Issued by the United States-Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCT. 12, 1869. Reported Ojfilcially for the Scientific American SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years) . '. '.$15 On issuing each original Patent On appeal to Commissioner of Patents On application for Reissue$30 On application l'or Extension of Patent$50 On granting: the Extension:Sen On tiling a Disci aimer.. S.Q On an application for Design (three and a half years)$10 On an application for Design (seven years)$10 On an application for Design (fourteen years) $30 In addition to wliich there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. “Eesidents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on applicati0n. For copy of Claim Of any Patent issued within SO years$1 .it sketch from the model or drawmg, relating to such portion of a machine astfte Claim, covers,from$1 upward, hut uUyatthe price above-'narned. TThefull Specification f any paten issued since Nov. 20, 1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them Official Copies of Drawings of any paten issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Pill information, as to vrice of drawings, in each case, may be had by address ingMUNS ifc CO •• Paten Solicitors. No. 37 Park Row, New York. 95,627.—BORTNG TOOI,.—Alexander Allan, New York city. 95,62S.—PNEUMATIC APPARATUS FOB DRAWING ALE.—Henry Andes, Wilkesbarre, Pa. 95.629.—VELOCIPEDE.—SolomonAndrews, Perth Amboy, N . J. 95.630.—WATERWHEEL.—V. M. Baker, Preston, Minn. 95.631.—HAYAND COTTON PRESS.—W. C. Banks, Como. Depot, Miss. 05,633.—BATH TfTB.—Arad Barrows, Philadelphia, Pa 95.632.—REEL—J.H. Barker, Washington, D. C. 95.634.—ROOFINGFABRIC.—D. P. Bartlett and Alfred Adams, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 95.635.—LUBRICATOR.—C.A. Baumgart, Allegheny City, Pa. 95.636.—BASEBURNING STOVE.—Robert Batting, Albany, N.Y. 95.637.—STEAMENGINE.—William Baxter (assignor to W. D. Russell), Newark, N. J. 95.638.—HARVESTER-CUTTER.—E.M. Birdsall, Penn Yan, N.Y. 95.639.—GRINDSTONEFRAME.—Byron Bisbee, North Water- ford, Me. 95,fj40.—ORE CONCENTRATOR AND AMALGAMATOR.—J. S. BradforJ, New York city. 95.641.—DRAFTBAR FOB VEHICLES.—J. B. Brewster, Fhlsh- ing, N. Y. 95.642.—SUPPORTINGBARS FOB VEHICLES.—J. B. Brewster, Flushing, N. Y. 95.643.—RAILWAYRAIL CHAIR.—James Bridger, Newark, N. Y. 95.644.—HEATRADIATOR.—Warren Brown, Sandusky, Ohio. 95.645.—CASTINGHOLLOW ARTICLES.—J. Brunner, New York city. 95.646.—BLANKFOB Ax POLLS.—William Bunton (assignor to himself and G. W. Jope), Pittsburgh, Pa. 95.647.—HAYTEDDER.—H. M. Burdick, Ilion, N. Y. Antedated May 19, 1869. 95.648.—VELOCIPEDE.—V.H. Buschman, Baltimore, Md. Antedated Sept. 29, 1869. 95.649.—STOVEPIPE THIMBLE.—C. A. Buttles, Milwaukee, Wis. 95.650.—MACHINEFOB BENDING SHEET METAL FOB CORNICES, E'rc.