Issued by the United States Patent Offine. FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUG. 17, 1869. Reported Ojicially for the Scientific Amerzcan. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat.................................................................$1U On filing each appliction for a Patent (seventeen years).................. $15 8n issuing each original ratent........................................... foo On appeal to bommissioner of Patents.................................!!....'.':S20 ' On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent :.....................................$5u On gn ppg the ExtenDn...n.............:.:: :..: : :.::..:: :::............\\'jtft On filing a :.:...\' $l0 On an a pp lication for Design (three and a half years)...................."ifciQ On an appliction for Design (seven years) ..................................a16 On an application for Design (fourteen years)..............................*$30 In addItIOn to wInch there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents 01 Canada and Nova Scotia pay $50U on application. Fr copy of Claim of any Pae.nt issued within 30 years ....................... $1 A sketch ;;om the model or drawzng, relating to such portion Qf a machine as the Claim covers.from.........:...................... .$1 upwar C, out usually at the price above- nama: The full Spe Q ification of any patent iSled since .ov. 20, 1866, at w hic h t ime the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................SRI 35 fficial agtTs ole DraWingsof any patent i8sued since 18S6iwe Cs$1 l Zl a rea8onable g 8t, the p;ice depending u;on me a:t of labor invof anJ the number of view8. F rormation, as to twie OJ drawings, in : e, maybe had by address ing MIIII & 8O.. Patent Solicitors, .o. 37 Park Row, .ew Yk, 9 3,661 . - V apor Burner.-J . E . Ambrose, Lombard, Ill. 93,662.Head'rest for Dentisrs' and Barbers' Chairs_ -R. W. Archer, Rochester, N. Y. 93,663.-Tool.Holder for Holding Tools While being GRound.-Egbert Babcock and T. B. Farrell, Laurens, N. Y. 93,664.-Mode of Mounting Ornamental Crosses.-W. b_ Bennett, Providence, R. I. 93,665.-Buckle.-Herman Bernheimel and Henry Newman, New York city. 93,666.-Manufacture of Ax Bit.-Charles Blair (assignor to the Collins Company), Collinsville, Conn. 93,667. - Fruit GatIerer,-John Bowles, Augusta, Ga. 93,668.Bone Black Equalizer.-Daniel BrasI'll and D. A- Mullane, New Orleans, La. 93,669.-Photographic Plate Holder.-Joseph Buchtel, Portland, Oregon. 93 N 7o:leel for Winding YarWE.X.Buc k u p, St ap1 et on , 93,671.-R ailw a y Car Ax le.-fH. D. Burghardt (as s ignor to-' himself and G. S. W ill is, Jr.) Pittsfield, Mass. 93,672.-Clothes PiNS.-M. E. Burlingame, Willett, N. Y. 93,G 73.-Manger.-Adam Chambers, Unionville, N. Y. 93,6 U 4.-, apor BunneH.-Lasslo Chandor,St. Petersburg,Rls- j Sla, aSSIgnor to Cassiu s M. Clay. : 93,675.-Hot Air Fu rnace.-J. E. Chapman, Cannon Falls, , Min. 9 0, 676 . - C o pl Elevator .L . S . Ch Ie1 es t e1, New Yor"K CIty. 93,677.Apparatus for Elevating and Weighing Coal, e'.-L. S. ChIChester, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated August 5, 1869. j 93,678.-T run k and other Handles.-John ChurchI. ll, Bnstol, Conn. 93,679.-Machine for Rolling Hoe Blanks.-W. t. Clem- ent and E. V. Foster, Northampton, Mass. Antedated A u g u st 4 ' 1869 . 93 , 680.-Ga ng Plo w .-Pe t er Conrath, Freeburg, Ill' 93,681 .Vine Cutter - Ch ar1 es C ren's h aw, b a rtl ett, t enn. 93,682.-Wagon Brake.C. J. Crounse, ClarkSVI.lle, N. Y. 93,683.