Issued by the United States Patent Offioe. FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 8, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: n each caveat.................................................................510 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...............__$15 On issuing eachoriginalPatent...............................................$0 Ou appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................S'0 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................ijSO On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 Ou filing a Dis claimer..........................................................S10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................*30 -In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay ?500 on application. For copy of Claim oj any Patent issued within2Q years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion Qf a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. Thejull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1*25 OJJlcial Copies of Drawings o 1 any patent issued since 1836,106 can. supply at araason'iblecost, the price depending upon theamount qf laborinvolvedand the number of views. l\dl i?iformatibn, as to price of drawings, in each case, mail be had by addressing MUNN fc CO., Patent Solicitors, Mo. 37 Park Bow, New York 90,911.Seed Planter.Moses Adams, Chilmark, Mass. 90,913.Stovepipe Damper.Thos. K. Anderson, Hornells-ville, JT. Y. 90,913.Sash Lock.II. G. Arnold, Rochester, N. Y. 90,914.Conveyer to Transfer Blanks from a Punching Pkess.J. H.Baird, Oakville, Conn. 90,915.Three-iiorse Equalizer.F. E. Barr, Albion, assignor to himself and J. J.Barr, Elba, N. Y. 90,910.Measuring Can for Liquids.Wm. Barry, Carthage, N. Y. 90,917.Mode of Forming the Connections of Gas Puri- rifiebs.Robert Briggs, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,918.Center Valve op Gas Works.Robert Briggs and Peter Muntzinger, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,919.Attaching Augers to Handles.Elisha Broad, St. Anthony, Minn. Antedated June 3,1869. 90,920.Corset Skirt Supporter.J. W. Brooks, Boston, Mass. 90,921.Machine for Plowing and Breaking up Ground. John Bryan, Lebanon, 111. 90,922.CORD-TIQIITENER FOR CURTAIN FIXTURES.Albert Carter (assignor to himself and G. K. Ryan), New York city. 90,923.Bosom Pad.Bonj. Carter, Middletown, Conn. 90,924.Furnace for the Manufacture of Iron and Steel.T. ,J. Chubb, Williamsbnreh, N. Y. 90,925.Mode of Making Cast-Steel Castings.Tlios. J. Clmbb, Williamsburgh.N. Y. , 90,926.Process of Making Cast Steel.T. J. Chubb, Willlamsburgh, N. Y. 90,927.Process of Melting and Refining Iron for Malleable Ikon Castings.T. J. Chubb, Williamsburgh, N. Y. 90,928.Making Blooms of Steel and Wrought Iron. T. J. Chubb, Williamsburgb, N. Y. 90,929.Brick and Tile Kiln.S. H. Clapp, Maiden, Mass. 90,930.Steam-operated Water Ejector. Hugh Coll Millville Borough, Pa. 90,931.Machinery for