FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUG. 24, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat................................................................ no On filing each application fora Patent (seventeen years)...................$W On issuing each originalPatent...............................................(, On appeal to Commissioner of Patents................................. &20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$3(1 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension............................................ S5of On filing a Disclaimer........................................... IQ On an application for Design (three and ahalf years).............."IX.'llijiO On an application for Design (seven years)..................................%tf On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................80 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 80 years............. $1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers, from.............................. i upward, but usually at the price above-named. The full Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at wMch time the Patent Qfflce commenced printing them..............................$1*28 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1886, we can supply at areasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount qj labor involved and the number of views. Pall information, as to orice of drawings, in each case, may be had by address ing MIINN & CO., Patent Solicitors. No. 37 Park Bow, New York. ______________________, t 93,944.—MANUFACTURE OF BRICKS.—Saith D. Arnold, Pittsfleld, Mass. 93,945.—TRUCK FOR STREET CABS.—Josiah Ashenfelder,, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,946.—PICKER FOR WOOL, ETC.—Harris W. Axford, Richmond, Ind. 93,947.—ROCK-DRILLING APPARATUS.—Wm. F. Banks, Brook-field, Conn. 93,948.—BASE-BURNING STOVE.—M. B. Barr and William T Black, Erie, Pa. 93,949.—SCYTHE.—John F. Bartlett, Winchester, Conn. 93,950.—BUSTLE.—Myron H. Beckworth, Camden, N. Y. 93,951.—DIE FOR FOBMING CARRIAGE-SHAFT SHACKLES.— Henry M. Beecher, Plantsville, Conn., assignor to H. D. Smith and Company. 93,952.—APPARATUS FOR REMOVING BENZINE FROM HYDBO- CAEBONS.—H. J. Berg, Butler, Pa. 93,953.—DEVICE FOR SUPPORTING WAGON BEDS.—Norborne Berkeley, Aldie, Va. 93,954.—WASHING MACHINE. — George M. Bohlender, Peoria, 111. 93,955.—TREADLE.—John B. Bolinger, Detroit, Mich. 93,956.—COMBINED HARROW, ROLLER, AND DRILL.—Samuel Bradbury, Dresden, Mo. 93,957.—ADZE.—Peter H. Bradley, Portland, Me. Antedated August 7, 1869. 93,958.—CORK-CUTTING MACHINE. — Edmund A. Brimson, New York city. 93,959.—HARKOW.—Thomas Sands Brown and Thomas Archer Brown, Brooklyn, Cal. 93,960.—WINDOW-BEAD FASTENING. — George F. Brown,, Winchendon, Mass. 93,961.—HEATER FOR KEROSENE LAMPS.—Willis L. Brown (assignor to himself and Samuel W.Bowen), Shelburne Falls,Mass. 93,962.—SEWING MACHINE.—Joshua H. Butterworth, Dover N. J. 93,963—WASHING MACHINE.—C. A. Calaway, Madison, Ohio. 93,984.—APPARATUS FOR TRANSMUTING POWER BY THE , MEDITJM OF AIR.