-Machine for Upsetting Tires.-G. W. Da l bey , Carrollton, Miss. 93.684. - R o ck Drill Pornt.-C. H. Davis, San Francisco ' CaL 93.685. - Door Latch.-F. W. Dean, Tremont, Ill. 93,68G.Power Apparatus foH Vehicles.-J. G. Dillaha, Waco, Texas, aBsignor to himself,R.M. Boone, and N. D. Bailey ' Chicago' 93,617.-Pencil Sharpener.-M. ,. DillinO.ham , Amsterdam, N. Y. 93,688.-Pipe Wrench.-W. H, Downing, Pioneer, Pa. 93,689.-Electro-Magnetic Engine.-A. E. Dupas, N ew Orleans, La. 93,f90.-Hand Seed Planter.-Jeptha Dyson, Philadelphia, 93,691. - Gun CaH i a g e.- J . b. Eads, St Louis, Mo. 93,692.Cultivator and Harrow Combined.-Ezra Em- mert, Franklin Gruve, Ill. 93,693. - Fruit Crate.-G. m. Fenley, Medora, Ind. 93,694.Rain Water Cut-m'f.-Edward Fleming (assignor for one half to G. A. Pease,) Ann Arbor, .1ich. 93,695.-Teeth for Cultiva'rons.-H. f. Fren ch ' Boston ' Mass. 93,696. - Steam Pump.-L. P. Garner, Ashland ' Pa. 93 , 697 .S team E ngine P iston Packing.-L . P. Garner Ashland, Pa . , 93,698.-Va poH Burner.-T. S. Gates and A. H. FrItchey ' Col u m bu s O Oh i o. 93,f99 . -C l nductor for Rolling Mills.-John Gearing Plttsburgh. Pa. B 93,700. - S0da Fountain.-William Gee, New York city. 93,701.Floor for Malt Kilns.-vVilliam Gerhard, Jr. Florence, Mass. 93,702.Washing Machine.-Edwin Gillis, Battle Creek, Mich. 93,d3' Carriage Spring.-J. vv , Gilmer , and W. H . De Valin ' Sacramento ' cal. 93 , 704 .-M achine for D oubleseaming Sheet Metal.--- ' James Glober, Omaha City, Nebraska. 93,705.-Machine for Turning the Edges of Sheet Metal.-Jamea Glober, Omaha City, Nebraska. 93,706.-MAchin e for Pressing Down t he Seams in Sheet Metal.-James Glo ber, O maha City, Nebraska. 93,707. - Carriage Axle.-John Grabach, Clyde, Ohio. 93,708.Clothes Dryer.-W. S. Graves' Kansas Cit y, Mo ., and A, S. Capron, Grass Lake, Mich. 93,709.-Registering Apparatus for Spinning Mules __ H. P. Gregory, Plattsburg, p. Y. 93,710.-Machine foH Forming Plow Handles . -G V Griffith, Fort Way n e, Ind. 93,711.-Sash Frame and F astener.- J . M . Hale , Georg'a Plains, Vt. Antedated August 5,1869, 93,712 - GHate . -Robert Ham, Troy, N. Y. 93,713.Manufacture of I r O n and S' EEl.-James Henderson, New York city. Antedated August 4, 1869. 93,714.-Rat Trap,-J. M. Henrie, Vandalia I Iowa. 9i,715.-Bench Sliears.-John Hill, Charlotte, Mich., as s ignor to himself and William Adams. T TT ,,., . 93,716,Guar d ' OR C ircular Saws.-Isaac H ollI day (as 'sig n or to himself and J, S. Dean), South Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,71 7 .- R emed y for. Murrain in Cattle.-Henry Jacobs,. F,lYetteville, Tenn. 1T ,. 93 , 718.-Carpet Beater.-Thomas Jordan, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,719.-Lamp.-e. g. Kelley , New York CIty. 93,720.Combining a Let'er B aIa n ce and a P en Hor,de r . -R. B. Kepner, PhIladelphIa, Pa, Antedated August 12,1869. 93,721.-Fanning Mill.-t. B. K : kwood, Dub l m. , Ind. 93,722.-Side Wall Register.-j. m. W. KItchen, Brooklyn,. 93, 7 23 .- Flue Brush.-J. D. Kunkel, c i n c innati , Ohio, assignor to himself, Frederick Stockllonc and C. F. Hornbcrgar. 93,724.-Head Block for Saw Mills.-c. Leffingwell, carkSburg , Ohio. 9 " , 7 20. - Boil e;r0. - A . J . L e G rand , Boonton , N. J . 93,726.B uh tton .Henry Link, Little Lalls, N. !. 93,727. - Grinding Axes.-Harvey Mann, Bellefonte, Pa. 93,728.Self.closing Telegraph Key.-J. h. McElroy,. Warwick, N. Y. 93,729.-Maciine for Sowing Plasteh, Grass-Bm and GRain.-A. W. McKay, E lkhart, Ind. 93,730. - Cultivator Plow.- Ne al M cKay, Columbia, Mo. 93,731.Sewing MacIIlne.