Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK Ending SEPT. 7, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: OO nn etnCIl c aveat .................................................................$10 On filing each a pplication fOl:.P. a tent (seventeen years)...................,vl? On issuin,! each origillul Patent...............................................St: O n n appeal to Com fssioner of Patents........................................ : 20 On application for Reis nw e .....................................................$30 8O n a Tplication for Ex tension ot Pate nt . ....... .....:... ....:.... .............. $ 5!0 On pp l lC i :; thia xtension:::.....:::.::...,...................................$50 On tiling a i[sclaimer..........................................................$10 On an application for Design : three : a n: d a :h:a::lf y: :ears) ..... .: .......... :. ... :.: . $10 OO nn aa nn aapppplliiccaattiIoOnn ffoorr Dee s iiggnn ( seveffl years) .................................. $1: On an application for Design (fourtme en yen rs) ...............................$30 In audItion to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Uesidents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. F or copy of Claim Qf an y Patent issue d within 30 years ....................... $ 1 A sketch from the m odel or draw mg, relating to s uch p ortion Qf a 1naeine ( S the Cla im cover8,f ro'.................................................$1 -up wa rd, but usually at the price above-named. ThefiU Specification Of any patent i88ued Binee Nov. 20,1866, at w1ich time the Pxtem ( Ulce commenced printing them .............................. $1 21 WIe!,1 Coptesof Drawings of any patent issued .ince 1836, we can8uppl yal a reasonable co.t, the price lepending upon the amount O J labor i1olved and the n F mber oftiews. IIU i1f"orwwtion, as to vrice oj drawing8, in each case, may be had bl addre8s iug lUNN & CO.. Patent Solicitor., Jfo. 3" Park Row, Nel York. 94,463.-Propeller foR Vessels.-Adolphe Aubert, No- 4 ent-Le-Rotrou, France. 9 , 64.-Animal 'rap.-F. P. Baker (assignor to himself and J. R. Lowe), Boston, Mass. Antedated Sept. 4, lS6!. 94,465.-Composition foR Whitewashing.-James Baker, Ijamsville, Md. 94,466.-S'omach Bitters.-Moses Becker, Philadelphia, Pa. 94,467.-Se w ing Machine.-N. P. Bradish, Jerseyville, Ill. 94,468.-Spoke-Tenoning Machine.-t. H. Brinkkotter, Callahan's Hanch, Cal. 94,469.-Hand Calt fo r Railroads.-H. L. Brown, Adrian, Mich. 9 4, 4 70.-MecIani sm for Holding Bolsters in Spinning MacIines.-E. S. Burlingame, Uxbridge, Mass. 94.471.-Manufacture of Pig lIton.-John Burt, Detroit, Mich. 94,472.-\eather Strlp.-H. W. Carew, Norwich, Conn. 94,473.-School-Desk and Seat.-Aaron Chandler, Davenport, Iowa. 94,474.-Stovepipe Thimble.-E. C. Chapman, Lacon, Ill. 94,475.-Apparatus for Emptying Sugar Kettles.