For the Week Ending July 20, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat......,......,. ,........:........................................$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)........... $15 On issuing each original Patent................................... 20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents................................... $20 On application for Reissue........................................ " $30 On application for Extension of Patent.......................... $50 On granting; the Extension,........................................ $50 O n tiling a Disclaimer..............................................!"!!!.'.....$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years).................*'.'!.'$10 On an application forDesign (seven years)...................... " $15 On an application forDesign (fourteen years)...............................$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes.' Residents ot Canada and Nova ticotia pay $500 on application. Forcopy of Claim ofany Patent issued within- 3Qyear8.......... fti AsketeA from, the model or drawing, relating to sucli portion of a machine as the Claim covers, from.................................. jtti upward, but usually at Me price above-named. " The full Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them...................... jftl J5 Official Copies oj Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we eansupplyat a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as toprice of drawings, in each case, mat/ be had by address-Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Saw, New York. 92,689.—VELOCIPEDE.—Daniel W. Atherton, Detroit, Mick 92,690.—CENTRIFUGAL HULLING MILL.—C. S. Bailey New York city. 92,691.—FLUID METER.—Phinehas Ball and Benaiah Pitts Worcester, Mass. ' 92,692.—HEMMER FOR SEWING MACHINES.—H. C. Bartleson Toledo, Ohio.: 92,693.—MECHANISM FOR STARTING SEWING MACHINES.__S K. Bassett, Galesburg, 111. 92,694.—MOUNTING PICTURES.—C. J. Billinghurst, McArthur Ohio. 92,695.—LAMP BURNER.—Ebenezer Blackman, Norwalk, Ct. 92,696.—HYDRANT.—Geo. N. Bowman, Pottsville, Pa. 92,697.—WIND-WHEEL.—Henry C. Briggs (assignor to D. Arthur Brown and Company), Fishersville, N. H. 92,fi98.—PLOW.—T. B. C. Brinly, Louisville, Ky. 92,699.—COMPOSITION-CORE OR FORM FOR MAKING CASTINGS. —Austin Burt, Detroit, Mich. 92,700.—FRUIT AND CLOTHES DRYER.—Thos. B. Carroll, Indianapolis, Ind. 92,701.—TUB.—Ezra Caswell (assignor to himself and Philip Ganse, Jr.), Lyons, N. Y. 92,702.—BRICK KILN.—W. V. Cecil, Monmouth, 111. 92,703.—VEGETABLE MASHER.—Hannah F. Chase, Boston Mass. ' 92,704—ENAMELED HAT.—E. S. Cheney and Geo. P Perry Providence, R. I. " 92,705.—MACHINE FOR FEEDING WOOL, ETC., TO CARDING AND OTHER MACHINES.—Wm. Clissold, Dudbridge Works, near Stroud England. 92,706.—ATTACHMENT FOR THE ENDS OF SWINGLE-TREES — Ezra Cole, Fairfleld, Mich. 92,707.—DITCHING MACHINE.—Robert Conarroe (assignor to TTmyeSO,WcaamdI_I{oWm- Kenwort1 Je88e Jacoby, and David J. 92,708.—ADJUSTABLE STEP LADDER.—R. R. Croasdaleand Peter Rink, Reaville.N. J. 92,709.