-Daniel Mills, lew York city, assignor to Charles Goodyear Jr., New Rochelle, N. y. .:etatcd Feb1 . 17,1869. 93,732. - C ur Hy-co mb.-H. Mithof Columb uB , Ohio. 93,733.Safety Guard for Gun Nipple.-C. 'r. MOOI'! G ilman t on, n. H. 93,734. -Ice Pitcher. - Bernard Morahan, Brookl y n, N. Y. 93,735.Stem Winding WatcIl.-James Nardin, Locle' Switzerland, assignor to v. T. Magnin, Gnedin. and Co, New Yorl{ city _ 93,736.-Scoop.-Andrew N onnamaker, Circleville, Ohio. 93,737.Horse Power. - George Oerllein, Utica, Minn. 93,738.-Horse Power.George Oerllein, Utica, Minn. 93,739.-Process foh Purifying Pa1affine.C. Chauncey Parson. New York city. 93,740. - Treadle.-c. Chauncey Parson, New York city. 93,741 . - Thill Coupling.-- s. w. Perkins, Geneseo, Ill. 93,742. - Coal Stove.-Jacob s. Platt, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,743.Tuck'creasing Attachment for Sewing Ma. chines.-Wm. Prciss, New York city. 93,744.-Lamp Burner.-Perry Prettyman, Parudise Spring Farm, Oregon. 93,745.-Steam GeneHator.-Jonathan Quipp and Robert Law, Buffalo, N. Y. 93,746.-Tinsmiths' Shears.-Ellery P. Ralph aud James Hannan, Gallipolis, Ohio. 93,747 .-Combin at ion Lock.-Nicholas Reed, Otisville, N. Y 93,748.-Button.-John L. Remlinger, Providence, R. I Antedated August 12,1869. 93,749. - Cu ltivat or.-John j. Rose, Elmwood, Ill. 93,750.Horse Hay Foril-j ohn W. Roe, Lewisburg, Pa. 93,751.Velocipede.-S. H. Sawhill, Cambridge, Ohio. 93,752.-Explosive Compound for use in Firearms" Blasting, e"c.-Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Louisville, Ky. 93,753.-Explosive Compound.-'alhferlo p. Shaffner, Louis ville, Ky. 93,754.-ExpI,osiYe Compound. - Taliaferro P. Shafner", Louisville, Ky. 93,755.-Blas'ing Fcse.-Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Louisvjlle., Ky. 93,7l6.-Manufacture of Nitro.glycerin.-Talifl P .. Shaffner, Louisville, Ky. 93,757. f Metiod of Blastikg witi Gunpowder and 01iieR ExplosivP Scnstances.-'aliaferro P. Shalfner,Louisville, Ky. 93,758.-Makin g Cast 8teel.-Charles William Siemens, Westminster,England. 9 3, 7 59.- D e vic e for Shifting Buggy Tops.- W. B. S l utter ", Warsaw, Ind. 93 , 760 . -Toy To . -Thomas B. Splks, Norwich, Conn. 93 ,7 61.-djustable Clutch for Liftin g VV e l T ubing. , -Vm. AA. Splln/, Tltu8vllle, Pa. 93,762. - Seeding Machine.-John Star;, ThomasVllle, Ga. 9",763.CAmera Stand.- Isaac H. Sto ddar d, A menia, ago signor to E. and H. T. Anthony and Comp any, New Y ork city. A ntedated August li, 1869. I 93,764.-Furnace for Steam Generators.-Friedrick SuI tel. St. Paul, Minn. , 93,765. - Harvester.-Lorens Swenson, North Cape, Wis. 93,76f.FasteneH for Whip SocImts.-O. w. Swift, New Haven, Conn. 93,767.Water Wheel. - s. D. T ay l or , Hazleton, Pa. 93,761.-Cu h d Ghindeh.c. vV. Terpening, Geneseo, Ill. 93,769 .Ca h Wheel .-W . R . Thomas, C a t asauqua, P a. 93,770.-Truss for Connecting Booms to Mas ' s. - James E. TIbbetts, Trenton, N. J. 93,771.-Combined W a''er Tank and Wahming Closet.- JocI Tif'any, Albany, N. Y. 93,772.-0iler for the Slides of Steam Engines.-Christ9pher C. Tracy (assignor to himself and James E. Grannis) ' New Yor], mtr 93,773.-Chair, Table, and Stand Combined.-Abiouil w Viles, Elkhorn, Wis. 93,,774.-Water Wieel.p. H . V'ait, Sandy Hill, N. Y. 9,775 . - K indling WOOd.-J , Wesley 'ebber, New York city. 93, 776. -M anufacture of Floor OilclotI.-John ,Veems and Wm. Weels, Jollnstone, Great 1ritain. 93,777.Horse Rake.-Thomas j. "Vest, Alfred Center, N. Y 93,778.Ho orseshoe Machine. -Charies P. Williamson,. Lou is"ille, Ky. 93,7 a 9.