For The Week Ending Sept. 14, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat.$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)$15 at On appeal to Commissioner of Patents8520 On application for Reissue$30 On application for Extension of Patent..8850 in On filing aDisclaimerI 10 On an application for Design (three and a half years).$10 On an application for Design (seven years)jio On an application for Design (fourteen. years)$30 In addilion to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. copy of Claim ofany Patent issued within 30 years$1 A sketch from the model or drawing. relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers, from$1. upward% but usually at the price above-named. Thefull Specification of any patent issued since ,iVov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them Official Copiesoj Drawingsof any patent issued since 183G, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount Q/ labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to vrice 0/ drawings, in ear.h case. may be had by address ingUlUXN CO., I'atent Solicitors, No. 37 Part Row, jYew York. 94.693.POTATODIGGER.—G. Adams and J. Ii. Hopper Rochester, New York. 94.694.—RAINWATER CUT-OFFS FOR CISTERNS.Xavier Amoun, Sidney, Ohio. 94.695.SWEETMEAT.FrangoisAroud, Lyons, France. 94.696.DITCHINGMACHINE.—Caleb Bartholomew, JEtna, New York. 94.697.—LEATHERHOLDER.Christian Bates, Conestoga, Pa. 94,H98.CORN MARKERJoseph Bearden, Bath. 11l. 94.699.SLEDHuNNiTIR.W. N. Berkeley, Cedar Hapids, Iowa. 94.700.BASEBURNING FIRE-PLACE HEATER.B. C. Bibb, Baltimore, Md. 94.701.—SPRINGBED BOTTOM.H. E. Bissell, Hartford, Conn 94.702.SAWCLAMP.—B. Blackstone, Warren, Ill. 94.703.—CLOTHESDRYER.-J. M. Blake, Buffalo, N, Y. © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. mmim $mmara. [OCTOBER 2, 1869. 94.704.MODEOF PRESERVING WOOD.—V. W. Blanchard, Bridport, Vt. 94.705.HARVESTERCUTTER.Henry Bonholtzer and J. S. Shopp, Cumberland county. Pa. 94.706.FLAXBRAKE.James Bojce, Wooster, Ohio. 94.707.LAMPWICK.—E. D. Boyd. Helena, Ark. 94.708.ANIMALTRAP.Julius Branch, Mooers, N. Y. 94.709.HOTBLAST OVEN.—David Campbell, Joseph Campbell, and Seymour Raymond, Middletown. Pa. 94.710.WRENCH.LukeChapman (assignor to the Collins Company), Collinsville, Conn. 94.711.-TOILETMIRRORG. H. Chinnock, New York city. 94.712.TOILETMIRROR.G. H. Chinnock, New York city. 94.713.MELODEON.J.R. Cluxton, Russe11vi11e, assignor to himself and T. W. Gordon, Georgetown, OhI O. 94.714.COMPOSITEGAS RETORT.John Cochrane, New York city. 94.715.GLOBEVALVE.M. R. Colvin, Worcester, Mass. 94.716.VAPORBURNERIsaac Cook (assignor to himself and H. S. Hall), St.Louis,Mo. 94.717.-CLUTCHFOR HYDRAULIC WHEEL PRESSES.A. 13. Couch, Worcester, Mass. 94.718.THREE-HORSEEQUALIZER.Giles Cramton, Marshall, Mich. 94.719.BLINDFASTENING.J. E. Cryer, Greenpoint, N. Y. 94.720.CLOTHSPONGING MACHINE.George Dayspring and C. 94.721.MODEOF TRANSPORTING SHIPS OVER LAND.E. M. Dcey, New York city. 94.722.VAPORBURNER.J . R. D e Mahy, New Orleans, La. 94.723.SLEDCLAMP.L. R. Dexter, Lancaster, N . H. 94.724.