—Horace Call (assignor to himself and J. B. Rand) Concord, N.H. 93,965.—APPARATUS FOR WASHING ORES.—Wm. L. Carter, Marietta, Pa. 93,968.—MACHINE FOR MAKING POTTERY. — Andrew M. Clieeseman, Trenton, N. J. 93,967.—VELOCIPEDE.— A. Combs, Helena, Montana Territory. 93,968.—HORSE COLLAR AND HAMES.-HOward Connick, Albert Lea, Minn. 93,969.—SEEDING MACHINE.—Thomas M. Corbett (assignor to himself and John I. Herrick), Milwaukee, Wis. 93,970.—CLOTHES DRYER.—Darwin E. Crosby and Sarah E.. Strickland, South Vineland, N.J.; said SarahE. Strickland assigns her' right to said Darwin E.Crosby. 93,971.—STOPPING MECHANISM FOR LOOMS.—G. K. Dearborn,. Srnithfleld, assignor to himself and O. A. Tanner, North Providence, E. 1 93,972.—COOLTNG SOAP AND FORMING THE SAME INTO BARS.. —Silas K. Divine, New York city. Antedated August 7,1869. 93,973.—WAGON TIRE.—Jacob Dodder, Washington, Iowa. 93,974.—KNAPSACK ENGINE.—Joseph W.Douglas (assignor to1 W. B. Douglas),Middletown, Conn. 93,975.—RAILROAD CAR SPITTOON.—J. S. Du Bois, St. Louis,, Mo. 93,976.—DEVICE FOR TIGHTENING WIRE FENCE.—Douglas; Eaton, North Eidge, N. Y. 93,977.—GATE.—Stephen Elliott, Richmond, Ind. 93,978.—SPUING.—William Evans, Eureka, Wis. 93,979.—GATHERING ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MACHINES.. -Alfred Everiss, New York city. 93.980.—PROCESS OF PREPARING HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES. —Bernhardt Fincke (assignor to F. Gustavus Fincke), Brooklyn, If. Y. 93,981.—CANT HOOK.—O. P. Frantz and E. Broad, St. Anthony, Minn. 93,982.—MEDICAL COMPOUND FOR TREATING THE ORGANS OF VOICE.—Francis Frisiani, New York city. 93,983.—RAILWAY CAB SPRING.—Perry G. Gardiner, New York city. 93,984.—RAILWAY CAR SPRING.—Perry G. Gardiner, New York city. 93,985.—GRAIN BINDER.—N. F. Gilman, Rochester, Minn. 93,986.—LAMP EXTINGUISHER.—Wm. Grayson and C. D.. Hyndman, Odell, 111. 93,987.—ADJUSTABLE CARRIAGE SEAT.—Wm. H. Greo-g and Wm. Bowe. Wilmington, Del. 93,988.—MANUFACTURE OF RESIN AND SPIRITS OF TURPENTINE.—John "R Griffen, New York city. 93,989.—SEEDING MACHINE.—John D. Harrison, Middletown,, Ohio. 93/jtfu.—PUMP.—M. C. Hawkins, Edinborough, Pa. 93,991.—VELOCIPEDE.—James H. Haynes, Union county, Ark.. 93,992.—OAR LOCK.—Henry Hempstead, Greenport, N. Y. 93,993.—ELECTRO-MAGNETIC SIGNAL APPARATUS.—George B. Hicks, Cleveland, Ohio. 93,994.—PLOW.—Leavitt Hunt, Weathersfleld, Vt. 93,995.—SASH BALANCE.—S. W. Huntington, Augusta, Me. 93,996.—METALLIC WINDOW SHUTTER.—B. A. Jenkins, La Crosse, Wis. 93,997.—SHOVEL PLOW. — Gregory Jennings, West Cairo,. Ohio. 93,998.—BOLT-THREADING MACHINE.—Wm. Johnson, Lam- bertville, N. J. 93,999.—CLOTHES DRYER.—Luther N. Johnson and Benton Silloway, Montpelier, Vt. 94,000.—QUADRANT HINGE.—Nathaniel Jones, Lockport, Ind. 94,001.—REVERSIBLE PLOW.—J. W. Jones (assignor to himself and S. H. Beclcwith), Thomson, 111. 94,002.—BUTTONHOLE AND BUCKLE.—L. A. Kettle, Philadelphia, Pa. 94,003.—REVOLVING FIBE-AEM.—Charles A. King, Springfield, Mass. 94,004.—WASHING MACHINE.—J. B. King, New York city. 94,005.—WASHING MACHINE.—Alexander King and Geo. H. King, Gainesville, Ohio. 94,006.