Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING SEPT. 28, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American SCUEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat ................................................................. $10 On filing ea ch application fo. . .. a. :n. . se;enteen ye a.s)...................$15 On Pg each origintP; ent...............................................$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents....................................... . $20 On application for Reissue ......................................:..............$30 On application for Extension of Patent ......................................$50 Oil aranhing the Extension...................-.................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................$10 On nn f pplication for Design (three anti a half ycars)......................$10 On an applicatlOn for Design (seven years) ..................................$l;i On an application for Desigll (fourteen years)...............................$30 In addition to whiB there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. ReSidents ot Canada and Kova Scotia pay $50( on application. For copy of Claim Of any Patent issued within 30 years....................... $1 A sketch from the model or drawmg, relating to such portion Qf a nuchine as the Olaim cO'ers,fror.................................................$1 upward, but u8ually at the price abODe-named. Thefull Specification Qf any patent i88u ed .since .v. 20, 1866, at which t ime the Pa tent Olfice comm enced vr1nting them ..............................$ 1-25 Official Copies O J Drawings of any patent issued since 1B36,we can 8uppll at a reasonable cost, the price dependlng uJon the amount oJ labor in/olved and the nlmber of v iews. Full information , as to vrice Qf draw i ngs, in eark case, may be had by odre8s inl . MUNN &CO.. Patent Solicitors. No. 3? Park How, New York. 95,179.Preserving Fish.-Heuben A. Adams, Cambridge, nnss. 95,180.-Sasl Balance.-Orson Armstrong, Oshkosh, vis. 95,181.-Permuta'ion Lock.Theophilus A. Auberlin, Detroit, Mich. 95,182.Base-burning Stove.-Hodman Backus, Albany, N.Y. 95,183.-Baby Jumper and Hocker-Burroughs Beach (asslgnor to J. R. Pease), Meriden, Conn. 95,184.-Miners' SaFetY Lan'EEns.-N . L. Beaufils and JacqueA l{exroth, Paris, France. 95,185.-Basket.-L. W. Beecher, Westville, Conn. 95,186.-Embloidering Machine.-Hermann Berger, Mar- thalen, Switzerland. 95,187.-Halves'eH GuaHds.-James Birch, Corry, Pa. 95,188.HaIWes'eH.-Olpha Bonney, Jr., San Francisco, Cal-95,189.-Liquid Me'er-J. A. Bradshaw and V. H. Brown (assignors to themselves and Darius vYllitllead), Lowell, :a8s. 95,190.-Machine For Fas'ening Bo'oms '0 Cans.-Reuben Brady, New York city. 95,191.-HauvesteH HaRe.