Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 27, 1869. Reported Officially for the dentific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: Oneacii caveat.................................................................spin On tiling each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing eaeh original Patent...............................................$;() On appeal to Commis sioner of Pate nts........................................$20 On application for Ileissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................50 On rantinir the Extension.....................................................$50 On 111 ing a Disclaimer..........................................................0 On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................wio On an application for Design (seven years)..................................*is On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................$30 Inaddition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $509 on application. For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine asthe Claim covers,from................................................ i upward, but usually at the price above-named. Thefnll Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1"35 Official Copiesof Drawings of any patent issued since 1836,we cansupplyat areasonablecost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing MUNN & CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Sow, Neio York. 92,926.—HAIR-CURLING APPARATUS.—Marcia Adkins, Oswego, N.Y. 92,927.—GUIDE-ATTACHMENT FOR BOEING INSTRUMENTS.— Arthur Amory, New York city. 92,928.—VELOCIPEDE. — Solomon Andrews, Perth Amboy, N. J. 92,929.—CARPET SWEEPER.—J. B. Baker (assignor to himself Hiram R. Olmstead, and Richard W. Jones), Syracuse, N. Y. 92,930.—TOBACCO Box.—George H. Bliss, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92,931.—GAS HEATER.—A. L. Bogart, New York city. 92,932.—SUGAR-BOILING APPARATUS.—Martial Bonnin and Charles Escudier, New Iberia,La. 92,933.—MANUFACTURE OF BRAID.—John W. Bowers, Newton, Mass. 92,934.—METHOD OF PRESERVING THE AROMATIC PRINCIPLE OF HOPS.—Edwin D. Brainard, Albany, N. Y. 92,935.—MILLERS' STAFF.—Potto Brown, Houghton, and Bate-man Brown, Huntingdon, England. Patented in England, June 23, 1868. 92,936.—PEDECYCLE.—George Brownlee, Princeton, Ind. 92,937.—MEDICAL COMPOUND.—Thomas J. Butcher, Wenona Station, 111. 92,938.—BRAIDING MACHINE.—James D. Butler, Lancaster, Mass. 92,939.—CORN POPPER.—Wm. F. Collier, Worcester, Mass. 92,940.—BOBBIN FOR SPINNING.—John H. Crowell, Providence, K. I. Antedated July 23,1869. 92,941.—CONDENSER FOK STILLS.—T. J. Dean, St. Louis, Mo. 92,942.—HAND MIRROR.—W. U. Dudley, New York city, assignor to himself and Lawrence W. Clark, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92,943.—MACHINE FOR GENERATING AND CARBURETING GAS. —Cleaveland F. Dunderdale, New York city. 92,944.