Cutting Cards.Edwin Cowles, Cleveland, Ohio. 90,932.Grain Separator and Mixer.J. J. Crowley, San Francisco, Cal. 90,933.Rolling Apparatus.E. M. Davis (assignor to G.R. Duncan), irittsburffh. Pa. 90,934.DraftRegulator for HeatingApparatus.Royal E. Deane, Brooklyn, K. Y. 90,935.Coupling for Pump Rods.I. A. Dowar, D. S. Smith, and E. A. Brashear, Franklin, Pa. 90,930.Fanning Mill.E. P. Dickey, Racino, Wis. 90,937.Hanger for Shafting.James Duff (assignor to himself and E. B. Pierce), Peoria, 111. 90,938.Tug Hook.John Eck Medora, Ind. 90,939.Harrow.Joseph Foltz, Valley Mills, Ind. 90,940.Pump.I. N. Forrester, Bridgeport, Conn. 90,941.Bedstead, Seat, etc.C. T. Frost, Medfield, Mass. 90,942.Wash Boiler.G. M. Granger, Memphis, Miss. 90,943.Pinking Machine.F. L. Hagadorn, Baltimore, Md. 90,914.Process of Preserving Meat, Fowl, Fish, etc. Churles Havardand M. X. Harmony, London, England. 90,945.Key Fastener.J. E. Hills, Orange, Mass. 90,946.Machine for Scutching and Thrashing Flax. Moses Jerome, Dixon, 111. 90,947.Velocipede.E. A. Jones, Sturgis, Mich. 90,948.Stud.J. G. Kenyon, Providence, R, I. 90,949.Lightning Rod.T.T.Kinsey.deceased, Philadelphia, Pa. (M. H. Kinsey and James Gilkyson, administrators). 90,950.Corset.H. E. Marchand (assignor to R. E. Cross), Louisville, Ky. 90,951.Metallic Cartridge.J. V. Meigs, Washington, D.C. 90,'J52.Shifting Cleats, or Ring Bolts, etc.J. E. Murray, Provincetown, assignor to himself, Z. D. Rich, Somerville, and Jos. Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 90,953.Seeder and Fertilizer.J. J.' Naylor, Brighton, Mich. 90,954.Sewing Machine.James Neale and Peter Beck, Bridgeport, Conn. 90,955.Process of Collecting Gold and Silver from Ores.A. F. W. Partz, Oakland, Cal. 90,956.King fob Spinning Machine.H. L. Peirce, Taun- ton. Mass. 90,957.Fire-Place Hb'TER.D. S. Quimby, Jr., (assignor to D. S. Qoimby), Brooklyn, N. Y. 90,958.Step and Bearing for Vertical Shafts.George Richardson, Lowell, Mass. 90,959.Device for Turning Saw Logs.Warren Richardson, Colfax, Cal. 90,960.Miter Box.Ezekiel Root, Paxma, Mich. 90,961.Combined Land Roller, Marker, and Harrow. Roger Sandiford, Joliet, 111. 90,962.Medical Compound.Oscar Scidmore, Albany, N. Y. 90,963.Miner's Lamp.William Seybold (assignor to himself and S. H. Hoffman), Me Keesport, Pa. 90,904.Snap Hook.W. W. Sly, South Haven, Mich. 90,965.Buggy-Top Bow Setter,Obediah Smith (assignor to himself, M. r. Givler, and W. H. Koser), Bloomingtorf, 111. 00,966.-Ikoning Table.Henry Soggs, Columbus, Pa, 00,967,Minmr's Lamp,J, 8, SotamerviUo, Siwv Shoe, Pa. eOfS0S,.-CAfttiuM Asxtt-TJwtnfls UpMpi, Bhitfon, Pa, i Mtfc-sWSM vVttJ?6 MAGHIHRi*** H; 8!0pM.: DoVft?/ N'.V 405 90,970.Hay and Cotton Pbess.Enoch Thomas, Craiga- ville, Va. 90,971.Fabm Gate.C. W. Todd, Spring Arbor, Mich. 90,972.Saw Filing Machine.William Tucker, Philadelphia, assignor to himself and P. A. Snell, Pittsburg, Pa. 90,973.Step Laddeb.C. G. Udell, Chicago, 111. 