-C. H. Collins and W. B. McClure, Alexandria,Va. 94,476.-Gas Burner.-J. v. Cremin, New York city. 94,477.-Stove-Polishing Brush.-L. C_ Crowell, West DenniS, Mass. Antedated Aug. 25,1869. 94,478.-Seeding Machine.-N. C. Dawson, Steele's Post-Ollcc, Ind. 94,479.-Process of Preparing Grain for Mashing.- F. W. De Spessbourg, Province of Normandy, France. 94,480.-HaY Spreaders.-Norman Eaton, Woburn, Mass. Antedated April 14,1869. 94,481.-Cotton Cultivator. - Emile Enete, Catahoula, parish, La. 82.-Revolving Cultivator.-W.A. Estes, South China, Me. M,483.-Dumping Tub.-J. S. Evans, Berkeley, Mass. 94,484.-Wrenches for EleYating PuIIp T ub e s. -J. A. Fleming, Shamberg, Pu. 94,48i.-Dumping W agon.-D. S. Gardner, Bristol, Md. 94,486.-Extension-Table Slide.-S. J. Genung; vVaterloo, N. Y. 94,487.-Folding Baggage Check.-E. H. Graves, Chicago, Ill. 94,488.-Cotton Gin.-B. D. Gullett, Amite City, La. 94,489.-Corn Plow.-Lewis Guthrie, Waterloo, Ind_ 94.490.-Double Corn Plow.-Lewis Guthrie, "aterloo, Ind. l4,491.-Qang PLow.-F. A. Hill, Marysville, Cal. 94 ' 492.-Coating Iron or Steel with Copper or Brass, oR otheR AlloYs of CoppeR.-G. j. Hinde, Wolverhampton, England. Patented Feb. 26,1869. 94,493.-R oofi ng M aterial. - BenjamIn HInkley, Troy, 'n. Y. 04,49 4.Car Ventilator.-Robert HI.tchcock, :prm. gfield, 94,495.-Pl a stic C em ent.-Georg e E. Hopkms, IarwIC1 1, Mass. 94,496.Animal Trap.-J ohn Hughson, Buffalo , N . Y . 94, 497.- C ultiYator.- John Lueth, Kankakee, Ill. 94,498.-Steamer for Agricultural and other Purposes. -A. T. Manly, Buffalo, n. Y. 94,499.-Washing Machine.-M. S_ Marshall, SomerVI lle, aSSIgnor to J. t. and j. S. FolsOl,, Boston, :ass. 94,500.-Saw Frame.-Dallel Moore and Edwm. Moore, Brooklyn, E. d., N. T. 94,501.-W as h T U Y.-Bernard M?rahan, Brookl;n, N. Y. 94,502.-Animal Tedder.-Dallel Newton, South :ngton, Conn. 94,503.- Rasp.-W . S . NI Ch 0I son (aSSIgnor t 0 th e NI C h 0 I son File Co.), Providence, H. I. 94,504.-Hand Weeder.-A. F. Noyes and N. D. Beecroft, Bangor, Me. 94 ,505.Sleigh Shoe -H. C . Overman (assignor to himself J. Q. A. Crossby), Clncag ., Ill. 94 506 . -Churn.-R. D. O . burn '. Lena ' Ill. 94,507.-Pump.-Jlel PatrIck, PItt county, N. C. 94,508.-Apparatus for Assaying and 'resting Ores and Metals.-j. s. Phillips, San FranCiSCO, Cal. 94,509.-Process of Concen'Hating and Granulating S accha ' ine L[qu id s . -John Pickles, Wigan, Engla?d. 94,510.-Construction of Ships.-DaVld P 18rce,Woodstock , vt. 941i.-PapeH-Bag MacIine.-J. P. Pultz, Plantsville, Conn. Antedated Sept. 1, 1869. 94'512.-Device for Aiding Combustion in Stealf Gen- eRatoRs.-G. w. Rawson, Cambridgeport, assignor to himself and M. Hittinger, Somerville, Mass. 94,513.-Brick Kiln.-James V. B. Remsen, New York city. Antedated Aug. 27, 1869. 94,514.-Pruning Shears.Wm. Richard, Clyde, Ohio. 94,5\5. - W a shing Machine.