—STOP-MOTION FOB SILK STRETCHING AND WINDING MACHINE.—P.Dunham, Leeds. Mass. 92,945.—GRAIN DRILL. — Josephus Easterday, Frederick county, Md., and J. B. Crowell, Greencastle, Pa. 92,946.—FODDER CUTTER.—John Eiberweiser (assignor to himself and Frederick Groene), Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,947.—BEEHIVE.—Hiram Filson, Monongahela City, Pa. 92,948.—FRONT GEAR FOR WAGON.—A. Finley, Bainbrido-e Ind. 92,949.—SPRING BED. -Jeremiah Fisk, Augusta, Me. 92,950.—SHOES.—Wm. S. Foster, Montgomery, A'a. 92,951.—CORN AND SEED PLANTER.—Daniel D. Franklin (assignor to himself and John S. Underwood), Flora, 111. 92,952.—STEAM GENERATOR. — Charles H. Franklin, Jr., New York city. 92,953.—THREE-HORSE CLEVIS.—Samuel H. Frederick, Mat- teson, Mich. 92,954.—HOSE COUPLING.—J. H. George, Newark, N. J. 92,955.—MATCH SAFE.—John Gibbs, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y., assignor to himself and Calvin H. Carter, Waterbury, Conn. 92,956.—GOVERNOR FOR STEAM AND OTHER ENGINERY.— Thomas Gill, assignor to himself, John Stark, and John Stark Jr Waltliam, Mass. 92,957.—STEAM PUMPING ENGINE.—Roscoe J. Gould Newark, N. J. ' 92,958.—MULE FOR SPINNING.—C. J. Greene, Olneyville, R. I. 92,959.—DEVICE FOR CLEANING PLOWS.—Richard Groom, Albany, N.Y. 92,900.—MACHINE FOR MAKING CORD.—William Guest, London, assignor to James Buckingham, Walworth, England. 92,961.—HEDGE SETTER.—John 11. lloliart (assignor to himself, Elias P. Kead, and T. w. Mcl'ariancl), Ottawa, 111. Antedated July 5,1869. 92,962.—COMPOUND FOR CUTTING AND POLISHING.—James P Hall, New York city. 92,963.—WHIFFLETREE.—Israel C. Hall, Sanbornton, N. H. 92,964.—CARRIAGE.—John C. Ham, New York city. 92,965.—SEWING MACHINE FOR WORKING BUTTON HOLES.— Alexander Harroun, Jr., Onondaga, 111.. 92,966.—STREET REFLECTOR FOK WINDOWS.—Otto Hennigy Chicago, 111. 93,967.—CORN PoprER.—Benjamin B. Hill, and John R. Hill Worcester, Mass. 92,968.—GANG PLOW.—Laban Holloway, San Francisco, Cal. 92,969.—SCREW WRENCH.—H. A. House, Bridgeport, Conn. 92,970.—SHUTTER FASTENER. — Leonard D. Howard, St Johnsbury, Vt. 92,971.—GRAIN REGISTER.—Wm. C. Howard, Belle Plaine Iowa. 92,972.—NEETILE PROTECTOR FOR SEWING MACHINE.—Thos Huckans. New Baltimore, and J. Wesley Carhart. Troy, N. Y. 92,873.—HARNESS BUCKLE.— James Ives, Mount Carmel Conn. 92,974.—ORNAMENTAL BACK FOR FIRE-PLACE.—Wm. H. Jackson, New York city. 92,975.—HORSE HAY FORK.—Thomas C. Kelly, West Liberty, Pa. 92,976.—VELOCIPEDE.—John Lauer, Chicago, 111. 92,977.—CHAIR.—James Lee, New York city. 92,978.—TURRET FOR VESSELS.—Johan Linnemann, Copenhagen, Denmark. 92,979.—WATKR GAGE.—David Lithgow, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,980.—PROBANG, OR INSTRUMENT FOR TREATING DISEASED ORTFICES.—George S. Lovell, and Mary F. Loveil, Philadelphia,Pa. 92,981.—METHOD OF EXTHACTING IRON AND OTHER OXIDES FROM CLAY. PORCELAIN-EARTH, ETC.—Wm. John Lynd, Golden City Colorado Ter. 92,982.—CLOTHES DRYER.—Henry G. Mack, Oswego, N. Y. 92,983.