-Thomas S. Brown, Poughkeep-sie, N. Y. 95,1!2.-Bed Bot'om.-D. I. Bye (assignor to himself and H. Bash), Roanoke, Ind. 95,193.- Maclin e l oE Mi'ering Printers' Hules.-v. E. Cameron and A. A. Dettlaff, Gruen Island, N. Y.; said Cameron assignor to said Dettlal. 95,194.-Pww W heel.- E. A. Chubb, Ionia, Mich. 95,195.-Vise.-C. A. Cole, St. Louis, Mich., assignor to himself and .. L. Evans. 95,196.-Hailway-car JouHnal Box.-J. n. Collin, Altoona, Pa. 95,197.-Let-oFF Mechanis1 FoH Looms.-D. M. Collins, Lowell, Mass. 95,198.-L o Om HaHness.-A. B. Corey, Providence, H. I. 95,199.-iethod oF ConstHucting Piles For Hailload Rails.-W. F. C. Cox, Reading, Pa. 95,200.-YaEn-tension Device eO Knitting Machines.- John Crandell, Chicopee Fans, Mass. 95,201.--Manm'actuI 0] White Lead.-Jas. Cuddy, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95,202.-BuHiaI, Case.-J. A. Dandridge, Buffalo, N. Y. 95,203.-Hoop-skm' Fas''ening.-F. E. Day, New York city, assignor to himself and L. H. Day, same place, assignors to J. B. Loomis for one half their right. 95,204.-Seal Lock FoH Bags.-John Dewe, Toronto,Canada. 95,205.-Can Opener.-E. F. Dewey, San Francisco, Cal. 95,206.-Coal Stove.-H. 8. Dillon, Detroit, Mich. 95,207.-LatR Machine.-Jacob Dobbins, Litchfield, Mich. 95,208.-Feeding Mechanism lor CalWing Engines.-A. A. Dow, Glenham, N. Y. 95,209.-Medical Extract.-H. S. Draper, Rochester, N. Y. Antedated Sept. 1o, 1869. 95,210.-Boot and Shoe.-Charles S. Dunbrack, Swamp- scott, Mass. 95,211.-ManufactuHe of Snoes.-C. S, Dunbrack, Swamp- icott, Mass. 95,?12.-Cuurn,-R Elarton and W. J. Elarton, Hillsborough, Iowa. Antedated Sept. 16, 1869. 95,213.-Hydraulic Dredging Macline.-R. S. Elliott, St. Louis, Mo. 95,2I4.-Coln HaHvestel.-E. I. Eno, Springfield, Ill. 95,215.-ConstHuction of Vessels.-"Wm. A. ]arley, St. Andrew's Bay, Fla. 95,216.Ra t T rap.-J. W. Fif - eld, Franklin, N. I. 95,217.-Stump E xfracto RI r a PI anders, Paw Paw, Mich . 95,218.-Cur'ain FixtuHe.-G. P. Fuller, Philadelphia, Pa. 95,219.-Mode of Hanging Window SUades.-G. P. Fuller, Philadelphia, Pa. 95,220.-Auger Handle.-D. W. GJeorge, Minnesota City, town of Rollingstone, Minn. Antedated Sept. 18, 1869. 95,221.-Halness Mechanism fol Loo!s.-A. F. Gibboney, Bellville, Pa. 95,222.-Pump.-Chalkley Griscom, Lewis Griscom, and J. P. Griscom, Mahanoy Plane, Pa. 95,2.3.Beds''ead.-Jones Harding, Detroit, Mich. 95,224.-Headblock fon Saw Mills.-J. F. Hartmann, Hichmond, Ind., assignor to himself, Heinrich W. ?orllingstal' and Eugone Jovel. 95,225.-Dmect-acting StealI Engine.-\. B. Hayden, Columbus, Ohio. 95,226.-CoJIpound fol Building Purposes.Geo. Heim, Napierville. Ill. 95,227.-Hailway-HaiI, Cham.-G. A. H. Hertzer, Water-ford, Mich. 95,228.-WUip SocRet.-W. S. Hill, Manchester, N. H 95,229.-Gang Plow.