—REFRIGERATOR.—J.J. Doepl,en, Lima, Ohio. 94.725.CULTIVATOR.W.A. Dryden and J: M. Turnbull, Monmouth, III. 94.726.MANUFACTUREOF CRUCIBLES.A. K. Eaton, Pier- mont, N. Y. 94,727TUBULAR WELL.Jacob Edson . Boston . Mass. 94,728.BROOM AND SCRAPER.D. Elll ot (assi gnor to hi mself, E. Seely, and J, A. Holmes), New York City. 94,72U.LUNCH Box.M. G. Fagan, Troy, N. Y. Antedated September 4, 18G9. 94.730.—MASHINGMACHINE.L . C FIElds Galesburg, Ill. 94.731.CHATRSEAT.—L. W. Field. Camden, 11l., assignor to himself and D. H. Dirismore, Potter, N. Y. 94.732.HYDRAULICELEVATOR.Henry Flad, St. Louis, Mo. 94.733.SPINNINGTop.L. O. Franke , Baltimore. Md. 94.734.BROOMOR MOP HOLDER.—H. L. Franklin and Eugene Clark Nashua, N. II. 94.735.DOORBOLT FOR SAFES.Owen Gallagher (assignor to himself and Andrew Bell), Boston, Maes. 94.736.ARTIFICIALMARBLE OR PLASTIC MATERIAL.H. A. Garvey, Memphis, Terni. 94.737.SIDE-SADDLE.—J.T. Gathright and J. C, Freeman, Louisville, Kentucky, (assignors to J. T. Gathright). 94.738.-RAILWAY SWITCH.Daniel Ha Ideman, Mahanoy City, Pa. 94.739.—MATERIALFOR COVERING STEAM BOILERS, P IPES, ETC.-E. S. Hardy (assignor to himself and J. L. Lay), Buffalo, N. Y. 94.740.SEWINGMACHIN E.Luke Heery, Hinsdale, Mass. 94.741.TUMBLING-RODCOVER.John Heuermann, Davenport, Iowa. 94.742.AIRESCAPE FUNNEL.H. F. Hildebrand, Baltimore, Md. 94.743.PERCUSSIONCAP.A. C. Hobbs, Bridgeport, Conn. 94.744.—MACHINEFOR FORMING EXTERNAL RECESSES IN '['HE HEADS OF CAKTEIDGE SHELLS.-A. C. Hobbs, Bridgeport, Conn. 94.745.MACHINB.FOR FORMING CARTRIDGE SHELLS.A. C. Houhs, and T. V. B'iyden (assignors to the Union Metallic Cartridge Company), Bridgeport, Conn. 94,74f'.SYSTEM OF WATER SUPPLIES FOR CITIES.Birdsill Holly, Lockport, N. Y. 94,747.SAFETY VALVE FOR WATER PIPES.Birdsill Holly, Lockport, N. Y. 94,748 —AUTOMATIC REGULATING VALVE.Birdsill Holly, Lockport. N. Y. 94.749.HYDRANT.BirdsillHolly, Lockport, N. Y. 94.750.—VALVEFOR. STEAM ENGINES.J. W. Hopkms (assignor to himself and W. H. M.Pj e),Brooklyn, E.D.N.Y. 94.751.SOILTILLER.William Hunter and D. M. Hunter, Meadville, Pa. 94.752.DRAWINGFRAME.O. P. Hussey, Nashua, N. H. 94.753.CHURN.W.C. Kemp, Palmyra, Mo. 94.754.PHOTOGRAPHICHEAD REST.Wiley Kenyon, Craw- fordsville, Ind. 94.755.BENTLEVER BALANCE.—R. G. Kimball, Albany, N.Y. 94.756.REVERSIBLEBUT.JeftersoiI Kindleberger and W. A, Arnold (assignors to “ The Inventors ' Association of San Francisco. Cal."), San Francisco.Oal. 94.757.FLATCHAIN.Chester King and S. P. Johnson, Cleveland, Ohio ; said Johnson assigns his right to said King. 94.758.—AUTOMATICBOAT DETACHING APPARATUS.—J. H. Kingsland, assignor to J. O. Kingsland and J. W. Kelsey, New York 94.759.WATERPOWER.A. S. Lmeback, Stockton, Utah Territory. 94,7bO.PICKING MECHANISM: FOR LOOMS.O. D. Lombard, Mass. 94.761.