For The Week Ending AUG. 10, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat................................................................ . $10 On filing each app 11 cation for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each original Patent................................................t'iV On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................ $20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 3d pears.......................&x Asketch from the model or drawing,relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$x npieard, but usually at the price above-named. Thefull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent QjMee commenced printing them..............................$1 '25 Official Copiesof Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, ice cansupplyat a reasonable cogt,the price depending upon theamount of labor involved and the number of views. Fall information, as to price of drawings, in each ease, map be had 6j/ address ing MUNH & CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Bow, 2Teu York. 93,393.—RAILWAY RAIL SPLICE AND CHAIE— T. J. Adams, Portsmouth, Ohio. 93,394.—MACHINE FOB MENDING STOCKINGS.—Beuj. Arnold, JEast Greenwich, R. L 93,395.—BEEHIVE.—Thomas Atkinson, Memphis, Tenn. 93,396.—CLEVIS.—W. W. Atteberry, Chesterfield, 111. 93,397.—FENCE.—D. B. Ayres, Brooklyn, Mich. 93,398.-001 FUKCE.—W. C. Barber, Van Wert, Ga. 93,399.—CORSET STEELS.—P. L. Barnes, for herself, and as executrix of the estate of S. H. Barnes, deceased, Hew York city. 93,400.—CHIMNEY COWL.—D. C. Battey and C. L. Svensson, Topeka, Kas. 98,401.—DMOHISO MACHINE.—Spencer Bentley, Green Oak, Mich. 93,402.—TELESCOPIC QUADRANT HINGE.—A. S. Blake, Water- bury, Conn. 93,403.—BREECH-LOADING FIREARM.—J. D. Blaker,Newtown, Pa. 93,404.—-COUPLING FOR CARRIAGES.—Albert Booth (assignor to A. Booth, Son & Co.), Springfield, 111. 93,405.—LIFTING JACK.—W, A. Bowyer, Helen Furnace, Pa. 93,406.—'MANUFACTURE OF IRON.—E. Brady, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,407.—RAILWAY CAB COUPLING.—H. F. Breneman, Rapho township, assignor to himself and M. L. 't-treifler, Lancaster county, Pa. 93,408.—SHUTTER WORKER.—F. E. Brown, Springpilk, Iowa. 93,409.—RULING MACHINE.—J. H. Bruce, Nashville, Tenn. 93,410.—INSULATOR FOR LIGHTNING RODS.—John Burnham, Batavia, 111. 93,411.—COMPOUND OIL FOE PRODUCING GAS.—John Butler, New York city. 93,412.—CULTIVATOR.—Nathan Butler (assignor to himselt and D. S. Butler), Otterville, Mo. 93,413.—MODE OF MAKING CORUNDUM WHEELS.—A. W. Calder, San Francisco, Cal. 93,414.—STEAM ENGINE.—W. C. Champlin, Allegeny City, Pa. Antedated Aug. 3, 1869. 93,415.—SEWING MACHINE.—L. H. Cobbs, Montgomery, 'Ala. 93,416.—VISE.—Ira Coggswell, Jr., La Salle, 111. 93,417.—SAW MILL.—H. W. Conkling, Tecumseh, Mich. 93,418.—BEEHIVE.—S. B. Cranford, Upper Marlborough, Md. 93,419.—DITCHING MACHINE.—Wilson Crawford, Streater, in. 93,420.—GUN LOCK.—William Dashner, Point Pleasant West Va. 93,421.—SADIRON POLISHER AND GLOSSER.—J. D. Davies, East New York, N. Y. 93,422.