Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCT. 5, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientitc American Schedule of Patent Office Fees: On eacn caveat.................................................................$10 On filing each application for a patent (seventeen years).......................5 On fssuing each original Patent...............................................$20 o n appcation fo missioner of Patents........................................20 On application for Reissue..................................................... $ 35 00 On application for Extension of patent...................................... $50 On iranting the ision: : : : :.: : :.:..........................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer.:........................................................$10 On a 1 application for Design (three and a h .alf years)......................$]0 ooo nnn aa nn aa pp pp lll li iec aa ttt liOo nn fff ooo rr DDDeesssl)i,ggnn (( ( sevene year s ).................................. $1j On an application for Design (fourteen y ea rs)............................... $30 In addition to which there arc some small revenuestamp taxes. Hesidents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. F or ceopy of Clai m of an y P atent isf8l1e d Within 30 years ....................... $1 a sketch from the nodel or d1awing, relatu.ktg to such p ort.wn Qf a rachine as the Cla ' i covers,f ro m................................................. $1 u p war d, but 'Usually at the price above-named o TkefPttlal Specificat ion Q any pate'ntt issu ed since Nov. 20,1866, at 'Which t ime the Patent Ofcce commenced printing them .............................. $12t Official Copif : of Drawingsr patent i8sued since 1836, we can siJ'y at 1;ea8onable cost, the pr.e dependi. u;on tK: amount of iabor fnvolved and the number Qview8. Pll i1forration, a8 to vnce qi drawmgs, in each case, may be had by address ing lUNN &co., Patent Solieitor's, No. 37 Parle ROw, New York. 95,405.-Composition FoR Making Types foR Printing \all PaP:R, Oilclo'.rn, and o'heR FaJRics.-H. a. Adams, New York city. 95,406.-Sawing Machine.-'. A. Allen, Baltimore, Md. 95,407.-MedicaI, Compound oR Cordial.-Joseph Ambrose, Nashville, Tenn. 95,408.-Hay Loader.-Isaac Alderson, Poland, Ohio. 95,409.-Binding Guid.1 for Sewing Machine.-E. F. Angell, Chicago, Ill. 95,410.-Hames Fastener.-H. '. Austin and E. C. Perry, Portage township; Edwin c. Perry, assignor to g. t. Nash, Kalamazoo Mich. 95,411.-Cotton Press.-Augustine Baldwin, New York city. Antedated Sept. 22,1869. 95,412.-Apparatus for Carbureting Am and Gas. Arthur Barbarin, New Orleans, Ll. 95,413.-Device for S'eaming Rovings.-Solomon Barber, South Coventry, Conn. 95 , 414.- Band C ut'e r.-W. C. Barr and E. J. Hunkins, Jacon City, mo.j said Hunkins assignor to said Darr for his riht. Antedated Sept. 22, 1b6\. 95,415.-W asIIing Machine.-B. B. Boers and Nathan Couch, New Fairfield, Conn. 95,416.