—BURGLARPROOF SAFE.WM. McFarland, Brooklyn, n. I)., N. Y. 94.762.BOLT FOR TRUNK TRAYS.Robert McMurray, W ash- ington, D. C. 94,76;3.STEAM SAFETY VALVE.G. F. Morse, Portland, Me. 94.764.GATE.Gershom'Mott, Joshua Morris, Jr., and David Lupton, Big Run, Ohio. 94.765.WARP DRESSING MACHINE.Moses Nelson, Taun- , toll, Mass. 94.766.--COMBINED WATCH KEY AND KEY RING.William Patton and B. C. E nglish, Springfield, Mass. 94.767.STEAMGENERATOR.Leonard Phleger, Philadelphia, Pa. 94,7-i8.SASH BALANCE.W. H. Pilgrim, Allegheny City, Pa. 94,76J.LET OFF MECHANISM FOR LOOMS.Win. Potter and L. J. Labpunty, Lowell, Mass. 94.770.BoxOPENER.Nathan Purdy, Providence, Pa. 94.771.OREGRINDER.Joseph W. V. Rawlins and Samuel Stephens, Houghton, Mich.' 94.772.CALCULATINGMACHINE.J. H. R. Reffelt, Hoboken, N. J. 94.773.LIGHTNINGROD.W. S. Reyburn and F. J. Martin, Philadelphia, Pa. 94.774.COMBINEDPLOW AND SCRAPER,.J. Reynolds, Crystal Springs, Miss. 94.775.—MATCHSAFE.Hiram Richmond, West Meriden, assignor to Charles Parker, Meriden, Conn. 94.776.LAMPBURNER.W. F. Rippon and G. A. Johnson, Providence, E. 1. 94.777.WATERWHEEL.-L R. Royer, Ephrata, Pa. 94.778.VAPORBURNER.Edward Savage, Chicago, Ill. 94.779.—STEAMGENERATOR FOR KITCHEN AND OTHER PUR- POSES.—W. B. Scaife, Pittsburg, Pa,. 94,780—LHBRICATOR.Nicholas Seibert, Nevada, Cal. 94,781.—STEAM GENERATOR.Thomas Shaw, Philadelphia, Pa. 94,7S2.HAY RAKER AND LOADER.Andrew Sheline, Edon, Ohio. 94.783.RAILWAY-RAILFASTENING. Edwin R. Shepard, Seranton, Pa. Antedated August 26, 1869. 94.784.CLOD-FENDERFOR GROWING PLANTS. Lewis H. Shular, Crawfordsville. Ind. 94.785.-COMPOSITIONFOR PAVING.John W. Smith, Washington, D. C., assignor to himself and John J. Sulivan. Antedated July 81, 1869. 94,7S6.—WASHING MACHINE.—J ustus Smith, St. Louis Mo. 94.787.COFFEEPOT.OscarF. Stedman, Westfield, N. Y. 94.788.SCROLLWATER WHEEL.Seymour G. Steves, Ash- yille, N. Y. ' 94.789.PERMUTATIONLOCK.T. J. Sullivan, Albany, N. Y. 94.790.POST-HOLEEXCAVATOR.Henry tliff, Waverly, N. Y. 94.791.HAYRAKER AND LOADER.—Francis Terwilleger and JoMK.Isdall, Wyanet,Ill. 94.792.—STREETSCRAPER.J. K. Thompson, Chicago, 111. 94.793.FURNACEFOB, STEAM GENERATORS.Matthew Tild- esley and James Bird, Willenh all, England. 91,704.—STOVE-COVER LIFTER. Sylvenus Walker, New York city. 94.795.FLUTE.OscarJ. G. Wardrum, Chicago, Ill. 94.796.LAMPBURNER. Sylvester W. Warren, Boston, Mass., assignor to himself, George B . Parrott , and George G. Desmazes. 94.797.—SIZINGFOR PAPER MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS.— Zenas Crane Warren and Henry Carleton Hulbert, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignors to Henry Carleton Hulbert. 94.798.TOILETMIRROR.George Wattis, New York city. 94.799.PROCESSOF RECTIFYING AND REFINING WHISKEY AND OTHER SPIRITS.—H. Webster, New York City. 94.800.TENSIONATTACHMENT FOR SPOOLS.Marcus Brown Westliead and Robert Smith, Manchester, Great Britain. Patented in England December 15,1868. 