—PRINTERS' GALLEY.—Alexander De Puy, New York city. 93,423.—HAY ELEVATOR.—Wm. Derr, Tiffin, Ohio. 93,424.—MILK COOLER.—Jacob Dingee, Downington, Pa. 93,425.—SASH LOCK.—Samuel Easter, Charlestown, Mass. 93,426.—COMPOSING STICK.—John M. Eaton, Charlestown, Mass. 93,427.—COOKING STOVE.—John Fleming, Erie, Pa. 93,428.—SPURS FOR EXCELSIOR MACHINES.—J. A. Folsom, South Bend, Ind. 93,429.—FLASK FOR VULCANIZING RUBBER PLATES FOE SETINGTEETH.—C.G.French, Springfield,111. 93,430— PLOW.—J. W. Gilliam, Elkton, Ky. 93,431.—HAND PLOW.—Wm. Gowen, Bartlett, Tenn. 93,432.—POCKET BOX FOR PERCUSSION CAPS, ETC.—Georges Gros, Bordeaux, France. 93,433.—VELOCIPEDE.—C. B. Guy, Postville, Iowa. 93,434.—SEED AND MANURE DROPPER.—J. G. Ham, Newnan Ga. ' 93,435.—PORTABLE GASOMETER.—J. H. Hayward, New York city. 93,436.—FINGER GUABD FOR HOLDING HOT CORN.—Henry Hebbard, New York city. ' 93,437.—CAB AND CRADLE.—Geo. H. Henkel, Hartford City, Ind. 93,433.—HORSE POWEE.—John Heuermann, Davenport, Iowa. 93,439.—HORSE HAY FORK.—Newell Hinman, Sparta, Mich. 93,440.—BUCKLE.—J. P. Hisley, Syracuse, N. Y. 93,441.—TAKE-UP FOR LOOMS.—G. H. Holmes, New Brunswick, N. J. 93,442.—LAMP BURNER .— Julius Hubbard, Montgomery Ohio. s '' 93,443.—RAILWAY BRAKE BLOCK.—Robert Humphrey (assignor to himself and R. C. Blackall), Albany, N. Y. 93,444.—SEWING MACHINE TABLE.—T. E. Hunt, La Fayette, Ind. J 93,445.—RECLINING CHAIB.—Anthony Iske, Lancaster, Pa. 93,446.—WINDMILL.—C. S. Jenkins, Landsdale, Pa. 93,447.—HOBSESHOE.—P. C. Johnson, Central City, Colorado Territory. 93,448.—COTTER BAB FOB HARVESTERS.—Benjamin Johnson i Carrollton, and Wm. Johnson, Hanover, Ohio. 93,449.—MACHINE FOB GRADUATING CARPENTERS' SQUARES. —H.K.Jones, Hartford, aisignor to the Hart Manufacturing Company. Kensington, Conn. * " '' 93,450.—GRAIN SEPABATOB AND CLOVEB-CLEANING MACHINE.—E. L. Kelly, Reading, Mich. 93,451.—APPARATUS FOR DRILLING METAL.—J. A. Kirkpat- rick and G. W. Hornby, BvansTille, Ind. 93,452—APPARATUS TOR UTILIZING WELLS AS REFRIGERA-TOBII.—J. J. Kiser, Sulphur Springs, Ind. 93,453.—CANE AND STUBBLE SHAVEB.—P. G. Kleinpeter, Plaquemine, La. 93,454.—VISE.—James Larkin, Detroit, Mich. 93,455.—CORN SHELLER.—W. D. Leavitt, New Orleans, La. 93,456.—CLOTHES PIN.—J. E. Lines (assignor to himself and J. W. Smith), Bryan, Ohio. 93,457.—BUNG.—Wm. Long, West Troy, and J. Garand, Troy, 93,458.—GRAIN BINDER.—William Lottridge, Charles City, Iowa. 93,459.—TENSION DEVICE FOR SEWING MACHINE.—T. A Macaulay, Northampton, Mass.- 93,460.—NEEDLE-HOLDING BLOCK FOR SEWING MACHINES. —T. A. Macaulay, Northampton, Mass, 93,461.—BELL-ROPE SUPPORTER.—W. C. Marshall, Hartford, Conn. 93,462.—CHURN.—James McElroy, Allegeny City, Pa. 93,463.—BOBBIN FOB SEWING MACHINE SHUTTLES.—R. S . Mershon, Zanesville, Ohio. 93,464.—TRUCK PLOW.—M. Michelson, Ashland Mills, Oregon. 93,465.—LEATHER-ROLLING MACHINE.—C. W. Monson, Upton, Iowa. 93,466.—CARRIAGE POLE AND SHAFTS COMBINED.—Augustus Moore and Jolm Aylwerd, San Jose1 Mission, Cal. 93,467.—MACHINE FOR BENDING CAR HOOKS.—D. G. Morris Catasauqua, Pa. 93,468.