—CONSTRUCTION OF SPADING AND OTHER FORKS.—E. C. Denio and G. K. Babcock, New Hartford, N. Y. 92,710.—CURTAIN FIXTURE.—John Doyle, Hoboken, N. J. 92,711.—RANGE.—C. K. Edwards, New York city. 92,712.—POTATO DIGGER.—Henry Farmer, Pontiac, Mich. 92,713.—HARVESTER RAKE.—J. R. Finley, Delphi, Ind. 92,714.—COMBINED HARROW AND CULTIVATOR.—W. J. Funk (assignor to himself and Harrison B. Oatman), Portland. Oregon. 92,715.—CLOTHES-PIN OR CLAMP.—Peter Gardner, Gloucestershire, England, assignor to himself, D. E. Atherton, and E. A. Van ! Cise, Mount Pleasant, Iowa. ? 92,716.—METHOD OF HANGING RECIPROCATING SAWS.—Jas. j Gargett, Alma, Mich. 1 92,717.—HARNESS-SADDLE TREE.—Geo D. Gillett, Meridian, N. Y. 92,718.—EJECTOR.—G. W. Glass, New Brighton, Pa. 92,719.—HARROW.—E. A. Goodes, Philadelphia, assignor to himself, S. F. Mathews, and W. Mathews, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 92,720.—EAVE-TROUGH FORMER.—Lewis Granger and Luke Phillips, Memphis, Mich. 92,721.—LOCK-NUT.—Thos. Hagan, Rochester, Pa. 92,722.—LOOM FOR WEAVING IRREGULAR FABRICS.—Chas. Heptonstall (assignor to Orville Peckhaiu,trustee; and Orville Peck-ham, trustee, assignor to C. Heptonstall, P. M. Stone, and Jonathan Boyd), Providence, R. I. 92,723.—HARVESTER.—L. B. Hoit, Cedar Falls, Iowa, and M. Laflin, Chicago, 111., said Hoit having assigned his right to said Laiiin. 92,724.—COTTON-GIN RIB.—W. J. Horton, Newburg, assignor to himself and J. S. Napier, Mount Hope, Ala. 92,725.—FAUCET PLUG.—Gardner Howland, Brunswick, and E. T. Ford, Stillwater, N. Y. 92,726.—METHOD OF HANGING SHAFTING.—Daniel Hussey, Lowell, Mass. 92,727.—PORTABLE PICKET FENCE.—G. W. C. Jarvis and Chas. Graves, La peer, Mich. 92,728.—CORN PLANTER.—J. B. Johnson, Rock Island, 111. 92,729.—WATCH-WHEEL HOLDER.—August W. Kientoff, Oakland, Cal. 92,730.—FISHING JACK.—M. D. Kirk and W. H. Belnap, Stur- gis, Mich. 92,73i.—SHELVING FOR STORES.—Wm. Koch and Geo. Koch, Cass, Pa. 92,732.—HORSE-RAKE.—J. B. Koon, Aurelius, assignor to Al- den and Company, assignors to G. J. Letchworth, Auburn, N. Y. 92,733.—DOOR KNOB.—G. B. Lothrop, Boston, Mass. 92,734.—BUTTER TUB.—David Lown, Poughkeesie, N. Y. 92,735.—THRASHING MACHINE.—Stephen Mapes, Buffalo, N.Y. 92,736.—PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR UTILIZING THE WASTE COAL OF MINES.—T. M. Mitchell, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to the Anthracite Fuel Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia. 92,737.—DRYING AND BAKING APPARATUS FOR PREPARING FUEL FROM WASTE COAL.—T. M. Mitchell, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to the Anthracite Fuel Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia. 92,738.—MIXING APPARATUS FOR PREPARING WASTE COAL FOR FUEL.—T. M. Mitchell, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to the Anthracite Fuel Manufacturing company, Philadelphia, 92,739.—ARTIFICIAL LEG.—Robert Moore, Oswego, N. Y. 92740.—SPRING-BED BOTTOM.—Q. W. Morrill, Sterling, 111. 92,741.—PROPELLING APPARATUS.—Howell Mulford, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,742.—STOCK SHED AND RACK.