—CtJRTAlN FIXTTJHE.—J. W. King, New York city. 94,007.—DttlViNS WELL TUBES.—D. R. Knight, Akron, Ohio. 94,008.—APPARATUS FOR CLARIFYING CANE JUICE BY MEANS OF SmPtttlKOUs ACID GAS.—Adonis Labauve.Convent, La. 94,009.—WOODEN TRUNK.—Jacob Lagowitz, Newark, N. J. 94,010.—SLEIGH BELL.—G. W. Lamb, Cobalt, Conn. 94,011.—FLOOR CATCH FOR TABLE LEGS.—J. M. Lemon, Polk City, Iowa. 94,012.—DEVICE FOR FOLDING LETTERS, ETC.—G. W. E. Lew- in, Rochester, N. T. Antedated Aug. 7,1869. 94,013.—MACHINE FOR REMOVING GREEN CORN FROM THE COB.—T. S. Lewis, Portland, Me. 94,014.—MAGNETO-ELECTRIC MACHINE.—Dieudonne Francois Joseph Lontin and Eardley Louis Charles d'lvernois, Paris, France. Patented in France Dec. 14,1868. 94,015.—STEAM ENGINE.—J. R. Maxwell and Ezra Cope, Cincinnati, Ohio. 94,016.—SHOWCASE FOR COUNTERS.—Noah Mayo and Eben S. MorBe, Bath, Me. 94,017.—UMBRELLA.—Thomas McCreary (assignor to himself G. M. Sullivan, and John McCreary), Matteawan, N. Y. 94,018.—SAIL HANK.—Wm. McKay, Newburyport, Mass. 94,019.—WOOD PAVEMENT.—Antoine R. McNair, New York city. 94,020.—SPRING BED BOTTOM.—Joseph Moore, Tarentum, Pa. 94,021.—MACHINE FOR HEADING BOLTS.—David G. Morris, Catasauqua, Pa. 94,023.—SAW TEETH.—Jonah Newton, New York city. 94,023.—CLOTHES DRYER.—Geo. Oldham, Westfleld, N. Y. 94,024.—SLED.—S. H. Partridge, Peterborough, N. H. 94,025.—SPRING BED BOTTOM.—Edward Perry, Hopkinton, Mass. 94,036.—PORTABLE HEATING ATTACHMENT FOR STOVES.—J. S. Perry, Albany, N. Y. 34,027.—PUMP.—Charles Powell, Birmingham, England. 94,028.—SAW SHARPENER.—George Price, Peoria county, 111. 94,029.—APPLICATION OF CARBONATED WATERS IN MEDICINE AND SUKSEKY.—A. D. Puffer, Somerville, Mass. 94,030.—FABRIC FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF COLLARS, CUFFS, etc.—Jas. Bestein, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Aug. 9,1869. 94,031.—LAMP LIGHTER.—John Rigby, Fort Howard, Wis. 94,032.—CORN-ROW MARKER.—John Roberts, Greenfield, Ind. 94,033.—BUTTER MACHINE.—Davenport Rogers.Mount Gilead, Ohio. 94,034.—WAGON REACH AND HOUND.—W. R. Santley, New London, Ohio. 94,035.—HAIR TRIGGER.—F. Schenck, San Antonio, Texas. 94,036.—HAIR TRIGGER.—F. Schenck, San Antonio, Texas. 94,037.—INSULATOR.—Franklin Scott, Brooklyn, N. Y. 94,038.—CANT HOOK.—Peter Shults, Rockwood, N. Y. 94,039.—VELOCIPEDE.—Xavier Simon, Akron, Ohio. 94,040.—STEAM CELINDEB OILER.—S. F. Stanton, Manchester, 'N. H., and Orville Ripley, Charlestown, Mass. 94,041—PLOW.—D. A. Stubblefield and W. H. Luse, Yazoo county, MisB. 94,042.—CLIP FOR ATTACHING BUCKLES.—S. G. Sturges and W. E. Sturges, Newark, N. J. 94,043.—WAFFLE IRON.—Cornelius Swartwout (assignor to himBelf, Joseph Foxell, Thomas Jones, and Edward W. Millard), Troy N. Y. 94,044.—HARROW.—F. Y. Tavenaer, J. W. Galbraith, and Alfred Smith, Sedalia, Mo. 94,045.—MACHINE FOR CHARGING GAS RETORTS.—N. O. J. Tisdale, New Orleans, La. 94,046.—SEWING MACHINE.—S. S. Turner (assignor to himself and Willard Corney), Westborough, Mass. 94,047.—BREECH-LOADING FIRE-ARM.—S. F. Van Choate, Boston, Mass. 94,048.—HORSE RAKE AND HAY SPREADER COMBINED.