—COMBINED DRILL AND SAW GUMMEK.—Win. C. Marr, Peru, Wis. 92,984.—CORN PLANTER.—Daniel McCullough, Oxford township, Ontario, Canada, assignor to himself, Wm. J. Scott, Jr., and Patrick Harty. 92,983.—PLASTERING MACHINE.—Thomas McKinley, New York city. 92,986.—CARD CASE.—Geo. V. Metzel, Baltimore, Md. 92,987.—COFFEE POT.—Elie Moneuse and Louis Duparquet, New York city. 92,988.—FILTERING TUBE.—Daniel Moore and Edwin Moore, Brooklyn, N.Y. 92,989.—HAY AND MANURE FORK.—Edwin Moore, Brooklyn, E.D., N. Y. 92,990.—THROTTLE VALVE GEAR.—Samuel Moore, Providence, R. I. 92,991.—VELOCIPEDE.—T. N. Morse, Fairhaven, Mass. 92,992.—PLOW.—Wilson Noble, New Haven, Conn. Antedated July 3,1869. 92,993.—COMPOSITION FOR CURING CORNS.—Geo! Oakley, Quincy. 111. 92,994.—NAIL MACHINE.—Geo. Osborn (assignor to himself, Fred'k Leonard, and J. C. Osborn), Lakeville, Mass. 92,995.—LACE-MAKING MACHINE.—Geo Osborn Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to A. G. Jennings, New York city. 92,996.—GUIDE FOR GANG SAW GATES.—R. A. Parsons (assign- or to liimself and Ten Brock &Noyes), Clinton, Iowa. 92,997.—COTTON-SEED HULLER.—George H. Peabody, New York city. 92,998.—ZINCING IRON.—J. H. Peake, Washington, D. C. 92,999.—VENTILATOK FOR CHIMNEY.—J. J. Pemberton, Oakland, in. 93,000.—SCRAPER.—T. G. Phelps, Belmont, Cal. 93,001.—PITCHER FOR COOLING LIQUID.—Herman Pietsch, New York city. 93,002.—FINISHING SPLIT LF.ATHER. — Joel Putnam, Dan- vers, Mass. 93,003.—MOLD FOR CASTING THE CYLINDER AND DIAL BOX OF WATER METERS.—H. F. Kead, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,004.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—Nelson Read, Winchen-- don, Mass. 93,005.—CLARINET.—Jacob Rebhun, New York city. 93,006.—BOLT.—E. L. Roberts, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,007.—VENTILATING APPARATUS.—E. L. Roberts, Brook lyn, N. Y. 93,008.—KNITTING MACHINE.—Mark L. Roberts, New Brunswick, N. J. 93,009.—BEEHIVE.—G. A. Robinson, Mount Pulaski, 111. 93,010.—GUIDE FOR SEWING MACHINES.—Anna P. Rogers, Quincy, 111. 93,011.—ADJUSTABLE MOLDBOARD AND COULTER.—Gt. D. Row- ell, Menomonee Falls, Wis. 93,012.—METHOD OF MANUFACTURING VINEGAR.—Francis Schleifer, San Francisco,?Cal., assignor to himself and Francis Cutting. Antedated July 16,1869. 93,013.—HARVESTER.—W. A. Sharpe, Syracuse, N. Y. Antedated July 16,1869. 93,014.—STOP FOR PREVENTING RETROGRADE MOTION IN SEWING MACHINES.—Wesley Sherman and Giles Bishop, Middletown, Conn. 93,015.—POTATO DIGGER.—John Sherwood, Ottumwa, Iowa. 93,016.—VELOCIPEDE.—D. R. Smith, San Francisco, Cal., assignor to himself and Norbert Landry. 93,017.—CULTIVATOR.—Walter Smith, Boonville, Ind. 93,018.—COMPOSITION FOR PAVEMENTS, ROOFING, ETC.—Hiram Staples (assignor to himself and E. M. Dudley), Nashua, N. H. 93,019.—ADJUSTABLE SCAFFOLD.—Francis Stein and Henry Ilaering, New York city. 93,020.—KYE GLASS.—Richard Straubel, Williamsburgh, N.Y. 93,021.—STEAM GENERATOR FEED DEVICE.