-Railway Stop Chair.-John A. vVilson, Altoona,. 93,780Pen Holder.-Charles G. Wilson, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,781.-Stove and Furnace Grate.-George A. vYins, Alban y, N. Y. 6 g; 93,782.- Ba se -burning Stove.-George A. Wing, Albany, 93,783.-Hat.shapi,g Machine.-Samuel Y i ng, Munson, jvj aSR. 93,784.-Quilting Frame.-George C. Winters (assignor to hTself and Edwln MIller), 'Vinfleld,Mich. 93,78t.-P epper C aste r.- F e rd i nu n d W ol f (a ssig nor to him hImself and PHenry Hanf), South Boston, M ass. 93,786 . -Carriage Jack. -j oseph E. W 011 , Allegh eny CI'ty 93'787 . -Sawing Machine.H 0 IS W 00 d "ard , M 1 l ,au tee 7s. Actedated AU1ust 5 ,18" ' 93 ' 788Cog::e'e for Harn e SS.-L ) n d on Worst er Syracuse, N.Y. 93'n8 yfxible Wainscot . -J 0 h n F . W ortl1, B 100 kl)' n, 93,790.:Feed'w a' er Hea te r.-Pe t er C . Wortman, Moud- ville,Pa. 93, 7 91-Car H iage.-Benjamin F. Adams, B an g or, Me. 93,792.-Buckle.-Theodore Bmley, Fmrfa x county, Va. and Howard H. Young, Washington, D. C. 93,793.-Chain Stopper . _ W'lll' am d . B ark er, e ast Abino-- ton, Mass. g 93 , 7 94 . - Pump . -A . Ba Idl' ng, M erph I' S, T enn. 93, s 95.Apparatus lor Carbureting Air.-j. F. Barker, Springfiel d , Mass., and C. N. Gllbert, New York city 93, 7U 6.- e ,c av atOn .- lL H. B e ard, deceased, Friar's Point MI SS. (W. J. St. John administrator.) 93,797.-Metallic ReIIIedy for RheuIatism.-Moses B ern he1.i, New York cltr 93 ,7ga8 . -' FHiction Clutch. -Erastus B. Big e low ' Bo s to n , 93,7l9.-Ha rneSS-o perat ing Mechanism foh Looms - Erastus B. BI.gelow, Boston, Mas ?. 93,80 0 . -Power Loom for " eaying Piled F abrics -Eras tus B. Blgelow, Boston, Mass. 93' n1.S;eary Rest for Lathes.-James Brodie, San Francisco, Cal. ' 93, c onn -S0DA-WATER A pparatu S - , RB r o w n , Ne w Hav en, 93,803.-Machine foR Cutting Leatr E\' o ROU Iands.-Christopher G, Burnham (assign'r to himself and LewIs H. Bogers) , East Hart!ord, Conn. 93 ' 804.-Pain'. -Eben S . Burns " Portland, Me. 93,805.Hay TeddeR-A. H. Caryl, Groton, Mass. 93,806.-Hay RakeR and Loader.-Jacob F. Chandler (assignor to himself and Abner)'. Durgin), CO: ,l ord, N. H. 93,807.-Countersink and Bit.-William A. Clark, Wood-- bridge, Conn. 93,808.-Hollow AugeR.-WI. l h. am A. Clark, W codbrI.dge, Conn. 9B,80!.-PaPer Box.-H. H. Dorbin, New Britain, Conn. 93,810 - PumpR W. Crouse, Westminster, Md. 93,811.Mechanism for OPeratIng the Nippers oF Combing MachTnes.-Horace Daniels, Pawtucket, R . . I. 93,812.-W a8hing Machine.-DavI.d C. DelI!nger, Decatur, Ollio. 93,813.-Horse Power.-John B. Fassett, Irasburg, Vt. 93,814.-SHoe.-Frank T. Ferguson, Boston, Mass. 93,t15.-SPring Cushion.-Chester D. Flynt, PhIladelphIa, p,. 93,816. m Electric Fire and Burglar Alarm.-Eugene Fonta -. e, Fort Wayne, Ind. 93,817.-Manufacture of Sugar of Lead and Acetic Acr 6kLeonard D. Gale, Washmgton, D. C, and Isaac M. Gattman, New York city. 93,818.-Uhurn.-vY. L. Gordon, Dalton, Ga. 93,81!J.-Life.preseUving Mattress.-J. Durell Greene, Cambridge, Mass. 93,820.-Fruit Jar.-Charles A. Gregory (assignor to himself and Allen Gregory), Stratford, Conn. 93,821.-Base.burning Stove.-Luther W. Harwood, Troy, N. Y. 93,822.-.Breech.loading Firearm.-B. B. Hotchkiss, New York CIty. 9",8 . 3.-Rubber Eraser.-S. D. Hovey, Brooklyn, N. Y. 9;,824.-Compound Tool for W ateU and Gas Pipes.-Wm. Humphreys, Waterford, N. Y. 93,825. - CaIUUage Seat. - Israel Kinney, Woodstock, C,mada. 93,826.-Automatic Boiler-feeding Apparatus.-Thomas Lovelldge and John Grindrod, Phlladelphia, Pa. 93,8'!7. - C u urn.