-M. A. Richardson, S herman, N. y. 94,516.-RalIway Rail Splice.-B. Robinson, Boston, Mass. Antedated Aug. 21, 181m. 94,517.-Platform Scale.-Lyman M. Severance, Dixon, Ill. 94,518.-Treadles for Machinery.-Jasper H. Singer, New York city. 94,519.-Stay and Guide Bar for Ellip'cic Springs for VeUicles.-J. E. SIegel uml Eli SIegel, Heading, assignors to themselves and j. K. Herts, Lancaster connty, Pa. 94,520.-Brad Setter.-C_ E. SmI. th, Columbus, OhI. O. 94,521 .-Carriage Wheel.-T. H. Smith, San Francisco, Cal. 94,522.-Truss.-Henry Spillmann, New Orleans, La. 94,523.-Governing DJvice fon Steam Engines.-Peter A. Stewart, Lucesco.Pa. 94,524.-Combined Knob Latch and Lock.W. H. Sullen- bergcr, Hanisburgh, Pa. Antedated Aug. 25,18G9. 94,525.-Railway Car Brake.-J. W. Swales, San Francisco, C aI 94,526 . -Mail Bag.-Z. '. Sweet, Davisville, Cal. 94, g 27.-Clothes DItyeU.-A. L. Taylor, Spr.ngfield, Vt. 94,f28.-Railway Rail CIair.-A. B. Thompson, Owego, N. 1. 94,529.-Bridge.-W . P . Trowbri d ge, N ewtown, N. Y. 94,530.-Hailway Car Brake.-Inglis Walker (assignor to himself and W. I. Barnard ), L ynn, M3ss. 94,531.-0 ve rsIIo e.-A. G . Wa terho use, San Francisco, Cal. 94,532.-Metallic Alloy for Filtering Oils, and for the Manufac'ure ?f Paints, Cellen's, etc.-James Wehster, Birv ingham, great Blltain. 94,533 . -L a m p Burner.J. H. Weeden, Waterbury, Conn., aSSIgnor to Seovllle Manufacturing Co. 94,5i4.-Bridge G ate.-Alexander Weide, ChIcago, Ill. 94,535.-Lantern.Wm. Westlake, ChIcago, Ill. 94,536.-LanteHn.\ m. Westlake, Chicago, Ill. 94,fi7.-Attachment foIt Cookin g Stovesl-D_ N. A-llard, Ch es ter H!11, Ohio. 94,53 8.G as Hea t er.- Boyd Allen (aSSI.gnor to h.Imself and S. C. Pra tt) .".b oston , Mass. 94,539.-Di'ching MacIIine.-J. S. Anderson and Inues B. Cooley, Clark's HIll, Ind. 94,540.-Hulling Mill.-C. S. BaIley, New York l ty. 94,541.-Railway CLossing for Cone WIIeels.-Hugh BaInes, Manchester, England. 94,542.-Cultivator.-Job McN amee Baker, FayetteVIlle, Texas. 94,543.-Tweer.-J. W. Barron, HIllsborough, Ill. 94,544.-M achine fo r Makin g Rail road Spikes.-J ohn W. Bartlett and David P. Bosworth, Harmar, Ohio. 94,545.-Apparatus for Lighting Gas by Electricity.- Wm. W. Batchelder, Boston, Mass. 94,546.-Corn Planter. - Henry Baughman, Columbus, Ohio. 94,547.Railway Car Coupling.-R. W. Baylor, Norfolk, Va. 94 'M8.-Table Leaf Support.- A_ Belchambers' Ripley, Ohio. 94,549.-Corn Harvester.-G. W. S. Bell (assignor to himself and h. c. Bell), Talulla, Ill. 94,550.-Ice Pitcher.-Wm. Bellamy, Newark, N. J. 94,551.-Washboard.-Wm. Bellus and C. Bowers, Fredo- nia, Ohio. 94,552.-Blank Boot Heels.-H. H. Bigelow, Worcester, Mass. 9 4,553RS .- Cha ir Seat.-Osmore A . Bl.Dgham, Gar a, ner, Mass. 94,554.-Plow.-Abram Boles, Kmd(r, Ind. 9 4,555 .