Mass. 90,115.—GRADUATING PATTERN FOR BOOTS AND SHOES.— Michael Meade, Boston, Mass. 90,116.—GRAIN BIN.—Clark W. Mills, Brooklyn, N. Y. 90,117.—PORTABLE FENCE.—Thomas Nevison, Morgan, Ohio. 90,118.—COMPOUND TO BE APPLIED TO SHOES AND OTHER ARTICLES.—Enoch Osgood, Boston, Mass. 90,119.—BUTTON.—Oscar Paddock, Watertown, N. Y. 90,120.—APPARATUS FOR AGEING SPIRITS.—P. M. Papin, St. Louis, Mo. 90,121.—KEY.—Emery Parker, New Britain, Conn. 90,122.—EAVES-TROUGH SUPPORTER. — A. G. Perry, Clyde, Ohio. J 90,123.—FLUID METER.—Townsend Poore, Scran' on, Pa. 90,124.—INVALID TABLE AND BOOK HOLDER.—Ph. J.Probeck, and John B. Corlett, Newburg, Ohio. 90,125.—SAW-FILING MACHINE.—George Robinson and Harvey O. Silver, Sodus, N. Y. 90,126.—APPARATUS FOR MOLDING PULLEYS.—George Lamb Scott, Manchester, England. 90,127.—WATER HEATER.—Thomas Shaw, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,128.—HOT-AIR ENGINE. — Philander Shaw (assignor to Shaw's Union Air Engine, Company), Boston, Mass. 90,129.—FOLDING FEED TROUGH.—Wm. N. Shellabarger, Union, Ohio. 90,130.—SEWING MACHINB.—S. P. Sleppy, Wilkesbarre, Pa. 90,131.—LAND ROLLER.—William H. Staats and August C Schwanke, La Prairie, and Lucas Stadler, Bowen, 111. 90,132.—NUT LOCK.—G. Carter Stamper, Osceola, Iowa. 90,133.—LUBRICATING TEMPLE FOR LOOMS. — Edward S. Stimpson (assignor to Dutcher Temple Company), Milf ord, Mass. 90,134.—UMBRELLA FASTENING.—Theodore R. Timby, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 90,135.—LAMP SHADE.—James S. Travis (assignor to Archer and Pancoast Manufacturing Company), New York City. 90,136.—CUTTING PLIER.—Wm. L. Truland, Waterford, N. T. 90,137.—DETACHABLE FIXTURE FOR CASTERS.—Alexander C. Twining, New Haven, Conn. 90,138.—PENCE GAGE.—Wm. V. Van Syckel, Joshua, 111. 90,139.—DRIVING REINS AND BRIDLE.—William H. Wall, Boston, Mass. 90,140.—MANUFACTURE OF CARBONATE OF SODA AND OTHER CHEMICALS.— IsidorWalz and J. M. Pendleton, New York city. 90,141.—COAL STOVE.—David Wells, Lowell, Mass. 90,142.—POTATO DIGGER.—S. H. Wheeler, and L. V. Rouse Dowagiac, Mich. 90,143.—PUMP.—Parker Wineman, Joliet, 111. 00,144.—CARRIAGE SPRING.—A. E. Wolcott, Chicago, 111., assignor to himself and Isaac Simmons, Baltimore, Md. 90,145.—CARRIAGE SPRING.—A. E. Wolcott, Chicago, 111., assignor to himself and Isaac Simmons, Baltimore, Md. 90,146.—CARRIAGE SPRING.—A. E. Wolcott, Chicago, 111., assignor to himself and Isaac Simmons, Baltimore, Md. 90,147.—WAGON JACK.—John Zeller, Stouchsburg, Pa. 90,148.—RIGGING FOR GAFF-TOPSAILS.—Chas. Anthony, Providence, K.I. 90,149.—HORSE HAY-FORK.—D. S. Bigler, Siddonstown, Pa. 90,150.—PIANOFORTE.—Edward Bloomfield, and D. P. Otis, New York city. 90,151.—SCREW PLATE.—Wm. Bond and John Wroath, San dyHill.N.T. 90,152.—BALING PRESS.