-H. H. Huie, Haywards, assignor to L. L. Treadwell and G. H. Carter, San Erancisco, Cal. 95,230.Suspended. 95,231.-Door FasfeneH.-Henry 1. Jones, 'est 1eriden. COlln. 95,232.-Spring Cultain Holler.-E. M. Judd,\olcottville. Conn. Antedated Sept. 11, 1869. 95,2B3.-Huffle.-Austin Kelley, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated Sept. 16.18b9. 95,234.-Hay Tedder.-J. B. Kelley, Brandon, Vt. 95,285.-SUoulder Brace.-J. E. Kent (assignor to \. J Everett), Philadelphia, Pa. 95,236.-Peddlels' Wagon.-S. ', Lamb and G. A. Rankin New Albany, Ind. 95,237.Feeding Attachment ' for Carding Engine.- .Tamcs Lawton, Glenham, N. Y. 95,238.-Machine foH Dressing StonK-T. H. Leavitt, Bos ton; Mass. 95,239.-V ashing Machine. - G. A. Leigh, Springfield - assignor to himself and S. . Leigh, Bloomington, Ilf. ' 95,240.-MuEf.-hernard Levy (assignor to himself and V. H Slocum), BostOll; Mass. 95,241.-Seed Planter.J. S. Lewis, Elkader, Iowa. 95,242.-Potato DigGeR.-Daniel Locke, Geneva, Wis. 95,243.-Sail Latchet.-John Mail (assignor to himself and H. V. Cranmer), Philadelphia, Pa. 95,244.-Cloth and Ha' BlWsh.-Joseph Marshall, New York city. 95,245.-Low-Water Detector for Bollers.-G. B. Massey, New York city. 95,246 .-H igh a nd Low-Water Indica'or.G. B. Massey, New York City. 95,247.-WasUing M acUi n e.- G. J. Matson (assignor to himself and S. F. Judd), Alma, Mich. 95,248.-Head Light.H. S. Maxim and James Hadley , New York City. 95,249.-Press.-'. J. McDermott, Covington, Tenn. 95,250.-GHate for Stoves a:d FuHnaces.-J. B. Mclntosh, Erie, PH. 9!,251.-Plow.-J. C. McVutt and A. 1 Furman,Strattonville, ' Pa. 95 252.-Mill Plck.5Chas. Metzer amI G. R. Roraback, De Sota, Mo. Antedated Scpt. 17, 1S69. 95,253.-Mode of F as1'ening Bu'''ons on Shoes, e'c.- C. C. Mnrgnn, New York city. 95,254.-Horseshoe-Nail Clincher.-A. Morley, Addison Mich. 95,255.-Fernery.-C. L. Osborn, New York citv. 95,256.-Hot-Am Furnon.A. L. Otis, Normal, Ill. 95,257.-Instlument for Se'J"l'i;ct llu'ton Hooks.-J. S. Palmer, Providence, He 1. 95,25..-Vis p .-Charles Parker, Meriden, Conn. 95,259.-Mop Iead.-H. C. Parsons, Dexter, Me. 95,260.-Stop Valve.John Paterson, Tray, :. Y. 95,261.Travlleit foH Spinning Hinc.-H. L. Peirce , Taunton, :ass. 9i,262.-Hod ElJvatoU. -T. M. Pelham, Kew York city. 95,263.Furnace Door.Joseph Philips and Davis Keeley, ^ Phcenixville, Pa : 95,2lB.Implement for Sighting R a i lro a d 'Hacks.- G. 1. Plumb, iilford, Conn. 95,265.-PolisIing Machine.-P. F. Handolph, Jerseyville Ill. 95,266.-V ash-BolleH '!ube.-'!. \. R Hayner, New York city. 95,2u7.-Vindow.-Henry Redlich, Chicago, Ill. Antedatod September 2,2, 18G9. 95,2f8.-Horse Hay Hake.-M. C. Hemington, ieedsport, n. y. 95,2li9.-GHain-Cleaning MaIIIine.-James Hood, Beaver Dam, \is. 95,20.-Hat-Pouncing Machine.