-Hay and Cotton Press.-John Berkeley, Washington, Texas. 95 417.-Shaft Coupling for CarRiages.-Albert Betteley, Boston, Mass. 95,418.-l1acIUne foR Soldering Tin Cans.-J. Gf. Bor7 den, Brewster Station, n. y. 95,419.Purifyinc Iron and StBEI", oR other le''al. Edward Brady, Pliladelphia, Pa. 95,420.-Rim Press and 'me Hea'eR.-J. H. BriHon, Painesville, Ohio. 95,421.-Table Sr,ide.-Aaron Brower (assiBsor to himself and c. S. Hall), Rochester, n. y. Antedated s ept. 18, 1S,"9. 95,422 .- Co 'ton -ThinniK g Machine.- I. W. Burch, Fayette Miss. 95,42J.- 'lURashing MachinB.-Duncan Campbell, Indian Town, Ill. 95,424.-Safety Pin foR Secubing ClotIing.-:rederick Catlin, New York Clty. 95,425.-DyeRs' V at.-H. Champenois, Now York city. 95,426.-A'tachment foR Window Sash CoIWs.-S. N. Chapin, New Britain, Conn. 95,427.-Stump ExtRactoR.-Daniel S. Chapman, Conneaut, Ohio. 95,42t.-RefRigeR. atob.-A. J. Chase (assignol to B. l c.Horn), Boston, Mass. 95 ' 429.-Cooking Stove.-B. F. Clemont (assignor to C. H. nuck and w. S. "right), St. Louis, Mo. 95,430.-Hames FasteneH.-J. Clendening, Rockford, Ill. 95,431.Railway Cab CoupI,ing.-Michael Connelly (assigllor to himself and h. w. Bogers), BaltImore, Md. 95,4a2-Hernia TBuss.-D. J. Cooper, New Orleans, L:. 05,483.-'Russ and SuppoU'ceH.-D. J. Cooper, New Orleans, La. 95,4J4.-Hailway CaR Coupling.-Wm. Cottrell (aSSignor to himself and F. g. 'iese), Bordentown, n. J. 95435.-Lathing Machine.-George N. Creamer, 'renton, n. j. 95,4J6.-Beehiv e.-L . H. Critchfeld, Sh reev e, Ohio . 95,437.-SpRing foB G an g Plows.- H. N. Da lton, Pacheco, Cal. 95,4J8.-WBench.-A. B. Davis, Pleasantville, Pa. 95,43!.-Hay DeRRick.-Winficld Denton, Iowa City, Iowa. 95,440.-HoBse PoweR.-Joseph Difiendal and S. lughes, Westminster, Md. 95,441.-Me'hod of FoBming Moldings.-Joseph Dill and e, Rice^Grand Rapids, Mich. 95,442.-Band foR Booms and Gaffs.-David Dry burgh, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Sept. 20,1869. 95,443.-RailRoad Spike. - P. J. Dwyer, Elizabethport, n. j. 95,444.-BoileH FeedeR AlaRm Device.-J. '. Ebert and e. c McCloy, Zanesville, Ohio. 95,445.-Appabatus fob EvapoHating and Decomposing !JiquJds.-Albert Eckstein (assignor to "Zdenks Ritter Von Wessely"), Vienna, Austria. 95,446.-TuRn Table.-L. W. Emmart and E. D. Griffith, vashington, d, c. 95,447.-Baling PRess.-O. J. Emmett, New York city. 95,448.-Hoisting Machine.-Wm. Eppelsheimer (assignor to himself and e. a. Tra pp), San Francisco, Ca l. 95,44 9.-Sno w P lo w. - C. L . Ericzo n, Salt Lake, Utah Territory. 95,450.-Fixing Puddling and Boiling FuRnaces.-M. Z Evans, Ormsby. Pa. Antedated Oct. 1, 1869. 95,451.-Hay RakeR and LoadeR.-Newton Farlow and j. a. Ham, Sullivan, Ill. 95,452.-Device for Supporting the Shafts of Vehicles , -Rubin Fink and Reuben Daveler, Lancaster, Pa. 95,453.-Wheeled Cultivator and Plow.-Sam'l Fishel, Hightstown, n. j. 95,454.-Sausage StuffBR.-Charles Forschner, New York city. 95,455.