—A. P. Boren, Greensborough, N. C. 90,153.—MOP HEAD.—G. E. Brettell, Rochester, N. Y. 90,154.—COMBINING HARD RUBBER WITH JET AND OTHER SUBSTANCES TO PKODTJCE USEFUL AND OBNAMENTAL ARTICLES.—Wm. Byron (assignor to himself, and G. S. Kice,Ne\v- York city. 90,155.—THREAD GUARD.—Geo. W. Dalbey, Carrollton, Miss. 90,156.—BEARING FOR SHAFTS.—Reuben Daniels, Woodstock, vt. 90,157.—TUBE WELL PUMP.—J. H. Devirs and Dan'l Gravatt, Pleasantville, Pa. 90,158.—APPARATUS AND MACHINERY FOR PUDDLING IRON. —P. A. Dormoy, Vienna, Austria. 90,159.—COFFEE POT.—W. C. C. Erskine, Nether Kinnedder, Dunfermline, Scotland. 90,160.—MANUFACTURE OP GLUE.—Hugo Fleck, Dresden, Saxony, assignor to "Wm. A. Fleck, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,161.—RAILWAY CHAIR.—G. P. Fuller, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,162.—BINDER FOR CLOSING GAS RETORTS.—Andrew Fulton, Albany, N. Y. 90,163.—SAW GRINDING MACHINE.—Thos.Gamble.Richmond, Va. 90,164.—HoLiiOW PROJECTILE FOR FIREARMS.—T. D. Gibson, Wilmington, Del. 90,165.—IRON LAST.—J. Godfrey, New York city. 90,166.—PESSARY.—C. R. Gorgas, Roughsburg, "Ohio. 90,167.—WATER WHEEL.—T. G. Hall, Beach Haven, Pa., assignor to himself and D. F. Leybert, Salem. 90,168.—PEN HOLDER.—Geo. Harrison, New York city. 90,169.—HAND CORN PLANTER.—L. O. Hayworth, New Cumberland, Ind. 90,170.—MACHINE FOR STUFFING HORSE COLLARS.—Geo. W. Hobart, Silverton, Oregon. 90,171.—BED BOTTOM.—E. C. Holden and E. L. Brockett, Owatonna. Minn. 90,172.—HORSE-STALL FLOOK.—Jas. Hollingsworth, Chicago, 90,173.—ALARM BELL.—Lawrence Holms, Paterson, N. J. 90,174.—NECK YOKE.—Wesley Hull, Fort Wayne, Ind. 90,175.—CORN HUSKER.—W. D. Jones, Hagaman's Mills.N.Y. 90,176.—STEAM HEATER.—J. L. Judge, Milwaukee, Wis. 90,177.—SHUTTER AKD -AWSING COMBINED.—R. D. King, Brooklyn, N. Y. 90,178.—GANG PLOW.—J..W., Lewis, Oregon City, Oregon. 90,179.—COMPOUND FOR-TREATING ASTHMA AND OTHER DISEASES.—J.C. Lewis, Belfast, Me. 90,180.—AUTOMATIC VENTILATOR.—M. E. Mead, Darien Depot, Conn. 90,181.—RAILROAD CAR VENTILATOR.—T. J. Mell, Macon, Ga. 90,182.—HORSE POWER.—Dennis Michaels, and J. H. Croskey, Hopedale, Ohio. 90,183.—FOLDING SEAT.—D. H. Nation, St. Louis, Mo. 90,184.—SHEARS FOR CUTTING IRON.—Jno. Nichol, New York city. 90,185.—CLOTHES WHINGER.—S. W. Palmer and J. F. Palmer (assignors to S. W.Palmerand C. M.Palmer), Auburn, N. Y. 90,186.—WAGON BRAKE.—Anson Peirce, Lake City, Minn, 90,187.—ALARM CASH Box.—J. D. Perkins, New York city. 90,188.—SASH FASTENING.—Chas. Perley, New York city. 90,189.—ELEVATOR BUCKET.—Jacob Pfitzinger, Buffalo, N. Y. 90,190.—HOLDER FOR SCREW CCJTTING DIES.—Ansel Phinney, Bainbridge, N. Y. 90,191.—ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER.-M. F. Potter, Kaneville, in. 90,192.