-J. Rosoncralz, Boston, ]ass. 95,271.Thread Guide for Spools.T. O. L. Schrader, New York Clty. Antecated Sept. 15,1S69. 95,272.-" Plug 'obacco " Cuttelt.-Albert Schuneman and Theodore Schuneman, Detroit, Mich. 95,273.-Coal S'ove.-Edward Schwiedter, Hoboken, N. J. 95,274.-Base-Bulning Fmeplace S'ove.-S. B. Sexton,. Baltimore, Md. 95,275.Condenser-Thomas Shaw; Philadelphia, Pa. 95,276.-LaundHy Stove and Heating FuHnace.-C. J, Shepard, Brooklyn, N. Y. 95,277.-Shaf' Coupling.-E. G. Shortt, Carthage, N. Y. 95,278.-S'efming AppaHatu8.-H. E. Skinner (assignor to' 1m. Hopcraft), Lonron, England. 95,279.-Axle Skein.T. S. Sleeper, Binghamton, N. Y. 95,280.-Feed MeasuEe fol{ 8'10ck.-Charles E. Spaulding.. 'heresa, N. Y. 95,281.-Hot-Am Furnace.-B.F.Sturtevant, Jamaica Plains,. Mass. 95,282.-NmIbering lacIIine.-H. Sutcliffe, Brooklyn, N.Y Antedated Sept. 16,1869. 95,283.-Hailway Car Seat.-John B. Sutherland, Detroit Mich. 95,284.-HoLI, fol Split'ing HailIWad Rls.-'Vm. A Sweet, Syracuse, N. Y. 95,285.Sp eam V a lv e.-W. A. Sweet, Syracuse, N Y. 95,286.-Apple ,CoHer.-G. L. swett and B. I. Drake, [,HO minster, Mass. 95,287.-CoHn-Plow : Fender.Alex. B. Thornton, Berlin, Ill. 95,288.-vUEEIbamw. - B. ,. Tuthill, Oregon City, Oregon. 95,289.-Bol' Feeder.-Oscar Van 'rassell,Xapetville, Ill. 95,290.-Hinge.-Adolph Velguth, Milwaukee, Wis. 95,291.-1razier.-H. B. \akefield (assignor to himself and J. F. Chamberlain, and .. D. Haskell), Springfield, Jass. 95,292.Turbine WateE Wheel.C. B. Walsh, \Vau- p;ca, 'is. 95,293.-Bran Dus'en for FI,our Mills.-J. E. \eaver, K ether P.ovidonce t01vI!sllip, Pa. 95,294.-Machine for Cu'ing SIeet MetaI".-John A. 1 ells , Holly Spring's, Miss. 95,205.-PIocess of Obtaining WUougTIt IUon Dmectly 'rom the Orl.-J. D. \helpley and J. J. Storer, Boston, Mass. Antedated Sept. 16, 1860. 95,296.-MacIine foE MaRing ShingI,J 10lt8.-Daniol II. ,idtney, Black Hock, N. Y., assignor to 1. P. Hathaway, A. ]. Bartlett,, and Grge Morris, East Saginaw, Mich. 95,2!7,ChucIC-E. S. Williams, Cambridge, Mass. 95,298.-MIWical Co:pound.-Eli vilIs (assignor to him' self and C. P. 'escott), Winslow, N. J. Antedated Sept. 13, 1869: 95,299.-Miter Vise.-C. \. vilson, Norfolk, Va. 95,300.Mode of Pr01'ecting Plastered Wall,s Againbt DA1PNEss.-m. E. Worthen, New York. aHd Tobias Ne1, Brooklyn, N. Y. 95,301.-HaIWestel.-Nicholas Allstatter, Hamilton, Ohio. 95,302.-Sawing Machine. - Casimir Amsler, St. Louis, Mo. 95,303.-Grain Screen.-J. E. Anderson, Boiling Springs, Pa. 95,304.-0arvester.John Barnes, Hockford, Ill. 95,305.Ox-Yolm Bow.-v. G. Beckwith, Lowndesborough, Ala. 95,306.-Hoe.-v. G. Beckwith, Lowndesborough, Ala. 95,307.-P RJ- ss for U Bilizing tie sulphur Fumes fHoJ Coppek Obes.ArtBras liigclo,y, Ke1ark, N. J:, assignor to H. Martin Baltimore, Md. 95,308.-Measuring Faucet. - T. Brigham Bishop, New York city. 95,30l.