90,97-Shouldee Brace.G. W. Walker, Lowell, Maaa. 90,975.Fire Escape Ladder.Carl Weidling, New York city. 90,976.Ventilator.Henry White (aaaignor to himaelf and W. F. Whitehouse), Chicago, 111. 90,977.Railway Car Coupling.O. D. Woodruff, South- ington, Conn. 90,978.Grinding Mill.Henry Albright, Craneaville, Weat Ta. 90,979.Clothes Rack.Jamea Alcorn (aaaignor to J. N. Melvin for one third, and Thomas Qiiinn for one third), Charlestown, Mass. 90,930.Harrow.A. W. Ball, Delaware Grove, Pa. 90,981.Grain Separator.Stephen Ballard, Sr., Sullivan, Ind. 90,982.Friction Clutch and Brake.Dariua Banka, Jr., New York city. 90,983.Stove Cover.O. B. Bartlett, Lewiaton, Me. 90,984.Beehive.J. H. Baaaler, Pine Grove, Pa. 90,985.Baby Jumper.William Berg and Mathiaa Stephan, Canton, Ohio. 90,986.Stall Floor.W. M. Bleakley, Verplanck, N. Y. 90,987.Soldering Furnace.J. G. Borden and Walter Power, Brewster Station, N. Y. 90,988.Combined Steam and Vacuum Gage. Charlea Bourgeois, Buffalo, N. Y. 90,989.Coupling for Whiffletrebs.D. J. Brady, Greenwich township, Ohio. 90,990.Spring Saddle-Tree.J. R. Bragg, Williamaburg, 90,991 Fork for Hay Spreaders.a. E. Burt and E. A. Hildreth, Harvard, Mass. 90,992.Friction Clutch.C. W. Cardot, Jamestown, N.Y. 90,993.Carriage Wheel.C. F. Carman, Hamburg, Iowa. 90,994.Meat Chopper.Paul Clareton, New York city. 90,995.-Teapot Handle.L. C. Clark, Plantaville, Conn. 90,996.Let-Off Mechanism for Looms.Wm. R. Clark, North Adams, Masa. 90,997.Pocketbook.S. C. Currie, New York city. 90,998.Cord Holder for Picture Frames, etc.R. d'Heureuse, New York city. 90,999.Bed Bottom.Samuel Dunlap, Rome, Ga. 91,000.Lubricating Cushion for Railway Car Journals.p. S. Devlan, Jersey City, N. J., assignor to himself and W. H.. Jewell, New York city. 91,001.Hay Spreader.W. H. Elliot, New York, aaaignor of one half to M. D. Myers, Frankfort, N. Y. 91,002.Seed Planter.F. E. A. Engelman, Cheektowaga, N. Y. 91,003.Corn Shelter.F. Fanning, Atchiaon, Kanaaa. 91,004 Bag Holder.E. A. Fiaher, Morganville, N. Y. 91,005.Corn Harvester.Amander Ford, Toledo, Ohio. 91,006.Weather Strip.E. P. Ford, Shipman, 111. 91,007.Packing in Cylinders for Drying Paper.W. B. Fowler, Lawrence, Mass. 91,008.Manufacture of Cores.Samuel Fulton, Conaho- hocken, Pa. 91,009.Nut and Coffee Roaster.D. A. T. Gale, Pough- keepsie.N. Y. 91,010.Steam Engine Piston Packing.John Gatea, Portland, Oregon. 91,011.Knife Scourer.S. R. Goodaell and J. Q. Adama, Brooklyn, N. Y. 91,012.Toilet and Nursery Table.Henry Havekorat, Leavenworth City, Kansas. 91,013.Feed Box.Joaeph Hawae, Wolcott, Vt. 91,014.Gun Lock.R. D. Hay and J. M. Hill, Crooked Creek, N. C. 91,015.- Center Bearing foe Locomotives.B.W. Healey, Providence, R, I, 91,016.Churn.Eaton Hitchcock, Sturbridge, Maas. 91,017.Water Wheel.J. B. Holmea, Lawrence, Kanaaa. 91,018.Velocipede.W. F. Holske and B. T. Babbitt, New I York city. I 91 019.Bell Lever Box.B. W. Hopper, Aatoria, N. Y. 91,020.Shade for Gas and Lamp Burners.John Hor- "ton, New York city. 91,021.Refrigerator.David Howarth, Portland, Me. 91,022.Apparatus for Parlor Games.Chaa. N. Hoyt, Providence, R, I. 91,023.Water Elevator.David Jonea, Machen, Newport, Wales. 