—J. B. Tarr, Fairhaven, Mass. Antedated July 12,1869. 93,022.—TOY HOOP.—C. L. Taylor, Norwich, Conn. 93,0 23.—BREECH-LOADING FIRE-ARM.—G. H. Todd (assignor to himself and C. W. Kennedy), Montgomery, Ala. 93,024.—FOUNTAIN PEN.—W. R. Walker, Concord, N. H. 93,025.—CLOTHES RACK.—Elias Werden, Pittsfield, Mass. 93,026.—SLIDING CALLIPER.—A. E. Whitmore, Boston, Mass. 93,027.—GATE.—Maximilian S. G. Wilde, Somerville, assignor to himself and J. H. Noble, Pittsfield, Mass. Antedated July 15, Ib69. 93,028.—WAGON BRAKE.—Irvin Willits, Deer Plain, 111. 93,029.—DETACHABLE FOOT VALVE AND SEAT FOR P UMPS.— J. W. Williams, Syracuse, N. Y. 93,030.—VELOCIPEDE.—Simon Wortmann, New York city. 93,031.—GRINDING EDGE TOOLS.—Lorenzo Zimmerman, Wau- keshma, Mich. 93,032.—APPENDAGE TO BLAST PIPES OF BLAST FURNACES.— J. L. Agnew, Negaunee, Mich. 93,033.—BROOM HEAD.—J. M. Allison, Salina,Pa. 93,034.—SAW-HORSE.—J. B. Andrews, Bridgeton Center, Me. 93,035.—GRAIN BINDER.—John Baker, Fairbury, 111. 93,036.—PLOW.—John Ball, Canton, Ohio. 93,037.—WATER WHEEL.—S. H. Barnes, Lanesborough, Pa. 93,038.—COMBINED HARROW AND MARKER.—B. F. Barney Pontiac, 111. 93,039.—TOOL FOR FORMING LIPS ON THE NECKS OF BOTTLES. —Thomas Barrett, Charlestown, Mass. 93,040.—DEVICE FOR SUSPENDING PICTURE FRAMES AND MIRRORS.—R. E. Bean, Franklin, N. H. 93,041.—DUMPING WAGON.—Udney N. Beardslev, Lawton, Mich. 93,042.—CULTIVATOR AND HARROW COMBINED.—Hiram Benedict (assignor to himself and Allen Chaney), Detroit, Mich. Antedated July 16,1869. 93,043.—SAWING MACHINE.—G. W. Benson and F. F. Doland, Sacramento, Cal. 93,044.—COMPOUND FOR DESTROYING INSECTS. — Benjamin Best, Dayton, Ohio. 93,045.—COFFEE CLEANER AND POLISHER.—J. W. Brady, Ca tonsville, assignor to M. W. Brady, Baltimore, Md. 110 9n,04G.—RBFKIGBKATOK.—E. D. Brainard, Albany, N. Y. 93,047.—BITTING HABNESS. — Benjamin F. Brewster, Nor- 9l!,048.—DKYER.—Joshua W. Brooks and Henry Rudoff, Ash- luv, HI. 93,049.—HARVBSTEK RAKE.—F. M. Buckles (assignor to him-seli and J. A. Stuckey), Altona, 111. 93,050.—POTATO DIGGER.—John M. Burke, Dansville, N. Y. 93051.—STEAM AND Am ENGINE.—Charles Burleigh, Fitch-bur?, Mass. 93,05a.—WATER TANK FOR RAILROADS.—John Burnham, Ba- tavla, 111. 93,053.—STEAM ENGINE.—W. H. Carr, New York city. 93,054.—BALANCE SCALE.—Geo. W. Chandler, Fitchburg, as- HiKiior to himself and John G. Folsom, Winchendon, Mass. 93,055.—CAR COUPLING.—W. H. H. Clark, Burlington, Iowa. 93,056.—CUTTER HEAD.—M. W. Clark, Worcester, Mass. 93,057.—MACHINE FOR GINNING AND CLEANING COTTON.—L T. Clement, Smyrna, Tenn. 93,058.—HINGE.—Calvin Cole, Ithaca, N. Y. 93,059.—CAR BRAKE AND STARTER.—J. A. Cole, Adams, N.Y. 93,060.—SLUICE AND BLANKET FOR COLLECTING GOLD AND SILV/ER.—Ezra Coleman (assignor to himself and Almond F. Cooper), San Francisco, Cal. 03,061.—CiiliKN.—J. A. Cozad, Mercer, Pa. 93,062,—SHEEP TAGGING BOX.—E. D. Crawford, North Star, ra. 93,063.—GATHERING ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MACHINES. -J.A.Davis, Watertown, N. Y. 93,004.