—COMBINED FUBNACE AND STEAM GENEBATOR.__ Franz Morth, Vienna, Austria. 93,469.—BBAKE FOB MACHINEBY.—R. D. Napier, Birkenhead England. 93,470.—EXHAUST-NOZZLE-VALVE DEVICE.—A. Onslow, Jersey city, N. J. 93,471.—CHURN DASHER.—D. K. OverMser, Williamsport, Pa. 93,472.—WINDMILL.—P. C. Perkins, Mishawaka, Ind. 93,473.—PIANO-FORTE.—C. A. Peterson, New York City. 93,474.—POLICE NIPPER.—W. G. Phillips, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,475.—NEWSPAPER FILE.—L. C. Prindle, Chicago, 111. 93,476.—WOVEN HOSE FOR WATER, ETC.—C.H. Proessdorf and E/.Bauch, Boston Highland, Mass. 93,477.—PROCESS OF PREPARING ICELAND AND IRISH MOSS for use in f ood.—W. J. Rand, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 93,478.—MANUFACTURE FROM ICELAND MOSS AND CARBA geen.—W. J. Rand, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 93,479.—STAIR ROD.—G. W. Rogers, New York City. 93,480.—EMBROIDERING ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MA chine__I. M. Rose, West Hampton, N. Y. 93,4al.—METALLIC BUNG WITH AUTOMATIC VENT.—Augustus Ruoff, Detroit, Mich. 93,482.—ROOFING COMPOSITION.—S. I. Russell and J. H. Cole Chicago, 111. ' 93,483.—PROCESS FOR FORMING THE HUB AND SPOKES OF wrought-iron wheels.—Thomas Ryan, Scott Bar, Cal. 93,484.—CARRIAGE JACK.—J. F. Seaman, Cortlandville, N. Y. 93,485.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—H. F. Shaw, West Rox- 93,486.—CLUTCH.—H. F. Shaw, West Roxbury, Mass. Antedated August 5,1869. J 93,487.—WEATHER STRIP.—John Shaw, Clayton, Del. 93,48a—CLOTHES WRINGER.—Gilbert Smith, Highland Falls, 93,489.—CORSET FASTENING.—M. T. Smith, New York City . 93,490.—HOISTING MACHINE.—W. M. Smith, Augusta, Ga. 93.491.—MANGLE.—Nicolous Soderstrom, Chicago, 111. 93,492.—TURNING LATHE.—I. H. Spencer, North Providence. no ?;? as?jSnor to A- N. Bullock, A. C. Bullock, and E. R. Clark. 93,493.—STALK CUTTER.—Lucas Stadler, Bowen and W. H Staats, and A. C. Schwanke, La Prairie, 111. 93,494.—STEAM CULTIVATOR.—A. J. Stevens, San Francisco . Cal. ' 93,495.—SLED BRAKE.—J. B. Storeyandl. N.Ross,Butler,Pa 93,496.—SHINGLE MACHINE.—D. B. Strong and William Bus-kirk, Winchester, Mo. 93,497.—PEGGING JACK.—W. H. Sweetland, Marblehead,, Mass. 93,498.—TANNING COMPOSITION.—N. A. Thornton, Conikee no &' asslSnor to himself and M. L. TJQptu,liimpkin, Ga. 93,499.—TOILET PIN CASE.—T. R. Timby, Saratoga, N. Y. 93,500.—LOOM.—William Townsend, Seneca Falls, N. Y. 93,501.—PERMUTATION PADLOCK.—J. E. Treat, Oxford, Mick 93,502.—EXTENSION LADDER.—C. G. Udell, Chicago 111 93,503.—BIRD BATH.—T. W. Van Tassel, (assignor to himself and William Beaman), Washington, D. C. 93,504.—COMBINED KNOB LATCH AND LOCK.—J. H. Vickers, (assignor to Norwich Lock Company), Norwich, Conn. 93,505.—CAN OPENER.—J. A. Wells, Holly Springs, Miss. 83,506.—KEY RING AND CHECK.—C. A. Wentworth (assignor to A. C. Norcross),-Boston, Mass. 93,507.—EXPANDING DOUBLE SHOVEL PLOW.—Edward Wiard (assignor to B. F. A very), Louisville, Ky. 93,508.—CASKET HANDLE.—H. C. Wilcox (assignor to the Meriden Britannia Company), West Meriden, Conn. 93,509.