91,024.Harrow.S. G. Jonea, Niantic, 111. 91,025.Machine for Making Paper Boxes.J. M. D. Keating and T. V. Waymouth, New York city. 91,026.Shutter Worker.Daniel Kidder, Franklin, N.H. 91,027.Rake.J. C. Klein, Birmingham, Pa. 91,028.Car Coupling.Charles Layton, Matawan, N. J. 91,029.Violin.Jacob Lenhard,, New York city. 91,030.Mosquito Net Support.B. M. Leroy and Albert Strasser, Montgomery, Ala. 91,031.Cultivator Plow.A. J. Lewia, Pittaburgh, Pa. 91,032.Fly Frame.J. G. Luacomb, Taunton, Maaa. 91,033.Ironing Board.Andrew Mataon, Elizabeth, N. J. 91,034.Cotton Bale Tie.G. B. McDonald, Louiaville.Ky. 91,035.Velocipede.J. W. McMillan, Greenville, Ala. 91,036.Potato Digger.F. A. Morley, Syracuae, N. Y. 91,037.--Combined Horse Hay Rake and Hay Spreader. --F, K. Neat-ins, Brookfield, assignor to himself and Wm. H. Hubbell, Danbury, Conn. 91,038,Black Pigment from Mineral Carbon.Philip O'Reilly, Hartford, Conn. 91,039.Step Ladder.W. G. Philips, Newport, Del. 91,040.Tool for Trimming Bolt Heads.A. P. Plant, riantsville, Conn. 91,041.Brick and Sand Dryer.S. D. Rader, Williama- port, Pa. 01,042.Anchor for Animals.P. H. Eaiford, Houaton, Texas. 91',043.Fastening for Fireproof Shutters.Thomas Reese and W. L. Reese, St. Louis, Mo. 91,044.Nail Clincher for Horseshoes.Nicholaa Repp, Waterloo, Iowa. 91,045.Operating Ships' Pumps.Almon Roff, Southport, Conn. 91,046.Vegetable Gatherer.J. Schermerhorn,Daysville N Y. 91,047.Tool, for Splitting Wh.vlebone.Jaa. A. Sevey, Boston, Mass. 91,048.Mechanical, Movement.Henry Sliutts, Oregon, Mo. 91,049.Stump Extractor.William Smith, Pine Hill, Wis. 91,050.Mechanism for Stopping the Loom when a I Wasp Breaks.J. J. Switzer, Chelsea, assignor to himself and B. H. !Fitts,Norttiborough, Mass. 91,051.Furnace for Extracting Zinc from its Ores. Alois Thoma (assignor to the American Zinc Company), New York city. 91,052.Zinc Furnace.A. Thoma (aaaignorto the American Zinc Company), New York city. 91,053.Sad-Iron Heater.P. W. Thomaa, Waterbury, Vt. 91,054.Dough Kneader.Friend Thrall (aasignor to himself and A. B. Thrall), Oshkosk, Wis. 91,055.Machine for Double-Seaming Sheet Metal. Archibald Trolan, Norwich, Conn. 91,056.Pen__J. W. Truman, Macon, Ga. 91,057.Baling Short-Cut Hat and Straw,S.W. Adwen, Rochester, N. Y. 81,038.Cabtriegk Case Cmbankr;-!?; H; Aikenj Franks itQ, S; H. 91,059.Fire Place.T. C. Aldridge, St. Louia, Mo. 91,060.Valve Gear.A. M. Allen, New York city. 91,031.Velocipede.A. M. Allen, New York city. 91,062.Velocipede Saddle.Geo. B. Ambler, Bridgeport, Conn. 91,063.Hatchway for Buildings.Iarael Amiea, Philadelphia, Pa. 91,084.Tool Handle.E. J. Amor (aaaignor to himaelf and H. E. Donor), New York city. 91,065.Vise.A. G. Andren,. Gottenburg, Sweden. 91,086.Gas Works for Making Coal Gas.A very Bab- bett and W. W. Binney, Anburn, N. Y. 91,067.Grain SeparatorC. F. Babcock, Chicago, 111. 