-Meat Cnopper.-J. I. Blake, Westbrook, assignor to himself and .. L Todd, Portland, Me. 95,310.-Elec'ric C l o cR.-L over o tt Bradley, Jersey City, N. ,. 95,311.-Thil l -Coupling.-VV. M. Brayton, assignor to himself, "VV. S. Thompson, and H. S. Mackie, Hocllestp,r, _. Y. Antedated Sept. 17, 1869. 95,312.-S0ap oE Detergen'l' Cmfpound.-E. R. Breed, Far- mington, Ill. 95,3I3.-Lubrica'roH for Journal Boxes.Adolplius Brown and Felix Drown, New York city. 95,314.Roller Jaw-TemIle ]on Looms.-', H. Burns, Grafton (assignor to Jonathan Luther), ,orcT:skl. Mass. 95,3I5.Ho l se Hake.-F. M. Buckmaster, Galesburg, Ill. 95,316.-Clothes-Line Holder.Daniel Bull, Amboy, III 95,317.-ExTHact of Hops.-Hugh Burgess, Hoyer's ord Pa. 95,318.Ex'ension Crib.-S. S. Burr, Dedham, Mass. 95,319.-Device for Fling Axle-Spindles. '0 SkeINs.- C. L. CampbelL assignor to W. \. Wheaton, Binghamton, N. Y. 95,320.Button-Holing AttacInt fUr Sewinc Ma CIHNes.-villin,m Carpenter, Fairbury, Ill. 95,321.-Pontable l me Escape.-H. C. Carrigan, Kew York: 95, ci 22.-Fas - ening for Attaching ''lIe Ends of B ands, Clamps, etc .Ed1,in Carter. KOr\alk, Conn. 95,323.-S'ream Gage.William Chesley, Cincinnati, Ohio. 95,324.-MilR Can.-John Cochran, Purdy's Station, N. Y 95,325. - Velocipede.-VV. II. Coleman, New Orleans, La. 95,B26.Ice-lHeaking Boa H .-Daniel Compton, Newport,. N.J. 95,327.-Sled BHake.-S. A. Cummins and A. J. Cummins,. Vienna, N. J. Antedated Sept. 18, 1869. 95,328.-Cotton and Hay Press.-J. K. Davis, Monticello s. c. 95,329.-Bed Bottom.-John Decamp, Cincinnati, Ohio. 95,330.-MediOal Compound.-N. T. Drake, High Point, n. C. 9.,331.-TRJp-HaliIEU Saw.Set.-villiam Duesler, St. Joseph, Mo. 95,332.- Bu ckle.-E. F. Eaton, Northford, Conn. Antedated s"pt. 17,1869. 95,333 -J'ea'hel\ng Paddle-WIeels.-Primus Emerson, Carondelet, Mo. 95,334.-Br,ank for Haiwester GuaUd-Fingers.-Jerome Fassler. Springficht, Ollio. 95,3i5.-PiWpeller Wneel.-C. '. Finlayson, Albany, Oregon, assIgnor to himself anel A. c. Lond, ban Francisco, Cal. 95,33ti.-FeUtilizer AttaOh1Ient.-C. C. Foster, Odessa, Del. 95, B87. - Clamp. - g. W. Goulden, Waverly, n. Y. 95,338.-Cultivatol.-'1'. j. Hall, Bryan, Texas. 95,B,9.-BruOk Kiln.-William Hallam, Cheltenham, Mo. 95,B40.-S'oYe-Pipe Damper.-Robert Ham, assig,lOr to P. P. ST,ewart, Troy, n. Y. 95,b41.-Maohine for Grinding an d Polishing Sohool hla'es.-h. W. Harper, Berlinsvillc, Pa. Antedated Mlrch 20. 1869. 95,342. Machine fol GUinding and Polisiing Slate- UK "Y . Harper, Berlinsville, Pa. Anteduted March 29, 1869. 95,343.1 aching for GrindiXg and Polishing Slate, Stone, iarble, etc.-h. w. Htrper, Bcrlinsville, Pa. Antedated March 29,1860. 95,344.-Method of Manufacturing TyFe-Wueels.-b. b. Hill Spriogtel(. Mass. 95,345.-Cartiudge Loading MacIine.-Martln V. D. Hill, 95,Brid.poducnnn Ven'ilator foU Railroad Cars.