—T. Brod. Myers, Palatine W. Va. 92,743.—IMITATION FABRIC OF PAPER CLOTH.—J. H. Newton, Holyoke, Mass. v 92,744.—FERTILIZER FROM SEA-WEED.—J. G. Nickerson, Boston, Mass. 92,745.—WATER-CLOSET.—Wm. I. Page, Boston, Mass. 92,74-5.—ALARM FOR SAILING-VESSELS.—Zadock Pangborn, Algonac, assignor to George Clark, W. P. Campbell, and A. H. Mills, Detroit, Mich, 92,747.—TEMPERING STEEL CASTINGS.—Chas. Parkin and Sam. Trethewey, Allegheny county. Pa. 92,748.—VALVE COCK.—Thos. Ramsden, Allegheny City, and H. M. Davis, Pittsburgh, Pa. 92,749.—POTATO DIGGER.—Benj. Reamer and Cornelius Van Derzee, Albany, N. Y. 92,750.—MACHINE FOR CROSSING FIBERS IN FORMING BATS FOE FELTING.—Lyman Robinson (assignor to John Falconer), Mattea-wan.N. Y. 92,751.—TREATING AND KBVIVIFYING BONE-BLACK.—John Rogers arid Lawrence RB_RBWo_lyn,'-'. Y. Patented in England April 1,1869. 92,752.—BOILER FLUE SCRAPER.— Mitchell A. Salomons, Boston, Mass. 92,753.—RAILROAD CAR HEATER.Cyrus Sanborn (assignor to himself and Benjamin F. Leavitt 1, Chichester, N. H. 92,754.—DUST PAN.—P. A. Schanck, Matawan, N. J., assignor to himself and R. L. Merritt, Boston, Mass. 92,755.—LADDER.—Bronson Schoonmaker, Plainwell, Mich. 92,756.—SPADING MACHINE. — Lyman Sherwood, Springfield, 111. 92,757.—COMPOSITION FOR PREVENTING THE FOULING OF SHIPS BOTTOMS.—Robert Sim, Naples. Patented in England, Augusts, 1868. 92,758.—SPRING CHAIR.—H. C. Smith, Washington, D. C. 92,759.—SHOULDER SUPPORT.—J. B. Smith, Milwaukee, Wis. 92,760.—ORGAN ACTION.—Adam Storck, C ncinnati, Ohio. 92,761.—APPARATUS FOR DRAWING TUBE SKELPS.—Stephen P. M. Tasker and Robert Briggs, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,762.—HORSE HAY FORK.—John F. Thomas, Ilion, N. Y. 92,763.—MANUFACTURE OF RUBBER BALLS.—John H. Tuttle, East Hampton, Mass. 92,764.—PROCESS OF TREATING VULCANIZED RUBBER THREAD WASTE.—John H. Tuttle, East Hampton, Mass. 92,765.—LITHOGRAPHIC PRESS.—Jonathan Walton, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Victor E. Mauger, New York city. 92,766.—LAMP CHIMNEY.—Abel Whitlock, Danbury, Conn. 92,767.—SAW FRAME.—Abel Whitlock, Danbury, Conn. 92,768.—IMPLEMENT.—Wm. Worley, Newark, West Va. 92,769.—STOMACH PUMP—James M. Youngblood, St. Louis, Mo., assignor for one half to A. J. P. Garesche. 92,770.—BRICK KILN.—Henry W. Adams, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,771.—LAMP BURNER.—Thomas Adams, Hudson City, N. J., assignor to Mary A. Van Alen, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92,772.—PLANT-PROTECTOR ATTACHMENT TO PLOWS.—John Ahearn, Baltimore, Md. 92,773.—LAND LEVEL AND MEASURE.—F. A. Archibald, Con- N. C. Antedated July 15,1869. 92,774.—FANNING MILL.—Joshua Ashton, Red Wing, Minn. 92,775.—PLOW BEAM CLEVIS ATTACHMENT.—James L. Baldwin, Troy, Pa. 92,776.—MAOHIKB FOR BREAKING AND SCOURING HIDES.— O. W. Bean, Farmington, Texas. 83,777.—BAWMIM,.—Timothy Beaxdry, Levis, Canada. 92,778.—BRICK MACHINE.—S. W. Bennett, Jr., Monroe, La. 92,779.—CAMP STOVE.—George Benns, Rockford, 111. 92,780.—CORN PLANTER.—H. C. Beshler, Berrysburg, Pa. 92,781.—FIREPLACE HEATER.—Bentley C. Bibb, Baltimore, Md. 92,782.