91,088.Vise.Q. S. Backua, Winchendon, Maaa. 91,069.Combined Steam Generator and Stove.L. F. Bancroft, Worcester, Mass. 91,070.Polishing and Cleansing Powder.J. W. Batea, St. Panl, Minn. 91,071.Shield for Tunneling.A. Ely Beach, Stratford, Conn. 91,072.Ratchet Feed.A. B. Bean, New Haven, Conn. 91,073.Stove Drum.H. E. Blemker, Evanaville, Ind. 91,074.Machine for Turning Wagon Axles.Albert Booth, Springfield, 111. 91,075.Mail-Bag.Fred. C. Borat and Philander Wonaey, Spencerport, N. Y. 91,076.Cooking Stove.G. S. Boaworth, Troy, N. Y. 91,077.Cutting Hat-Tips.T. W. Bracher, New York city. Antedated May 23,1869. 91,078.Horse Hay-Fobk.Joaeph Bradley, Racine, Wia. I 91,079.Device for Operating Throttle-Valves.H. L. Brevoort, Brooklyn, N. Y. 91,080.Fastening for Top-Masts and Top-Gallant Masts.Leverett Brown, New York city. 91,031.Manufacture of Bracelets.Geo. Burch,Newark, N.J. 91,082.Machine for Milling the Body of Keys.Francis Caffrey and J. L. Nettleton, West Cheshire, Conn. 91,083.Securing Buttons to Fabrics.Geo. J. Capewell, West Cheshire, Conn., assignor to "Porter Brothers," New York city. 91,034.Cultivator.D. F. Carr, Eaat Union townahip, Ohio. 91,085.Machine for Disintegrating Fertilizers and other Articles of Manufacture.Thos. Carr, Bristol, Great Britain. Patented in England, Oct. 2,186S. 91,036.Furniture Caster.Stephen Chandler, New York city. 91,087.Harness.S. G. Cheever, Boaton, Maaa. 91,088.Sash Balance.Peter Chriatianaon, Rocheater, Minn. 91,089.Hair-Dyeing Brush.W. B. Coatea (aaaignor to Edwin Clinton and W. H. Eisenbrey, for three fonrths of the invention), Philadelphia, Pa. 91,090.Composition Crayon.William Compton,NewYork ' city. 91,091.Cotton Bale Tie.Joa. Crookea (aaaignor to himself and J. W. Branch), St. Louis, Mo. 91,092.Device to Prevent Injury to Liquor on Tap. J. G. Cullmann, Cincinnati, Ohio. 91,093.Apparatus for Raising and Dumpimg'Coal.Jos. Delaney, Ashland, Pa. 91,094.Composition for Destroying Ants.J. D. Denni?, Gilroy, Cal. 91,095.Clothes Mangle.F. A. Dealoge, St. Louia, Mo. 91,096.Paper Box.H. A. Devendorf, Port Jackaon, N.Y. 91,097.Combined Saw-Set, Gummer, Punch, and Wire-cutter.j. L. Devol, Parkersburg, West Va. 91,098.Peanut Oven.Dexter Dill, New Haven, Conn. 91,099.Extension Table.Jacob Douraon, Columbua, Ohio. 91,100.Process for ReducingtheSizeo'fPlasterMolds. Nancy A. Downer, Canandaigua, assignor to herself and David C. Chase, Clayton, Mich. 91,101.Sewing Machine for Sewing Turned Shoes. Wm. Duchemin (assignor to Geo. B. Bigelow, trustee), Boston, Mass. 91,102.-Harvester-Cutter.Q. L. Du Laney, Mechanics-burg, Pa. 91,103.Steam-Generator Smoke-Stack.W. W. Dungan (assignor to Mary D. Dungan), Baltimore, Md. 91,104.Tea and Coffee-Pot.John E. Earle, New Haven, Conn. 91,105.Street Car.Zebina Eaatman, Chicago, 111. 91,106.Corn Planter.J. H. Ernest, Milleratown, Pa. 91,107.Traveling-Bag Frame.F. Fiachbeck, Chicago, 111. 91,108.Postage Stamp, etc.Addiaon C. Fletcher, New York city. 91,109.Plow.F. M. Franklin (aaaignor to himaelf and E. M. Doty), Springfield, Ohio. Antedated May 24,1869. 