-M achine for Breaking the Leaves and Ste1s of Tobacco.Nicholas H .Borgfe1t. New York city. 94 ,55 6. -Self-closing Telegrap h K ey s . -W . Clay B owers, Wheatland, Iowa. 94,557 : -Clamp.M. V. Brioham, Mannsville, N. Y. 94,558.Mode O f Closing P aper Ba g s.-Morgan W.Brown, New York city. 9 4 ,559.-Flo a ting Velocipede.-Lewis 1'. Bunn, Morris-town, n.j. 94,500.-Wardrobe Bedstead.-Sanford S. Burr, Dedham, and Levl Pieree, Charlestown, Mass. 94,561.-Grate Bar for Boilers.-Davi d Byard, Sharon, Pa. 94,562.-Clothes Dryer.-Edward Carter, Re n sselaer, N. Y. 94,563.-Stop CocIL-John C. Chapman, Cambridgeport, Mass. 94,564.-0il Can.-Charles Chinnock, Brooklyn, N. Y., as- signorto I. Little Hyde, New York city. An tedated Augu st 27, 1869. 94,565.Velocipede.Wm. B . Clark, WhlIte field, M e. 994,56.-Balanced D Y Y a lves.- Dal lel Collins, ?l.rard_ Ala. 94,567.:cr'othes D ryer.-T. C. Co ll?Ilns, Little H ock.m. g, Ohio. 94,568.-Machine for Pressing Tobacco.-Thomas Cope and George Cope, Liverpool, England. 94' 569 -Fl y Trap .-J . J . Craig, Knoxville ' Te nn . 94,570 .-R ef lectP r for . Street Lamps.- J osep h W. Cre- men, New York CIty. 94,571.-Loom.-George Crompton, Worcester, Mass. 94,572.-1oning Boa1W.-D. E. Crosby, South Vineland, N. J. 94,573.-Propelling Apparatus.-James S. Cunningham (assignor to himself and George Le Cronier), New York City. 94, 574-Meal and FlouH DryeH .- Henry Cutler (assi'n nor to s: n. Cutler & Co.). Ashland, Mass. 94,575.-Knitted Stocking.-Anthony G. Davis and Charles w. Blakeslee, Watertown, and Ebenezer b. Beecher, New Haven, Conn. 94,576.- J ack S pool.-Dan iel R . Day, Rindge, N. H., and John G. Folsom, Winchendon, Mass. 94,577.-Breech-loading Fire-arm.-Faustino Valdes Diaz, New York city. 94,578.-Weed Gatherer for Plows.- Loyal M. Doddridge, New Mount Pleasant, Ind. 94,579.-Railway Car Coupling.-Thomas B. Dora, Mat-to on, ll. 4,58 0. -Progressive Kiln. - Helmuth Dueberg, Balti more, Md. 14,581.-Co1mpound to be Used as a M ordant in Dyeing and P r intin g .- F . S. Dumont, New York city. 14,582.-\ ater E levatolt.-D. A. Dunham, Pilatka, Fla . 14,583.Beehive.Homer m. Dunham aud Bishop Addin g- ton, CentreVille, Ind. )4,584.-Still.-Charles k. Dutton, New Berne, N. C 14,585.Lock Nut.-v. p. Ewing and Isaac s. De Ford, Elk tOll, Md. 4,586. - CIIurn DasTIer.-Mil's Fisk, Arian, Mich. 4,587.-Safety Attachment fon Stheet Rail way Cars. -John Fogarty, Bro oklyn, n. y. 4,588.- FFloati ng Velo cip e de.-\Vm. Frankel, Springfield Ohio .. 4,589.- Sulky Harrow. 'V. H. H. Frye, North Frye- burg, Me. 4,590.-Cutter Head.-John Gage, Henni k er, N. H. 4,591.-Machine for forming Shells for Duy Measures_ -John Gage, Hcnniker, N. H. )4,592.- Sawing Mac hi ne .-Pcter Gaiser, 'Vaynesborough, Pa. 4,593.-PamHloH Stov e.- John H. Goodfllow, Troy. n . Y. 4,594.-Compre ssed Am Engi ne .-Edwin H. Grant , w as hington, d. c. )4,595.ClotheR Dryer.vndrew Irbison (assignor t 0 himself fnd Esh N. Houk), Newcastlc, Pt. )4,5H6.-Manufac lI uHe of Ir,llIina'ring Gas.