—DEVICE FOR CLOSING BOTTLES AND PIPES.—Domini- cus L. Bollerman and Richard Bollerman, New York city. 92,783.—HARVESTER RAKE.—James B. Bowen, Charles A. Whelan, and Cleanthus A. Reed, Madison, Wis. 92,784.—MACHINE FOR DRESSING WARP THREADS.—Wm. H. Boyden, Rockland, R. I. 92,785.—HAT VENTILATOR.— Thomas W. Bracher, New York city. 92,786.—MECHANISM FOR DRIVING SEWING MACHINES.— John A. Bradshaw, William H. Brown, and Darius Whithed, Lowell, Mass. 92,787.—BED BOTTOM.—Charles Bradway, Moquoketa, Iowa. 92,788.—CHURN.—Wm. W. Brigg, Home, Tenn. 92,789.—WATEU MOTOR.—S. W. Broadwell, Logan, Iowa. 92,790.—BOILER FLUE SCRAPER.—Lester B. Brown, Petroleum Center, Pa. 92,791.—MEASURE HOLDER.—George W. Burwell, Zanes- ville.Ohio. 92,792.—LIFTING BAR.—D. P. Butler, Boston, Mass. 92,793.—SPRING LIFTING APPARATUS.—D. P. Butler, Boston, Mass. 92,794.—CLOTHES DRYER.—Cyrus Carrier, Oswego, N. Y. 92,795.—METALLIC CARTRIDGE.—Jules Joseph Chaudun, Part s, France, assignor to himself, Jean Jean Dexant, and Alfred Ber nard. Patented in France, March 31,1865. 92,796.—Dooa LOCK.—H. Clark, Baltimore, Md. 92,797.—" CLOTHES DRYER." — Edward P. Clark, Mill Dury.Mass. 92,798.—DRAWER GUIDE.—George S. Curtis and Henry Cur tis, Chicago. 111. 92,799.—BREECH LOADER.—L. T. Delassize, New Orleans, La ? 92,800.—CURRENT WHEEL.—John Dennison, Hillsborough , ! N.H. i 92,801.—MODE OF ATTACHING SCREWS TO KNOBS.—W. Edson [ Doolittle,East Haven, Conn. 93,802.—STATION-INDICATOR FOR RAILROAD CARS.—William H. Eckert and James A. Black, Dayton. Ohio. 92,803.—PLOW.—A. N. Edwards, Greenville, Ala. 92,804.—COTTON SEED PLANTER.—J. M. Elliott, Winnsbor- ough.S. C. 92,805.—SLIDING FARM GATE. — Thomas Ellison, Abing- ton. 111. 92,806.—PLOW.—Philip Falker, Lanesville, Ind. 92,807.—LAND AND WATER VELOCIPEDE.—D. J. Farmer Wheeling, West Va. 92,808.—VELOCIPEDE.—David J. Farmer, Wheeling, WestVa. 92,809.—GRAIN GLEANER AND SMUT MACHINE.—John Fergu son, Fall River, Mass. 92,810.—FERTILIZER.—Randall Fish, Washington, D. C. 92,811.—HOOP SKIRT.—Edward Fleisher, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,812.—CURTAIN FIXTURE.—J. W. Foard, San Francisco, Cal. 92,813.—VALVE GEAR FOR ACTUATING STEAM AND OTHEB ENGINERY.—I. N. Forrester, Bridgeport, Conn. 92,814.—FANNING MILL.—Samuel Foster, Jr., Des Moines , 92,815.—ROUND COMB.—0. B. Gallup, Summit, R. I. 92,816.—MANUFACTURE OF WHITE LEAD,—I. M. Gfattman, New York city. 92,817.—GAGE FOR MAKING AXLES,—Peter Geiser, Waynes borough, Pa. 92,818.—MACHINE FOR DRESSING FEATHERS.Robert Glors Nashville, Tenn. 92,819.—TWINE HOLDER.—A. J. Goodrich (assignor to Turner, Seymour &Jtiddg), Wolcottville, Conn. 93,820—OIL CUP.—J. P. Haines, New York city. 92,821.—THILL COUPLING.—B. F. Harrison,Newa_k,N. J. Antedated Jnly 15,1869.. 92,822.—HOT AIR FURNACE.—0. N. Hart, Winona, Minn. 92,823.—ANIMAL TRAP.—Daniel Harwood (assignor to himself and Seth White), Dutch Flat, Cal. 92,824.—REIN HOLDER.—M. C. Heptinstall, Enfield, N. C. 92,825.—HAND STAMP.—J. E. Higgins, Chas. Merriam, and C. O. Luce, Brandon, Vt. 92,826.—CORN PLANTER.—Albert Hodgson and Edwin Hodgson, El Paso, 111. 92,827.