—HEEL FOR BOOTS AND SHOES.—M. H. Prescott, Ottawa, in. 90,193.—SLIDING DOOR.—Edmond Prud'homme and Pantaloon M. Leprohon, New York city. 90,194.—INSECT TRAP FOR PROTECTING FRUIT WHILE GROWING.—B. M. Quint, St. Joseph, Mich. 90,195.—HOLLOW AUGER.—H. J. Rickard, Rochester, N. Y. 90,196.—FASTENING FOR HORSES.—Philippe Ricord and John R. Scattergood, Newark, N. J. 90,197.—HEATING SHOE.—Wm. Rogers (assignor to himself and O. S. Paine), New York city. 90,198.—FELTED HAT.—Edw'd Sealy, Newark, N. J. 90,199.—BEEHIVE.—Norman B. Sebring, Matamora, Ohio. 90,200.—SEED DRILL.—Hugh Shepherd (assignor to himself and G. W. Scott), Lee's Summit, Mo. 90,201—METHOD OF CASTING METAL PIPES.—J. J, C. Smith, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to the Metallic Compression Casting Company, Boston, Mass. 90,'J02.—HAY KNIFE.—A. N. Staley (assignor to himself and D. B. Russell), Waynesborough, Pa. 90,203.—BEEHIVE.—R. P. Starbuck, Gallatin, Mo. 90,204.—TURBINE WATER WHEEI,.—Geo. C. Stevens, West Townsend, and J. F. Stevens, Fitchburg, Mass. 90,205.—ORE CONCENTRATOR.—Geo. W. Strong, and Walter L. Strong, San Francisco, Cal. 90,306.—THILL COUPLING.—C. E. Sweney, Geneseo, 111. 90,207.—SAW-FILING MACHINE.—Albert Thompson (assignor to himself, and G. T. Wheeler), Ridgeway, Pa. 90,208.—CULTIVATOR.—Hiram Van Meter, Macomb, 111. 90,209.—ATTACHING ROSES FOR KNOBS TO DOORS.—Lorenzo P. Waterman and C.H. Porter (assignors to themselves,and J. M. Hunt), Bridgeport, Conn. 90,210.—COTTON-GIN.—J. W. Webb, Cotton Valley, Ala. 90,211.—CARPET SWEEPER.—O. H. Weed, Boston, Mass. 90,212.—MACHANISM FOR OPERATING SHUTTLE BOXES IN LOOMS. -Wm. Whiteside, Manayunk, Philadelphia, assignor to Thomas Wood, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,213.—SNATCH BLOCK.—H. O. Winsor, Duxbury, Mass. 90,214.—BREECH-LOADING FIREARM.— Friedrich Wohlge- muth, New York city. 90,215.—SYPHON BOTTLE.—J. B. Alexander, Washington, D.C. 90,216.—RAILWAY CAR CONNECTION.—W. P. Anderson, New York city. 90,217.—VAGINAL SPECULUM.—B. H. tAylworth, Oxford, N. Y. 90,218.—CENTER PLATE FOR COOKING STOVES.—R. Bailey Cleveland, Ohio. 90,219.—PRISON GRATING.—T. F. Baker, Cincinnati, Ohio. 90,220.—VELOCIPEDE.—A. O. Baldwin and C. H. Miller, Lincoln, ni. 90,221.—LOCKING CAP FOB BOTTLES.—L. M. Ballard, New York city. 366 90,222.—REVOLVING HAIJROW.—Gf. S. Bartholomew and A.R, Chapman, Reading, Mich. 90,223.—LUBRICATOR.—M. Bergner and Otto Netzow, Baltimore, Md., assignors to themselves and Joseph Lichtenstein. 90 224.—DETACHABLE CALK FOR HORSESHOES.—W. J. Berne, Cincinnati, Ohio. 90,225.—MANUFACTURE OF BOOTS AND SHOES.—L. R. Blake, Boston, Mass. 90,226.—SAFETY "VALVE.—Samuel Boden, Louisville, Ky. 90,227.—ORE WASHER.—Rudolph Boehm, Chicago, 111. 90.22S— SMELTING FURNACE.