-George w_ Harris, Elizabeth, N. J .. and Henry Holdrege, New York city. )4,597.-1reast Loop for Hames.- William B. Hayden, Columbus, Ohio. 94,598.-Clothes Rack.-V. m. Heath, Morristown, Vt. 94,599.-Vindow Blind.-Stephen Hebron, -Buffalo, n. y_ 94'600 -Vegeta b le Cutter.- r. Hemenway, New Casse l , Wis. 94, 60{.-Ra ilway Spike.C. L . 1eJ' w ood , B.OS,t on, m ass. 94,602.-Cotton and Hay Pness.-J. j. lImes, Evergreen, Ala. I4,60i.-Spring.-George Hopson and Joseph h. Mason, nr. dgcport, Conn. 94,604.-BuHglar Alar1f.- James j. Jackson, Curwins- ville, pa 94, 6O5.-Composition Flux for l anufacture of Iron and St:el.-Jacob Jameson, Phila(elphia, Pa. 9 4,606.-Hrnge.-m. j ohllson, CincmnatI, OhIO. 94,607.-Railway " m ail JUin'r.m illiam Johnston, Have- lock, Pa. 94,608.-HaUvesteU Guard.-j. Horva Jones and Miles s_ Prentice, r, lockford, Ill. 94,600.-Plow.-A. c. Judson (assignor to himself and E. 0, Judson), Grand Ra,ids, Ohio. 34,.10.Force Pump l.lcving ConcentIUc Pis'ons.-Poter m. Kafer, Trenton, N. J. 94,611 . -AppaHatus f or Dist illing and Rect U yin g Sl'irits.-pGottloh ){aiser, New York ciLy. 94,6;12.- Joint StandaIW Sled.-Isaiah Kin gman, vValtt-ham, Me. 94,U3.- 1er.utation Lock.W. F. Kist1 or ( aSSIgnor to I imself and Joscph l. r;"lli, Cincinnati, Ohio. 94,614.-1 urbink WareH WheelllP. H. Lamey and A. j. TeaChell, Port Treverton, Pa ; P. II. Lamey assigns to George Kulln an(1 P. K. Kmghts. 94,615.-Extension CHAIR. - Frederick William Lange, Clncago, HI. 94,616.-Medical Compolnd.-David Langell, Apple Creek, Ohio . 94,617.-Extension Table.-Charles Ph. Lenz, Pouglikeop- sie, N. Y. 94,618.-Apparatus for Propelling Machinery.-E. j Ieyburn. Lexington, Va. 94,61!.-ChuItn.-A. Lloyd, Millersburg, Ill. 94,620.-SyHin ge.-H. D. Lockwood, C harlestow n, ]\fass. 994,6221.-Fire Kindle r.-Augustu s Lodeman a nd lIeyer Desenberg, Kalamazoo, Mich. 94,622.-VYa gon Buake.-j ohn Ludeke (assignor to himself and Jacob Biehler) ,Griffin's C(.rner I , n. Y. 94,g23.-Walking Cultiva ' o 8 . Edward P. Lynch and H"nry i. Haff, Davenport, Iowa. 94,624.-Wind Weeel.-a. i. Maxwell, Morrison, Ill. 94,625.-Coal StoY.-H. D. McCTeorge, Rochester, n. y. 94,626.-PHeserving Wood lmmr Decay and M r l dB w. - A. K. McNair, New York city. 9; 627 . -Sto Y e Ghate.-j olm Moran, Washington, D. C. 94,628.-Plaiting Attachmen' foJ{ Sewing Machines. Aaron Morehouse and A. n. Heath, Dftubury, Conn. 94,629.-Edging Tool foH HaUness MakeHs.-O. W. Mor- ley, Tarrytown, N. Y. 9 4,6iO.-Die fur Forging French Clips lWH Cam\Lms.- F. B. Morse, Plantsville, Conn. 94,631-PHin'eHs' Inking RoU,er from Rubben Spo"ge.- Stephen Moulton, Braforll-on.Avon, England. Patented in England May U,1808. 94,632.Picture Frame.-A. A. Murfey, 1ontvl. lle, aSSI. gnor t? himselrmHI N. D . F Horgan, Norwich, Co n n . 94,633 . -Fan.-0. R . Kitsch, New York Ci ty_ 94,634.-Plow.