-'oy Top.-Henry Foulkes, Utica, N. Y. 95,456.-BeaHing foR Spindles in Spinning Machines., -, b. Fuller, Norwich, Conn. Antedated Sept. 16, 1869. 95,457.-A''aching Handles to Cu'leRy.-J. W. Gardner (assignor to H Lamson and Goodnow Manufacturing Co."), Shelburne Falla . .I ass. 95,458 . .HaHRow.-D. L. Garver, Hart township, Mich. 95,459.--ManufactuRe of Coal Gas.-Wm. Gibson, Cambridge, Mnss. 95,460.- Lamp Bunner.-E. L. Gilman (assignor to himself and f. Houghton), Romeryille, Mass. 95,461.-Hot-Am FuRnace.-B. Gommenginger and C. ' . Trotter, Hochester, n. y. 95,462.-Machine foR Drawing Flax, etc.-John Good, Brooklyn, e. d.,n. y. 95,463.-KnrB'e GuaRd.-E. A. Goodes (assignor to the Philadelphia Patent and Novelty Co .), p hiladelphia , Pa. 95,464.-W ash 10iI,eR.- S. A . Gooddwin, Buffalo, N. Y. 95,465.-PRocess of PRepaRing AI,izaRine.-Ghas. Graeb, Frankfort-on-the-Main, and Charles l iebermann, Berlin, Prussia. 95,466.-CARIUaGe Se at .-S. P . Graham, Colum bus, Ohio. 95,467.-HaBrow.-P. S. Graves and P. B. Parcell, Ashmore Ill. 95,4 i8.-Cleaning Brush foR ORdnance.-John Tyncale Greenfield, Dover, England. !5,46D.-RuFF'ling Attachment foU Sewing Machines.- 'Louis I. Gnnnermfl (assignor to himself and William G. Hoover) Pitt8burg1, Pi. 95,4/0.-Snoe Knife.-M. E. Hall, Spring, Pa. 95,471.-Railway.-DaYid Harrison, Fayette, Miss. 95,472.-AlI'aratus for Separa''ing Gold from Sand.- D. F. Hawkes, Timbuctoo, Cal. 95,473.-Pnocess of ieasoning vV oc.-'f. W. Heinemann, . New York city. 95,474.-Pnocess and AppaUa'us for Preserving vood. -T. W.Heinemmm.New York city. 95,475.-PImss ]'0 Making CofIin tops.-A. V. Hendrick, Itavia. Ill. 95,471i.-V aI Ye Device for Steam and otIer Enginery. -E. H. Hewins, Bost.on, Mass. 95,477.-Milk and Provision Safe.-William Hinman, E]j(hart. Ind, 95,478.-Cigar Jlachine.-J. C. Hintz, Cincinnati, Ohio. 95,47!.-Tne Machine.-GeOge Jackson, Albany, N. Y. 95,'0.Machine foI Cutting 'I'apers.-Clark Jillson, "Worccsticl, M(ss 95,481.-Gonnor for Steam and other Enginery.- l\. ,J , Kcs3clmeycr anrl C. A. Kesselmeyer, :anchcstcr, England, and E. H. Nacke, Als-Schoenfeld, Saxony. 95.482.Whip HoldFr.-A. V. Johnson, New York city. 95,413.-Bmting '0ol.W. J. Johnson, lewton, and George Taintpr l aterto'n, !ass. 95,484.ManufacturI m' White Oxide of Zinc.-Richard Jones, lount Holly, '. J. 95,485.-Hm,TTng Machine.-C. H. Keniston, Somerville, and J.H. Sawyer (assignors to J. T. Prinee), BOKtOl, :18. 95,48 ;.-Steam Engine.-Alden KUby, Boston, Mass. 95,487.-Plow.-Henry Killam, Mendon, Mich. 95,488.-Carriage-Axle Connection.-J. VV. Kingsbury, New Bedford, lnss. 95,489.-Doll.-Martin Kintzback, Philadelphia, Pa. 95,4PO.-Sawing Machine.-H. M. Lafferty (assignor to himself and J. 8. &m J. P. Prut7lan), THrpc livers, Midi. 95,4 1.Chair.-Allen Lapham, Paterson, N. J. 9i,4[)2.C hocolate Pas'e.-L. F. Leger, New York city. 95,4i3.-Hay Haker "nd Loader.-J. C. Leonard, S. B. Hol- comb, and W B. ,right, Clinto'l, Mo. 95,494.