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING STONE AND MARBLE.—T. S. Howard, Savannah, Mo. 92,828.—HEAD BLOCK.—Nathan Hunt, Salem, Ohio. 92,829.—COAL STOVE.—G. A. Huntley, Quincy, 111. 92,830.—DEVICE FOR STOPPING THE REVOLUTION OF SPINDLES IN SPINNING MACHINES, ETC.—Eugene Huret and F. L. Debruyn, Con dette, Pas-de-Calais, France. 92,831.—PAPER BOX.—G. L. Jaeger, New York city. Antedated June 7,1869. 92,832.—CARD CASE.—G. H. James and Josiah James, London, England. 92,833.—RAILWAY RAIL JOINT.—Granville E. Jarvis, Grafton,, West Va. 92,834.—CULTIVATOR AND STALK CUTTER.—J. G. Johnson,. Carthage, 111. 92,835.—CULTIVATOR.—C. H. Johnson, Morristown, N. J. 92,836.—MANUFACTURE OF PHOTOGRATHIC PICTURES.—J. R. Johnson, London, England. 92,837.—COMBINED CORN PLANTER AND CULTIVATOR.—M. J! Kavanagh, Joliet, and M. Gregg, Chicago, 111. 92,838.—BLACKING CABINET.—Lawson P. Keach, Baltimore,. Md. 92,839.—RAILWAY CAR COUPLING.—Orson Kelsey, Commerce,, Mich. 92,840.—ROTARY OVES,—P. A. Kennedy (assignor to himself,, Wm. Wadsworth, ant Bfl). Murray), Darien, Wis. 92,841.—WINDOW SASH.—S. Kepner, Pottstown, Pa. 92,842.—ROTARY PUMP.—A. H. Knapp, Needham, Mass. Antedated July 17,1869. 92,843.—STOVEPIPE FASTENER.—I. W. Lamb, Salem, Mich. 92,844.—COMBINATION LOCK.—I. W. Lamb, Salem, Mich. 92,845.—PLOW.—W. M. Lanhan, Noblesville, Ind. 92,846.—SAW.—H. A. Lanman (assignor to himseli and JameS Ohlen), Columbus, Ohio. 92,847.—ELEVATOR.—J. S. Lester, Knoxville, Tenn., assignor to himself and L. C. Shepard. 92,848.—STEAM ENGINE GOVERNOR.—J. F. Lotellier, Grand Kapids, Mich. 92,849.—HARROW.—H. C. Lezott, Osage, Iowa. 92,850.—PAPER-COLLAR BOX.—E. A. Locke and W. N. Weeden, Boston, Mass. 92,851.—FABRIC WHEREOF TO MAKE COLLARS, CUFFS, BOSOMS, AND OTHER ARTICLES OF WEARING APPAREL.—Wm. E. LoCkWOOtl, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,852.—CLOD FENDER.—J. W. Loveless, Clark's Hill, Ind. 92,853.—PENCIL CASE.—Wm. A. Ludden, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92,854.—DEVICE FOR RAISING SUNKEN VESSELS.—S. W. Ma-quay, Footscray. near Melbourne, Victoria. 92,855.—WASHING AND CLEANSING FLUID.—F. F. N. Marais, New York city. 92,856.—LOOM FOR WEAVING CARPETS.—John Marsden (assignor to John Crossley and Sir Francis Crossley), Halifax, England Patented in England, Sept. 9,1867. 92,857.—GLOBE VALVE.—F. O. Matthiessen, Jersey City, N. J. 92,858.—HANGER FOR SHAI*TING.—E. M. Mayo, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,859.—SPEEDER FOR SPINNING AND TWISTING ROVING.— Thomas Mayor (assignor to Orville Peckham, trustee; and said trustee assigns to said Mayor and George Chatterton), Providence, K. I. 92,860.—SHAFT COUPLING.— William S. McKinney, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,861.—CORN PLANTER.—Wm. McLucas, Reinersville, Ohio. 92,862.—WATER WHEEL.—Ferdinand Mehrmann, Fountain City, Wis. 92,863.—STRAW BOARD.—S. T. Merrill, Beloit, Wis. 92,864.—HORSE COLLAR.—Jacques Meyer, Williamsburgh, 92,865.—MACHINE FOR THRASHING AND HULLING CLOVER SEED.—Zephaniah Miller, Canaonlton, Ohio. 92,866.—CAR COUPLING.—I. N. Mitchell, Arcanum, Ohio. 92,867.—CULINARY VESSEL.