—H. C. Varnum, Hartford, Vt. 94,049.—BUGGY TOP.—J. S. Wayne, Quincy, 111. 94,050.—CORN SHELLER.—Theophilus Weaver, Harrisburg, 94,051.—SASH STOP.—M. V. B. White, Ballston, N. Y. 94,052.—FANNING MILL AND GRAIN SSFASATOS.—Darius Wllcox, Chariton, Iowa. 94,053.—PRINTERS' GALLE?/—3. Wilson, Jr., New York, assignor to himself and William Quail, 'Williamsburgh, N. Y. 94,054.—HOE.—J. F. Wilson, Athens, Ga. 94,055—- VELOCIPEDE.—A. SL Allen, New York city. 94,056.—VELOCIPEDE.—A, M. Allen, New York city. 94,057.—VELOCIPEDE.—A, M. Allen, New York city. 94,058.—MECHANICAL VELOCIPEDE.—Arthur M. Allen, New York city. 94,059.—PIPE COUPLINQ,—Matthew Andrew, MelbourneAus- tralia. 94,060.—FOOT WARMEB.-—Dinsmore Austin, Sheldon, Vt. Antedated Aug. 17,1869. 94,061.—MACHINE FOB SAWING PAVING BLOCKS.—W. W. Ballard, Elmira, S. Tf. 94,062.—WOOD PAVEMENT-.—W. W. Ballard, Elmira, N. Y., andB.B.Waddell.Memphfs.Tenn.f BurenJB. Waddell assigns his right to W. W.Bailard. 94,063.—MODE OF CUTTING BLOCKS FOR WOOD PAVEMENT. —Wm. W.Ballard, Elmira, N. Y,, and B. B, Waddell, Memphis, Tenn.; B. B. Waddell assigns all his right to 'W, W. Ballard. 94,064.—MANUFACTURE OF PLATED METAL BRACELETS.— John Barclay, Attleborough, Mass* 94,065.—COMBINED SEEDING MACHINE AND CULTIVATOR.— Lorenzo Bartlett, Cardington, Ohio. 94,060.—WOOD PAVEMENT.—Albert Betteley, Boston, Mass. 94,0i7.—CULTIVATOR.—A. C. Brinser, Middletown, Pa. 94,068.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—A. W. Browne, Brooklyn, N. Y.(assignor to himself and the New York Toy Manufacturing Company. 04,069.—PIPE COUPLING.—J. R. Brown, New Haven, Conn. 94,070.—TRACE BUCKLE.—J. H. H. Buell, Oriskany, N. Y. 94,071.—KNITTING MACHINE.—Frank Burns, Upper Gilman- ton.N. H. 94,072.—GRINDING MILL.—Nelson Burr, Batavia, 111. 94,073.—MANUFACTURE OF SOAP.—W. T. Bush, Obion county, Tenn. 94,074.—WATER WHEEL.—Josiah Buzby, Crosswicks, N. J. 94,075.—BASKET.—W. H. Carpenter, New York city. 94,076.—HOG ELEVATOR.—A. J. Chambers and T. Taekson, New Washington, Ohio. 94,077.—CORN PLANTER.—J. Burchard Chapman, Morrison, in. 94,078.—VALVE FOR PUMPS.—James Clayton, Brooklyn, N Y. 94,079.—COMPOSITION FOR GUMMING POSTAGE AND REVENUE STAMPS.—C. L. Coombs, Washington, D. C. 94,080.—COMPOSITION OF MATTER FOR VARIOUS USES IN THE ABTS.—C. L. Coombs, Washington, D. C. 94,081.—RAILROAD CONDUCTORS' TICKET BOX AND FARE DETECTOR.—Edwin Cowles, Cleveland, Ohio. 94,082.—CLOTHES WRINGER.—Philipp Cramer, Barrington, 94,083.'—RAILWAY CAR BRAKE.—J. M. Crosby, Marathon, N. Y., assignor to himself, Wm. Ballard, and Frank Livingston. 94,084.—COMPOSITION FOR COVERING STEAM BOILERS, PIPES, AND OTHEE AETlCLEs.—W. B. Davis, Brooklyn, N. Y. 94,085.—DUPLEX WRENCH.—A. B. Davis (assignor to himself and W. C. Ewing),Philadelphia, Pa. 94,086.—STREET CAR.—Marinus De Graff, Chicago, 111. 94,087.—COMBINED SUPPORTER.—Solon Dike (assignor to himself and J. A. Phillips), New York city. 94,088.—LABEL FASTENER.—C. R. Doane, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 94,089.—LIFTING FLATS IN SELF-STRIPPING CARDING ENGINES.—Benjamin Dobson and Wm. Slater, Bolton, England. 