—Rudolph Boehm, Chicago, 111. 90,229.—BRACE FOR SPRING BEDS.—H. D. Bolt, Elmira, N. Y. I 90,230.—CORN HUSHER— David Bookwalter, Gardner, 111. 90,231.—WASHING MACHINE.—Q-eo. Bradshaw, Sandoval, 111. 90,232.—PLOW.—T. E. C. Brinley, Louisville, Ky. 90,233.—HORSE HAT FORK.—A. S. Brown, Lebanon, Pa. 90,234.—HARD-METAL BOTTOM FOR TEA AND COFFEE POTS. —HenryBullard and Robert Holmes, Middletown, Conn. 90,335.—TOOTH BRUSH.—E. F. Burrows, Mystic River, Conn. 90,236.—HOISTING MACHINE.—M. K. Carpenter, Cincinnati, Ohio. 90,237.—GANG PLOW.—G. R. Carter, New York city 90,238.—WATER PURIFIER AND COOLER.—J. A. Casey, Mays- ville, Ky. 90,239.—SAWDUST BURNER.—E. S. Chase, Eau Claire, Wis. 90,240.—FIREPROOF SKYLIGHT.—J. B. Cornell, New York city. 90,241.—RAILROAD SWITCH AND SIGNAL.—Thos. Daly, Erie, Pa. 90,242.—BEER COOLER.—H. C. Dart, New York city. 90,243.—ICE TONGS.—Augustus Day, Detroit, Mich. 90,244.—BRONZE ORDNANCE.—S. B. Dean, Boston, Mass. 90,245.—HORSE POWER.—J. G. Dillaha, Waco, Texas. 90,24(5.—PLOW.—H. B. Durfee, Decatur, 111. 90,247.—HARVESTER.—Philip Dyer, Jr. (assignor to Robt. P. Morden), Unandilla, Mich. 90,248.—GRATE BAR FOR BOILER AND OTHER FURNACES.— G. A. Eyars (assignor to W. F. Parker), Meriden, Conn. 90,249.—MACHINE FOR REMOVING THE BURRS FROM RAIL- BOAD CHAIKS.-D.IV dEynon, Richmond, Ya. 90,250.—WASHING MACHINE.—John Fanning, Detroit, Mich. 90,251.—TURBINE WATER WHEEL.—N. T. Frary and E. T. Sherwin, Adrian, Mich. 90,252.—SHOE PATTERN.—J. A. French (assignor to himself and J. D. Ulery,) Scenery Hill, Pa. 90,253.—PROCESS FOR TREATING CORN, ETC., IN THE MANU- TJFACTTTRE OF FLOUK AND MEAL.—Wm. Freudenau, St. Louis, Mo. 90,254.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—E. E. Furney, Chicopee, Mass 90,255.—CHURN.—A. O. Gallup, Salem, and E. A. Hewitt, 90,256.—HORSE HAT FORK.—J. A. Glenn, West Middlesex, Pa. 90,257.—COMPOSITION FOR MOLDS AND. CORES FOR CASTING METALS.—Charles Grasser, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Metallic Compression Casting Co., Boston, Mass. 90,258.—COOKING STOVE.—Chas. Green, Vincentown, N. J. 90,259.—GAS MACHINE.—C. C. Hare, Kansas City, Mo. 90,260.—GRAIN SEPARATOR.—G. F. Harlan, Elkton, Md. 90,261.—GATE.—H. P. Haskin, Roscoe, 111. 90,262.—CLOTH-MEASURING MACHINE.—Wm. Hebdon (assignor to himself, C. H. T. Ahrens, and C. S. Baldwin), New York city. 80,263.—TRUSS BRIDGE.—G. P. Herthel, Jr., St. Louis, Mo. 90,264.—BAILWAT SWITCH.—Arva B. Hitchcock (assignor to himself and Kichard Mertz), Jutfeau, Wis. 90,265.—STEAM ENGINE.—John Houpt, Springfield, Pa. 90,266.—CONDENSING STEAM ENGINE.—John Houpt, Springfield, Pa. 90,267,-STOVE DRUM.—R. A. Hunter, Ionia, Mich. 90,268.—SEEDING MACHINE.—Joseph Ingels, Milton, Ind. 90,269.—MANUFACTURE OF LEAD PENCILS.