94.801.BOOTAND.SIIOE MACHINE.John E. Wig gin, Stone- ham, Mass. 94.802.CHURN.J.H. Wildasin and J. A..Peek, St. Charles, Iowa. 94.803.CLIPPINGSHEARS.John C. Wilson, Adam Walker, and John Foster, New York City. 94.804.PURCHASEFOR HOISTING AND LOWERING TOP-MASTS OF VESSHLS.-Wm. Winchester, Portland, Me., assignor to himself, Geo. F. McLellan, and James T. Benedict, Wasliington, D. C. 94.805.COMPOSITIONOF LIQUIDS FOR TANNING.Ira Wood, Woodstock, Vt. 94,806 METHOD OF HANGING TOP-SAIL YARDS.Joseph P. Woodbury, Portland,Me. 94.807.PRINTERS'COPY HOLDER.W. H. Young and Chas. J. Young, Cambrict ge, Mass. 94.808.GRINDINGMILL.Abraham Briggs, Harrison, Ohio. 94.809.APPARATUSFOR PROPELLING MACHINERY.Wm. Z. W. Chapman, New York city. 94.810.COFFEEROASTER.Adolf Cohn, Loui sville, Ky. 94.811.LAMPBURNER.James R. Cole, Demopolis, Ala. 94.812.PRESSER-FOOTFOR SEWING MACHINES.Francisco B. Con tess a . New York City. 94,8:13.TORPEDO FOR OIL WELLS.James Dickey, Venango City,Pa. 94.814.FLOORGAGE.Joel Fales, Cambridge, Mass. 94.815.—WROUGHT-IRONMOLD FOR VULCANIZING RUBBER CAR SPRINGS.Charles H. Franklin, Jersey City, N. J.. 94.816.GRINDING-PLATEFOR PAPER PULP ENGINES.— Phineas Frost , Medfield, Mass. 94.817.HOISTINGAPPARATUS.Ebenezer G, Green, East Gloucester . Mass . 94.818.FLOATINGVELOCIPEDE.G. Haberland, Pontiac, Ill. 94.819.COMPOUNDFOR CURING CORNS, BUNIONS, ETC.— Jolm L.S. Hall, Wheeling, West Va. 94.820.HA:RGUTTER.George A. Harley, New York city. 94.821.WATERWHEEL. Joseph Hathaway, Woodstock, Vt. 94.822.C:OTHES DRYER.Martin R. Heliker, Norwalk, Ohio, assignor to Riehard G. Elliott. 94.823.AXL.'IBox.James B. Hendricks, Clayton, Ill. 94.824.PICKETFENCE.—H. N. Hill , Pontiac , Mich. 94.825.STEM-WINDINGAND SETTING-ATTACHMENT TO WATCHES.Vitalis Ilimmer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 94.827.STEAMGENERATOR.Levi S. Ives, Pittsburgh, Pa. 94.828.PoRTAlLEFENCE.Charles E. Johnson, San Francisco, Cal. 94.829.SASHBALANCE.Jacob G. Jones, Baltimore, Md. 94.830.CHURN.JamesKing, tuckasunny, N. J. 94.831.TOBACCOPIPE STEM.EduarJ. Larssen, Stavanger. Norway. 94.832.COMPOUNDOF HARD RUBBER AND FIBROUS MATE- RTAL.R . 0 . Lowry, Salem, N . Y . 94.833.SMELTINGFURNACE.William A. Madara, Spang's Mills, Pa. 94.834.CARRIAGEAXLE GAGE.Modest Mer Rochester, N. Y. 94.835.PLANTERAND CULTIVATOR.A. J. Misenhimer, 0s- kaloosa . 111 . 94.836.Suspended. 94.837.BOAT-DETACHINGAPPARATUS. Charles H. Nye, Vineland. N.J . 94,838—MACHINERY FOR MAKING CLOTHES PINS.A. J. Ockington, Stratford Hollow, N. H. 94.839.CARRIAGEWHEEL. John A. Reed, New Market, N. J. 94.840.TOOTHWASH.Pierre Riuypeyrou, San Francisco, Cal. 94.841.—PLOW.—NathanielRobinson, Patchogue, N. Y. 94.842.—VELOCIPEDE.M.L . Rood, Denver, Cohn- ado Ter. 94,343.—PAPER PULP ENGINE.Peleg Rose, Norwich, Conn. 94,844.—ARRANGEMENT OF GEARING FOK DRIVING AGKI- OVLTURAL MACHINEHY.-T. Salisbury, Albion, Pa. Scorer,Y. 94.846.IIAYLOADER.