-Addison Moe, Plainfield, N. J. 93,828. - DumPing Wagon. - C. T. Moore, Gilmanton, N. H. 93,829.Horse Hay Rake.Daniel B. Neal, Mount Gilead, Ohio. 93,830.-Tile Machine.-Solomon Nill, and Daniel Nill, Covmgton, OhIO. 93,831.-Scrssors Sharpener.-Charles E. Palmer, Boston, 93,832.-BulUal Ca se.-A. S. Patterson, Westfield, N. Y. Antedated Aug. 7, 1869. 93,833. - Ice velocipede.-Acam Purvis, Louisville, Ky. 93,834.Machine for CoveUing Lightning Rods with SIIEE'.r Metal.-W. S. Reyburn and l. J. Martin, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,835. - ApParatus foR Printing Photographic Vig NE1'TEs..Jean Elie Richard, Columbia, S. C. 93,836.-Machine foR Pouncing Hats.-John C. Rlchardson, Newark, N. J.,assIgnor to hImself and J. H. Prentice, Brooklyn,N.Y. Ante dated Aug. 5,1809. 93,837. wt ; t P1viment .W ' 0 ' R 0bbI' lS (aSSI. gnor t 0 h1' mse+ and C. W. Stafford), E ;Eew ' ork city. 93,83J[ ;Combined Seede r aN D Hay Rake.-A. P. Routt, Liberty Mgtfs, Va. 93,83.-Glass House Pot.-Thomas Scanlan, Birmingham, Pa. 93,840.-Cooling and Ventilating ApPaRatus.-John J. Schillinger, New York city. 93,841.-PHocess of PUeseRving Vegetables. - Francis H. Smith, Baltimore, Md., assignor to Francis H. Smith, Jr., New York 9,842!TkEdle.Carlos Stebbins, Pike, N. Y. 93,843 = SiIW s adDDIle lLhee.Yacob Straus, St. Louis, Mo. 93,84.Cakvinu( Disu._ C. W. Sykes, Suffield, Conn. Ante844. d Aug. 13,1 869. 93,845;huttle foR Sewing Machines.-James C. Wade, noston, Mass. 93,846.-Boot and Shoe.-G. W. Walker, Lowell, Mass. 93,847.-Mac l ine foR Planing Metal.-Alonzo Whitcomb, Worcester, Mass. 93,848.-ScUew PRopelleR.-Frederick Wittram. San Francisco, Ca_. 93,849.-Computing AppaHatus.-Elizur Wright, Medford, 1\ass. 93,850.-Railway CaR Coupling .-Robert K .Andrews , South Valley, N. Y. 93,851.-Device foR Relieving Steam GeneRatoRs of FoReign Substances,-Francis Armstrong, Pittsburgh, Pa. 93,852.-AppaRatus foR AeUating and Cooling Distilled WaeR.-G. W. Baird, Engineer Corps, U. S. Navy. 93,853.-Plow.-Ephraim Ball, Jr., Canton, Ohio. 93,854.-HotwateR BoileR foR Stove.-J. S. Brooks,Roch. ester, N. Y. 93,855.-Machine foR Making BaRRels.-W m. Brown, St. Louis, Mo. 93,856.-Safety Attachment foR Pockets,-A. W. Browne, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y., assignor to himself and Andrew Breasted, New York city. 93,857.-AppaRatuB foR the ManufactuRe of Pig Blooms fRom Cast IRon .-J. A. Burden, Troy, N. Y. 93,858.-Hailway CaR Axle Box.-William Campbell, Clinton, Iowa. 93,859.-ManufactuRe of ReadyPrepared Roofing.-J 11 Cobb, BelUOit, Wis. 93,860.-Ience.-J. M. Crull, Noblesville, Ind. 93,861.-CidER and Wine Mill.-T. F. Deniston, G. C. Pross- er, and J. J. i)eniston, Torrey, N. Y. 93,862. - Kitchen Utensil.-Jacob J. Diehl, York, Pa. 93,863.Casting Steel Ingots.-Henry Disston and Jonathan Marsden, Philadelphia, Pa., assignors to Henry Disston. 93, 8 64.-Meat Safe foR ButcheRs and OtheRs.-J. J. Doep. ken, LIma, OhIO. , 93,865.-Mode of TReating Boneblack foR FilteRing SiRuPs, etc.-J. O. Donner, Jersey City, N. J. 93,866,-Bottle Lock.-James Dugan, New York city. Antedated Aug. 12, 1869. J 93,867.-Machine foR DRessing Millstones.-John East, Romeo, Mich. 93,868. - MaRine Railway.-Primus Emerson,Carondelet,Mo. !3,869. CultivatoR Hoe. - John H. Foster ' Charlottesville, Va. 93,870.-ManufactuRe of OysteR Kegs.-Geo. Frauenber- gel, Rochester, N. Y. 93,871.-Lamp.-Joseph Funk, Tompkinsville, N. Y. 93,872.-Dumping CaR.-C. Gates, Burlington, Ind. ' assignor to Geo. Burkhardt, Joseph Shiffer, and J. W. Green. 93,873.