-Malt ne Paint.-\. H. Lewis, assignor to himself and J. B. Folger, Boston, Mass. 95,4\5.-Comblned 'fry,Square, Calliper, etc.-v. J. Linton, Detroit, Micll. Antcuated Sept. 20, 18GB. 95,40fi Manufacture and HeFINING of Sugar.-LOUiS J. Y. MargueriUe, Paris, France. Patented in France, October Hi, lPf.7. 95,497.Car iPlUng.- J. H. Mathews, New London, Conn. 95,498.-Locomo'ive Head-Light.-H. S. Maxim and James Hadley, New York city. 95,4!9.-Sewing Machine.-'. L. Malone, Mount Gilead, Ohio. 95,500.-ManuPacturing German Hand-Cheese -F. C. Me rule and T. F. Mende, Philadelphia, Pa. 95,501.- Cooking S'ove.-B. I. Menko, Cincinnati, Ohio. 95,50J.-Suspended. 95/OR.-VVater Gage.-George Murray, Jr., Cambridgeport, Mass. 9o,oo-i.Device for Holding Together the Different Purrs OF Bureaus axd other Articles of Flkxiture.J. O. L. Murray and D. A. Mllllane, New Orleans, Ia. 95,505.Cultivator.A. S. Perrigo, Sandwich, Ill. 9.,50o.-Cmmined Latch and LocIe-N. Petre, New York city. 95 c 07.-Co,ined Latch and Lock.-N. Petre, New York e.itj. 95.508.-La o ch.-N. Petre, New York city. ! 95,509.L o ck.-N. Petre, New York city. 95,510.-Hot-Am Regis'l'er.-II. M. Phinney, Cambridge, ' Mass. , 95,511.-vTndow Blnm.-Anthony Pirz and Manuel Pirz, East New York, N. Y. 95,512."vh-Prf.ssure Vatel ReserYoilL-J. V. Prender- gast, New Yor] city. 95,5l3. Flying Maclline.-V. F. Qninby, Wilmington, Del. 95.514.-CuuI{N Dasher.Gustav Radbruch, Hoboken, N. J. 95,515.-Velocipede.-J ohn Heinhart, (assignor to Andrew Chrjgtbn), New York city. , 93,f!.-Machine for Making and Vrapping Vebbing Boo'l ' 81raps. : J. '. Uichuldson, Sont11 Braintree, Mass. , 95,517.-Composition for Covering Steam BoileHs, etc. -John Rilev anu C. '. Bisse l, Troy, N. Y., assignors to C. '. Bissell, ( TelTance Uiley, and arv C. Frazer. 95,51t.-PencR.-Smith Hiley, Konton, Ohio. 95,519.-S'agTng foI Hoofs.-W. B. Ross, Keene, .. II. 95,5211Cultivator.S. A. Sabin, Pecatonica, Ill. 95.5Z1.-SJ.eig ii-x\ttacii.\ibnt lH Vmlocipedes.-'heodore Searing. New York city. ' 9G,522.-HarvesteH.-Allen Sherwood, Aulmrn, N Y. 95,523.-Manure Drag.-A. H. Shock and H. H. Shirk, Laneaster, Pa. ' 95,524.-Farm Ga'e.-Daniel Shockey, "aynosborough, Pa. , 95,525.-Mode of A'laching 'rilmi=g to Articles of Dress.John Sims, Liverpool Road, England, assignor to \Ym. SparJs Thompson. 95,526.-Harvester.-\m. 1. Slack, Lcwisburg, Pa. 95,527.Manuf'ture of Soap lor Medicinal and foT other Purposes.-Lebbeus 1. Smith, Boston, Mass. Antedated SepM tmnber 18, 186 os . 95,528.Pipe Coupling.-'fhomas Smith, Baltimore, Md. 15, Snyder, Hiehmond, Va. 95,530. - Cr ' dle.-Augu8tus Spiegel, Indianapolis, Ind. \5 531.Water YelocipIde.-Fishcr A. Spoford and Matthe1 G. \Vlhngton. Columbus, Ohio. 95,502.-Stea1 Glnerator. - Samuel Stnnton, Newburg, N. Y. 9;,533.-Boiler v atBl\ Regula'or a=d Alarm.Leopold Steigert, Cincinnati, Ohio. 95,534.-MaKufac'uHe of Pigmen's for Pai='s.-Hobert S. Stcnton, New York city. 95,535.-S1ed nrill. S. Stow, East Enterprise, Ind. 95,53o.