-C. A. Buttles and Dennis Murphy, Milwaukee, Wis. 95.651.—COTTONCHOPPER AND SCRAPER.—H. B. Cage, Madison Station, Miss. 95,652—CAR COUPLING.—A. H. Clark, Otisville, Mich. 95,633.—STEAM ENGINE.—W. H. T. Clark, San Francisco, Cal. 95,(&GT;54.-ROOF BRACKET1.—S. Clough, Monmouth, Me. 95.655.-CALENDAB.—G.L. Coburn, Hartford, Conn. 95.656.—HAYTEDDER.-J. K. Collins, Hartford, Vt. 95.657.—FRUITHOUSE.—Nathan Cope, New Waterford, Ohio. 95.658.—EXCAVATOR.—JamesCowden, La Prairie Centre, and Daniel Brown, Akron, Ill. 95.659.—HEMPBREAK.—E. M. Crandal, Alton, Ill. 95.660.—FIREPLACE.—J. M. Crockett, Newbern, Va. 95,61)1.—WATER TWEER.—Edward Davidson, Boston, Mass. 95.662.—STEAMCHEESE-VAT.—J. A. Davis, Watertown, N. Y. 95.663.—VISE.—OtisDean, Richmond, Va. 95.664.—COOKINGSTOVE.-J. De Frain (assignor to himself and William Callahan), Philadelphia, Pa. 95.665.—MANUFACTUREAND APPLICATION OF GAS FROM PETROLEUM, ETC.—T. S. Dickerson, assignor for one half his right to R. M. Whipple, Chicago, lll. 95.666.—APPARATUSFOB EXHIBITING PHOTOGRAPHS.—Martial Dimock, Newark, N. J., assignor to S. S. Barnaby and David Millard. 95,6fi7.—LAMP CHIMNEY.—EdwardDitlIridge, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95.668.—EVAPORATINGSALT WATER, ETC.—W. J. Dodge, Syracuse, N. Y. 95.669.—COMBINEDSEED-SOWER AND CULTIVATOR.—J. W. Doud, Ward's Corners, Iowa. 95.670.—MACHINEFOR MAKING COP-TUBES.—Henry Douglas and James Douglas, Glasgow, Scotland. 95;671.—OVEN.—J. S. Dunham and James Green, St. Louis, Mo. 95,<i72.—STONE DRILL.—W. C. Edenfield, Savannah, Mo. Antedated Sept. 27,1869. 95.673.—COMPOUNDFOB PAVEMENTS, ROADWAYS, ETC.—Russell Fisk, New York city, 95.674.—GRAINSEPARATOR.—F. R. Foster, Brandon, Wis. 95.675.—HORSECANT-HOOK.—E. W. Gale (assignor to himself and J. G. Gale), Monroeton, Pa. 95.676.—CLODFENDER.—F. M. Gardner, Brown township, Ohio. 95677.—RAILWAY CAR BRAKE SHOE.—S. B. Gardner, Free- port, Ill .. assignor to himself and A. B. Lee dy. 95,078.—COAL ASH SIFTER.—J. L. Griffin, Redding, Conn. 95,679.-SOAP.—H. L. Guldin, Robeson town ship, Pa. 95,6S0.—HAY LOADER.—C. P. Hall, Calhoun, Ky. 95,681.—CORN PLANTER.—J. J. Harpel, Lebanon, Pa. 95 682.—KEY GUARD.—B. R. Hathaway, Mormon Island, Cal. 91.683.—HAND CORN PLANTER.—E. W. Haven, Brandon, Vt. 95,fi84.—SKIRT.—Henry Hayward, New York city. 95.685.—BASEBURNING STOVE.—J. C. Henderson, Troy, N. Y. 95.686.—APPARATUSFOR HEATING PUDDLING Fun NACES.— Samuel A. Hill and Charles F. Thumm, Oil City, assignors to themselves and Oliver P. Scaife, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95.687.—DEVTCEFOR GENERATING STEAM IN STEAM GENE- I;ATOT:S.—Samttel A. Hill and Charles F. Thumm, Oil City, assignors to themselves and Oliver P. Scaife, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95.688.—APPARATUSFOR GENERATING STEAM IN BOILERS.