—J. G. Sehom, Iowa City, Iowa. 94.847.CARTRIDGEFOR ARTILLERY AND BLASTING.Taliaferro P. Shaffner,Louisville, Ky. 94.848.'WASHINGAND WRINGING MACHINE.Orin Skeel, Wlnslow,Ill. 94.849.PORCELAIN.KNOB MACHINE.Thomas J. Sloan, New York city. 94.850.DUMPINGWAGON.William H. Stearrett, Wilmington . Del. 94.851.MACHINEFOR FORMING SHEET-METAL PANS.Wm. A. Tarbutton, Harrisbul'g, Pa. 94.852.BEEFSTEAKCRUSHER.Horace Thompson, Concord, N. H. 94.853.—THILLCOUPLING.Thomas C. Walter, San Francisco, Cal. 94.854.-ROCKDRILL.John M. Whartnaby, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to himself and Samuel P. Faunce,same place, assignors to said Whartnaby and Francis Schnechter. 94.855.HARROW.—James H. Williams, Tontzville, Kansas. 94.856.RAIL./AY.Charles G. Wilson, Brooklyn, N. Y. 94.857.MACHINEFOR PUNCHING METAL.Joseph Allonas, (assignor to C. Aultman and H. H. Taylor),Mansfield,°Mo. 94.858.HOBBYHORSE.Lauritz Anderson, Chic ago, Ill. 94.859.STOVE-PIPESHELF.Charles H. Begley and Charles E. Mason, Elgin, Ill. 94.860.MACHINEFOR PLANING METALS.R. A. Belden and E. H. Cutler, New Haven, Conn. 94.861.HARNESSFASTENING. Adolph Bernd, Gustav Bernd, and Abner White, Macon, Ga., assignors to Adolph Bernd and Gustav Bernd 94.862.KEY-HOLEGUARD.David P. BiRd, Richwood, Ohio. 94.863.—PRESSFOR MOLDING GLASSWARE. John Bird, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.864.CHIMNEYTop.Thomas Boyd, Cambridge, Mass. 94.865.HARVESTER.C.J. Brackebush and C. E. Merrifield, Indianapolis, Ind. 94,8ti6.WIND6W-SHADE FiXTURE.-Jabez Burns, New York city. 94.867.COMBINATIONSQUARE.H. N. Burr, Mount Gilead, ohio. 94.868.TURBINEWATER WHEEL.John Chase, Paterson, N.J. 94.869.SOLUTIONFOR THE TREATMENT OF WOOD.E. W. Clark, Hartford, C onn. 94.870.—WASHERCUTTER.William A, Clark, Woodbridge, Conn. 94.871.HARVESTER.J.M. Connel, Newark, Ohio. 94.872.HOT-AIRREGISTER.William G. Creamer, Brook- lyn.N.Y. 94.873.LOOM.Geo.Crompton, Worcester, Mass. 94.874.CHANGEABLEGAGE RAILWAY CAR TRUCK.Lancelot Davidson, Brantford, C anada. 94.875.ROTARYCLOD FENDER.L. M. Doddridge, New Mt. Pleasant, Ind. 94.876.STEAMGENERATOR.-F. B. DUNN, New York city. 94.877.SHEETMETAL FOR ROOFING AND FOR OTHER Pmt- POSES.L. S. Enos, Almond, N. Y. 94.878.CIRCULARSAW MILL.Davi d Evans, Eureka, Cal. 94.879.SECTiONROLLER AND MARKER COMBINED,—Elihu Evans, Denver City, Colorado Territory 94.880.MANUFACTTOEOF BEER, ALE,AND OTHER FERMENTED Li'luORS.Joseph Firmenich, Buffalo. N. Y. 94.881.SUSPENDER'ENDS.—T. J. Flagg (assignor to Fisk, Clark&Flagg), New York city. 94.882.—COMPOUNDFOR COATING THE SURFACES OK' STEAM • BOILEHS, 'etc.W. A. French, Philadelphia, Pa. 94.883.-COMPOUNDFOR COATING THE SURFACES OT STEAM BOILERS, ETC.-W. A. French, Philadelphia, Pa. 94.884.—VACUUMSTILL.Henry Grogan, Flatbush, N. Y. 94.885.—NUTFASTENER.Manasseli Grover, Clyde, Ohio. ! 94,886.MEDICAL COMPOUND.—C. L. Hammond, Java, N. Y. 94.887.—COMBINEDRAKE AND REEL FOR HARVESTERS.—A. B.Hitch cock, Juneau, Wis. 94.888.—ICECREEPER—C. Hoeller, Cincinnati. Ohio. 94.889.HORSERAKE.—J esse Hudson, Charleston, Ill. 94.890.MACHINEFOR FILING SAWS.Thomas M. Hustin, 1 Orange, Ind. 94.891.COMBINEDHIGH AND LOW-PRESSURE ENGINES.—T. L. Jones, Natchez, Miss. 94.892.