—TUCK-CREASING ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MA- (lira.—J.A.Davis, Watertown, N. Y. 93,065.—SEWING MACHINE.—J. A. Davis, Watertown, N. Y. 93,066.—APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OP SALT.—J. A. Davis, Watertown. N. Y. 93,0(17.—CARRIAGE WHEEL.—D. P. Davis, New York city, assignor to himself, W. J. Coombs, and G. H. Gardner. 93 Q, 8.—COVERED CLASP FOR HOOP SKIRTS.—F. E. Day (as- 'simorto liimeelf and L. H.Day), New York city. 93,01)9.—DUMPING CART.—Fred. Denglor, North Vernon, Ind. 93,070.—CENTER-BOARD FOR VESSELS.—Jonathan Dillon, 'New York city. 93,071.—SASH HOLDER.—J. S. Elkins, Marquette, Wis. i)y (j-73.__APPABA.TU8 FOR EVAPORATING AMMONIACAL AND 'innisK LIQUIDS.-L. S.Vales, New York city. 93 073.—VALVE FOR HYDRAULIC PRESS.—J.. B. Fenby, Bir- ''miiiRham, England. Patented in England, Oct. 30,1867. 03,074.—COAL SIFTER.—W. C. Frederick, Chicago, 111. 93,075.—MANUFACTURE FROM BANANAS AND PLANTAINS.— Joseph Fry, New Orleans, La. 93,076.__RAILWAY FROG.—W. B. Gage, Saratoga Springs, and ' w. H. Staats, Crescent, N. ?? 93,077.—GANG PLOW.—C. F. Gay, Albany, Oregon. 93,078.—HASP LOCK.—E. L. Gaylord, Terrysville, Conn. 93',079.__SASH HOLDER.—Lewis Gibbs, Canton, Ohio. 93'ogO.__HAND CULTIVATOR.—J. H. Gill, Mount Pleasant, 93,081—BEEHIVE.—Miller Graham, Coshocton, Ohio. 93,082.__SCROLL-SAWING MACHINE.—T. B. Greene and C. 'Greene, Abington, Ind. 93,083._MANUFACTURE OF SHEET AND PLATE IRON.—N. C. 'oridley, Milwaukee, Wis. 93,084.—STENCH TRAP.—J. S. Haley and Samuel Worrell, New York city. 93,085.—METALLIC KEGS.—Wm. Hill, Pottsville, Pa. 93,086.—COMPOSITION DENTAL PLATE.—Asa Hill, Norwalk, 93,087.—LAMP BURNER.—George Hillegass, Philadelphia, Pa. A itrclalnd July 21, 1869. 93,088.—CALENDAR MOVEMENT FOR TIME-PIECES.—Ervin Homrighous, Shelby ville, 111. 93 089__PIIOJECTILES FOIL ORDNANCE.—B. B. Hotchkiss, 'ucwYorkcity. Antedated July 20, 1869. 93,090.—HAND STAMP.—T. S. Hudson, East Cambridge, Mass. 93,'o)l.—RAZOR STRAP.—Jabez Jenkins, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,092.—OIL CAN.—W. E. Jenkins. Auburn, N. Y. 93,093.—EMBROIDERING ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MA- CIUNIS.—W. T. Johnson, Ottumwa, Iowa. 93,094.—MEAT CUTTER.—August Klein, New York city. 93,095.—SPITTOON.—J. M. Klingenmeicr (assignor to John H. Miller), Buffalo, N. Y. 93,096.—SPRING-BED BOTTOM.—Alois Kneppler, East New York N. Y. 93,097.—SCREW PRESS.—F. H. Laforge and Geo. E. Somers, '\Vaterbury, assignors to themselves and N. A. Baldwin, Milford, Conn. 93,09a—DETACHABLE HORSESHOE CALK.—Perley Laflin, Warren, assignor to himself and Z. E. Gary, West Brookfield, Mass. 93 099.—APPARATUS FOR MAKING BROMINE.—Herman 'Lerner (assignor of three fourths of said invention to August Mayer, Geo. Bauer, and Henry Rectanus), Pomeroy, Ohio. 93,100.—FULLING MILL.—Wm. B. Lodge, Danbury, Conn. Antedated July 23,1869. 93,101.—ATTACHMENT FOR GAS BURNER.