— Samuel A. Hill and Charles F. Thumm, Oil City, assignors to themselves and Oliver P. Scaife, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95.689.—MACHINEFOR TARRING PAPER FOR ROOFING.— James Howard, West Manchester, Pa. 95,fl90.— ROAD SCRAPER.—Lymon Howe, Worcester, assignor to himself, Jonathan Luther, same place, and Moses “V. Wheeler, Mil- bury, Mass. 95.691.—HOISTINGAPPARATUS.—Wm. M. Howland and Geo. L. Howland, Topsham, Me. 95.692.—STATIONINDICATOR.—George R. Johnson, Wilmington, Del. 95.963.—DROPHAMMER—Edward Kaylor, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95.964.—LATHE.—JamesKievlan (assignor to himself and \Vm. Wisdom), Chicago, Ill. 95.695.—LINIMENTAND MEDICAL COMPOUND.—John King, Warren county, Ohio. 95.696.—FIREPROOFPAINT.—Emil Kunzendorf, New York city. 95,fi97.—RAILWAY CAB.—M. C. Lawless, Montana, Iowa. 95.698.—ANCHOR.—Geo.A. Lloyd and Chas. A. Stewart, San Francisco, Cal. 95.699.—RAILWAYBRAKE.—Wm. W. Loomis, Wilkesbarre, Pa. 95.700.—MACHINEFOB WIRING HINGES.—Ellis Luther, West Troy, N. Y. 95.701.—VEHICLEPROPELLED BY HAND.—Peter Lutteke, St. Louis, Mo. 95.702.—CHIMNEY.—Benj.F. Mann, Oakland, Cal. 95.703.—APPARATUSFOB IMPARTING AGE TO WHISKY AND OTHER SPIRITS .-Wm. P. Martin, Hillersbarg, Ky. 95.704.—LOCKNUT.—Wm. C. Mason (assignor to himself and J. H. Nichols), Beaver Falls, Pa. 95.705.—RAILWAY-CABAXLE Box.—Mark McCammon, Chicago. ill. 95,703.—COMBINED PIPE TONGS AND WRENCH.—V. K. McElheny, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to himself, Ernest Frank, and JohnB. Adt. 95.707.—HAYAND COTTON PRESS.—James A. McGilliyrae and C. O. Wheeler (assignors to C. O. Wheeler), Matteson. Ill. 95.708.—LACINGEYE.—Albert G. Mead (assignor to himself, Charles J. Addy, and George H. Wood, assignors to Albert G. Mead, Charles J. Addy,andMilton A. Kent), Boston, Mass. Antedated September 27,1869. 95.709.—MODEOF PREPARING ORNAMENTAL TRANSPARENT LETTERS I<'oR SIGNS, ETC—Emil F. Meyer, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated October 5, 1869. 95.710.—COFFEEPOT.—ElieMoneuse and Louis Duparquet, New York city. 95.711.—RAILWAYCAB COUPLING. — James A. Morrison, Brady's Bend, pa. 95.712.—WAGONBox.—Wm. F. Moore and Jacob A. Bowers, Channahon, 1ll. 95.713.—NECKTIERETAINER.—Porter C. Moulton, New Haven, Conn. 95.714.—GRAINBINDER.—J. II. Mudgett, Camanche, Iowa. 95.715.-PBESEBVINGMEAT FOB PASTRY PURPOSES.—George H. Monroe, New York city. 95.716.—MODEOF LUBRICATING JOURNALS.—Samuel Nash (assignor to himself and John M. Duncan), Boston, Mass. 95.717.—WHEELBARROW.—PeterNoling, Woodside, Wis. 95.718.—COMBINEDWHEELBARROW AND GARDEN PLOW.— John D. O'Callaban, Calhoun, Ga. 95.719.—MILKCOOLER AND DEODORIZER.—Alexander Osborn, Eagleville, Ohio. 95.720.—GASCHECK FOB ORDNANCE.—J. W. Pearson, Water- town, assignor to Alfred B. Ely, Newton, Mass. 95.721.—MACHINEFOB MAKING SHEET-METAL PANS.—Geo. S. Peck (assignor to himself and Wm. H. Morgan), Towanda,Pa. 95.722.