-01gan and Melodeon.-Simoon 'raylor, W Ol'cester, 95,Mass.Harvester.T. H. Taylor, Jeffersonville, Ill. 95,538.-Life Boat.-Henry Thompson, Mobile, Ala. 95,539.-GaHg Plow.-J. N. Thompson amI vm. Kenady, Belpassi, aSHignors to D. 'o Frary, Portland , Oregon. 95,540.-Automatic Passenger HegisteH.-H. H. 'renor, 95,541 w Y D k uble Shovel Plow.-Charles Immanuel Voigt, West Salem Ill. 95,542.-Bath-tub Eduction Tube.-William. H vValton, Philadelphia, Pa. 95,543.-Steam Engine Governor.-William Wickersham, Boston, ' ass. 95,544.-ChaiH, Cram.e, Co', etc.-John T. Wightman, Charleston. S. C. 95,545.-W ater Elevator. - J. V. vheeler, Cleveland, Ohio. 95,54n.-Hailway Can Coupling.-J. C. vilson, Appleton, Wis. 95,547.Watch.-Charles Y. voerd, Waltham, Mass. 95,548.-Pitmanconnec'ion foH Harves''ers.-HufuB C. AVood.Le Roy, Kamas. 9\549.Horse Power.-Daniel Woodbury, Rochester, N. Y. 95,i50.-Fu oH nale Door Fname.-D vid I. Young, Manchester, N. H. 95,551.-Srove Drum.-Wm. Allchin, Nowburg, N. Y. 95,552.-W ashing .achine and TaIlle.-Daniel Arndt, Toledo, Ohio. 95,553.-Spring foH Bed Bo'toms.-Lyman M. Bates, Jackson, Mich . 95,554.-Manufacture of Sheet Iron. - Silas Barker, Hartford, Conn. 95,555.-Railway-rail ChaiH.-Hobert C. Blackall, Albany, 95,556.-Grain Dryer.-Wm. Blakey, Baltimore, Md. 95,557.-Gmnding Mill-Rigliter V. Bowman, Orange- ville, Pa. 95,558.Cider Press--Asa Brooks, 'olland, Conn. 95,559.- agon Tongue Holder.Orlando f. Bryant, Car ver, Minn. 95,5(iO.-Churn . .Francis Burdick, South East, n Y., and Io-dowick Burdick,Lcc "j aven, Pa 95,5(jl.-Combined Straw-cut''er and Fbed Box.-Jesse BurgcSG, Richmond, Ind. 95,562.-HefIUgeratoR-J\organ Burton, Darlington, Pa. 95,5i;;i.Cotton Press.-C. a. Caldwell, Concord, n. c . 95,564.Spring-bed Bottom.-Charles l. Chadeayne, Yon-lWlS, n. Y. 95.565.Washing Machine.-e. Hall COyel, New York city. 95,566.-Post Auger.-z. s. Cracraft, Lacon, Ill. 95,567.-vashing lachine.-John Crampton and vm. h. Pangborn, Plainfield, N. j. 95,568.-Manufactu' e of Iron and Steel.-Norman Cutter, CinCinnati, Ohio, and Elliot Savage, V\Test f eriden, Conn. 95,56!.-Hock Drill.-Charltou H. Davis, !an Francisco, Cal. 95,570.-Car Coupling.-Calvin R. Densmore and Jacob a. VlOOlan, Oil City, Pa. 95,571.-Sewing Machine foIl Boots and Shoes.-Au- gnsto Destouy) assignor to Charles Goodyear, jr.), New York city. 95,572.-Table CasteH.-Henry A. Dirkes, New York city. 95,570.-W asiiing Maciink - Charles f. Dodge, New York city 95,574.-Pnocess of Distille SpiHi's.-Joshua Elling- ,ood, Owensborongh Ky. 95,575.-Lamp-shade SuploI''er. - Charles w. Emerson (assignor to himself and . ohn c. Abbott), 0art.orci, Conn. 9u,{)v6.1-Annie for hoofing and for o'lher Purposes.- Benjamin J-. Field, Beloit, \is., and Hobert d. o. Smith) "ashilgton, D. C., assignors to Benjamin F. Field. 95,577.-Makufacture of Anvil,s, and the Top and 10'-'ol1 Parts of Ha1BieRs, e'lc.-David Foster, Sheffield, England. Patented in England, June 4, 1868. 