91,110.Machine for Cleaning Oats.Wm. D. Freeman, Tomales, Cal. 91,111.Carpet Fastener.S. N. French, Fitchburg, Maae. 91,112.Corset Fastening.Maggie E. Frentz, New Albany, Ind. 91,113.Glove.Sigmond Goge, Brooklyn, N. Y. 91,114.Compound for Making Friction Matches.O. C. Green, Copenhagen, Denmark-. 91,115.Axle-Box Cover.Fred. Grinnell, Meadville, Pa., assignor to N. C. Miller and S. R.Dummer, New York city. Antedated Dec.8,1868. 91,116.Guard for Door Knobs.W. W. Guild, Walpole, N. H., administrator of the estate of J. W. M ellish, dec eased. 91,117.Machine for Threading Screws.N. B. Hadlay, Providence, \i. I. 91,118.Sectional Mold for Glass-Ware.R. D. Hainea, Cambridge, assignor to the " Boston Silver Glass Company," Boeton, j 91,119SSolid Glass-Ware Mold.Robert D. Haines, Cambridge, assignor to the " Boston Silver-Glass Company," Boston, Mass. 91,120.Steam Packing.A. H. Hall and H. T. Lee, Marya- ville, Cal. 91,121.Sawing Machine.E. R. Hall (aasignor to himaelf Wm. H. Town,and C. E. Candee) Syracuse,N. Y. 91,122.Elastic Heel Guard fok Horses.Wm. H. Hall, New Gloncester, Me., assignor to himself and John R. Clifford, Chelsea, Mass. 91,123.Homomotive.William Smith Hall, Quincy, Maaa. 91,124.Ikon Truss-Bridge.Geo. Halatead, Buffalo, N. Y. 91,125.Manufacture of Wrought-Iron Columns.Geo. Halstead, Buffalo, N. Y. 91,126.Current-Changing Apparatus.C. C. Hare, Kansas City, Mo. 91,127.Harness.John K. Harria, Springfield, Ohio. 91,128.Separator for Meal, etc.Wm. Hawljina (aaaignor to himself, and F. W. Barnhart), Brooklyn. N. Y. 91,129.Plow.Jacob Heckendorn, Reading, Pa. 91,130.Lamp Shade.A. B. Hendryx, Anaonia, Conn. 91,131.Animal Trap.J. Herr, Carbondale, 111. 91,132.Glass-Ware Press.C. H. Heraey and W. E. Hawea (assignors to themselves, and F, C. Hersey), Boston, Masa. 91,133.Paper for Roofing.James Howard, Weat Manchester, Pa. 91,134.Regulator for Vulcanizing Apparatus.G. H. 1 Hurd, Memphis, Tenn. 91,135.Chandelier.Charlea F. Jacobaen, New York city. 91,136.Machine for Cutting Down Heels of Boots and Shoes.J. L. Joyce, New Haven, Conn. 91,137.Tweer.Joa. Kay, New Haven, Conn. 91,138.Machine for Polishing Shirt Bosoms.J. J. Ken- na, San Francisco, Cal. 91,139.Permutation Lock.L. W.Langdon, Northampton, 'assignor to himself and J. G. Clark, Springfield, Masa. 91,140.Car Coupling.A. Z. Long (aaaignor to himaelf and W. G. DowdiScranton, Pa. 91,141.Lamp Bdbner.J. C. Lgve; Philadelphia, Pa! 91,142.Hardening Steel.Obadiah Mar land, Boston, Maaa. 91,143.Seed Planter.E: G. Matthews, Newton, aaaignor to F. F. Holbrook, Dorchester,' Mass. 81,144.Hand GuLTiYATdB:E. G, Matthews, Newton, Maaa. MjUSSwujspims Machine,-I. W. MoGaffey, Chicago, 111. 91,146.Swivel Cock Eye.R. A. McKanna, Young Amerir ca, 111. 