—MILKCOOLER.—Julius.R. Pond, NewHartford, Conn. 95.723.—MILKHOUSE.—Julius R. Pond, New Hartford, Conn. 95.724.—HYDRANTSTOPCOCK ROD.—Henry Rausch, Brooklyn N. Y. 95.725.—BAKINGAND DRYING STOVE.—F. S. Reefy and S. M Zent. Roanoke, Ind. 95.726.—REVERSIBLEAXLE FOR CARRIAGES.—J. R. Renkin (assignor to himself and M. M. Grumbling), Hillsdale, Pa. 95.727.—FIREBOXFOB STEAM GENERATORS.—Edwin L. Rob- bins, Owego, N. Y. 95.728.—FOOTOR BEDWARMER.—L. M. Roby, Leesville, Ohio. 95.729.—MACHINEFOBMILLING THE KNIFE-EDGES OF SCALE BEAMS .—Thomas J. Rockwood, St.Johnsbury, Vt. 95.730.—FRICTIONMATCH.—WM. H. R.ogers, New York city. 95.731.—SCREWPROPELLER.—S. W. Rowell, Rutland, Vt. 95.732.—METALLICROOFING.—Franklyn Roys, East Berlin, Conn. 95.733.—PROCESSOF PREPARING WOOL FOB MANUFACTURE. -J. Saxton and B. Saxton, Sumner, Ill. 95.734.—HOT-AIRFURNACE.—Ph. 1. Schopp, Louisville, Ky. 95.735.—BOILERFOR HYDBATING THE ATMOSPHERE OJ<' APARTMENTS.-Ph. l. Schopp, Louisville, Ky. 95.736.—COMPENSATINGOR EQUILIBRIUM SPRING.—Charles Shea, Newark, N. J. 95.737.—WINDOWBfiND.—S. M. Sherman, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 95.738.—HARVESTEB.—AmosSmith, Springfield, Ohio. Antedated April 12,1869. 95.739.—PERMUTATIONLOCK.—Daniel Snell, Little Falls, N. Y. 95.740.—DISTILLINGAPPARATUS FOB SPIRITs.—Frank Sonier, Springfield, Ill. 95.741.—MACHINEFOR MIXING SOAP, PAINT, PASTE, AND OTHER SIMILAR MATERiALs.-John Staiiithorp, KEW York city. 95.742.—PLATE.—NewellD. Stevens (assignor to himself and O. A. Hill), Westbrook,Me. 95.743.—HORSELAY FORK. —David P. Stewart, Spruce Creek, Pa. 95.744.—WRENCH.—DanielC. Stillson, Charlestown, Mass. 95.745.—FORMINGHORSESHOE CALKS.—Samuel Stone, North Manchester, Conn. 95.746.—METALLICBAR.—Samuel Stone, North Manchester, Conn. 95.747.—RAILROADGRAIN TRANSFERRER.—James W. Sykes, Chicago, Ill. 95.748.—SHAFTTUG.—Samuel Taylor, Georgetown, N. J. 95.749.—CENTRIFUGALPUMP.—Stephen P. Thayer, Baldwins- ville, N. Y. 95.750.—OVEN.—J.R. Treadwell, Brooklyn, N. Y. 95.751.—MACHINEFOR GRINDING HARVESTER CUTTERS.— John Weichhart, San Francisco, Cal. 95.752.—MANUFACTUREOF CRYSTAL GLASS. — Otto Wuth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95.753.—VELOCIPEDE.—McClintockYoung, Frederick, Md. 95.754.—SCULLINGOAR.—F. T. Angers, Canastota, N. Y. 95.755.—FISHHOOK.—F.T. Angers, Canastota, N. Y. 95.756.—HEATINGAPPARATUS.—John Armstrong, Jr., San Francisco, Cal. 95.757.—MEANSFOR PREVENTING BACKI,ASH IN MACHINES DRIVEN BY GEAT.ING.G. H. Babcock,.J. P. Manton,and Jonathan Boyd, Providence, H. 1. Patented in England May 8, 1868. 95.758.—MACHINEFOR PRINTING PAPER, CLOTH, ETC.—G. S. Barton, Worcester, Mass. 95.759.—DRAFTSMEN'SSQUARE AND TRIANGLE.—A.V. Benoit, New York city. 95.760.—GRAININGMACHINE. — William H. Berger, Pitts burgh, Pa. 95.761.—CARRIAGECLIP.—Alfred Bixby, Lansing, Mich. 95.762.