—DEVICE FOR OPERATING COCKS OF STEAM CYLIN- ders.—W. H. Woods, San Francisco, Cal. 93,510.—COMBINED CORN PLANTER AND CULTIVATOR.—A G Aikin, Somerton, Ohio. 93,511.—SEWING MACHINE.—J. F. Andrews, Lancaster, Pa. 93,512.—LIFTING JACK.—J. B. Ausbourne (assignor to himself and Hiram Mallory), Milwaukee, Wis. Antedated August 5,1869. 93,513.—SPEED INDICATOR FOB SHIPS.—Armand Banare Paris, France. ' 93,514.—IMPLEMENT FOR SLITTING AND JOINING RAGS FOB CARPETS.—John Beal, Port Gibson, N. Y. 93,515.—BASE-BURNING STOVE.—W. S. Bronson, Hartford Conn. ' 93,516.—BASB-BURKING COOK-STOVE.—W. S. Bronson, Hartford, Conn. 93,517.—STOVE ATTACHMENT.—M. E. Capen, Aurora 111 Antedated August 3, 1869. 93,518.—STUFFING BOX.—W. H. T. Clark, San Francisco Cal. 93,519.—RABBETING MACHINE.—J. J. Clark and Thomas Clark, Elgin, 111. 93,520.—HORSE HAY FORK.—Francis Cramer, Chess Springs 93,521.—MONKEY-WEENCH.—Loring Goes, Worcester Mass. 93,522.—NAIL EXTRACTOR.—I. F. Davis, Rocktord, 111. 93,523.—DISTILLING ALCOHOLIC SPIRITS AND LIQUORS.—Jonathan Dennis, Jr., Washington. D. C. Antedated Feb., 1868 93,524.—WAGON BRAKE.—Charles Dold. Mason, Ohio. 93,525.—MATCH MACHINE.—W. B. Eltonhead, Philadelphia,. 93,526.—TREATING CLAY AND DRYING BRICKS.—Jeremiah Fisher, Reading, Pa. 93,527.—ADDRESSING MACHINE.—George Gibbons, Meriden . Conn. 93,628.—CORSET.—T. S. Gilbert (assignor to himself and G.. F, Bushnell, Birmingham, Conn. 93,529.—SEEDING MACHINE.—M. L. Gorham, Rockford, 111. 93,530.—CULTIVATOR.—E. S. Gregory, Lockport, N. Y. 93,531.—PASSENGER AND STATION REGISTER.—J. C. Hack-ett, Sacramento, Cal. 93,532.—DEVICE FOR ATTACHING TRACES TO VEHICLES.—I. C. Ham, Charlestown, Mass. 93,533.—ANIMAL TRAP.—George Haneline, Akron, Ohio. 193,534.—MORTISING CHISEL.—Carl Hinz, San Francisco, Cal. 93,535.—LANTERN.—John Hughes, Buchanan, Pa. 93,536.—COPYING PRESS.—J. M. Keep, New York city. 93,537.—PUMP.—Luke Kellogg, Leon Centre, N. Y. 93,538.—PORTABLE COOKING FURNACE.—J. D. Kellogg. Jr.. Hortiianipton,Mass. 93,539.—METHOD OF WEAVING GALLOON.—Jacob Kemner Philadelphia, Pa. ' 08,540.—BASTEK-GUTOE FOR SEWING MACHINES.—J. T. Jones (assignor to the Singer Manufacturing Company), New York city. 93,541.—CAN OPENER.—G. C. Joyce, Baltimore, Md. 93,542.—SLATE FRAME.—Alicia Lynch and M. L. Moffat, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,543.—COMBINATION PLOW.—B. F. McCarty, J. W. Orr, and E. J. Orr. Florence, Ga. 93,544.—SUBMARINE CLOTHING.—Clark S. Merriman, Afton, Iowa. 93,545.—METALLIC CARTRIDGE.—Isaac M. Millbank, Greenfield Hill. Conn. 93,548.—METALLIC CARTRIDGE.—Isaac M. Millbank, Greenfield Hill, Conn. 93,547.—VALVE FOB, WATEH CLOSKT PIPES.—Goo. E. Moore, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,548.—STUMP EXTRACTOR AND PRESS COMBINED.—Nicholas V. Morellc: and Lewis J. Morelle, Newark, Wis. 93,549.—PLOW.—H. W. Neal (iissignor to Jason IiicVay), Sidney, Ohio. 93,550.—CIIUBN.—James L. Nelson, Lewislmrg-, W. Va. 93,551.—CLOTHES DRYER.—Theodore Oakley, Booneville, N. Y. 93,552.—SCREW PLATE.—A. W. Owen and James Barnes, Enst Canton, Pa. 93,553.