—J. C. Love (assignor to Himself and Silas Fuller). Philadelphia, Pa. 93,102.—COMPOUND FOR RENDERING FABRICS WATER RE- VKLUSST.—R. O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. 93,103.—BOOTS AND SHOES.—John Macintosh and William 'Bogett, London, Great Britain. Antedated July 22, 1869. 93,104.—HOT-WATER APPARATUS.—H. L. McAvoy, Baltimore, Md. 93,105.__HYDROCARBON BURNER.—Edmond P. McCarthy, San Franciaeo, Cal. ggjOi),_APPARATUS FOR BENDING CLEVIS BLANKS.—Thos. 'Meiide, Louisville, Ky. 93,107.__PRESS FOR OPERATING, BENDING, AND SHAPING DIKS.—W. D. Mendenhall.Farmington.Ill. 93,108.—DRILL CHUCK.—G. W. Miller, Woonsocket, R. I. 93,109.—GALLEY REST.—Edward Morgan, Washington, D.C. 93,110.—ROLLER SKATE.—W. R. Morris, Cincinnati, Ohio. 93,111.—TRACE PABTEHEB,—P. B. Morse, New Haven, Conn. 93,112.—DOOR LATCH.—Jacob Mosher, Mendota, 111. Ante-j dated July 24,1869. 93,1.13.—METHOD OF EXPLODING NITRO-GLYCERIN.—Geo. M. Mowbray, Titusville, Pa. 93,114.—SKATE.—J. W. Nathan, Chicago, 111. 93,115.—HARROW.—A. A. Nuquist, Oneida, 111. 93,116.—CORN PLANTER.—John I. Patton, Tiffin, Ohio. 93,117.—LAMP BURNER.—John M. Perkins, Cleveland, Ohio. 93,118.—SPRING-BED BOTTOM.—Jas. Potter, Portland, Me. 93,119.—REAMER.—A. J. Prescott, Catawissa, Pa. 93,120.—SLATE.—Louis Pritchard, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,121.—FILTERING AND VENTILATING APPARATUS FOR WELLS AND CISTERNS.- B. B. Redfleld, Pontiac, Mich. 93,122.—STEERING APPARATUS.—Nathan Richardson (assignor to himself and E. F. Stacey), Gloucester, Mass. 93,ta:.—KALLWAY-CAR, WHEEL.—John Rogers, Cincinnati, 93,124.—MACHINERY FOR BREAKING COTTON SEED.—Thos. j Rose, Oxton, and R. E. Gibson, New Brighton, England. : 93,125.—STEAM-ENGINE VALVE-GEAR.—C. E. Rymes, Somer- j ville, Mass. 93,126.—RATTAN CUTTER.—J. B. Sawyer, East Templeton, M ass. 93,127.—PROCESS OF PURIFYING AND REFINING ALCOHOLIC LKurpfc.—Francis Schleifer (assignor to himself, and Francis Cutting), Ssin Francisco, Cal. 93,128.—REFRIGERATOR.—S. R. Scoggins, Baltimore, Md. 93,12!).—PAINT.—F. C. Semelroth, Logansport, Ind. 93,130.—KNAPSACK ATTACHMENT.—Jas. Sherlock, New York eity. 93,131.—PREPARATION OF IRON FOR MEDICAL PURPOSEB.— J.E.Siebel, Chicago,111. 93,132.—SASH FASTENER.—H. B. Snyder, Cherry Grove, Ohio. 93,133.—BALANCE SLIDE-VALVE.—Antoine Steber, Utica,N.Y. 93,134.—SACK HOLDER.—David Strollum, Union City, Ind., assignor to himself, Wm. A. Skellen, and E. M. Glick, Shelby county, Ohio. 93,135.—MACHINE FOR VARNISHING FLOOR OIL-CLOTH.—C. W. Strout. and Amos Wilder, Hallowell, Me. 93,133.—WATER WHEEL.—B. J. Talbott, Iowa Falls, Iowa. 93,337.—ALLOY FOR SABOT OF PROJECTILE.—Thos. Taylor, . I "W:rtiint0n,D. C Antedated July 15,1869. 93,138.—GIG SAWING MACHINE.—Alex. Thompson and Zera Waters, Bloomington, 111. 93,139.—CONSTRUCT.ON OF HOT-WATER BOILERS.—John Trageser, New York city. I 93,140.—CORN PLANTER.—W. F. Tunnard. East Baton Rouge j parish, La. 93,141.—CiiKwrxa-Grot COMPOUND.