—CULTIVATOR.—JeremiahBohan, New Hartford, Iowa. 95.763.—REVOLVINGPROW FOR VESSELS.—David Bookwal- ter, Gardner, Ill. 95.764.—FAN.—OttoBruck, New York city. 95.765.—REVOLVINGBILLIARD TABLE.—Solomon Brunswick, St. Louis, Mo. 95.766.—PAPERFILE.—Hubert Burgess, San Francisco, Cal. 95.767.—STOPMOTION FOB DRAWING FRAME.—J. S. Casey, Voluntown. Conn._ 95.768.—CRIBOR CRADLE.—L. A. Chichester, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 95.769.—MOWINGMACHINE.—T. J. Clark and G. M. Clark", Higganum, Conn. 95.770.—MILKINGSTOOL.—S. P. Clemons, Dansville, N. Y. 95.771.—MEDICINEFOR RHEUMATISM.—Geo. Conroy (assignor to R. A. Smith), Mendocino co., Cal. 95.772.—WOODVISE.—R. F. Cook and J. F. Post, Potsdam, N. Y.; said Cook assignor tosaid Post. 95.773.—WEATHERSTRIP.—A. M. Corbit, Bethlehem, Iowa. 95.774.—STAVEJOINTER.—H. A. Crossley, Cleveland, Ohio. 95.775.—CARPET.—Thos.Crossley, Bridgeport, Conn. 95.776.—FELTEDCARPET FABRIC.—Thomas Crossley, Bridgeport, Conn. 95.777.—MACHINEFOB PRINTING CARPETS.—Thos. Crossley, Bridgeport, Conn. 95.778.—GRINDINGCURRIERSS; KNIVES.—Henry Cunningham, Albany, N. Y. 95.779.—MODEOF SOFTENING LEATHER.—Henry Cunningham, Albany, N. Y. 95.780.—MACHINEFOB SPLITTING LEATHER.—Henry Cun ningham, Albany, N. Y. 95.781.—MILKPAIL AND STRAINER.—D. S. Curtiss, Washington, D. c. 95.782.— PLANING MACHINE. — Frank Douglas, Norwich Town, Conn. 95.783.—COAL-ASKSIFTER AND TABLE.—P. J. Dwyer, Elizabeth Port, N. J. 95.784.—ARCHEDBRIDGE.—J. B. Eads and Henry Flad, St. Louis, Mo. 95.785.—WATERLOCOMOTIVE.—G. A. Fall, Hoboken, N. J. 95.786.—PILEDRIVER.—Henry Flad (assignor to J. B. Eads), St. Louis, Mo. 95.787.—RAILWAYTRACK CLEARER.—Geo. Fowler, Claver- ack, N. Y. 95.788.—ROTARYHARROW.—H. A. Gaston, Stockton, Cal. 95.789.—COMBINEDSEEDER AND GRAIN DRILL.—H. A. Gaston, Stockton, Cal. 95.790.— SULKY CULTIVATOR. — Oscar L. Gaylord, Plain- field, ill. 95.791.—TABLEAND CRADLE COMBINED.—E. A. Goodes (assignor to the Philadelphia Patent and Novelty Company), Philadel- Pa. 95.792.—WASHBOARD.—BenjaminF. Gott, Brooklyn, E. D., N.Y. 95.793.—COMBINEDTOOL.—Emile Granier, Paris, France.— Patented in France, May 9, 1868. 95.794.—SPARKARRESTEB. — Isaac H. Graves, Sacramento City, Cal. 95.795.—CASTMETAL CHIMNEY CAP.—Wm. Green, Snyder township, pa. 95.796.--ELECTRICAIJFIRE-ALARM THERMOMETER.-J.H.Guest. Brooklyn, N. Y. 95.797.—POCKETBOOK.—FrederickHeiles, New York city. 95.798.—APPARATUSFOR DRYING SUGAR.—Alexander Herbst, Moscow, Russia. 95.799.—DoouSILI,.—D. Hitchcock and D. S. Trout, Areola, ill. 95.800.—MACHINEFOR WIRING BBIND RODS.—John Holz- berger, Newark, N. J. 95.801.—BRIDLEBIT.—C. M. Huckins, East Topsham, Vt. 95.802.—NAIL-CUTTINGMACHINE.—C. D. Hunt, Fairhaven, Mass. 95.803.—AUGER.—W.A. Ives, New Haven, Conn. 95.804.—FILE-CUTTINGMACHINE.—James Jervis, Baltimore, Md. 95.805.—SHOE.—A.S. Kelly, Haverhill, Mass. 95.806.