—SEWING MACHINE.— Hiram Plummer, Brooklyn, N. Y., nsMnor to himself and William E. Doubleday and Company, New YorkVity. 93,554.—DEVICE FOR REGULATING THE FEED IN SEEDING MACHINES.—H. B.Quiek (iisaig'iior to himself and Hiram Barber), Hori-i:on, Wis. 93,555.—PACKING DEVICE.—William Eiddle, 10 Larkhall Lane, England. 93,558.—CABINET BEDSTEAD.—Daniel T. RoMnson, Boston, Mass., assignor to William B. Wickes, Sharon, Mass. 93,557.—EXTENSION DINING TABI E.—Daniel T. BoMnson, Boston, Mass., assignor to William B. Wickes, Sharon, Mass. 1 93,558.—PLOW.—John Eunyon, Marshall township, and Geo. Inseraoll, Marshall Mich. 93,551).—GRAIN SMPAKATOR.—James P. Eussell, Franklin, Ohio. Antedated August 5,13119. 93,560.—CUTLERY.—Wm. Sanderson, New York city. 93,561.—DOUBLE FA WETS.—Edward Sauter, Hartford, Conn. 93,502.—DEVICE FOR HOLDING LIDS TO CUPS, ETC.—Ph. I. Sohopp, Louisville, Ky. 93,503.—ELECTRICAL MACHINE.—H. Julius Smith, Boston, ivl ass. 93,504.—AUTOMATIC BOILER FEEDER.—Henry E. Stager, Milwaukee, Wis. Antedated July 31,18C9. 93,565.—LAMP EXTINGUISHER.—Wm. H. Terpening and Clinton W. Terpening, Genesco, 111. 93,566.—WASHING MACHINE.—Jonas Tramblie, Sandwich, 111. 93,567.—COPYING PRESS.—W. W. Underhill, Boston, Mass. 93,508.—SLEIGH BELL.—Hiram Veazey, East Hampton, Conn. 83,569.—SLEIGH-BELL FASTENING. — Hiram Veazey, East Hampton, Conn. 93,5'iO.—KNEE-CLASP FOR HOKSES, ETC.—Jot A. Warden, Minnesota Junction, Wis. 93,571.—APPARATUS FOR HOLDING HAT BLOCKS.—James While,Cleveland, Ohio. 93,572.—EEVOLVING liREAitM.—Eollin White, Lowell, Mass. 93,573.—HOOP SKIRT.—John Whitehead and John McKeever, New York city. 93,574.—APFLE PAKER AND SLICBR.—David H. Whittemore, Worcester, Mass. 93,575.—REVOLVING ICE PITCHKR AND COFFEE-POT.—John P. Adams, New York city, assignor to himself, Henry S. Chandler, and Marcus Ormsliee, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,576.—MACHINE FOR DRIVING POSTS.—Wm. Alticlc, Dayton, Ohio. 93,577.—LANTERN.—Joshua E. Ambrose, Lombard, 111. 93,578.—PTSTON PACKING.—Joseph Anthony r.nd Thomas B. Purves. Grecnbush, N. Y. 93,579—HAY ELEVATOR.—T. II. Arnold, Troy, Pa. 93,580.—TOOL HOLDER.—Joseph E. Bailey (assignor to himself and Scldcn A. Baileyi, Woonsocket, Rl I. 93,581.—HAY LOADER.—Joseph R. Bailey, Woonsocket, E. I., assignor to himself, Selden F. Bailey, and Orin Freeman. 93,582.—MILK SEPARATOR.—Anna B. Baldwin, Newark, N. J. 93,583.—MILK COOLER.—AnnaE. Baldwin, Newark, N. J. 93,584—RAILWAY DRAW BAR.—David S.Beals, Adrian, Mich. 93,585.—Ax.—Jacob H. Beidler, Adrian, Mich. 93,586.—GRAIN SEPARATOR.—Charles A. Bikle (assignor to himself and John W. Garner), Hanarstown, Md. 93,587.—COFFEE-POT.—E. Blunt, Jr., New York city. 93,588.—SEWING MACHINE.—Joseph Bond, Jr., Newark, N. J. 93,5S9.—MITEK Box.—Snth D. Buwker, Kansas City, Mo. 93,590.—GuAPPLE.—J. H. Brinton, Thornbury, Pa. Antedated August 6, 18(M. 93,591.—GLASS MOLD.—Homer Brooke, New York city. 93,51)2.—BUCKLE OR SLIDTC FOR HOOP SKIRT BANDS.—Heman P.Brooks, Waterbury, Conn. 93,5!3.—TiiREE-HORSE EQJIATJZER. — Willard P. Brooks, Bloominton, 111. 