-Ionry Nolte, Lincoln, Ill. 94,63i.-Grain Mill.-Janws Norman, New Orleans, La. 94,6Y6.-Plow.0. Osborn, Trumansburg, n. Y. 94,637.-Plow. -W. f. Pagett, Springfield, OhIO. 94,638.-CirculaU Saw Mill.-Francis Parker, Cato, N. Y_ 94,639.-Door Lock.-N. Petre, New York city. 94,640.-Spindle and Flyer-Jean Joseph Jules Pierrard Heims, France. 94,64l.-Wind Wheel. - William M. Piper, Blue Earth City, Minn. 94,642.-"nimal Trap.-Clark Polley, Shelbyville, Tenn. 94,643.-0ven.-Clarissa Preston, \v heeling, 'Vest Va. 94,644.-Hollse Hay Fome-Emanuel Hauer, Hoanoke, Ind. 94,645.Churn.J. L. Hessler, Ramsburg, Pa. 94' 646.-ChuI.-Edward Reyr olds' Omro ' vis. 94,g47.-Projectile.-j. d. HIChards, Muscat, Iowa. 9.,648.-Manufacture of Boots and Shoes.-e. p. RICharson, Lawrence, Mass. 94,649.Clutch.W. i. Risedorph, AI1any, N. y. 94.650.Millstone Driveh.-d. b. HItter, Glasgow, Ky. 14,65l.-Ash SiIter.-D. T. Robinson, Boston, Mass. 94,652.-Railway Signal.-A. F. B. Rocke and w. H. Mc- Leod, Jersey City, N. J. 94,6 0 3.- Mach ine fo n NaiI,ing the Soles to the Uppers of Toots and Snoes.-J. F. Sargent, lelrose, aSRignol to Elmer Town-send, Toston, Mass. Patented in England Nov. 5, 1b08. 94,654.-Machine for Nailing and Pegging Boots and S0oesP;i Fi:'ff'gt elrose, ass.gnor to Elmer Townsend, Boston Mass. Patented in Engla,IJ" ov. 5,ll 94,655.-M ilk House.-Fritz Schaller, Mattoon, Ill. 94,656.-S0fa Bedstead.-Adam Schwaab, New York city. 94,657.-Gaiwen Plow.-Robert Scott, La Porte, Ind. 94,65S.-Cooking Stove.-j_ h. Shear I Albany, N. y. 94,,659.-GHain Measurer.-j. w. Sm ! th and Hemll. ch Gr .esa, North Cohocton, N. Y. 94,660.-Device for Pumping by the Motion of tIIe Oars. -i R. 8pedden and E. C. Spedden, a storia, Oregon . 94' 66l.-Cheese Hoop.-J. L. Spra,oue Hermon , n. y. 94,662.Corn H arvesteH . -Lucas Stadler, Bowensburg, Ill. 94,663.Plow.James Stephens, Agency cI. ty, Iowa. 94,664.-Mode of Fastening Au'ficial 'eeth.-e. c. Stone, Gflesburg, Ill. 94,665.Direct-Acting Engine.-John Storer, New York. 94,66G.-Steam Generator. - James Stuart, San Fancis- co, Cal . 94,067.-P low.-Moses Tessier, Cairo, Ill. 94,658.-Sawing Machine.-Iiram Thompson (assignor to Hichard null and E. P. Halsted), Worecster, Mass. 94,669.-Gold-digging Apparatus.-Dcnison Tisdale, Des Moines, loa. 94,670.-Spiung for UpIolstery, Chair, CaR, and otIIer Seats.-E. W. Tucker, Lowell, Mirh. 94,671.-Cotton-seed Planter.-w. f. Tunnard (assignor to F. D. Tunnard), East Baton Ronge Parish, La. 94,672.-Camera Stand.-A. E. Turnbull, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. ji 94,673.-Hand Truck.-B. W. Tutliffl, Oregon City, Oregon. 94,674.-Seeding Machine.-D. C. Van Brunt, G. W. Van Brunt, and Hiram Barber, Horicon, Wis. 94,675.-Cooking Stove.-N. S. Vedder, Troy, N. Y. 94,676.Tot Velocipede.-N. S. Warner, Bridgeport, Conn. 94,677.-Sewing Machine.