91,147.Hay Loader.A. J. McKee and S. D. McKee.Beaver Dam, Ohio. 91,148.Car Heater and Ventilator.Wm, S, McNeil, Springfield. Mass., assignor to American CarrHeating Company, New York city. 91,149.Sewing Machine.Stephen W. Miller, Dundee, n. y. ' 91,150.Tool for Cutting Glass.S. Q. Monce, Bristol. Conn. 91,151.Pump.Jamea A. Morrell, New York city. 91,152.Sip.up Cock.Andrew J. Morae, Boston, Masa. 91,153.Neck-tie Retainer.Porter C. Moulton, New Ha, ven, Conn. 91,154.Attaching Handles to PicKS.-r.Thomaa H. Neal, Alleghany Pa. 91,155.Stone-cutting and Dressing SAW.Isaac E. New, ton, Waterbury, Conn, 91,156.Fan.O. R. Nitach, New York city. 91,157.Plow.Wm. O'Neill, Pine Level, Ala. Antedated May 28,1869. 91,158.Wood Pavement.Joaeph F. Paul, Boaton, Maas. 91,159.Lifting Device for Drop Presses and Hammers, Charles Peck, New Haven, Conn, 91,160.Horse Hay Fork. fcfeorge C. Perry Orton-ville, Mich. 91,161.Combined Seeder and Cultivator.O. M. Pond, Independence, Iowa. 91,162.Boot Crimper.Joaiah M. Read, Boaton, Mass. 91,163.DOOR Pulley.John Reiaer, Trenton, N. J. 91,164.Shovel Plow.Sanford Riley, Northcutt'a Store, Ky. 91,165.Machine for Making Horseshoes.William D, Khinehart. Pittsburgh, Pa. 91,166.Attaching Pen Racks to Inkstands. C. A. Roberts, West Meriden, Conn. Antedated May 27,1869. 91,167.Gate Hinge.Ira J. Ryerson, Pierceton, Ind, 91,168.Dinner Pail.Moritz Saulaon, Troy, N. Y. 91,169.Velocipede.Friedrich Schmitt, Springfield, 111. 91,170.Coffee Boiler.C. H. Scholle, Cincinnati, Ohio. 91,171.Bolt-heading Machine.Francia Schweizer, Green, point, N. Y. 91,172.Harvester.John P. Seiberling, Akron, Ohio. 91,173.Steam Generator.E. B. Sintzenic'-, Rocheater N.Y. ' 91,174.Knob Latch.Thomaa Slaight, Newark, N.J. 91,175.Machinery for Sewing Books.David McConnell Smytli, Orange. N.J., assignor to Henry G.Thompson, New York city, and Keune Martin, Orange. N.J. 91,176.Method of Preparing Beef, etc.Beni. F. Ste* phens, Brooklyn, N.Y. 91,177.Combined Seeder and Sower.Orrin Stone, Ionia Mich. 91,178.Machine for Welding and Cutting Railroad Kail6Joseph Stone 'assignor to himself, C. S. Baum M. T. Conro, E, W.Reynolds, and G. T. Thomas), Keeseville, N. Y, 91,179.Carpet Stretcher. Thomas B Stout ' Key-port, N.J. J 91180.Door Bolt.Levi B, Swartz and James M. Opdycke, Lumberville.Pa, 91,181.Railway Car Brake.Benjamin Tatham and Joseph Steger, New York city, 91,182.Potato Diaa: r.DeWitt C. Thomaa,Eaaton, N, Y, 91,183.Yoke.J. L. W. Townaend, Mount Blanco, C Mo. 91,184.Door Spring.John L. Tucker, Laconia, N, H. 91,185.Sawing Machine.William P. Uhlinger, Philadel- phia.Pa. 91,186.Coal Stove.R. B. Vardcn, Uniontown, Md. 91,187.Rocker for Chairs and Cradles.Charlea Wetter, han, Fond Du Lac, Wis. 91,188.Lock Nut.R. White, Mechanicaburg, Pa, 91,189.Hat.David Wilcox (aasignor ' 0 himself, W, H. Slo* cum, and W. A. Brown). Boston. Mass. 91,190.Fireplace.Alfred Wilkin, Lucas county, Ohio. 91,191.Printing Press.J. K. Wright, Philadelphia, Pa. 91,192.Lantern.Henry C. Yerby, Lealie, Mich. 91,193.Elevator.James Yost, White Deer townahip, Pa, 91,194.Car Coupling.J. C. Young, Bloomington, Ind. 91,195.Lamp.Charlea Zaiser, Newark, N. J. 91,196.Propelling Apparatus.Anthony Zink, Lancaster, Ohio. REISSUES. 