- Sa wing Machine.-Adolphe Gaudron, Detroit, Mich. 93,874.BoileR Tube ScRaPing Device.-Edward Green ' Wakefield, England. Patented in England Aug. 25, 1866 93,875.-Railway ChaiR and SleePeR. - Jo hn Gregory, LIsbon, Portugal. Patented In England October 28, 1868. 93.876. - A R tificial Leg.-S. G. Gregory, Albany N. Y. 93.877. - Fiee LaddeR.-D. F. Haasz, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,878.Windlass.-W . H . Harfield, London, Kngland. Patented in England Feb. 18, 18 67. 93,879.-Churn.-Samuel Harper, Lawrence, Kan. 93,880. - Was I ing Machine.-O. L. Hart, Millville, Wis. 93,881.Sewing Machine.-H. C. Heckendorn, Reading, Pa. 93,882.-Reflecting LamP Chimney.-Horace L. Hervey' Philadelphia, Pa. 93,883.-eatheR StRip.-Coleman Hicks, Lancaster, Ky. 93,884.-Steam WateR Gage IndicatoR foR BoileRs.-W. Hodgson, CinCinnati, Ohio. 93.885. - FRuit DRye R.- Israel Hogeland, Indianapolis, Ind. 93.886. - Wash Boilee.J. \. Hoit, Lebanon, Ill. 93,887.FoRk foR Peach PeaRERs.-C. D. House, Lake Village, N. H. 93,888.-Attaching Plow CoulteRs.-D. W. Hughes, Palmyra, Mo. 93,889.-Steam Cylinder P i s t o n Packing.-Wm. Johnson, Lambertville, N. J. p;890.-Brick Drain Tile.-Norris Jones, Centerville, Ind. 03,891.-BuRning Kiln.-Balthasar Kreischer , New York city. 93 ' 892.-Machine fo i TuRning Watch Cases.Jacques Laurent, new yofkeit R. 93 j 8\3:achi; e foe Molding Chair Backs.-John Lem. man, Cincinnat', Ohio. 93,894,Machine foR Cutting and Reducing Loaf Sugar. A. E. letore y, E R ouen, france. 93, 890-.-SinG:le MicR oscope.-J. H. Logan , AlleOheny , Pa. 93,896.-Knife foR Seeding Stone i 'ruit.-S. S. Marques, Mason, Ill. 93,897.-Hay Rack.-David Matteson, Pittsfield, Mich. 93,8!8.-Stone,Sawing Machine.-Richard Morgan (assignor to himself and Henry Tirrel), St. Louis, Mo. 93 ' 899,-Process of Treating Ores with Copper Amalgam 1W )eans of Electric CuRRents.-A. l. Nolf and F. l. A. Pioche, San franciscor Cal. 93,9oo.MatR-al foR Dyeing and PRinting, Obtained fro Maddeb.Alfrcl Paraf, New York city. 93,901..eatheR RenovatoR.-J . W . P erry, P errysb urg, N. '- . 93' 902.Propelling Apparatus.-F. R. Pike, New York City. 03,90a.-Machine foR Planing Me'al.-F. a. Pratt, Hartford, CR'n. 93,904: -eirigerator.-T. L . R ankin, Peru, Ill. 93, ,905.Clothes.P i n Holde r .Y. R el fS, Chicago ! III. 93,906.-Tool Holdeu.-Ezra RIpley, Troy, n. Y., aSSIgnor to himself and G. S. Prindle, Aurora, Ill. 93,907. - School Desk.-a. E. Roberts, Des Momes, Iowa. 93,908.ARRow Gun.-Charles Robinson, Boston, Mass. 93,909.-Railway Rail Splice.-John C. Rupp, N\wark,DeJ. 93,910,-Phocess of Treating Leather so as to Hender 1' Sull'aRle fo r 'ue Manufacture of Gloves, "c.-N. c. Hussell, Gloversville, N. y. 93,911.- ApPa-UatU for R emoving A xle Boxes from Careiage Hubs.Charles Searle, brooklyn, N . y. 93,912.Washing Machine.-d. P. Shaw and J. S. Clark, Elk--, Ind. 93,913.Grinding Mill.-Henry Shaw, CI.nCI.nnat.I, OhI. o. 93,914.-Hay and Cotton Press.-w. E. Sheffield, St. Joseph, Mo. 93,910.-Velocipede,-L. t. SImon, New York CIty. 93,916.-Rocking Chair Fan.-L. T. Simon, New York city. 93,917.-ChoIW for Bridges.-c. Shaler Smith (assignor to Smit h, latro be & co.), ba ltim ore, Md. 93,918. . ..0il Ta nk.H. F. sny der and G. S. Snyder,villiams-port, and Antes Snyder, Blairsville, Pa. 93,919.-Sciiool Desk and Seat.-W. H. Soper, Baltimore, ld. 93,l20. - Ship Building.-J. B. Stoddard, Baltimore, Md. 93,921.S ewing Machine.-n. B. Stoops, Philadelphia, Pa., and J. J. Sibley, New York city. 93,922.-BoileR FuRnace.-J. a. Straight, Albion, N. Y. 93,923.