-M. T. hitchcock, Spinglleld, ma8. 95,,347. --IcI Machine.-d. L. Holden, ]ew Orl e an s , La. 95,348. HarHow.-W. R. Hollingsworth, Mount Pleasant, 95,349.-'indow Shade Fixtur H.- G . B . Holzach, N ew Or leans, La. 95,350.-Sasi Holder.-r. b. Hugunin, Cleveland, Ohio. 95,351.-GHain DryeH,-\Villiam Hull and c. w. IIanlnlond, J"ltimol'e, Md. 95,352.Cultivator.- Almon Hunt, Macomb, Ill. 95,353.-Ro'l'ating Hook fon Sewing Machines.Jakob Hufinik, T"bor, Austria, as-ignor to Heinrich Pollack and Albert E. S U hmWt. Hamburg, Ger{any. 95 ,3 5 4;-\ash i ng Machine.-j. j. I{cndall, T roy'S Store, N.C. 95J355.: M acn in e for Wiring BlindR.-Jcforson Kindle- berger aud W.A.ArnoId ( :ors to " The i nVC!l t or's ASSOCl. a tl" On o f San rancis'Y. Cal "), San Francisco, Cal. 95,850.Orxamental THansfel.-Phllip Kneipp (assignor to .r. s. Barle &Son,), Philadelphia, Pu. 95,357.E laOkin g Fo u nt.-Carl Ku nstler, B roo k ly n , N . Y. 9155, 3B58.M anufact ure of Ca st "eel. Louis La B r ec he- Vlger, - - )lo ntrcal. C!n ada, r Fsignor to W . W. Averell, B ath, N. Y . 95,359.Pitman-Jo int foI H aI" e st ers.- s .T. La m b , N ew Albq.ny, Ind. 95,360.-Rilway Car Coupling.-Jolm Larimore and J. M. villiams, Connersville, Ind. 9\3t1.-HoHse Rake.-A. S. Lazier, North Parma, N. y. 95,362.Cloth-Holding Guidl lWlt Sewing Machines.- D. H Lewis, Manc he ster, Iowa. 95,363.-Hinge fog Blinds.-'. C. Lord, Chicago, m. 95,3-i4.-Base Bunning StoYe.-H. C. March, Limerick StatioT, Pa. 95,365.-BleaOhing PapeH Stock.-G. E. Marshall , Laurel , Ind. 95, U 6.-Hoisting an d Dumping Apparatu s .-George Martz, PottBvillA, Pa. 95,367.Hand Pr,ow.-Le Roy Me Vh i nney, Winterset, Iowa. 95,8Ht.-Sealing Boxes, e'o.-I. D. Mear s, New York city. !5,3(!.-Reading Dj"k -Jo hn Moessingm, n e w York city. 95,B70. - CaUHiage \Vheel.-'V. F. Moody, Auburn, N. Y. 95,371.Screw Cu'iMl D i e.-J. o. Morse, Englewood, n. j. 95,:72.Harvester.Frederick Nislnvitz, Brooklyn, N. Y. 95,373.-HaHYes'i E.-Frederick Nishwitz, Brooklyn, n. Y. 95,374.-Cla y Te mpeI"nVng Machine.G. E. Noyes (assignor himsclf and E. n. Gray), Wash ington , d. c. 95,375.-Colbined Grain Dmll aKd Lan d Roller-Heu-ry d. Palmer, Volena towlship, m ich. Anted ated September 22, 1869. 95,376.- Comp ound for the Cure of Cholera MolU ms.- John Pool, Hermon, n. Y. 95,B77.-Medicated Soap.-W. P. Pugh, High Point, n. C. 95,378.- Composition fol Roofing, P a velents, etO.- Evnnder 'o Hanny, New York city. 95,H79.-AugeI.-T. M. Richardson, Stockton, Me. 95,380.NewspapR File.-John R obson , Chica g o, IlL 95,381.-Chafi:g-ibon for Wagons.Edward P. Hoehe, (assignor of on e lul f t o E . A. Potter), Bath , )fe. 95,382.-Safe t y V a I,v e ]' ul St eai Ge nerators.-Ferdinand Roehow , N ew Y or k cjty. 95,383.