95,578.- Apparatus fol{ Thansmitting Power.-Arthurl. Freeman, Sonth Boston, Mass. 95,579.-Platform foh Hallway CalL-Joseph Gilmer, Monticello, Fla. 95,580.-Machine for Drawing and Siinning Wool, etc., from the Cahding :L\cnine.John Colliding, "vorcestert MasR. 95,58l.-Sewing Machine.-Joshua (iray, New York city. 9i ,582.-Machlne for Sawing Lath.-vVm. p. Hale, Ionia, Mich. 95,583.-Proc;(ss of 'reating vood, '0 Preserve, Season, and live it a Betteu Surface.IraHayford and Joseph F.Paul, Boston, Mass. 95,584.-Machine IoI S'ea)ling and SUlUnIGng Cloth.- vm. Hebdon ,Nc,v Yor city. 96,iS5.-Machine for Bending Fiflh-wheels.-Geo. v. Hcekart, New Lisbon, O l io. 95,516.-Meciia:ical Movmvlent.-villiam 11. Henderson, PllJadelphia, Pa. 95,587. - Suspended. 95.588.SplUng Scale.-Simon Ingersoll, Brooklyn, n. y. 95,589.-S'air Hod.-Hans Iversen and Daniel Ack, r, New York city. 95,590. -Wagon Sea'.-Melvin Jillcks, "allace, n. y. 95,501.Steam ]ngine Slide Valve.Hans Knudson,North Windsor, Wis. 95,592.-Sash Holder.J. s, Kuder and VillOllghhy Sci pIe, Tiffin, Ohio. . 95,5!3.-\ater Wheel.-Dennis Lane, Montpelier, Vt. 95.594.TIen's Nest.-D. p. Leach, Franklin, Ind. 95,195.-Low-water Indicatoh. - l. l. Lee, Milwaukee, wis. 95,oao.-Fe=ce.-William Mallary, Bucyrus, Ohio. 95,Juv.W a'er Closet for hailroad Cahs.-VV. e. Marsh, Jr., Plainfield, N. j. 95,598.-lloldings of \ood.-vy. j. ]iller and j. V. Cam.-bpl1, New York city. 95,599.-Coffeepot.-Elie Moncuse and Louis Dupal'quet, New -rk city. 95,ov\). Washing Machine.-Chas. Muhl, Bloomington, Ill. 9G,601.-Boiler Fuhnace.-g. H. Nott, Boston, Mass. 95,602.-Saw Tie'h.-\. b. Noyes (assignor to himself and C. S. Baker), .anehester, n. h. 95, c b .-Screw Feeding AppaHa'us.-E. s. Pierce, Hartford, Conn. 95,lJ4.-LONSTltuC'ION of ordnance.-j. b. Head, 'rllsea10osa, Ala. Antedated Sep. 27, 1869. 95,605.Sirup for Fi,avoring Beverag:s, e'c.-VictoI Rillctt, Hoboken, K. j. 95,60g.-Calendering :achi=e.-h. e. Hogers_ South Mal-che;tcr Conn. 95,607.-Guajn Dmu.-J. r. Hnde, s. b. Hnde, and g. v. Hude, Libcrty, Ind. 95,608.-Cider Press.-j ohn Schaffer and Emanuel Stoner, V stminstel, Md. 95,60d.-Snag Boat.-e. M. Shield, Cincinnati, Ohio. 95 610.-Cmfpound for Curing 'oothaciie.-w. p. Sigsby, Delta, OhIO. 95,6i1.-Hay Elevator.-Anthony Smith, Shellsburg, Pa. 95,g12.-Refrweratoh, Sideloard, and Hool Cooleh.- D. B. Somes, Washington, d. c. 95,013.Air Pump.-d. e. Somes, vashingtol, d. c. 95,614.-Apparatus for Transmitting Power by Means of a Fluid Passed Through a Pipe or TuTe.-Rooert Spear, New Haven, Conn. 95,615.-Sleeves of Overcoats, etc.-Joseph Steinhauser, Lancaster, Pa. 95,616.Grain Dryer.-s. 1 Stevens, Elwood, Ill. 95,617.-Pnocess of - oHMTng Let1ers, Charac'lers, and Ol:XamKnts ON Glass.c. M. Stranss, :emphis, Tenn. 9g,6i8.-Didh "asher. - James A. Strong, North "ol-eott, Vt. 95,Gl! . .Grain Drill.-vy. h. Trimmer, Hound Hill, Pa. !5,120.-Hotel Annunciator.Lucius j. Van sands, Chicago, Ill. 95,621.