-" Salt S tone " foR Salting Cattle and other Animals.-v. A . Tagant, 1IuUlOuse, France, and Peter 8clmler, Bienne, Switzerland. 93,924.- Composition LetteR foR Signs, etc.-a. m. Todd and J. p, Todd, Des Momes, Iowa. 93,925. -GR ate.-Thomas 'omkinson, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,928.GReain SepaRatoR.-J . P. Tostevin (assignor to himsell and J. H. Tenspolde), Racme, wis. 93,!27.-Extension ChandelieR.-HIram Tucker, Newton, Mass. 93,92,.- TuRnout foR S tReet Tuttle, Boston, Mass. 93,929.Cooking Stove.lC h olas S. Vedder, Troy, N. Y. Antedated July 13, 1869. 93,930.-ShutteR Fastening.-Amos Westcott, Syracuse, N. Y. 93,931.-CopyH oldeR.-RAmos Westcott, Syracuse, N. Y. 99 33,332.Mec hanism foe Operating Switches.-William Wharton, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. 93 , 93 3. - R ail u o ad Switch.-w. Wharton, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. 93,934.-ShutteR WoRkeR.-J. W. Wheeler, North Urbana, N y. 93,935.-Metallic Base foR Glass and ot heR Vessels.- g. c. White, Jr., Brooklyn, N. y. 93,936.-Dairy ApPaRatus.-James a. WhItney, New York city. 93,!37.-CenteRing Awl.-d. a. \Yilcox, Woodstock, Vt. Antedate, Feb, 17,186 9. 93,38.-Cooking Stove.-W. F. villiams, East Birmingham, P;. 3,939 .-Fibe-Place GRate.-Walter S. Wl. t,ners, Atlanta, Ga. 93,!40 .-Steam Engine.-G. W. WrIght (aSSIgnor to FranCI. s Wright)" Washington, D. C. 93,941.-Compositioj lH PlasteRing Walls.-D. Young, Kolwmo, Ind. 93,942.-Washing Machine. - BrI. nck, Chester, Ill. 93,943.-Lock Nut.-Freden. ck Oakley, Toronto, Canada. reissues. 47,782.-Hoisting AppaRatus.-Dated May 23,1865 ; reissue 8,596b;OGeorge Ambroser r himself, and Edward Hagan, assigilee of G. Ambrose?Y;W y o:k city. 66,773.-Paint.-Dated July 16, 1867 ; reissue 3,051, dated July 28,1868; reissue 3! 597; fivisifc:;f . rp! ver6ll, New Centreville, N. l.: l0 : hiinse\, ;nd the Averill Chemical Paint Coipa'y, wew oik city, assignees of D. R. Averill. 66,773.-Paint.-Dated July 16, 1867; reissue 3,051, dated NMisS city, assignees of D. r Averill. 66,773.-Paint.-Dated July 16, 1867; reissue 3,051, dateed July 28!018G8; r:ir:. u ;1 3,599. DiviNrc C.D. E. Averill, New Centreville, N. Y., lor himself, anl th;f verill Che;Pal pairt 8oinpa'y, Wew ibrk city, aseigces of d. R. Averill. 66,773.-Paint.-Dated July 16, 1867; reissue 3,051, dated July 28,1868; retsue 3,600.Division D.D. E. Averill, New Centreville, N.1.; for gilhself, anJ the Aver1lf 0Cenca1 Pailit gg{a:Y?Nc w Vbrk City, assignees of D. r. Averill. 66,773.-Manufac'URe of Paint.-Datec July 16, 1867 ; reissue 3,051, dated J u ly28, 1868 j reissue B,601.-Division ..-d. R.Averill, New Centreville, N. y., for himself, and the Averill Chemical Paint Co., New York City, assignees of D. B. Averill. 46,299.-Shoe.-Dated Feb. 7, 1865 ; reissue 3,602.-Case A. -Charles Buffum, Lynn, Mass., assignee of j. b. Johnson. 68,932.-Slide V al v e.-Dated SepIt. 17, 1867 ; patented in England, Feb. 15. 1806 ; reiSSUe 3,uOB.-Orlo Cady, Morristown, Vt., and "Wm.W. WJ Wood, Broklyn, N ' aSSignees, by mesne aSSignments, of Thomas Adams a;d G. J. Parson. 90,733.-Compobition PApPer Polisher.-Dated June 1, 186'; reissue S,604.-H. t. Cushman, North Bennington, Vt. 87,097.C lamp for Elevating Well Tubes.-Dated Feb. 2 3 , 1 8 6 9 j reIssue 3,60G.-Daniel FislEr, Oil City, Pa. 82,266.-Clock.-Dated Sept. 15, 1868 ; reissue 3,606.-J. b. Mayer, Niagara Falls, n. y. 79,404.-Vapor Burner.-Dated June 30, 1868; reissue, 3,607. -J. D. Smith, Greig, N. y., assignee of . H. Smith. 79,275.-BaseBuHning FirePlace Stove.