—F. G. Jenkins, Brooklyn (E. D.),N. Y., assignor to Joseph Reckendorfer, New York city. 90,270.—TELEGRAPH SWITCH BOARD.—C. S. Jones, Albany, N. Y 90,271.—PLOW.—Isaac Kennedy, Binghamton, N. Y. 90,272.—RAILKOAD SWITCH.—Matthew Kerr, New Florence, Pa. 90,273.—HARVESTER.—W. A. Kirby (assignor to himself and David M. Osborne), Auburn, N.Y. 90,274.—COMBINED PLOW CARRIER AND COTTON CHOPPER.— F. L. Kirtley, Cleyborne, Texas. 90,275.—COMPUTING TABLET.—Henry Kummer, New York city. 90,276.—SEWING CASE AND POCKETBOOK COMBINED.—P. W. Lambert, New York city. 90,277.—GROUND MARKSE.—Silas P. Lionberger, St. Mary's township, 111. 80,278.—SAFETY VALVE.—James Linnard (assignor to himself, V. D. Worley, and W. S. Hassell), Philadelphia, Pa. 90,279.—SAFETT VALVE.—J. D. Lynde, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,280.—FENCE.—Robert McFarlane, Dane, Wis. 90,281.—MACHINE FOR PUNCHING LEATHER STRAPS FOR FLT NETS.—John Matheis, Ottawa, 111. 90,282.—REVERSIBLE SKATE RUNNER.—T. T. McGrath, Detroit, Mich. ' 90,283.—KET - HOLE GUARD.—Martin Mackenzie, Maiden, Mass. . 90,284.—MANUFACTURE OF DEODORIZED HEAVY HYDROCARBON OIL.—Joshua Merrill, Boston, Mass. 90,285.—BEICK PRESS.—G. A. Metcalf, Maiden, Mass. 90,286.—HORSE RAKE.—S. D. Milam, Leoti, Ind. 90,287.—LAMP SHADE HOLDER.—C. M. Mitchell, Waterbury, Conn. 90,288.—REVERSIBLE LATCH.—W. T. Munger (assignor to P. and F. Corbin), New Britain, Conn. 90,289.—PENCIL SHARPENER.—L. B. Meyers, Elmore, Ohio. 90,290.—CAR COUPLING.—J. F. Nagel, Ligonier, Pa. 90,291.—GRAIN SEPARATOR.—Harrison Ogborn, Richmond, Ind. 90,292.—HAND DRILL.—S. H. Ostrom, Schenectady, N. Y. 90,293.—COOKING STOVE.—Peter Paradis (assignor to Equitable Cooperative Foundery Co.), Rochester, N. Y. 90,294.—STEAM ENGINE GOVERNOR.—James Parlane, Brooklyn, N. Y. 90,295.—STRAW AND FEED CUTTER.—G. Pedersen, Chicago, in. , 90,296.—POLISHING MACHINE FOR POLISHING WOOD MOLD- 'IB"GS, ETC.—B. C. Perry, Bridgeport, Conn. 90,297.—RAILWAY CAR SEAT.—G. W. Perry and J. D. Bill- iegs, Wilmington, Del. 90,298.—PRIVY SEAT.—Francis Peters and George Clem, Cincinnati, Ohio. 90,299.—GUIDE FOR FITTING LOCKS TO DOORS.—F. P. Pileg- har, New Have , Conn. 90,300.—POKTABLE FENCE.—David Philips, Cordova, 111. 90,301.—PROCESS OF TREATING TOBACCO.—J. P. Posada, New York cit.y. 90,302.—APPARATUS FOR CONNECTING VELOCIPEDES.—Wm. H. Kaccy, New York city. 90,303.—BED BOTTOM.—C. D. Read, Burlington, Vt 90,304.—WEIGHT-LIFTING APPARATUS.—F. W. Reilly, Chicago, in. 90,305.—HANDLE FOR WEIGHT-LIFTING APPARATUS.—F. W. Reilly, Chicago, El. 90,306.—MACHINE FOR SEPARATING COCKLE FROM WHEAT. —Q. H. Rich, Geneva, 111. 90,307.—PIPE TONGS.—Bernerd Riley, San Francisco, Cal. 90,308.—MEDICAL COMPOUND.—Evans Robinson, Fairport, N. Y. 90,309.—WASHING MACHINE.—J. S. Ross, Bloomington, 111. 90,310.