-Cast:r 'V IIeel for Ha r ves'eu s . -Isaac S. Rus- rell, New Market, Md., ald Henry R. Rm.s e ll, ,oodbnry, K. , 95,i84.-W agon BUake.-Milton Satterlee, Foreston, IlL 95,BS5.-SpIing V Vagon. - Francis Scherb, S_ n Francisco, Cal. 9i,386.-Plow.-Henry Solick, Lewistown, Pa. . 95,387.-StealI GeneHa' n.-Noah Shaw, Ean Claire, 'Vis. 95,388.Molding Pipe.-Frederick Shickle, St Louis, Mo., assignor to Shickle, Harrison &Co. 95,389.Counting HlgisteH.-Gerard SI. ckels, Boston, Mass. 95,u90.-Metai,lio Roof.-John Siddons, H ochestcr, N. Y. 95,3U 1.- Ap paHa tus for S Uar pgning and Gumm lg Saws . "VYm. s. 8prttt, Cinci nnati, Ohio. 9 5 , 3 9 2. - V i se. - . X. S te vens, East Brookfield, Mass. 95,393.IIing e for G a t e s .-J 0 b S ,vee t . D ccatur, M: 1. 95,394.-CombTned RotaUy CultiYaton and Harrow.- Henry T. Taplin. South New Market, n. H. 95 , 395 . - BHEec h - l o a d i ng Fikearm.A. L. Varney, Water-town, assignor to a.b. Ely. Newton, Mass. 95,396.-GlUndiKg MilI,.-David V eimer, Gettysburg, Ohio. 9G,397.HaHvesteU DUopI eH.Wm. n. v Vhitely, Springteld, Ohio. 95,398.-Tme BendeH. - William Willhide, Fetterman, We,t Va. 95,399.-Coal Stove,-S. H. villiams, Baltimore, Md. 95,40 0.- Dish -wa shing M aOhine .-L. R. W itherell (assignor to himself and Challes F. Calkins), Galesb urg. Il1. 95,401.-Cruun Dasher.-Travis P. York, Terre Haute, InL. 95,402.Bridge. - Edward villiam Young, New Street, Spring Gurdens, Great Britain. Patented in England, "ebruary 19,1868. 95,403.-PaiK' Compound.-James Gould, Lexington, Mass. 95,404.-Steam Engine Slide ValYe.-Thomas Adams, London, Eng land . ____________ Re I SSUES. 83,182.-Pmn'iKg Certain T e x'' i le F aIiOs and Y a rns. -Dated October 20, 1868 ; reissue 3,6t'i.-American P rint "'Yor18, Fall Riv e r, Mass., assignees ot John Lightfoot. 86,278.- Pum p DBvic l for Stea1I a nd other Enginery.- Dated January 26,1869 ; reissue S,C.-Clwrles Edward Blake, San Francisco Cal. 5 6, 52,.-Cooking S'ove.-DateL July 24, 18 66; reissue 3,fi49. -Esck Bussey, Troy, n. y. 63,802.-Gas Buhner.-Dated April 16, 1867; reissue 3,650.- Benjamin Collins, New Yorl city, ""ignee, by mesne assignments, of Richard B. Locke and Vm. b. Ulrjch. 67,682.-DetachaIle Saw 'l'eeth.-Datod August 13, 1867; reissue 3,651.Henry llission and H"milton Disston, Philadelphia, Pa., assignees by mesne absignments, of Joseph "Y . strange. 74,OGO.-Vasher foH Lock Nu'rs. m Dated February 4, 1868; reissne 3,65'.D. .lliot and T. Seely, New Yorl city. 33,560.Breech-loading Fmea1m.-Dated October 22, 1861; reisSue 3,653.Alfrf B. !Y' Ne w ton, Ma s s ., assignee 01 :ranols J. Vit-tum anJ Edgar M. Stevens. 72,031.-Machine for Refi''ing Valves.-Datcd Dccem- her 10,1867; reissue :,G51.-CllUrle8 f. Hall. for himself and Charles s. Hall, assignee oo Charles F. Hall Brooklyn. n. Y. 3.8,202.Bedstead.