—PEATMACHINE.—J. S. Kelly, New York city © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. 286 1tituiific awcfem [OCTOBER 30, 1869. 95.850.—DIEFOR MANUFACTURING LEAD PIPE.-B. Tatham, New York city. 95.851.—CARRIAGEBODY BRACK—Jacob Taylor, Beloit, Ollio. 95.852.—HORSERAKE.—James Thompson, Bridgeport, 111. 95.853.—TYPE-SETTINGMACHINE. — Joseph Thorne, NEW York city. 95.854.—COTTON-BALEFASTENING. — Matthew Tildesley, Willenhall England. 95.855.—HAMESFASTENER.—A. J. Tompkins and J. M. We- Clarksville, iowa. 95.856.-FOLDINGCHAIR.—E. W. Vaill, Worcester, Mass. R. Van Osdel, 95.858.—MEDICATEDCIGAR.—Louis Walther, New York city. 95.859.—SLATEP ENCIL HOLDER.—Edward G .Ward,Hoboken, N . J. 95.860.—STONECHANNELING MACHINE.—G. J. Wardwell, Rutland, Vt., assignor to Steam Stone-Cutter Co., New York city.' 95.861.—PENCILATTACHMENT.—Edward Weissenborn, Hudson City, N. J. 95.862.—MACHINERYFOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FELT.— Milton I). Whipple, Cambridge, Mass., assignor to James T. Sanford, New York city. 95.863.—MACHINEFOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FELT.— Milton D. Whipple, Cambridge, Mass., assignor to J. T. Sanford, New York city. 95,8ti4.—HARVESTER.—R. M. Williams, Rockville, Md. 95,81i5.—LOCK.—S. N. Brooks, Bernardston, Mass., administrator of the estate of Linus Yale, Jr., deceased. 95,866.—CARBON TOOL.—Hugh Young, Middlctown, Conn., and J. L. Young. New York city. 95,867 .—CAR-AXLE BEARING.—Louis Brauer, Washington, D. c. REISSUES. 15,753.—OvEN.-Dated Sept. 23, 1856 ; reissue 3,666.—Hosea Ball, New rk city. 92,934.—METHOD OF PRESERVING THE AROMATIC PRINCI- 0:LEOF Hops.—Dated July ^7, 1869 ; reissue 3,667.—E.D.Braioard, Albany, 94,073.—MANUF ACTURE OF SOAP.—Dated August 24, 1869 ; reissue 3,668.—W. T. Bush, Union City, Term. 79,689. GANG PLOw.—Dated July 'I, 1868; reissue 3,669.— O. A. Davison, San Leandro, Cal. 90,433.—NEEDLE SHARPENER.—Dated May 25, 1869 ; reissue 3,6'70.—A. S. Dinsmore, New York city. 13,369.—METHOD OF OPERATING STEAM VALVES.—Dated July 31,1855; antedated March 1, 1855 ; extended 7 years; reissue 3,671. —O. T. Earlc, Norwalk, Conn., assignor of N. W. Wheeler. 53,957.—TIRE TIGHTENER.—Dated April 17, 1866 ; reissue 3,C72.—James Orr, Hampden township, Pa., assignee of P. Daniels. 85,847-STALK CUTTkR.—Dated Jan. 12, 11(j9 ; reissue 3,673. -H. B. Parks and J. H. Parks, Neporset, 85,713.—COMPOSITION FOR ARTIFICIAL STONE.—Dated Jan. 5, 1SG9; reissue 3,6'14.—E. Westermayr, Chicago, 1ll. DESIGNS. 3.708.-FOOTLATHE.—J. VY. Baldwin, Laconia, N. II. 8.709.—ELEVATEDOVEN RANGE.—A. F. Barry (assignor to himself and 1. G. Lane), Ne w York city. 3.710.—BoTTLE.—W.A. Candee and W. C. Richards, Bristol, Conn. 3.711.—TRADEMARK.—B. C. Smith, Auburn, N. Y., assignor to Hayden and Leitchworth. 3.712.—RETURNBEND.—G. F. Stone, Baltimore, Md.