33,085.Machine for Thrashing and Separating Grain. Dated April 16, 1861; reissue 3,486.-Cornelius Aultman, Mansfield Ohio, assignee, by mesne assignments, of Cyrus Roberts. 48,214.Caster for Trunks.Dated June 13,1865; reiaaue 3,4S7.-John A. Lieb, Newark, N. J., for himself, and assignee of John Sctiamadel. 82,858.Plow.Dated October 6,1868; reiaaue 3,488.Daniel Mater, Bellmore, Ind. 18,661.Machine for Turning Pillars for Clock Movements.Dated Novembe rl7,1857. reissue 3,489,-W. H. Nettleton, Bris tol, Conn., assignee of Wilford H. Nettleton, Charles Raymond and An-son Hatch. ' 46,025.Combined Cultivator and Harrow.Dated Janu- ary24, 1865; reissue 3,490.-Edmund D. Reynolds and O. Bradford Reynolds, North Bridgewater, Mass, 65,141.Tuck-creasing Attachment for Sewing Ma- cirifTK.Dated May 28,1807: reissue 3,491.Anna Weissenborn, Jfew York city. 50.351.Suspender.Dated October 10,1865;reiasue 3,492. Benjamin J. Greely, Boston. Mass 11,249.Harvester.Dated July 11, 1854; extended sevon years; reissue 3,493.Division A.J. H. Mvcrs, Philadelphia, Pa., as, signee of Collins B. Brown. 11,249.Harvest Rake.Dated July 11, 1854; extended seven years; reiesiio 3,494.Division B.J. H. Myers, Philadelphia, Pa., assignee of Collins B. Brown. 46,488.Harvester.Dated February 21, 1865; reiaaue No. 3,495.Division A.Frederick Nishwitz, Brooklyn, N. Y. 46,488.Hakvester Dated February21, 1865; r-eissue3,496. Division B.Frederick Nishwitz, Brooklyn, N, Y. 46,488.Harvester.Dated February 21, 1865; reisaue 3.497.Division CFrederick Nishwitz,Brooklyn,U. Y. 61,867.Regulator for Time Pieces.Dated February 5, 1867; reissue 3,498.George P. Reed, Boston, Mass. 71,418.Telegraph Insulator.Dated November26, 1867; reissue 3,499.W. Edgar Simonds, Hartford, Conn. 12,568.Printing Press.Dated March 20, 1855; reiaaue 3,500.-Lemuel T. Wells, St, Louis, Mo. 58,098.Machine for Granulating and Drying Sugar. Dated September 18, 1866; reissue 3,501.-Jesse Hanford, Lexington, Mass. DESIGNS. 3,532.Cook Stove.Daniel E. Conklin (agaignor to Har- beclr, Conklin, and Willis), Baltimore, Md. 3,533.Hinge.William Gorman (aaaignor totheRuasell and Erwin Manufacturing Company), New Britain, Conn. 3,534.Face-plate of a Hinge.Emery Parker (aaaignor to tli e Russel and Erwin Manufacturing Company), New Britain, C6nnJ 3,535.Velocipede Frame.S. F. Pratt, Boaton, Maaa. 3,536.Clock Case.Solomon C; Spririg(aasisrnorto "Welch; Spring & Co."). Bristol, Conn. EXTENSIONS. Water Wheel.John Tyler, Weat Lebanon, N. H.Letters Patent No.12 927, dated May 22, i855: Grooving Moldings.Rebecca A. Marcher, New York city, executrix of Robert I, Marcher, deceased. Letters Patent of No. 12,916,. dated May 22,1855. Machine for Making Paper Bags.E. W. Goodale, Clinton. Iowa.Letters Patent No. 12,945, dated May 29, 1665; reissue No. 1,083, dated September 4,1860. Machine for Pegging Boots and Shoes,An act for the relief of AlptiejiaC. Qalltthae, Now YofK citv.-Lofcters Patent No. 0,947; flateS AsgiMt 18,1868 soatedatoa February t8sl863