—APPARATUS FOR OPERATING VELOCIPEDES AND OTHEE MACHINES.—Francis Rourk, Erie, Pa. 90,311.—CORN HUSKER.—Jacob Russel, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to himself, Eddy, Reynolds, and Company, Milton Holmes, and Jacob Chase. 90,313.—PROCESS OF ORNAMENTING BOOTS AHD SHOES.—E. J. Soott, Glasgow, Great Britain. 90,313.—-PROCESS OF CONVERTING WROUGHT-IRON WIRE, RIBBONS, AND PLATES INTO STEEL.—W. A. Shaw, New York city. 90,314.—TEMPERING STEEL WIRE.—W. A. Shaw, New York city. 90,315.—JACK FOR THRASHING MACHINE;—Isaac Sherck, Flat-rock, Ohio. 90,316.—FIRE ESCAPE.—W. H. Simmons, Skaneateles, N. Y. 90,317.—AXLE.—J. D. Smith, Schuylerville, K Y. 90,318.—METHOD OF CASTING METALS UNDBR PRESSUEE.— John Joseph Charles Smith, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to the Metallic Compression Casting Co., Boston, Mass. 90,319.—GARDEN IMPLEMENT AND WEEDER.—Wm. Somers, Bridgeport, assignor to himself and G. E. Somers, Waterbury, Conn. 90,320.—SAWING MACHINE.—P. H. Turner, Madison, Wis. 90,321.—RAILWAY-CAR AXLE.—John Van Slooten, New Orleans, La. 90,322;—ART OP MAKING METAL TUBES.—Samuel Vanstone (assignor to himself and J. W. Hoard), Providence, R. I. 90,323.—LOCK FOR ORDNANCE.—Josiah Vavasseur, Southwark, England. Patented in England Nov. 2,1868. 90,324.—POROUS PORCELAIN FOR USE IN FILTERING, ETC.— Antoinette Vidal, Paris, France. 90,325.—STONE CHANNELING MACHINERY.—George J. Ward- well, Rutland, Vt, assignor to Steam Stone Cutter Co. Antedated Jan. 30, 1869. 90,326.—BODY LOOP HEAD FOR CARRIAGES.—Darius Wilcox, Ansonia, Conn. 90,327.—MANUFACTURE OF BLACK PIGMENT FOR MAKING SHOE BLACKING, ETC.—G. F. Wilson, East Providence, R. I. 90,328.—PROCESS OF TREATING OFFAL GELATINE AND SCRAP FOE THE MANUPACTUEE OF FERTILIZERS.—George F. Wilson, East Providence, R. I. 90,329.—BEDSTEAD FASTENER.—H. S. Wing, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 90,330.—REVERSIBLE HINGE.—H. J. Walters, Salem, Mass. 90,331.—COOKING STOVE.—A. C. Corse, Troy, N. Y. REISSUES. 71,837.—TEA AND COFFEEPOT.—Dated Dec. 10, 1867 ; reissue 3,437.—Alfred Arnold, Tenafly, N. J. 62,807.—CONSTRUCTION OF COAL SCUTTLES.—Dated March 12, 1867; reissue 3,438.—Alfred Bardell and Samuel Smith, New York city. 48,242.—DOOR BELL.—Dated June 13, 1865 ; reissue 3,439.— P. Corbin and F. Corbin, a joint-stock corporation, New Britain, Conn., assignees of Andrew Turnbull. 85,289.—STEAM ENGINE EXHAUST VALVE.—Dated Dec. 29, 1868; antedated Dec. 23,1868 ; reissue 3,440.—Thomas S. Davis, Jersey City, N. J. 85,396.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING VITREOUS SUBSTANCES.— Dated Dec. 29, 1868; reissue 3,441.—W. T. Davis and Austin De Wolf, Greenfield. Mass., assignees of Ozi M. 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