—O. M. Mitchell, Marathon, N. Y. 92,868.—WASHING MACHINE.—Otis M. Mitchell, Marathon, N.Y. 92,869.—CAR BRAKE AND STARTER.—David M. Moore, Windsor, vt. 92,870.—MACHINE FOR MAKING WIRE ROPE.—C. H. Morgan, Worcester, Mass. 92,871.—MINING MACHINE.—David Morris, Bartlett, assignor to himself and Aaron P. Dewees, Pennsville, Ohio. 92,872.—OILER FOR MACHINERY.—Chas. A. Morton, Biddeford, Me. 92,873.—TAILORS' MEASURING APPARATUS.—Fritz Mueller and Hermann Koeller, New York city. 92,874.—RAILWAY. — W. C. Cockburn Muir, Westminster, England. 92,875.—COMPOSITION OF MATTER TO BE USED IN THE PROCESS OP RESTOBING STEEL.—Byron W. Nichols (assignor to himself, C Aultman, George H. Buckius, P. S. Sowers, and A. Clark Tonner), Can ton, Ohio. 92,876.—CONVERTING ARTICLES OF CAST IRON INTO STEEL.— B. W. Nichols (assignor to himself C. Aultman,G. A. Buckius, P. S.Sow ers, and A. C. Tonner), Canton, Ohio. 92,877.—HAT-BRUSHING MACHINE.—John D. Parsons, Yon- kers, N. Y. 92,878.—BED BOTTOM.—Byron Partello, Detroit, Mich. 92,879.—CHECK HOOK.—C. B. Payne, Clinton, 111. 92,880.—CULTIVATOR TEETH.—E. B. Pratt, Monroe, Wis. 94 92,881.—SMITHS' ANVIL CLAMP FOR HOLDING TIRES WHILE BEING UPSET BY HAND FOKGING.—N. P. Quick. Carmel, N. Y. 92,882.—CORN PLANTER.—Jonathan Rader, Daleville, Ind. 92,883.—WATER METER.—Henry F. Bead, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated July 13, 1869. 92,884.—MOLDING PROPELLER FOR WATER METERS.—H. F. Bead, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92.885.—BARREL HEAD.—George Righter, Radnor, Pa., assignor to himself, George Righter, Jr., and J.G. Maxwell. 92,886.—FENCE.—John Riordan, Six Mile, Ind. 92,887.—MITER BOX.—M. O. Royce, Boston, Mass. 92,888.—SULKY LAND ROLLER.—Peter Schmitt, Stewartsville, Mo. 92,889.—CORN PLANTER.—Amos Shellabarger, Miami county, Ohio. 92,890.—TEMPLE FOR LOOM.—Joseph Simpson, Millbury, Maes. 92.S91.—WAGON AXLE.—S. W. Slocumb, Albany, 111. 92,892.—HYDROGEN GENERATOR AND CARBURETER.—Byron Sloper, St. Louis, Mo. 92,893.—ORE CONCENTRATOR AND ENDLESS SLUICE BLANKET.—C. D. Smith, Drytown, Cal. 92,894.—MANUFACTURE OF WROUGHT IRON AND STEEL DIRECT FROM THE ORE.—G. H. Smith,New York city. 93,895.—TAG.—T. J. Southworth, Rochester, N. T. 96,896.—CRADLE.—Lewis Sperry, East Windsor Hill, and Lester Robinson, New Haven, Conn., assignors to Lewis Sperry and Adelia Sperry. 2,897.- LEGISLATIVE VOTING APPARATUS.—W. M. Springer, Springfield, 111. 92,898.—PLOW.—Henry Stem, Mifflinburg, Pa. 92,899.—CARRIAGE JACK.—Jacob Steuer, Albany, N. T. 92,900.—MECHANISM FOR OPERATING THE PICKING STAFF IU LOOMS.—E. P. Terrel, West Liberty, Ohio. 92,901.—MASHING GRAIN FOR DISTILLATION.—M. Thompson, St. Louis, Mo. 92,902.—RAILWAY CAR COUPLING.—W. C. Tilton, Spring Place, Ga. 92,903.—MACHINE FOR SOWING AND DRILLING GRAIN.—G. A. Titus, Mantorville, assignor to himself and S. B. Pinney, St. Cloud, Minn. 92,904.—DISTRIBUTER FOR SOWING AND DRILLING GRAIN.— G. A. Titus, Mantorville, assignor to himself and S. B. Pinney, St. Cloud, Minn. 92,905.—CLOTHES DRYER.—L. A. Towne, La Crosse, Wis. 92,906.—STOVE GRATE.