-Albin Warth, Stapleton, N. Y., assignor to himself and Eberhard Faber, New York city. 94,678.-Scroll-Sawing Machine.-R. M. Washburn, Burlington, Iowa. 94,679.-Boiler or S t e w Pan.-William B. Watkins, Jersey City. N. J. 94,680.-Railway Car-body Elevator. - Reuben Wells, Jeffersonville, Ind. 94,681.-Dumping Cart.-M. F. Wickersham, Springfield, Ill., assignor to himself, ThoB. Eckardt, H. F. Eldred, J.G. Law, T.Hutchinson, C. B. Hurd, C. Dresser, and D. Sherman. 94,682.-Furniture Caster.-Charles G. Wilson, Brooklyn, n. y. 94,683.-Mui.ey Saw Mill.-R. F. Wolcott, Claremont, N. H. 94,684.-Rotary Clod Fender.-John F. Woolley, Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. 94,685. - Hub for Vehicles.-J. P. Zeller, South Bend, Ind. 94,686.Forced Feed Gearing in Seed Drills.-J. P. Zel- ler, South Bend, Ind. 94,687.-Device for Marking and Planting Corn.-J. P. Zeller, South Bend, Ind. 94,688.-Implement for Carpenters' Use.-Edward Gray, Oldtown, Me. 94,689. - Slate Roofing.-R. K. Kille, Mount Holly, N. J. 94,690.Leather Cord or .Rope.-O. I. Harrington and Elijah Weaver, Wood's Run, Pa. 94,691.-Shuttre Worker.-T. H. Bradley, St. Louis, Mo. 94,692.-Brace for Covers of Trunks, Pianos, etc.- Jules Roch, Rochester, N. Y. REISSUES. 35,914.-Corn Planter.-Dated J uly 2, 1862 ; reissue 3,630. -James Armstrong, Jr., Elmira, Ill. 18,156.-Machine for Forging Nuts.-Dated Sep. 8, 1857; rpiSBue 3,631.-George Dunham, Unionville, Conn., aSSignee, by mesne assignments, of Edward Paye and Samuel Hall. 47,938.Appar \tus for Oiling Wool.-Dated May 30, 1865; reissue 3,682.-B. A. Earl, Philadelphia, Pa., assignee of B. A. Earl and Henry Holcroft. 88,216.-0re Crusher.-Dated March 23, 1869; reissue 3,633. -J. W. Rntter, St. Louis, Mo. 76,138.-Inkstand.-Dated March 31, 1868 ; reissue 3,634.- H. L. Andrews, Chicago, Ill. 34,413.-Sewing Machine for Boot and Shoe Sewing.- Dated Feb.1S, 1862 j reissue 3,&Q5.-Charles Goodyear,Jr.,Francis Uu Eoi . , Frederick Renaud, and H. T. Close, New York city, assignees of Angustus Destouy. DESIGNS. 3,654.-0rnament for " Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine."-s. P. Crtns, Providence, R. I. 3,655.-Road Scraper.-J. C. Evans, Delaware, Ohio. 3,656.-Spoon or Frk Handle:-Chas. Osboorr e, B rooklyn, N.Y.,asEignor to Whiting Manufacturing Co., New York city. 3,657.-Group of mulpture. John Rogers, New York city. EXTENSIONS. Inkstand.-Barnet L. Solomon, New York city, executor of Myer Phineas, deceased.-Letters Patent No. 1,652, dated Aug. 19, 1862. Machine for Engraving Calico Printers'RollerS.-John and Thomas Hope, Providence, R. I.-Letters Patent No. 13.4G2, dated Aug. 21,1855. Sewing Machine Ca!e.-F. A . Ro ss, Ne w York City -Lettcrs Patent No. 13,499, dated Aug. 28, iSi5. Reaping and Mowing Machines.-Henry Waterman ' Brook lyn , N" Y-Letters Patent No . 13 512 , d a t e d A ug. 28 , 1855 . Machine for llectrotyping,-J. A. Adams, Brooklyn New York.