93,5!J4.—OPTICAL INSTRUMENT.—O. B. Brown, Maiden, Mass. 93,595.—MACHINE FOR DISINTEGRATING, DISPERSING, AND MIXING FERTILIZERS AKD OTIIKR MATKKIALS.— Thomas Carr, Bristol, Great Britain. Patented in England, October 22,1868. 93,590.—DEVICE FOR APPLYING STEAM TO WOOL, ETC.—Wm. CaHer, Columbus, Ind. 93,597.—INJECTOR FOR INSECT POWDERS.—Charles Chinnock, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93(598.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—Thomas J. Clark and Geo. M. Clark, Higiranum, Conn. 93,599.—FUEL-RESERVOIR OV BASE-BURNING STOVE.—Thos. J . Coulston, Springville, assignor to 1C. S. Shantz and Joseph Johnson, Rover's Ford,Pa. Antedated May 25, 1M9. 93,(iO0.—HINGE I ORSTOVE LID.—Ihomas J. Coulston, Spring-ville, assignor to E. S. Shantz and Joseph Johnson, Royer's Ford, Pa. Antedated May 25 1809. 93,601.—REFRIGERATOR.—E. J. Creasy, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,602.—EAILROAD LAMP.—James M. A. Dew (assignor to himself and Oswell A. Bogen), Chicago, 111. Antedated April 6,1869. 93,603.—PRTNTEKS' QUOIN.—Daniel Dorrity, Pont-Audemer, France,assignor to Farrell Dorrity, New Yorlc city. 93,004.—FRICTION CLUTCH.—George D. Emerson Calumet, Mich. 93,005.—CORN CULTIVATOR.—Wm. Emmons and David A. Wells,Sandwich, 111. 93,000.—ENAMELING WOOD AND OTHER SOLID MATERIALS WITIIIIAKD UUIJIIEH.—Perry Finley, Memphis, Tenn. 93,607.—DEODORIZING COMPOUND.—Randall Fish, Washington D. c. 93,(S08.—, HUTTLE FOR LOOM. — Charles H. Fiske, Lowell, Mass. 93,'i()9.—LTGnTNiNG ROD.—David A. Foot and Avery Chad-wick, Winona, Minn. 93,610.—SUBMARINE ROCK-DRILLING MACHINE.—John G. and George W. Townsend, Boston, Mass. 93,011.—CULTIVATOR.—Daniel D. Franklin (assignor to himself and J. S. Underwood). Flora, 111. 93,612.—BENDING MACHINE.—Henry S. Golightly and Chas rt. Twitchfll (assignor to the New Haven Folding Chair Company), New Haven, Conn. 93,613.—MAcniNE FOR MAKING BULLETS.—J. E. Granniss, New York city. 93,014.—CLEAVER.—Chas. Hammond, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,615.—SEWING MACHINE.—Anna Hancock, New York city. 93,616.—HAT.—Henry Hayward, New York city. 93,017.—MATERIAL FOR LUBRICATING WOOL AND OTHER ANIMAL FIBERS.—George Felix Henry,Ivtu1 AxeJ Ferdinand Bangr.Fran-euis Koch Charles Mouestier, and Jean Pierre Albin Figuier, Paris, 93,6ia—GANG PLOW.—Philipp Herbert, St. Louis, Mo. 93,019.—MEASURING AND FOLDING CLOTH.—L. Hillman,New-. ton, N. J. !)3(620.—CLOTHES RACK AND DRYER__Amos HornoiyRoss.Ind. 93,621.—WAGON.—C. C. Johnson, Springfield, Vt. 93,622.—COMPOUND FOR DESTROYING VERMIN IN CATTLE.— Frederick KaHeyer, San Antonio, Texas. 93,023.—VULCANIZING RUBBER FOR DENTAL PLATES,AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES.—Cyrus M. Kelsey, Mount Vernon, Ohio. 93,034.—NECKTIES.—Geo. Kennedy (assignor to himself and F. R. Harbaugh), Philadelphia, Pa. 93,625.—ELECTRO-MAGNETIC MACHINE.—Jerome Kidder.New York city. 93,620.—CLOTHES RACK AND STAND.—W, B. Kimball, Peterborough. N. II. 93,627.—HARVESTER.—-I Lancaster, Baltimore, Md, 93,628.—CUTTER HEAD.