-ted Apr.l 14, 1863 ; antedHl.d October 14.1862 j rpissuc 3,655.David 1anu01, for hnself Dedham, and FrerL ]rictK. Ballou, aSSignCe, by mesne assignmcnts. of DaVId Munuel Foxborough, Mass. , 67,9m.(djijstabiF Stove-P:PE Shel1.-Dated August 20, 1867 , reissue3,656.-0. B. Olmsted, Belolt, WlS. 79,907.Milk Ca2.-D atcd July 14,1868 ; reisne 3,657.-I-. W. Shepard, Mannsville, ]. Y., "selgnee of George A. Huggin'. DESIGNS. 3,6 p 7.-Bust (' Ar,exandeI Von HulIbold'l'.-Henry Ber- i 6 er, New York city. 8.-Calpe l Pattern.-Jonathan Crabtree (assignor to James Bromley &Brothers) Phtladelphia, Pa. 3,669.-Stove.-Addis e. Chamberlun and John b. Crowley, j Cincinnati, Ohio, assignor/ to Addis B. Chambcrlain, O. N. Bush, and f. V. Chamberlain. 3,670.-hailway Car VentilatoH Casg ou SUell.-M. '1. i Hitchcock, Springfield, mass. 3,671.-Cap of a :nurr Can.-JulillS L Livingston, Pitts- I burgh, Pa. n,672.-Clock Uase.-George b. Owen, vinsted, Conn. 3 , 6 7 3 .-F a c F - plate of a L a 'cII. - Emery Parker, New Britain, Conn. 3,674.-HaHness Mounting. - James Patterson Robbins, Philadelphia, Pa. 3,675.-StoYD.-'atson Sanford, n EW York city. 3,'i76.Plate of a Stove.-Hobert Scorer and Hobert Ham, Troy, n.y. 3,677.-CaItH]t PatteI1-Isaae Starr, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. 3,678.-Tuade MaulL-Geo. '. Tueker, Manehester, n. II. 3,67G.-FireplaOe HeNlgn.-Samnel L. Utter, Brooklyn, N. Y. 3,G80 .-Stove.-Samuol L. Utter, Brooklyn, X. Y. ' B,681.-StoYe.-Nieholas S. Vedder, Troy, and Thomas S. ! Heister, L ansingbnrg,N. Y., assignors to John h. Herron &Co., rittsburgh, Pa. 3,682 to 3,!i 84.-FI,00n OU,OI,o'fn.-John '. 'ebster, Now York city., assignor to Page, Wilder &Co., Hallowell, :e. Three 3,685.-Felt Bormer-ohn '. 'Vebster,New York eity., a8figllOr to" Crossley Company," Bridgeport, COHn. 3,6S6.-RefleOtor.-Auglft vVil _elm, Philadolphia, Pa. EX'lENSIONS. CoIlrugated Beam.-Hich:d Montgomery, :ow York oity. Letters Patent, No. 13,399, dated s eptembe r 251 1855 Gang Plow.Thoras J. Ball, Bryan, 'exas.-Lettors Patent :o. 12,791, dated :ay 1, 1855. -------------------.------------------- Inventions Patented in England by Auwrieau". [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners 0f Patents."] PROYISIONAL pnOTECTION FOn SIX 1WNTIS. 2 ,?.6-Sewing Machine.C. Lockman, HamI. lton, Canada. Angnst 10. Nicklin and I "Willis, Troy, K. Y. September 2)f98.-S'K\.: Boiler.H, TY. Luders, Ph.ladelphia, Pa. September 3, 182%.-TnANSMITTIXG powe" BY MEANS OF Am (m FruID.-R Spear, ;New Haven, Conn. September 3, "1869. 2,G22,Reaping aND Mowing Machine."William Allen , Auhurn, N. Y. September 6, 186D. 2,632.-MeaXs FoJ U'Iilizfng- the FoRe Or the VVaves.-F. Ellcl'lauSCl, Ellerliouse, Nova Scotia. Sl:ptember 7, 186D. 2,G34.-Te legraphic ApIaRa''us.-GeoI'ge Little, Rutherford Park, X. J. September 711869.