—Amos H. Tyler, Toledo, Oliio. 93,142.—CONCRETE PAVEMENT.—A. Van Camp, Washington, D. C, assignor to himself, and M. M. Hodgennm, St. Louis, Mo. 93,143.—LINIMENT.—W. H. Wallack, Corunna, Ind. 93,144.—COMBINED ABDOMINAL AND UTERINE SUPPORTER. —Zera Waters, Bloomington, 111. 93,145.—OVEN.—W. C. Wedge, Chicopee, Mass. 93,146.—RAILWAY-CAR TRUCK.—Ashbel Welch, Lambertville, N. J. 93,147.—BINDING ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MACHINES.— Washington Wendell, Milwaukee, Wis. 93.148.—SiriKeLn: MAOIIISB.—Q. F. White, Aurora, Oregon. 93,149.—BREECH-LOADING FIREARM.—Eli Whitney, C. Uitr- ner, and F. Tiesing, New Haven, Conn., said Gerner and Tiesing, assign- ! ors to Eli Whitney. 93,150.—RAILWAY CAR AXLE-BOX.—W. E. Wilcox (assignor to himself and T. H. Wills), Peoria, 111. 93,151.—RAILWAY CAR AXLE-BEARING.—W. E. Wilcox, Peoria, and T. H. Wills Beardstown, 111. 93,152.—RAIN-WATER SPOUTING.—Garret Williams, West Middleburg.Ohio. 93,153.—COFFEE POT.—P. B. Willoughby and H. G. Phelps, Judd, Wis. 93,154.—COMBINED PLOW, CULTIVATOR,AND POTATO DIGGER. H. B. Smith, Tremont, 111. 93,155.—MANUFACTURE OF IRON AND STEEL.—J. J. Johnston, —Allegheny City, Pa. REISSUES. 33,068.—VENTILATING CAP FOR TENTS.—Dated August 20, 1861; reissue 3,565.—Thomas Boyd, Boston, Mass. 59,951.—SAW.—Dated Nov. 27, 1 66; reissue 2,695, dated July 23,1867; reissue 3,566.—E. M. Boynton, Grand liapids, Mich., assignee of Alfred Boynton. 86,380.—MANUFACTURE OF TARRED PAPER, PASTEBOARD, ETC.—Dated Feb. 2,1869; reissue 3,567.—H. F. Evans, Beloit, Wis. 29,479.—DEVICE FOR SEPARATING COAL FROM SLATE.—Dated August 7. 1860; reissue 3,568.—L. P. Garner, Ashland, Pa. 76,925.—BLAST GUN.—Dated April 21, 1868; reissue, 3,569.— Clips. Kirchhof, Newark, N. J. 81,010.—CASE FOR ROTARY BLOWER.—Dated August 11,1808; reissue 3,570.— P. H. Roots, and F. M. Roots, Connersville, Ind. 78,328.—CUTLERY.—Dated May 26, 1868; reissue 3,571.— Moses Rubel, Chicago. 111. 18,175.—TYI'K-SETTING AND DISTRIBUTING MACHINE.—Dated Sept. 15,1857; reissue 3,572.—The Alden Type-Setting and Distributing Machine Company, New York city, assignees, by mesne assignments, of Timothy Alden. DESIGNS. 3,585.—COAL-HOD SPOUT.—W. H. Brown, Rochester, N. Y. 3,586.—TEAPOT HANDLE.—L. C. Clark, Plantsville, Conn. 3,587.—GATE.—J. J. Ferris, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to himself and Murphy and Brown. Antedated May 18,1869. 3,588.—FORK OR SPOON HANDLE.—E. C. Moore, Yonkers, N. Y., assignor to Tiffany and Company, New York city. 3,589.—Box.—J. J. Philbrick, Zanesville, Ohio. 3,590 and 8,591.—PLATES OF A STOVE.—Garrettson Smith, aud Henry Brown (assignors to Abbott and Koble), Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated June 29,1869. Two Patents. 3,592.—CASKET HANDLE.—H. C. Wilcox (assignor to the Mer- iden Rritannia Company), West Meriden, Conn. EXTENSION. MORTISING WINDOW BLINDS.—Jos. A. Peabody, of Philadelphia, Pa.—Letters Patent No. 13,271, dated , uly 17,1855.