94,090.—HAMES FASTENER.—A. M. Dorman, Philadelphia, Pa. 94,091.—STEAM-ENGINE GOVERNOR.—C. Duclos, New Harmony, Ind. 94,092.—WASH BOILER.—J. H. Elward, Palo, I1L 94,093.—OIL CAN.—J. G. Evans, St. Louis, Mo. 94,094.—COAL SHOVEL.—M. Q. Fagan, Troy, N. Y. 94,095.—MACHINE FOR .MAKING HORSESHOE NAILS.—D. J. Farmer, Wheeling, West Va. Antedated Aug. 16, 1869. 94,096.—BUREAU DRAWEE.—Maurice Fitzgibbons, New York city. 94,097.—STONE-DRILLING MACHINE.—J. P. Frizell, Keokuk Iowa. 94,098.—INTERFERING PAD.—George W. Fry, Uxbridge, Mass. 94,099.—APPARATUS FOR. FURLING SAILS.—E. G. Gaillic, Eastport, Me. 94,100.—CAR SPRING.—P. G. Gardiner, New York city. 94,101.—RAILWAY CAR SPRING.—P. G. Gardiner, New York city. 94,102.—SNOW PLOW FOR RAILWAYS.—C. L. Garfield, Albany, N. Y. 94,103.—GAS BURNER.—Robert Gill (assignor to E. P. Gleas- on), New York city. 94,104.—STEAM ENGINE.—Levi Griswold, Portland, and Geo. Caul, York, Wis. 94,105.—HAND SEED SOWER.—Geo. Hall, Morgantown, West Va. 94,106.—CULTIVATOR.—Richard Haney and James S. Estes, Peoria, 111. 94,107.—PIPE WRENCH.—Michael Hastings, Brooklyn, N. Y. 94,108.—MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.—George Herrick, Waverly, 94,109.—SAFETY DOOR FOR BUILDINGS.—C. Hesse.Champaign, Dl. 94,110.—BALING PRESS.—Philip Higdon, Lewisport, Ky. 94,111.—WATER WHEEL.—Otis J. Hodge, North Adams, Mass. 94,112.—SEWING MACHINE.—Geo. W. Hoffman, Hick's Mills in. 94,113.—MANUFACTURE OF INKSTANDS.—T. S. Hudson, East Cambridge, Mass. 94,114.—MALT KILN AND MALT HOUSE.—W. W. Hughes, Philadelphia, Pa. 94,115.—VENTILATOR.—M. T. Hynes (assignor to himself and P. J. Whelton), Boston, Mass. 94,116.—CONSTRUCTION OF HOUSES.—H. M. Irwin, Charlotte, N. c. 94,117.—MACHINE FOR PUNCHING AND SHEARING METAL.— W. H. Jvens and W. E. Brooke, Trenton, N. J. 94,118.—HAND RAKE.—Daniel Johnston, Sulphur Springs, Ohio. 94,119.—TOY PISTOL.—John P. Kirk, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. Antedated Aug. 14, 1869. 94,120.—PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERA STAND.—George S. Knapp, Winona, Minn. 94,121.—DIAPHRAGM FOR WASH BOILERS.—J. R. Manny, (assignor to himself atd A. C. Selleck), Chicago, HI. 94,122.—MACHINE FOR MAKING BOLT HEADS.—M. D. Marcy, Worcester, Mass. 94,123.—VEGETABLE CUTTER.—Solomon Metzger, Newberry, Pa. 94124.—FENCE POST.—W. A. Middleton, Harrisburg, Pa. 94,125.—GARDEN IMPLEMENT.—Henry Miller, Roadside, Va. 94,126.—WAGON REACH.—J. H. Moffett, Reading, Mich. 94,127.—CARD HOLDER.—W. R. Oatley, (assignor to himself, E. H. Scranton, and L. G. Wetmore.) Rochester, N. Y. 94,128.—MACHINE FOR MAKING SOD FENCE.—Jairus Osgood, Blue Hill, Me. 94,129.—WASH BOILER.—Nathaniel Parks, Mohawk, N. Y. 94,130.—MACHINE FOB TURNING OVALS.—Paul Pryibil, New York city. 94,131.—MANUFACTURE OF PAPER.—J. B. Read, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Antedated, August 17,1869. 94,132.—WATER METER.—T. D. Read and L. M. Ellis, Aberdeen, Ind. 94,133.—GANG PLOW.—F. F. Reynolds, Bethany, Ga. 94,134.—BOOT AND SHOE SEWING MACHINE.—E. P. Richardson, Lawrence, Mass. 94,135.—KNITTING MACHINE.—S. H. Roper, Boston, Mass. 94,136.