—Michael Lehman, Cincinnati, Ohio. 93,629.—PROCESS OF PREPARING COKE FROM COLORADO AND OTIIEK COALS.—W. J. Lynd, Golden City, Colorado Territory. 93,630.—PIJATFORM SCALE.—Wm. Maguire (assignor to him self and F. B. Loney), Baltimore, Md. 93,631.—PLANING TEETH FOR SAWS.—Gottleib Maulick (assignor to himself and Thomas P. Marshall), Trenton, N. J. Antedated Aus.G, 1869. 93,032.—BED BOTTOM.—Alexander McBride and W.P. Mc-liride, Lowell, Mich. 93,633.—SPINDLE AND BOBBIN TUBES FOR SPINNING MACHINE.—Alexander McFarland and C. W. Pack. Paterson, N. J. 93,634.—SIDE SADDLE.—J. C. Miller, Danville, Ky. 93,035.—WASHING MACHINE.—L. F. Muhlinghaus, Brooklyn, E.D., N.Y. 93,636.—ROLLING CUTTER FOR PLOWS.—Robert Newton, Jer- flcyville. 111. 93,637.—MECHANISM: FOR OPERATING SHIJTTLK BOXES OF LOOMS.—Archibald Nimmo (assignor to himself and Tliomas Moran), Philadelphia, Pa. 93,638.—BRIDGE.—C. II. Parker, Boston, Mass. 93,039.—ELASTIC TRACE CONNECTION.—Hugh Quinn.Charles- town, Mass. 93,640.—MODE OF DESULPHURIZING AURIFEROUS PYRITES AND OTHER SULPIIURET OBBS.—Julio H. Rae and Thomas T. Davis, Syracuse, N. Y. 93,041.—HARVESTER.—C. A. Reed, Madison, and J. M. Campbell, Beaver Dam, Wis. 93,642.—EXTENSION LADDER.—Artemas Rogers.Panesville.Ill. 93,643.—KILN FOR ROASTING ORES.—J. M. Rohrer and J. H. Bassler, Pine Grove, Pa. 93,644.—TILL LOCK.—J. P. Schmucker, Lattasburg, Ohio. Antedated Aug. 4,1809. 93,645.—PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR EXTRACTING OIL FROM VEGETABLE ANU OTHER MATTERS.—Thomas Sirn, Baltimore, Md. 93,640.—FLOOR FOR BUILDINGS.—H.M.Smith and W.C.Smith, New York city. 93,647.—PIANOFORTE ACTION. — Theodore Stein way, New 93,648.—SAW SET.—N. B. Tyler, Warren, Ohio. 93,649.—FRICTION BRAKE FOR COTTON LAPPING MACHINE.— Edward Van Winkle, Paterson, N. J. 93,650.—ELASTIC PITMAN FOR STONE-CHANNELING MACHINE. —G. J. Warrlwell, Rutland, Vt., assignor to the Steam Stone Cutter Co., New York city. 93,651.—CULTIVATOR.—H. J. Wattles, Rockford, HI. 93,652.—ATTACHING BETAS TO STRAPS.—D. M. Welch, Middle Haddam, Conn. 93,653.—REVOLVING FIRE-ARM.—Rollin White, Lowell, Mass. 93,654.—REMOVABLE CALK FOR HORSESHOES.—Edward White-head, Cincinnati, Ohio. 93,655.—SUSPENDERS.—A. B. Wilcox, Lowell, Mass. 93,656.—DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING AND BUTTONING NECKTIES. —Omar Wilson, Sandusky City, Ohio. 93,657.—STOP-COCK BOX FOR WATER AND GAS MAINS.—O. F. Woodford (assignor to J.E. Miller), Chicago, 111. 93,658.—HYDRANT.—Michael Zwiebel, Pottsville, Pa. 93,059.—COMPOSITION CEMENT FOR PAVEMENTS.—Abraham McKcon, Rutherford Park.N. J. 93,660.—RAILWAY CAR SEAT.—T. C. Theaker, Bridgeport, Ohio. REISSUES 64,102.—AUXILIARY AIR CHAMBER FOR STOVES, HEATERS, AND FUBNACES.—Dated April 23,1S07 ; reissue 3,585, (dated Aug. 3, and omitted in the list of claims of that date).—Elizabeth Hawks, Troy, 38,175.—POSTOFFICE POST-MARKING AND CANCELING HAND-STAMP.—Dated April 14,1SG3; reissue 1,748, dated Ang.23,18(M ; reissue 3,586 (dated Aug. 3, and omitted in the list of claims of that date).—M. P. Norton, Troy, .N. Y. 77,269.