-Dated June 23,1868; reissue 3,6S.-Division A.-David Stuart and Richard Peterson Philadelphia, Pa., assignees of David Stuart and Lewis Bridge. 71,560.-Plow.-Dated Nov. 26, 1867; reissue 3,609.-George Watt, Hichmond, Va. 21,932.-Machine for Combing Cotton.-Datec October 26, 185j reiSSUe 3,gio.-m. D. Whipple, Cambridge, Mass., aSSignee, by mesne aSSignments, of himsclf. 87,294.-Steam GeneratorDated Feb. 23, 1869; antedated Feb. 12,1869; reiSSUe a,611.-J. p. Wood and Joseph Wood, Philadelphia, Pa., and 'V. e. Wood and C. J. Wood, Baltimore, Md., assignees of l. a. Eeidel. 85.115.-T R b for Distilling Essential Oils.-Dated Jan. ' 19,1869; reiSSUe 3,612.-b. P. Van Marter, Lyons, N. y. designs. 3,612.-Trade Mark.-c. e. Barber (assignor to Sheldon and Co.), Auburn, N. Y. 3,613.-Nail or 'ack.-t. R. Bearse (assignor to Taunton Tack Co.), Taunton, Mass. 3,614,Center Pmce.-Hem,1 l c h ger, New York city. 3,615.-DooR Escutcheon.-William Gorman (aSSIgnor to to the Russell & Erwlll Manufactul"lng Co.),New Brlta 'n, Collll. 3'616.Handle ]'or Spoon.Alonzo IIebbard , New YOI'I, CIty. 3,617.-Ca m Ventilator Door and FHame.-M. T. Hitchcock, Springhcld, R ass. 3,618.-HotAir Kegister .-Hugh M. Phinney, Cambn.1ge, 3,619 .o s. 3,637.-Carpet .-H. G. Thompson, Nem York CIt,, assIgnor to the Hartford Carpet Co., Hartford, Conn. Nineteen PatentI. HoW to Get Patents Extended. Patents granted in 1855 can be extended, for seven years,under thc genem law, but it is requisite til at the petition for extension should be med witll the Commissioner of Patents, at least ninety days before the date on whieh the patent expires. Mony patents are now allowed to expire which coulU De made profitahlc under nu extended term. Applications for extensions cnn only be made by the patentee, or, in the event of his death, by his legal representative. Parties interested in patents about to expire, can obtain all nocessary instrnctions how to proceed, free of charge, Dy writing to MUNN & CO. . 37 Park Row, New York. Meclanical Engravings, Such as embellish the Scientific American, are generally superior to those of any similar publication, cither in this country or in l-urope. They are prepfred by our own artists,who have hld long cxperience in this branch of art, and who work exclusively for us. There is one pertinent fact in connection 'Uh the preparation and publication of an illustration ju our columns, that needs to be better understood by many inventors and mannfacturers who pursne a shortsighted policy in bringing their improvcment8 to public notice. They often go to a large expense in printing and circu-ating handbills, which few care either to read or preserve. Now. \l e untlertake to say, that the cost of a first-class engraving. done by our Own artiRt& and printed in one issue of the Scientific American, win amount to less than one-half the sum that would have to be expended on a poorer illl1::tra tion, printed in the same number of circulars,and on i Rheet of paper in Rize equal to one page of our journal. A printed handbill hus no permanent value. Thousands of volumes of the Scientific AmeIUcaU nre bound and preserved for futUre reference-beside, we estimate that every its 0 c of our paper is read by no fewer than one hundred thousand persons. Parties who desire to have their inventions illustrted can address the unflersigncd,who are also prepared to send artists to maIm slmtchcs of manufacturing cstab lishments, with a view to their publication in the Oclen'rific A)'lerTcan For particulars address MUNN & CO., 37 Pal'k How, New York.