—MACHINE FOR MAKING SLATE PENCILS.—D. R. Sat- terlee, New Haven, Conn. 94,137.—ALARM LOCK.—Nicholas Seubert, Syracuse, N. Y. 94,138.—SMOKE HOUSE.—L. W, Shaefl'er, Union township, Ohio, 'f. 94,139.—WATER WHEEL.—S. Sherwood, Independence, Iowa. 94,140.—MORTISING AND TENONING MACHINE.—W. H. Sible, Harrisburg, Pa. 94,141.—HARVESTER.—Wm. H. H. Sisum, Cherry Valley, N. Y. 94,142.—HORSE HAY FORK.—Simon Slack, Dowagiac, Mich., assignor to himself and E. G. Salisbury. 94,143.—ROTARY STEAM VESSEL.—G. T. Snyder, Wilmington, Del., assignor to himself and G. W. Airey, Baltimore, Md. 94,144._GRAIN SEPARATOR.—William Spencer, Winslow, Ind. 94,145.—COMBINED STRAW CUTTER, CORN SHELLER, AND GEiNDiira MILL.—Welcome Sprague, Farnham, N. Y. 94,146.__JOINT FOR CEMENT PIPES.—Melvin Stevens (assignor to himself and Nathan Stevens,) Brooklyn, N. Y. 94,147.—TWEER.—B. K. Taylor, Harrisburg, Pa. 94,148.—CLOCK ESCAPEMENT.—Micheel Tromly (assignor to himself andW. L. Hasbrouck), Cincinnati, Ohio. 94,149._TOP PLATE OF COOKING STOVES.—Charles Truesdale (assignor to himself and William Besor and Company,) Cincinnati, 94,150.—SUPPORT FOR ELLIPTIC SPRING.—John J. Unsworth, Washington, D. C. 94,151.—REFRIGERATOR.—J. C. Vanpelt, Cincinnati, Ohio. 94,152.—INJECTOR FOR STEAM GENERATOR.—Elijah Ware, Southford, Conn. 94,153.—HARROW.—Eli G. Warner, Union township, Ohio. 94,154.—SCRAPER.—William Watson, Danville, 111. 94,155.—WHISTLING TOY.—Charles Weber, West Meriden, Conn. 94,156.—PERMUTATION LOCK.—Jacob Weimer, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 94,157.—GENERATING GAS FOR MOTIVE POWER, FOR EXTINGUISHING FIRES, AND FOE OTHEB PURPOSES.—C. G. Wheeler, Chicago, 111. 94,158.—HAT POUNCING MACHINE.—S. S. Wheeler, Danbury, Conn., assignor to Edward A. Nichols. Yonkers, N. Y. 94,159.—TURNING TOOL.—J. P. Whipple, Woonsocket, R. I. 94.160.—MILK COOLER.—G. A. Whitcomb, Morrison, 111. 94,161.—WRENCH.—W. A. Wilson, Savannah, Mo. 94,162.—WATER WHEEL.—A. N. Wolf, Mill Creek township, and Joel Haag, Bernville, Pa. 94,163.—MACHINE FOB POLISHING SPOKES.—J. V. Woolsey, Sandusky, Ohio. 94,164.—SPOKE TENONING MACHINE.—J. V. Woolsey, Sandusky, Ohio. 94,165.—WASH BOILER.—E. M. Wright, Castile, N. Y., assigns one half to Gardner Herrick, Albion, Mich. 94,166.—CLOTH TENTERING AND DRYING MACHINE.—Andre Avery, Worcester, Mass. 94,167.—HARVESTER.—Alzirus Brown, Worcester, Mass. 94,168.—VEHICLE FOR CARRYING MAIL.—D. D. Foley, Washington, D. C. 94,169.—PROPAGATING BOX FOR PLANTS.—Clark Jillson, Worcester, Mass. REISSUES 87,fil7.—WASHING MACHINE.—Dated March 9, 1869 ; reissue 8,613,—T. Bailey and V. W. Blanchard, Bridport, Vt. 31,348.—SKATE.—Dated Feb. 5, 1861; reissue 3,614.—J. F. CalhoUn, Wolcottville, Conn., assignee, by mesne assignment of P. J. Clark. 78,872.—SUSPENDERS.—Dated June 16,1868; reissue, 3,615.— Alexander Wimbish Harris, New York city. 91,657.—SUBSOIL PLOW.—Dated June 22, 1869; reissue 3,616. —James W. Murfee, Havana, Ala. 12,723.—MACHINE FOR PUNCHING METAL.—Dated April 17, 1855; extended seven years; reissue 3,617.