-Ptie Connec'ion.-Augustus Weyermann, Saint Gall, yit7elland. 95,622.-Sl'Hing for Beds, Berths, Cah Seats, etc.-n. s. "hipple. Dftroit, :ch. 95,623.-Boiler for Cooking Stoves.-HelY r. Bobbins, Balti6ore, )fd., assjgnor to himself and j. j. Moran. Antedated Sept. 21, 1869. 95,624.-Mode of ApPI,ying Inks of Different Charac'ers so as to Print Saf e'y, Revenue, and 01ter StaIHps.-William Thorpe, St.Louis, .o. 95,625.-Hoop Siurt.-k. McRao, New York city. 95,626.Ink f01 Printing hevenue, Postage, and othe - Sta)ps, so as to Secrre Grea'eh Safety akd l'reven' Frauds. Thos. Antisell, 'ashington, d. c. * heissues. 64,484.-Bucket Ear.-Dated May 7, 1867; reissue 3,658.- Henry Callahan, .lohn Heese, and R s. HogIen, Dayton, Ohio, assignees, by mesne assignments, of Henry Callahan. 35,141.-Covking S'fove.-Dated May 6, 1862 ; reissue 3,659. -e. j. Cridge, Troy, N. y. 57,743.-Me'al fKUfe for Pianos.-Datod Sept. 4, 1866 ; rei,sne 3,f60.-Martin Martins, New y ork city. 86,305.Me'atlic LatIIing.-Dated Jan. 26, 1869 ; reissue 3,t61.-i. v. Holmes, New York city. 45,272.-Wash Boiler.-Dated Nov. 29, 1864 ; reissue 3,662. -.John Reist, Philadelphia, Pa. 91,388.-Attachmen' 0[' Main Springs '0 Watch Ba - relf, ctc.-Dated j1ne 1S, 1869 j antedated Dec. 15, 1868 ; rCl,sllc 3,6G3. K ArtllUl 'adsworth, Newark, n. j., for himself and Robert Schell, New York city, assignec of Artlur -adswortll. 78,705.-Spring Seat.-Dated Juno 9, 1868 ; reissue 3,664.-j. L. Whipple, Detroit, Mich. 48,366.-TIlemolo At'acRment.-Dated June 27, 1865 ; reissue 3,444, dated May 18, 1869; reissue 3,665.-Alonzo Hitchcock, Gcorge g. Saxe, and James H. Robertson. new York City, assigneers of Hiley W. Carpenter. designs. 3,687.-Buckle.-Alma .Bedford, Coldwater, Mich. 3,688.-CeWl'er Pmce.-Henry Borger, New York city. 3,689.-DrawFr Pull.-F. W. Brocksieper (assignor to Sargent &Co.), New Haven, Conn. 3,690 and 3,691.-Latch HanTe.-F. W. Brocksicper (assignor t9 :argcllt &Co.), New Haven, Conn. Two Patents. 3,692.-MatcI Safe.-F. . Brocksieper (assignor to Sargent &Co.), New Haven, Conn. 3,693.-Snut'le Hook.:F. VV. Brocksieper (assignor to Sargent &Co.), New Haven, Conn. 3,694 and 3,695.-Sash Lift.-F. W. Brorksieper (assignor to Sargent &Co.), New Haven, Conu. Two Patent:. 3,696.-Door Kn0b.-Stephen Eich, East Toledo, Ohio. 3,697.-Mufl.-J. K. Cappelhoff, New York city. 3,698 to 3,703.-CaIpet Pa''tern.-K J. Ney,Dracut, Mass., as:ignor to Lowell Manufacturing Co. Six Patents. 3,704.-BeU.-F. G. Niedringhaus, St. Lonis, Mo. 3,705.- Tea Service.-vm. Parkin (assignor to Reed &Barton), T,vlntol.laSR. 3,706.-Knitted Cap.-vm. Schwab, New York city. 3,707.-Trade Mark.-George C. Thilenius, Cape GiraI'-deau, Mo. EXTENSIO.S. Boring Machine.-Arcalous vYyckoffand E. R. Morrison, () Elmira, N. Y.-:ctters Patent No. 13,60b, dated Sept. 2: lS55; reissLe No 404. dated Oct. 14. 1836. Interlocking Grate Bars.-S. Van Syckle,of Titn8ville,Pa. -Letters Patent No. 13,669, dated Oct. g,1355.