—FERTILIZER ATTACHMENT.—Dated April 28, 1868 ; reissue 3,587 (dated Aug. 3,and omitted in the list of claims of that date). C. C.Foster, Odessa, Del. 44,037.—MACHINE FOR MAKING TWIST DRILLS.—Dated Aug. 30,1864; reissue 3,5S8—American Standard Tool Co., Newark, N. J., assignees, by mesne assignments, of A. R Arnold. 50,525.—COOKING STOVE.—Dated July 24,1866 ; reissue 3,589. —Esek Bussey, Troy, N. Y. 63,223.—CARRIAGE.—Dated March 26, 1867 ; reissue 3,590.— John Curtis, Cincinnati, Ohio. 67,749.—PACKING FOR DEEP WELLS.—Dated Aug. 13, 1807 ; reissue 3,591.—E. F. Oriliin, Chicago, 111., administrator of the estate of A. D. Griffin, deceased. 88,721.—WAGON BRAKE.—Dated April 6, 1869 ; reissue 3,592. —August Kessberger, Springfield, 111. 48,955.—TOBACCO PRKSS.—Dated July 25,1865 ; reissue 3,593. —J. D. King, Toronto, Canada West. 38,003.—MODE OF PURIFYING CAST IRON—Dated March 24, 1S63; reissue 3,5!)4.—S. W. Kirk, Coatesville, Pa., and 0. E. Stotsenburg, Wilmington, Del., assignees of S. W. Kirk. 34,984.—COAL-OIL LAMP.—Dated April 15,1862 ; reissue 2, 55, dated Feb.4,1S68 ; reissue 3,505.—Holmes, Booth.* Haydens, Watertmry, Conn., assignees, by mesne assignments, of Joseph Ridge. DESIGNS 3,604.—ORNAMENTING HARNESS TRIMMINGS.—Wm. Blum, Newark, N. J. 3,605.—PICTURE FRAME.—Edward B. Bradley, New Haven, Conn. 3,606 to 3,608.—DOOR ESCUTCHEON.—Wm. Gorman (assignor to the Russell & Ervvin Manufacturing Co.), New Britain, Conn. Three Patents. 3,609.—BRIDLE BIT.—A. Hegeman, Jr., New York city. 3,610.—FRAME OF A SCHOOL DESK.—Alfred Hutchinson, Philadelphia, Pa. 8,611.—UPRIGHT DRILL.—F. A. Pratt (assignor to Pratt,Whitney & Co.), Hartford, Conn. EXTENSION STRAW CUTTER.—D. C. Cummings, Smithville, N. J.—Letters Patent No. 13.385, dated Aug. 7,1855. Inventions Patented in England by Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 2,005.—APPARATUS FOR PREPARING FLAX, HEMP, AND OTHER FIBERS, AJTB TN CONVERTING THE SAME INTO SILTBK.—Henry Lawrence & Sons, New York city, and John Good, Brooklyn, N. Y. July2, 1869. 2,033.—APPARATUS FOU REMOVING ARTIFICIAL COATINGS PROM METALLIC SURFACES.—B. H. Harmon, Clifton Springs, and P. H.Rose, Canandaigua, N.Y. July7, 186!l. 2,089.—SOFA BEDSTEAD.—II. F. Hover, Philadelphia, Pa. July 10,1809. 2,138.—COILED SPRIXGS AND MACHINERY FOR MAKING THE SAME.—Wm. Melcalf, Pittsburgh, Pa. July 15, 1869. 2.147.—PROPELLING MACHINERY FOB CANAL BOATS AND OTHER VESSELS. —F. B. Pike, New York city. July 16,1869. 2,160.—ELECTKO-MAGNETIC ENGINE.—Lonis Bastet, NewYork city. July 17,1869. 2,175.—TRANSFER ENGRAVING.—Robert Neale, Brooklyn, N. Y. July 19, 1869. 2,204.—MARLIN SPIKE.—Calvin Torrcy,Boston, Mass. July 21,1869. 2,208.—RAILROAD SPKING.—John W. Cochran, New York city. July 21, 2,212.— EXTRACT FROM IIoi'S.—Hugh Bursress, Royers Ford, Pa. July 21, 1869. 3,218.—-BREECIPLOABINO FIREARM.—Geo, T. Abbey, Chicago, 111. July 21, 1869, 2,242.—HARNESS MOTIOH FOR POWER LOOMS*—E, B. Bigelow. Boston, Mass July 28,1369. 2,376,—WATER MEASUBSB,—Girard Sickles and O. A. Farwell, Boston Mass. July 87,1869.