—Charles Parker, Meriden, Conn., assignee of George Fowler and the administrators of the estate of Be Grasse Fowler, deoeaseLviz., Maltby and Sophronia Fowler. 44,561.—FEED-WATER HEATER AND FILTERER.—Dated October 4,1884; reiBsne 2.139 : dated January 33,1866; reiSBue 3,618.—Edwin B. Stilweli, Dayton, Ohio. 89,211.—MACHINE FOR HEADING BOLTS.—Dated April 20, 1869; reissue 8,619.—C. H.Emerson and JohnF. Emerson, New York city. 63,300.—PROCESS OF PRESERVING WOOD AND TIMBER.— Dated March 26, 1867; reissue 3,680.—Daniel R. Prindle, East Bethany, 23,267.—WATER WHEEL.—Dated March 15,1859 ; reissue 918, dated Feb.38, I860; reissue 3,681; P. H. Koots (asBignorto himself and F. M. Koots),Connersville, Ind. DESIGN 3,638.—SLEIGH.—James Nelson and Harmon G. Ellsworth, Lockport.N. Y. EXTENSION MAKING ZINC WHITE.—John E. Burrows, Newark, N. J.— Letters Patent No. 13,416, dated August 14,1855. How to Get Patents Extended, Patents granted in 1855 can be extended, for seven years,under the genera law, but it is requisite that the petition for extension should be filed witl) the Commissioner of Patents, at least ninety days before the date on which the patent expires. Many patents are now allowed to expire which could lie made profitable under an extended term. Applications for extensions can only be made by the patentee, or, in the event of his death, by his legal representative. Parties interested in patents about to expire, can obtain all necessary instructions how to proceed, free of charge, by writing to MTJNN & CO., 37 Park Row, New York. IHecliaiiical Engravings, Such as embellish the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, are generally superior to those of any similar publication, either in this country or in Europe. They are prepared by our own artists.who have had long experience in this branch of art, and who work exclusively for us. There is one pertinent fact in connection with the preparation and publication of an illustration in our columns, that needs to be better understood by many inventors and manufacturers who pursue a short-sighted policy in bringing their improvements to public notice. They often go to a large expense in printing and circu-ating handbills, which few care either to read or preserve. Now, we undertake to say, that the cost of a first-class engraving, done by our own artists and printed in one issue of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, will amount to less than one-half the sum that would have to be expended on a poorer illustra tion, printed in the same number of circulars,and on a sheet of paper in size equal to one page of our journal. A printed handbill has no permanent value. Thousands of volumes of the SCIENTIFIC AMEEICAN are bound and preservedfor future reference—beside, we estimate that everyissue of our paper is read by no fewer than one hundred thousand persons. Parties who desire to have their inventions illustrated can address the undersigned,who are also prepared to send artists to make sketches of manufacturing estal) lishments, with a view to their publication in the SCIENTIFIC AHEBICAW For particulars address MTJNN & CO., 31 Park Bow, New York.