—Charles Truesdale (assignor to himself and Wm. Resor &Co.), Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,907.—MANUFACTURE OF CHIPPED BEEF.—C. L. Tucker, Chicago, 111. 92,908.—COMBINED LAMP WICK TRIMMER, CHIMNEY CLEANER, AND LIFTER.—C. M. Tyler, Indianapolis, Ind. 92,909.—SAW.—J. P. Tyler, Penn Yan, N. Y. 92,910.—CULTIVATOR TEETH.—Benjamin Van Braeklin, Le 92,911.'—ANIMAL TRAP.—T. B. Van Pelt, Westport, Mo. 92,912.—SEWING MACHINE FOR SEWING TURNED SHOES.—F. Vetter, New York city. 92,913.—BEEHIVE.—Simon Vreeland, Cuba, N. T. 93,914.—FARM GATE.—Simon Vreeland, Cuba, N. T. 92,915.—CARRIAGE WHEEL.—Simon Vreeland, Cuba, N. Y. 92,916.—FLEECE BUNDLING APPARATUS.—James Walton, Roseburg, Oregon. 92,917.—FENCE.—J. L. Wellington, Dansville, N. T. 92,918.—COMBINED PISTOL AND DIRK.—Franklin Wesson, Worcester, Mass. 92,919.—SLEEPING CAR.—M. A. Wheeler, San Francisco, 92,920.—COOKING STOVE.—J. B. Wilkinson, Troy, N. T. 92,921.—NECKTIE AND BOW.—Elias Woodward, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92,922.—TINNERS' GUTTER TROUGH.—J. M. Woolwin, Me- chanicsburg, Ohio. 92,923.—BRICK KILN.—A. J. Works, Fair Haven, Conn. 92,924.—COMPOUND OIL FOR COATING LEATHER AND METALS.-W. K. Wyckoff, Ripon, Wis. 92,925.—PAPKU FILE.—P. W. Derham, Brooklyn, N. Y. REISSUES. 35,429.—MANUFACTURE OP HOLLOW GLASS WARE.—Dated June 3.1862; reissue 3,555.—L-ivision A.—J.S. Atterbury and T. B. Atter-bury, Pittsburgh, Pa., lor themselves, and assignees of James Reddick. 35,429.—MANUFACTURE OF HOLLOW GLASS WARE.—Dated June S, 1862; reissue 3,556.-Dlvision B.-J. S. Atterbury and T. B. At-terbury, Pittsburgh, Pa., for themselves, and assignees of James Reddick. 42,829.—RING FOR SPINNING.—Dated May 24, 1864; reissue 3,557.—,john Birkenhead.Ilion, N. Y. 52,680.—RAKE TOOTH BENDER.—Dated February 20, 18S6; reissue 3,558.—Colun,bus Coleman, Allegheny City, Pa. 88,476.—MILK COOLER.—Dated March 30, 1869; reissue 3,559. -L. T. Huwley, Salina, N. Y. 89,662.—PUMP.—Dated May 4, 1869; reissue 3,560.—D. P. Henry, Windsor, 111. 25,535.—HOUSE RAKE.—Dated September 20, 1859; reissue 3,561.—A. D. Reese, Phillipsburg, N. J., assignee of T. J. Steffe. 65,607.—BREECH-LOADING FIKBABM.—Dated Jnne 11, 1867; reissue 3,562. -B. S. Roberts, U. S. Army. 63,537.—SODA FOUNTAIN.—Dated April 2, 1867; reissue 3,563. —E. C. Thompson, Rochester, N. Y., assignee of T. A. Long. 91,186.—COAL STOVE.—Dated June 8,1869; reissue 3,564 — R. B. Varden, Uniontown, Md. EXTENSIONS. MACHINE FOR PRINTING WOOLEN AND OTHER GOODS.—T. Crossley, of Bridgeport, Conn.—Letters Patent No. 11,118, dated June 20,1854; antedated April 5, 1854. SAND PAPER CUTTING MACHINE.—Wm. Adamson, of Philadelphia, Pa.-Letters Patent No. 13,153, dated July 3,1855. LOOM.—S. T. Thomas, of Gilford, N. H.—Letters Patent No. 13,187, dated July 3,1855. KNITTING MACHINE.—John Pepper, Gilford, N. H.—Letters Patent No. 13,289, dated July 17,1855; reissue No. 1,538, dated September, 15,1863. WATER METER.—H. R. Worthington, Greenburg, N. Y.— LettersPatent No. 13,320, dated July 24,1S55. BUCKLES.—S. E. Booth, Orange, Conn., administrator of S. S. Hartshorn, deceased.—Letters Patent No. 13,218, dated July 10,1855.