—WATERMETER ADAPTED FOR ROTARY PUMPS.— Edmund Keith (assignor to himself, B. H. Colegrove, and C. B. Hutcli- alo, N. Y.. 94.893.FISHIIOOK.Francis Kemlo, Boston, Mass. 94.894.—FISHHOOK.Francis Kemlo, Boston, Mass. 94.895.FISHHOOK.Francis Kemlo, Boston, Mass. 94.896.ELEVATOR.J.T. Ketchledge, Burns, Mich. 94.897.—BLACKINGFOR HARNESS LEATHER,Exc.J.N.Knapp, Syracuse, N. Y. 94.898.—APPARATUSFOR CARBURETING AIR.—J. F. Lafrogiie, Paris, France. 94.899.—VELOCIPEDE—NorbertLandry, San Franeisco, Cal. 94.900.—GATEWm.Leonard, Orieans, Ind. 94.901.DITCHINGMACHINE. Nathaniel B. Lewis, Hopewell, NN. Y. 94.902.—INTERFERINGPAD.Walter A. Lovelace, Richmond, Mass. 94,91)3.CULTIVATOR.E. P. Lynch, DaveHport, Iowa. 94,904—KNITTING MACHINE.—J. McCune, Auburn, Ind. 94.905.FRESII-AIHAPPAATUS.John McNeven, New York city. 94.906.ROTARYSTEAM ENGINE.—L. H. Mitchell and Lovi Stone, Mount Vernon, Ohio. 94,907KETTLE FOR BOILING BY STEAM—J.O. Mors'e,El1gle- wood, N• J ., and G. D. HISCOX, Brooklyn, N. Y. 94.908.—PRESERVINGANIMAL AND VEGETABLE SUBSTANCES IN TR.ANSIT.-E . R Norny, McDonough, Del., assignor to himself and Amos Carlisle, Philadelphia, Pa. 94.909.HAYFORIL—J.A. Park (assignor to himself and Wm. Woodhouse), Lansing. Mich. 94.910.HANDCORN PLANTER.—W. S. Pelham, Kirkville, Iowa. 94.911.—FUHNACEFOR REDUCING GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, AND OTHER REFKAOTOEF Osis.-Wm. Quann, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to himself, C. C. Lath rope, and A. R. Witm er. 94.912.TimJ,COUPLING.—B. R. Rapp (assignor to himself,'E. Lane, and J. G. Maxwell), Philadelphia, Pa. 94.913.—SCAFFOLDFOR PAINTERS.Jonas Hauch (AssiGNor to himself and Frederiek App), Selin's Grove, Pa. 94.914.—CLOTHESLINEHOLDER.John Robbins, Centralla,lll. 94.915.BUSTLE.D.G. Rollin, New York city. 94, 916.'WATER WHEEL.T. II. Russell, Northfield, Vt. 94.917.—BUTTERTUB.—A. C. SAWYer, Canton, N. Y. 94.918.—IIARVESTERCUTTER.—II. F. Shaw, West Iioxbary, assignor to J. A. Wood bury, Boston, Mass. 94,819.SAW MILL.G.'H. Shearer Bay Cit;:, Mich. 94,920.DIE FOR MANUFACTURING SPRING CALLIPERS.-N oah C.Smith, Berlin, assignor to the Eoys&Wilcox Company, East Ber- i!4,921 .HoRSE-rowE R.—J . G. Stephen son, Bucyrus, O liio. 94.922.ATTACHMENTFOR GAS BURNERS.R. N. Stewart, Pa. 94.923.ROCKDRILL.—J. P. Summers, Tiffin, Ohio. 94.924.SEWINGMACHINE NEEDLE.Hannah G. Suplee, San Francisco, C al. 94,9?5.INDICATING ATTACHMENT TO WEIGHING SCALES.- Wm. F. S weet, Jaekson, Pa. 94,926.HOOK.J. H. Tracy, Mayville, Mich. 94.927 .—VELOCIPEDE .C. M, Tyler. Indianapolis, Ind , 94.928.—RUSTICSETTEE. William P. Ulilinger, Philadelphia, Pa. 94.929.BURGLARALARM.J. N. Wells, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to himself, John S. Hull, and Jerome B. Bryant, Cincinnati, 94.930.RESTFOR LATHES FOR TURNING SPHERES Philipp Wenzel, Mayence-on-the-Khine, Germ p ny, assignor to Ignatius Hahn, Phil adelplna. 94.931.CLOTHESBOILER.L. H. Whitney,Washington, D.C. 94.932.CARRIAGEAXLE.Joseph 13. Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Eleanor Wilson, same place, and Henry M. Rile, Wilmington, Del. 94.933.THILLFOR CARRIAGES.William W. T. Greenway, Baltimore, Md. REISSUES. 54,111.CHILDREN's CARRIAGE.Dated April 24, 1866 ; reissue 3,074, dated Aug. 11, 1868 ; reissue 3,63S.-Andrcw Christian, New York city. 83,367.FRUIT JAR.Dated Oct. 27, 1868 ; reissue 3,637.- H. H. Collins, B. F. Collins, and Homer Wright, Pittsburgh, Pa.,assignees of E.M.Davis. 50,536.—METALLIC CARTRIDGE.Dated Oct. 17, 1865 ; reissue 3.S88.-T. J Powers, New York city. 88,90S.LOCK Nu'l'.Dated April 13, 1869 ; reissue 8,639. Almon Roff', Soul.liport, Conn. 56,044.COMPOSITION FOR RENDISRING PAINTS FIRE-PR OF.— Dated July 3, 1866; reissue 3,(i40.J. O. Swinney, Glasgow, Mo., and A. H.Pollock, Germantown, Ky., assignees, by mesne assignments, of J. B . Harris. DESIGN No. 3,530.SOLE OF A BOOT OR SHOE.Dated Jane I,1869;rciisuc 3,tJ41.Michael Thornton, Philadelphia, Pa. DESIGNS. 3.658.MOURNINGCARD.E. J. Godfrey, New York city. 3.659.FIREPLACEHEATERE. S. Heath, Baltimore, Md. 3,660 and 8,661.—0IL CLOTII.—C. T. Meyer, Newark, N. J., assignor to E. C. Sampson, New York city. Two patents. 3.662."BIT “ OF CHOPPING AXES.Henry C. Reynolds, Manchester, N. H. 3.663.RUSTICSETTEE.W. P. Uhlinger, Philadelphia, Pa. Inventions Patented In England by Americans. [Compiled from the “ Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. « 2,460.MACHINE FOR MAKING SEWING NEEDLES.-F. W. Mallett, New Haven, Conn. August 17,1869. 2,468.-LooM.-N. A. Baldwin, Milford, Conn. August 18, 1868. 2.501.MANUFACTURE OF STEEL.—J. Baur, New York city. August 21, 1869. 1,683.-GAS JLANRI'ACTL-RK.—W. H. Gwynne, New York city, G. W. Harris, Elizabeth, N. J. May 31, I860. 2,486,—SCREW PROPELLEK.-F. “rittram, San Francisco, Cal. August 19, 181)9. 2 493.PROCESS OF MANCFACTUEIXG PAINT...S. RR. Bradley, New York city. August 20, 1869. 2,499.-SPRINGS FOR FOUR-WHEELED VEHlCLEs.-Charles Shea and Henry Roberts,Ncwark, N. J. August 21,1869. 2.508.-APPARATU8FOR RAISING 'VATEK.—E. Prall, Washington, D. d. August 23,1869. 2.509.-GAS LAMPPOST.'Jo'hn “W.' Graham, Cbillieothe, Ohio.; August 23; 1869. ' 2.510.SUBSTITUTESWo'oIl', IvQ'ET, STONE, KTC,D. Hlal-.:c, Albany,- N. Y. August 23, 1869, 2,52S.BKAIDING MAOHiNE.-j. D, Butler, Lancaster, Mas$; AUgnst 28 1869. 2,537.CARDING AND SPINNIBO MACRANEKY,- -JOLM Goulding, Worcester Mass. August 26, 1869. © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. OCTOBER 2, 1869. 7hevalue of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN as an advertising medium cannot be over estimated. Its circulation is ten times greater than that of any similarjournal now published. It goes into all the States and Territories, and i8 read ih all the vrincipal libraries and reading-roorns oj tile world. We invite the attention of those who wish to make their bu8iness known to the annexed rates. 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